A Small World


**********Dear fantasy_maker, (that’s me)I just LOVE your stories. Just finished reading the one where Susie and her dadgot it on in the back of the VW bus. I swear I was drippingby the time I got to the end (if you know what I mean). I wassoooo HOT I had my hand in my panties and my finger on the button. Please don’t stop writing. You are the best. Luv ya,Wet_n_wantto**********I’ve gotten a lot of e-mail applauding the sexual fantasies that I put on the net. I didn’t think too much about this one. It did make me wonder a bit about the person who sent it. Was this some lonely housewife who lacked any excitement in her life? What did she look like? I remembered the CB craze in the seventies. This one time I had a wild conversation with a female CBer with the handle of “Hot and Sexy”. Her voice was pure butter, and the sexiest that I’d ever heard. We decided to meet in a local truck stop restaurant and go from there to a motel. When I went into the restaurant, she was the only female there. The place was full of truck drivers and she was talking to one of them. That poor girl was the fattest, homeliest thing I’d ever seen and she had a big mole on her nose.

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   I guess if I’d had to, I would have given her a sympathy fuck. Luckily I didn’t have to. She left with the truck driver and I sat at the counter and had a coffee. I hoped Wet-n-wantto wasn’t another Hot and Sexy. I sent her an e-mail thanking her for the compliments and told her I hoped she would read my next story. As a last minute thought, I suggested she buy a vibrator dildo. **********Dear fantasy_maker,OH GOD, you did it again. I got all hot and bothered reading your last story about the bisexual clerk in the grocery store. Itwas after midnight but I put on a hot little miniskirt and a tank top and headed off to an all-night market on the other side of town. I searched the store for my victim and found a cute stock boy in the veggie section. I picked up a big cucumber and started stroking it. I asked him how long will this stay fresh? He saidwhen do want to eat it, and I said I don’t want to eat it. Then I lifted the front of my skirt and pointed to my pussy. I wasn’twearing any panties and he got all red. I said maybe we should goin the storeroom and he led the way.

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   Needless to say, a few minutes later I was sitting on a case of rhubarb and he was giving me what I needed (if you know what I mean). Then this other guy showed up and I had to take him in my mouth til the first one got done and they switched places. By the time I left I had fucked and sucked five stock boys, the night manager, and ate out one of the check-out girls. Everybody stared at me when I paid for the cucumber, I guess it was because I smelled like an freshly fucked female, and becauseI had cum splattered in my hair. Wow, what a night. Looking for more stories. Luv ya,Wet_n_wantto**********Well, I guess I’d been wrong about this girl’s looks. If she’d had that many guys poking their fuck-sticks into her fun hole she must be a pretty good looker. I e-mailed her back that her letter made me so horny I jacked off and shot my wad on my computer screen. Actually I was only half way through the e-mail when I came, and I smeared cum all over the CRT in my haste to read the rest. I told her she was really hot and to let me know if she had any other adventures. I also said, “BTW, read my latest story in the animal section. ”**********Dear fantasy_maker,What a trip!!!! I was reading your story about the two girls and their horse where one almost drowns on horse cum. I was whipping myself off with the dildo I keep in a drawer by my desk. Like always you make me so HOT I was dripping.

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   All of a sudden I heard my dog Raven let out a whine behind me. I turned aroundbut still had this dildo in my cunt so I had my legs spread. Raven homed right in on my love button an started licking it. I mean I almost shit. God that felt good!!! I saw his little prick poking out of his sheath and I got a real nasty idea. Must have been fromreading your stories. I pulled the dildo out and laid on the bed on my back with my ass hanging over the side and my legs wide open. Raven got the idea right away and hopped on the bed with his front feet. He tried to fuck me but couldn’t aim too good. I had to put his cock in my snatch, then he was ok. WOW, what a ride that was. Now we do it every day usually with me on my hands and knees. His cock gets really big and when he cums he fills me up. I even suck his dicksometimes. Thanks for showing my how to spice up my life.

