A Son's Revenge


Topic: A Son's Revenge 
Chapter 1 
One summer day Adam had been up at the crack of dawn doing his daily chores on the farm that he had been doing for the past five years since his father die, and was ready to eat breakfast. As he go came into the house, he sat down at the table, and looked over to his mother who was finishing up cooking breakfast. As Adam got one look at her and felt a strange but regular excited feeling, which he had been getting for the past few years anytime he looked toward his His mother, Wendy, was wearing her deceased husband old overalls that had enough holes and rips in them to let Adam see he black laced boy shorts, and a tight tank top that seemed to make her breasts bulge and bounce, showing that she was not wearing a bra. In that instant Adam looked at his 34 year old mother and wanted nothing more fucking his own mother or at less, stroke his large Adam was 18 and a going into his senior year of high school, he had only had one girlfriend, that he had not done anything with, as he was not the studliest guy but he was a very strong kid for his age. Along with doing all the chores on the farm Adam also worked out everyday, so he could not only be the best Offensive and Defense lineman in his school, but also to be one of the best in the state. He tried to concentrate on what was planned for his work out for the day, but as he ate his breakfast the bulge in his shorts got grew and his mind just keep coming back to his mom. After he finished his breakfast he sat and talked and joked his mom, which only made the situation worst as the would bend down from time to time laugh; which would give him a nice view down her low v-cut shirt. As Wendy talked to her son, she could not help but think of how much Adam looked, sounded, and acted live her husband, who had tragically died in a car crash, involving a very drunk and very wealth man, four years back. When the conversation broke, Wendy got up to get some more coffee, and Adam excused himself and head to his room thinking that his mother would not see the bugle in his sweat pants. But when Adam excused himself Wendy notice the bugle that outlined his hard dick; which made her a little aroused as it was the most sexual thing, except for self masturbation, that she had had in the passed four years. Every since he husband had passed away, Wendy promised herself that she would not even try to date a man until her kids were out of the house. When her husband bill was alive, they had had a very health sex life as they would have sex at least twice a day, unless it was that time of the month. But when he husband died, Wendy was heart broken and didn’t think she could live with out him, and couldn’t even think of being with another man. It took Wendy close to two years for her to move on with her life and get things back to a bit of normalize. The only thing that keep her going was her family, mostly her son who basically ran the house for those two As Adam got to his room he shut the door and striped naked. He started to quickly stroke his hard cock that was oozing with precum, as he thought about his mother.

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   He knew that his thoughts were wrong, and that he should stop, but he just couldn’t. He had been have this incestuous thoughts of not only his mother but of his two young sisters since he started being interested by girls. He had been trying to do everything to stop think about incest, even given up masturbating after his mother almost caught him masturbating outside of his older sister’s room four months ago. He pounded away even harder got closer to cum. Even though Adam knew what he was doing was wrong, part of him knew that if he didn’t cum, he would do something even worst. Before he could cum, Adam heard a knock on his door. Fighting hard to stop masturbating, Adam quickly put on his seat pants on, place the tip of his cock at the base of the band to try and hide his hard on. Adam was becoming scared as he knew it was his mother, as both his sisters were still at their friends’ houses for the weekend. Adam nervously opened, scared that his mother was going to yell at him, "What is it "Son I have to be honest. . . I saw you get hard this morning at breakfast" said Wendy with a embarrassed look on her face. She knew that this was going to be embarrassing for both of them, but felt she had to put a stop to this growing sexual relationship that she thought was forming between the two of them. Over the past year Wendy had become aware of strange things happen in the house. Like her panties would come up missing from time to time, and would be found with stains in the crotches of them.

