A Sons Lust


Eden perched on all fours at the end of the bed; she lay before him uncovered and naked. A breeze came in the open window sending the thin curtains into a silent frenzy as Eden’s hand moved slowly, the slightest shake to his movement as he made contact with his mother’s calf. She let out a soft sigh and her skin grew goose bumps, her tanned skin prickling at the cool air and nipples erect. Eden closes his eyes, breath held till all was still again. Moving up her body his hand sliding up her leg, grazing her inner thigh, he takes a deep breath.

He places his legs carefully, the hair on his knees tickling with the bunched up sheets as he moves carefully not to let his hanging penis touch her skin. Kneeling above her looking over her petite body, pupils dilated at the view, staring at her erect breasts, gaze moving down slowly, fixing on her vagina, glistening ever so slightly in the available moonlight streaming through the window.

She yawns widely in her deep sleep, her frame not disturbing the bed as she moves one leg to the side gently, unawares, making herself more accessible. Her eyelids moving quickly and softly to the pictures in her head. She subconsciously feels the air brush over her, becoming excited. Eden is careful to move with her, making sure she isn’t touch by anything but his hand, his penis having become erect. And wet; it sits against his stomach as he leans over her his hand moving over her inner thigh, the heat on his fingertips making him nervous as he moves his hand, cupping her vagina lips.

He holds his breath as he spreads them; sweat beading on his forehead and chest now, his fingers come in contact with moisture immediately and a small bump is visibly protruding. Curiously he touches it. Her body shakes beneath him at the simplest touch, but she does not wake up. Eden sighs, letting his breath go as she moves his fingers down, not daring to touch it again as she slides two fingers inside her, the stretch around them.

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   She is seemingly un-used to such treatment as his fingers feel trapped, this only makes him more excited and so he venturesfurther, pulling them out, and pushing them in again.

He realises he might be going a bit fast as she moves beneath him, onto her side, pulling his fingers from her, her pussy open, wet and poking out from behind her as she lays casually on her side. Eden moves over her, placing gently hands either side of her plump bottom and spreads them, not completely interested in her bottom as he slides a moist finger down between her cheeks and to her vagina, sliding his fingers back inside her he realises she is quiet open now.

Her body shivers as he strokes between her cheeks and enters her again although he does not wait this time for all to be still. Eden takes his throbbingly painful penis, which is now completely covered in his own moisture. He places it’s thick head at her wet vagina’s lips pushing forward urgently and groaning aloud at the impossible tightness of her wet walls. He grips her thigh as she is still on her side and mounting one leg over her he pumps in and out of her with force, moaning loudly in pleasure as her vagina squeezes his penis inside of her.

She opens her eyes suddenly, vaginal walls tightening further more in confusion as she looks up and over her shoulder at her son inside her, unable to move by the position he’s got her on she lets out a small scream. Alerting him ,his eyes snap open and he looks down unseeing as he continues to force his too large penis inside of his mother. Only making him more exciting he grips onto her thigh tighter, ignoring her interruption of consciousness and her pleads for him to stop. He bangs himself against her, his penis throbbing as beads of sweat from his brow fall onto her now heated and roughed up thighs.

Grunting on top of his crying mother he swear at her, cursing her into shutting up, letting her know she need only wait a little longer. Without thinking he leans over, still pumping with un altered force into his mother, he grabs one of her breasts, forcing it up, getting his tongue over her nipple, the bud of flesh just making it to his lips as he suck on it. This sends Eden out of control, he sucks hard, biting his mother breast, pumping in forcefully, nice and hard and swift as he starts to slap her arse.

His mother feels full, her son hits her thighs, her arse, biting her breast and shudders inside her abused vagina, she tightens uncontrollably, sending her son into another fit of shuddering, she squeezes her eyes shut knowing he’s filling her with his seed, knowing the outcome of his act of lust already.

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   Eden pulls out, strings of their mixed moisture following him, seeping out of his mothers hot red vagina, he pulls at her shoulder roughly, turning her over, seeing her now angry face as she starts to yell at him.

Eden crawls on top of his mother when he gets her onto her back. Making sure her small frame is immovable he wipes his still rock hard long penis on her nipples before taking them in his hands and pinching them hard. He kneels up higher as he pinches and rolls his mother small buds between his fingers, putting his hot red head against his mother rosebud lips forcing them open to accommodate his thick penis smiling down on her shocked flushed face.

Her lips open, with no choice but. She watched wide eyes at her sons penis, watching it move inside her mouth and gagging when he goes to far. Eden leans forward, one hand leaning on his mother breast and the other on the bed frame as he pushes his penis further down his mother throat, feeling the back of it swallowing his head, the sensation more than what her vagina could offer he cannot contain himself. He feels his seed pool at the back of his mother throat and watches as she struggles, he slaps her and yells at her to swallow, not even waiting to see her dow it as he braces himself.

Eden moves his penis in and out of his mother mouth, going further than just the back of her throat each time, the squeeze of her throat sending him into a frenzy as he forces his long thick penis down the back of her throat with fast urgency, abusing her face hard, the tears falling down her cheeks only lubricating it ever more as he shudders on top of her, his testicles bouncing against her chin as his long penis’s seed slides down her throat with ease due to how far down he is.

His mother looks up, not scared so much as depressed, and unwilling. She looks ashamed at her bodies’ pleasure in her sons abuse, and shamed at the abuse on her mouth as she climbs off of her. She watches Eden as he gets off her without even looking back. He heads to the shower, leaving his clothing in his mother’s room, she could take them to the laundry later.