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  Luv ya,Wet_n_wantto**********Un-fucking-believable, I write to her. I am sitting here typing with one hand. The other is stroking my cock as I read through your e-mail for the third time. If all your adventures are true, you are exactly the girl I’ve been looking for all my life. Wild, wonderful, and wacky. My next story will have to wait for a couple of weeks. Easter is coming up, so I’ll be offline and celebrating with family. Keep me in the loop. Your stories are getting to be better than mine. **********Dear fantasy_maker,OOOOPS, I got caught. My life is so crazy maybe you should writeabout it. I don’t think I could make up the weird shit that happens to me. My son, he’s sixteen, was at basketball practice and I was horny as usualso I masturbated a bit and called to Raven. He came in and started licking my snatch till I was really wet. I got down on my hands and knees and he hopped on my back and got his cock in my right away for a change.

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  While he was fucking me his cock got real big and he shoved hit knot up my cunt. I was rubbing my clit and started to cum when he did. He was still filling me up when I heard my son say “Mom?”. I almost died. What could I do? Raven was hung up in my cunt and his cum was running down my legs. I decide to act calm. I said “His knot is stuck in me. Pleasepull it out. ” So my son pulled it out and I sat up and gave him a hug. I told him I was lonely and don’t think bad of me. I was wearing a short silk robe and it was wide open but I forgot about being almost naked. He said he understood so I hugged him some more and said if you forgive me giveMama a kiss. I don’t know why but I kissed him on the lips with mymouth open a little. I guess he’d only kissed those hot young schoolgirlsbecause right away he stuck his tongue in my mouth. We kissed like that awhile and I got horny again.

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   I couldn’t help it, I put my hand on his lap and he had a big boner. I couldn’t let go of it. I put his hand on my pussy and let him feel me up while I got his cock out of his pants. Anyway, after I sucked him off, he ended up fucking me. Now between him and Raven,I’m naked all the time I’m at home. Either one or the other is fucking me and I talked my son into fucking my ass. The dog’s cock is too big to fit in my ass, although I did try it one time. See what your stories do to me. Luv ya,Wet_n_wantto**********That was her last e-mail before I went on vacation. I left my home in Milwaukee and drove to a little town north of Detroit where my folks still lived. My sister and her husband showed up too. I hadn’t seen them in years. We had a jolly old time talking about the good old days and all that bull shit. My brother-in-law, actually my sister's second husband, always had a fifth tucked away in his car. He was drunk most of the time and started to get obnoxious.

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   I finally made up an excuse and said I had to leave. My sister cornered me on the way out and told me it would be nice if I stopped by her daughter’s on my way home. Seems her husband had tried to put the make on his daughter-in-law and all hell broke loose. They hadn’t talked to each other in a couple of years. Reluctantly, I agreed and phoned my niece to make sure she’d be home. She was happy to get company so I said I’d be there the next day. I spent the night in a motel and arrived at Nicole’s about ten the next morning. She must have been waiting by the door. It opened almost before I rang the bell. She dragged me in and gave me a big hug. She was really glad to see someone from the family. She talked to my folks on the phone once in a while, but had no contact with her own parents. After the hug, I placed my hands on her shoulders and gave her the once over. “Hey,” I said, “what happened to that skinny kid I used to know? You really turned into a beauty. ”She blushed and said, “You always did know what to say, Uncle Jim.

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  ”We chit-chatted a while about family who’s who and who did what then she went to the kitchen and brought back a couple of cold beers. She sat on the couch and I sprawled out in an easy chair and we must have talked for half an hour, telling stories and laughing at each other’s jokes. Finally she got up and said, “I have to let my dog in the house. Raven doesn’t like to eat outside. He likes his bowl in the kitchen. ”“Ra…Raven?” I asked, “Did you say your dog’s name is Raven?”“Yes, don’t worry, he doesn’t bite. ”I heard her opening a can of dog food and spooning it into a dish, then she came back into the living room. “Do you have a computer?” I asked. “It’s in my bedroom. Why, do you want to see it?”“If you don’t mind, I have something I want to check out. ”We went into her bedroom and there was her computer sitting on a nice desk. “You might think I’m crazy,” I said, as I walked over to the desk, “and I might be, but I have to find out. ” I bent over and opened the top desk drawer. I reached in and pulled out a large hard rubber dildo. She just stood there with her mouth open when I put the big rubber dick up to my nose and smelled it.