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   Or that he son would be outside of her or her daughter’s room for long periods of time. And in the past few months it seemed that anytime her son was around her, she would notice that he would get a bugle in his pants; which would then in turn turned Wendy on a Adam did not know how to react so he looked down and said nothing. "It is perfectly normal for this to happen to a teenager, but I am wondering if it it…aaa… well if…,” it was hard for Wendy to say they next think, part of her didn’t want to say it, another want to so she could put a stop to it, and the last part want to because it turned her on. “…Well I was just wondering son if looking at me made you harder?” Wendy could not believe she said it and was shocked, but not as shocked she was when she felt her vagina start to moisten, for the first time Wendy thought that she was truly having feeling for her son. She had always put the feeling off as she thought they were because her son looked like her husband, and that she wanted her husband back so "Uhmm. . . ” Adam was not only shocked that his mother had asked him that but a part of him was really turned on by it. Part of Adam want to lie to his mom, and tell it was just morning wood. Even thought he had never lied to anyone in his life. The other part want him to tell the true and say yes, as it thought that this was a way to finally have sex with his mother. “It’s ok Adam I won’t get mad. I’m your mother, I love you, and you can tell me anything, remember. ”Adam took this as a sign that not only was it his chance to fuck his mother, but that she wanted it, “Yes… Yes mom, I get harder anytime I look at you. ” Adam did not know why, but he told his mom everything and just could shut up.

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   “In fact I’m hard right now, and you just interrupted me masturbating well I was think of you, Feeling a wave of heat come over her, but then an even strong wave of argue, that her son would talk to her like this, Wendy slap Adam for the first time in her life. "That is enough Adam, you sick pervert. Stay in your room until I can think of a way to punish you. ” Wendy was shocked and could believe what she was doing to her son, but part of her thought it had to be done. Even though her pussy was being moister, think about what her son had said. “These feelings are wrong and I don’t want to hear about Adam was angry now, he felt that his mother had lead him on and was hurt that she had slapped him. Even though part of him was shocked, scared, and sadden. The other was angry and he was going to have revenge. All of the sudden Wendy saw a look of angry and lust in Adam's eyes as he was transformed into a wild, raging, out of control Adam grabbed her arms and pulled her in the room and slammed the door. At the first Wendy pulled away trying to get free scared to what was happening, but her son was just to strong as he pushed her on her back onto the bed. Then he came down on top of her so that his face was an inch from “Adam what are you doing" said Wendy in an exasperated tone, she was scared and ashamed but at the same time she felt her pussy get even Adam did not know what had come over him; part of his mind was yelling at him that this was wrong and the worst thing he could do. But the other part of his brain, the part that was controlling him knew that he not only need to fuck something right now and lose his virgin, but that he also need that thing to be his mother. "Shut up you little cock tease" yelled Adam into in mother face; his eyes looking straight into her eyes, but he was surprised that she did not look that scared, more like she kind of new what was coming, "Walking around everyday, wearing close that show off your body, teasing your son that you know is a virgin, and punishing me when you trap me into a know way out question. Acting like it’s my fault for getting hard; you got me this way now you’re going to fix Wendy was shocked when she heard that her son was a virgin. She always thought he had been have sex for many years, as she thought he was what every woman was looking for, not see that he was dealing with man.

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   She also truly realized what was about to happen; that he son was going to fuck her no matter what, but she had to try to stop it because even though a growing part want to finally have sex after so many years, her brain was telling her that it was wrong. "Adam no this is wrong, I am your mother, please stop son. It’s illegal, it’s incest, think about you action. Please son, I’m begging you, as your mother, please don’t do this. " begged Wendy with a tone of helplessness; hoping this was somehow emotionally and mentally stop him as she knew she was not strong enough to physically stop Adam listen to his more begging him to stop, and even though the part of his mind telling him to stop grow; the other part of his mind that want it to happen got even more turned on as he begged. Finally making him push his head all the way down onto hers, pushing their face close together as he rammed his tongue in her mouth. First she tried to pulled away but the mattress was stopping her head from going to far. As her son forcefully kissed her she felt one of his hands rubbing her breast, as the other was undoing the overalls and pull the As Adam broke the kiss to pull of he overall, but still not moving his body way from his mother; he heard her still begging him to stop, in a somewhat more relax voice, as if she knew it was going to happen anyway. "Adam no pleases, don’t do this to your mother. Please stop son. " At this point, her begging was only making his already hard cock grow said Wendy in a more relaxed "It’s no use mom. You’re going to feel my cock inside your tight pussy no matter what you say, so just accepted it. " Even though Wendy did not want to accept what her son was saying; she knew it was true, and her body did start to relax a little. As she felt her son rip the crotch of her underwear, then ripping the side, leaving her bottom completely As Adam move up her body, Wendy felt her son bare thigh so she knew he was not completely naked and he was going to have his way with her. When she felt what she thought was her con’s cock head hit her pussy lips, she thought right then and there the fucking would begin.

