A Sluts Tale (part 2-my dads co-workers)


It all started two days ago when i woke up one morning with the urge to fuck every male in my family.   After fucking my brother and my dad i decided to take my sexy slutty figure else where.   my dad had already told me that today i was going to be busy fucking he friends and co-workers so that is where this story begins.
I woke up on monday morning and looked at my clock it read 9:21 i thought shit i better get to school, but at that exact moment i saw my dad standing there with his cock in his hands and said i called your school your out "sick" today.   i looked at him with a wide grin and said i almost forgot about today.   as i was saying this my dad pulled my face toward his cock and said "shut up you cunt and have some of your daddys cum"  so i got on my knees and started giving my dad a nice morning blowjob.   i worked my mouth up and down his head flicking his head with my tounge only to hear him moan and say "that a girl you know how to please your father dont you" i kept sucking just absolutly giving the best blowjob i had ever givin.   i looked up into his eyes to see him pull his head back as he said "swallow every fucking drop you cum slut. "  right then he shot his entire load into my mouth filling every square inch.   some cum began leaking out and on to the floor when my dad saw this he said swallow whats in your mouth and lick whats on the floor into your mouth do you hear me slut? i said yes and got on my hands and knees and began licking the floor for the cum that had spilled.   my dad then said "get dreesed were going into work and you are getting the shit fucked out of you today" i asked him what i should wear and he said a school girl uniform, witha litttle mini skirt, ponytail, pink g-string, and knee high socks.   when i came into the kitchen he said "wow my daughter is a true slut"
we got into the car and my dad said what i will do is go office to office of the people that my dad worked for.

  the reason is my dad wants a raise and what better way then to send in a sex pot to do the dirty work.   when we got into the building that my dad worked at all the guys stopped in their tracks and stared at my ass and chest.   and while they were staring at me all i could think was i want to fuck every single one of these guys on the spot.   my dad directed me to the first office.

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    I walked in and the man in there said "wow oh my god umm can i help you?" i said yes my name is kate my dad is jeff and we were wondering if my fater could get a raise?  you can even fuck my brains out if that will help get him the raise.   the man said "well i guess ill have to fuck you then. . . If i must he said jokingly. " at that exact moment he began to pull out his fully erect 7 and a half inch cock. he grabbed me by the hips ripped my shirt off lifted up my skirt and pretty much started raping me.   he just started pounding away in my pussy.   he stood behind me and began to fuck my ass as i leaned over the desk it felt sooo good i started moaning and yelling that i needed to be fucked and that im a little fuck slut who needs to have cum inside her and that i needed him to give it to me now!!! i began screaming HOLY SHIT FUCK MY ASS FUCK IT YOU STUD FILL MY ASS WITH YOUR HOT CUM OOOOOOO YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! right about then he began realeasing his load into my ass then backed away at the exact moment my dad walked in and said "how bout that raise?" the man said well your daughter is one hell of a fuck and i would be gald to give you a raise as i still lay over the desk with no shirt on my skirt lifted up and cum dripping from my ass.
    he said yes i will give you a raise.   right when i thought my day was done my dad said you have one more fuck then we will go home and you will fuck your brother.   he said now the next set of people have all agreed to do this on camera so bbe ready.   when he said this i thought to my self did he say "set of people?"  when we got into the room there were three men sitting there with there cocks in their hand and smiles on there faces all looking at the camera.   i walked in and said so who am i fucking first my dad answered for them and said them all in one big slut gangbang.   one of the guys walked over to me and ripped my shirt celan off then took my skirt of so i was standing in the middle of the room with only a pink g-string on as they all began to walk toward me.

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       one man picked me up and layed me on top of him as he quickly rammed his cock in me and right as i was about to moan in extreme pleaseure of fucking some guy i didnt know the other man put his big cock in my mouth. . but still not to be out dont the third man went and rammed his cock into my already soaking asshole.   they all fucked me all on camera i didnt know what to think i was soo lost in ecstacy i blew about four orgasms on camera as al the men came in me at the same time one flling my mouth the other my pussy and the other re filling my ass they all pulled out of me as i swallowed the one mans cum and they threw me on to the floor and i got up to see my dad beating off im my face and right then said open up slut and he came in my mouth.   he said good job now lets go.   because my shirt was ripped i just walked out in my g- string and cum dripping from my mouth as everyone on the way looked at me as i went and my dad said now lets go back your gonna fuck your brother and camera to slut
    I will continue if you guys like it leave feed back