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  “Ain’t computers something else,” I grinned, “You want to tell me some more about you and your doggie lover?”She ran at me and tried to claw my eyes out. I grabbed her wrists and twisted them behind her back. “You dirty rotten son of a bitch,” she screamed as she tried to bite me, “You bastard, you’ve been reading my mail. ”“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” I said quietly, “I read your mail because you sent it to me. ” “I sent it to you?” She tried to comprehend what I was saying. “You won’t believe this, I have a hard time myself, but I’m fantasy_man. ”“You, I’ve been telling you all my secrets? Oh god, it’s not possible. ”“I’m afraid it is. ”“You’ve got to promise me you won’t tell anybody, especially my mom. ”“Listen Honey, your secrets are safe with me. And some mighty fine secrets they are. ”She finally calmed down and grinned at me. “I guess if you wanted to blackmail me I’d have to do anything you asked. ”“It looks that way,” I said, “now how about another hug to show that everything’s forgiven. ”She laughed and moved into my arms.

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   I leaned down and kissed her on the lips. She opened her mouth and I felt her tongue chasing mine around in my mouth. I also felt her nice firm breasts pressing into my chest. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra so I cupped one her tits and massaged it through her blouse. She used one hand to unbutton her blouse while the other was at the back of my head holding me tight to her lips. When she had all the buttons undone, I pulled the tail out of her skirt and helped her ease the blouse off her shoulders so it dropped on the floor. Now I had a beautiful pair of naked tits to play with, and the prettiest set of nipples to pinch and lightly roll between my fingers. I was thinking, this is the way all family homecomings should be. By now she was breathing hard and fast, and so was I, and she used her free hand to reach down and rub my hard cock through my trousers. It didn’t take her long to find the zipper and move my shorts out of the way so she could drag my cock out in the fresh air where she could really work it over. I had one hand on her breast and the other was palming her fine ass. Since she had my cock out in her hand, I figured everything was fine between us, so I reached down and ran my hand up under her skirt. All I felt was soft, silky, skin. “God damn girl, you don’t have any panties on. ”“You read my e-mail,” she said into my mouth, “I don’t like to waste any time when somebody wants to fuck me.


   Are you going to be nice and fuck me, Uncle Jim?”“I reckon so, if you ask me real nice. ”“How about if I just suck your cock? Would that be good enough?”“Well, maybe you’d better do it and we’ll find out. ”She bent down and took my cock in her mouth after she spit on it to make it slippery. This girl could really suck some cock. Her mouth was like a vacuum cleaner trying to suck the cum out of my balls. Her tongue was swirling around my cock head and pushing into my pee hole, and I thought, Lord if I’m ever going to die, please let it be now, because I already know what heaven must be like. Her head was bobbing up and down on my fuck stick, and I had my hand between her legs rubbing her dripping pussy. Her tits were hanging free and her skirt was up around her waist exposing her beautiful ass. That’s when her son walked through the door and stopped dead in his tracks. “Mom,…Mom are you alright?” I’d forgotten she had a sixteen year old son. She didn’t look old enough. Nicole pulled her mouth off my cock, but didn’t stand up. “Bobby, meet your Uncle Jim. He knows all about everything and it’s all right. Now get your dick out and come over here and fuck me before I go crazy.

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  ”It didn’t take Bobby more than a second to get his pants off. His dick was already half hard and by the time he rubbed it up and down his mother’s ass crease an couple of times he was ready and willing to get down to business. I guess they must have fucked in front of an audience more than once because he didn’t seem concerned about me in the least. Once he got his pole greased up in her cunt juice he backed off on let her have his whole cock in one stroke. I’m glad she was loose or she might have bitten my crank off. The two of us were grinning at each other over Nicole’s back. So there we were, her taking my cock all the way down her throat, and her son behind her driving his sixteen year old fuck-stick in his mother’s steaming cunt. That’s when Raven strolled into the room and positioned himself under his mistress and lapped her clit with his long tongue. I could feel her quiver as she started to cum, and that triggered my cock to shoot its load down her throat. She gulped it all down as fast as I fed it to her. And I said to myself, it really is a small world, isn’t it?# # # # #.