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   But instead Adam moved his hand to the top of the v-neck and ripped the shirt down the center, revealing for the first time his mother’s 36d breasts with fully erect nipples. At this time for some straight reason Wendy started to cry and was begging him to stop, even thought she knew it was going to happen. As Wendy was crying she did not even realize that he son had ripped the rest of the shirt off of her, and was now sucking on her nipple well he gently rubbed his cock up and down her some what wet pussy. "Oh mommy's pussy is already wet, I knew it. You want my cock just as bad as I want to give it to "No son, please don’t" cried Wendy, know it was no That when she felt it; he son had put the head of his cock into the enters of her pussy. Part of Wendy was really turned on when she felt the tip of his cock, like she was a virgin ready to be deflowered. Another was sad and scared as she didn’t know what was going to happen, but knew it was going to happen no matter what. Then the final part was anger that her son was doing this to her, even though she kind of Adam could not believe what he was about to do; not only was he going to be losing his virginity, but he was going to be losing it to his own mother. Wendy was looking straight in to her son’s eyes as he was looking into her, as she felt the force from his cock push into her tight little pussy. “AAAaaahhhh…” Wendy scream out in pain as she felt like she was being ripped into two. Adam couldn’t believe how tight his mother’s pussy was as he hear her scream in pain, as he stop half way in her. Wendy felt Adam pull his cock back out, so she start to pleading with him, “Please Adam be gentle. I haven’t had anything in my pussy for a long time…” Wendy was still pleading with her son was she felt him rammed the full length of his cock back into her; making her scream the loudest she had ever scream in her life. It felt like she was giving birth again. “God Mom your pussy is so wet, but also so tight.

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   It feels like a clamp on my dick. ” Adam grunted out as he continued these long, forceful strokes into his mother’s pussy. Each time hit the back of her pussy wall, making her scream out in pain, as he pussy was being torn open and stretched to fit her son cock. Wendy could not even being to imagine how big her son was; as the pain was to much in the begin, and now the pain was being over come by pleasure each time her son pulled back rubbing nicely against her g-spot. She also being to realize that this was not, no normal fucking or love making session she had ever had. He son was not worried about her own satisfaction, even though she could feel her own orgasm start to build over the pain and started to moan; he was only caring about getting himself off. As he pick up the pace, so that it was fast, long hard strokes into her pussy. "This feels so great. I can believe I'm fucking my mom. " Adam moan as he listen to the sound of his cock going to his mother's pussy. And hearing his mother moaning. He knew he was going to cum. "Oh God, I can't believe this is happening. " Wendy started to moan loud as she was getting closer to orgasm. Wendy could also sense that her son was also getting ready to cum, as he really start to ram his cock into her with all his might.

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   "Oh God baby, don't stop. . . I'm going to cum. " Wendy yelled out as she felt her orgasm hit. She wasn't ready for what happen next to her. She felt like she had no control over her body, as he pussy start to clamp down on her son's cock, and her body started to shake. "God I'm CUMMMIIINNNNNNGGGGGGG"Adam could not believe what he heard and felt. He couldn't believe he had made his mother cum. As he felt her pussy clamp down on his cock; Adam began to thrust into his mother pussy as fast and as deep as he could making his cock not only hit against her cervix but push into it. Soon Adam could not take it anymore and pushed his hips as far they could go, putting his cock deep into his mother’s womb. Were his cock exploded, sending jet after jet for potion sperm rushing for his mother’s eggs. Wendy and Adam stayed in that position as both of their orgasm subsided. They both could not believe how great their orgasm were; and they also could not believe how much cum Adam had put into her mother As Adam laid there with his still hard cock deep within his mother pussy; he started realized what he had done. He had just raped his mom, and a look of disgust came across his, he quickly pulled his cock out of his mother's pussy and quickly walked out of his room nude, slam the door running Wendy could not understand what just happen.

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   Had she just be raped by her own son or was it more forceful sex that she wanted to happen. As she laid there with her legs spread, her son's cum and her blood and pussy juice dripping out of her pussy, Wendy thought about what was doing to happen. Part of her wanted to just die as she was scared and didn't know what was going to happen. Another part of her wanted to run after her son and yell at him; the third and most overcoming part of her want to run after her son and have sex with him again. .



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