A sisters tale


A Sisters Tale
By: Voodoo

Now my wife has a younger sister. I have never thought that she really liked me at all. We seem to always bump heads when ever we are around each other. That’s why I was shocked to hear it when my wife told me her sister called and asked if she come stay the summer with us. Of course I was going to say yes, I am not stupid. My wife was all excited to have her sister coming out to see us. They are like 2 years apart. Her sister just turned 18 and just graduated high school. The last time they really saw each other was at our wedding a few years prior. So they made all the plans and I just had to sit and wait for the time to come.

Well her sister finally came out and wow was I shocked to see her. She has grown up since I last saw her. She had a rock hard body like, my wife. Her tits were just as perky as my wife’s just a bit smaller. She had a terrific ass like her sister. So I figure it must run in the family.

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Everything seem to be going good. I had to work when she first showed up so I barely saw her. Well one day after work, I came home and my wife and her sister were outside tanning near the pool. I decided to go up stairs and throw on my trunks and join them outside. I dove into the pool and swam underwater for a minute before I decided to surface. When I came up I was the one surprised. My wife and her sister were both tanning in the nude. The saw the reaction on my face, and both laughed. My wife’s sister said “ are you sure you two are married? He act’s like he has never seen a girl naked before. ” I told her it wasn’t a girl naked that shocked me it was “who” the girl was I was seeing naked that was. My was just let us talk back and forth never saying a word. She just kept smiling. I told them I would head back into the house since I didn’t know they were outside naked and they both stopped me. My wife told me to relax that a body is just a body, and her sister chimed in that I have already seen her naked. So I went back into the pool and started to do laps while they just soaked up the sun.

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   it was hard not drowning with the two of them just sitting there naked bodies exposed. Wow they both were freaking hot. They told me they were heading in to take a shower, I told them I would follow in a minute. I watched the two of them get up, admiring both of their bodies and watched both of their sexy asseswalkinto the house. God they had some tight asses. I stayed in the pool for another ten minutes or so then headed into the house myself.

I could hear the water on in our room so I figured I would just save time and jump in the shower with my wife. I pulled down my suit and walked towards the shower. The glass was really steamy and you couldn’t see into the shower. I opened the door and stepped behind the naked body in front of me. Then I heard my wife’s sister say “about time you got up here, I thought I was going to be done before you finished your drink. ”, and turn around. Well she was as shocked to see me as I was to see her. She smiled and said your not Jennifer. I told her I could say the same thing.

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   She told me Jennifer and her decided to jump in together, but Jennifer needed a drink first. Then the door opened to the shower and in came my wife. I was ready for a ass reaming or 3rd degree or something. My wife just said well now I guess we all had the same idea. They started to rub soap on each others bodies and all that while I stood there dumbfounded. My wife asked me if I was going to help them wash off or just stand there looking like a statue. I stepped up and started to rub soap on my wife’s body. She told me not to forget her sister too, because that wouldn’t be very nice. I did as I was told and started to rub the two of them together with each of my hands while they were rubbing on each other too. Then my wife’s sister reached out and grabbed my cock and said hey sis look at this your husband is hard as a rock washing us. My wife laughed and asked her sister what she wanted to do about it, my wife’s sister said I guess I could help him out with it and bent down and placed my cock to her lips. She started to give me a blowjob while my wife was right there in the shower with us. My wife turned towards me and gave me a kiss, and asked me to wash her back and ass. I could barely concentrate while her sister was sucking the hell out of my cock. After a while her sister stopped sucking and said she needed her ass and back washed too.

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   She stood up and my wife swapped her places and put my cock into her mouth, while I repeated washing her sisters back and ass. Her sister still had her back facing me and her ass out when my wife stopped sucking and pulled me closer to her sister and stuck the tip of my cock on her pussy lips and glided me into her sister. My wife tells us that I need to make sure I wash them inside and out since I was the only one with the right equipment for the job. I held my cock still inside her sisters pussy not knowing what to do. When her sister started to move her ass back and forth on my cock to make it go in and out of her, my wife stayed down there licking her sisters clit and my shaft as they moved in and out of each other.

I couldn’t believe I was fucking my 18yr old sister in law with my wife right there. As Megan started to move me in and out of her faster I started to go with the flow and move my cock in and out of her myself. I was making Megan moan and had a fast pace going when Jennifer said it was her turn to be cleaned on the inside. My cock was throbbing. I pulled out of Megan and placed my cock into Jennifer’s pussy and started to thrust it deep into her pussy. Megan got down and started to repeat what her sister was doing and licking Jennifer’s clit and my shaft. A few times my cock fell out of Jennifer’s pussy and Megan would grab it stick it into her mouth suck it for a sec and throw it back into her sisters pussy. I told Jennifer I was ready to cum and usually I just cum in my wife’s pussy, but Megan said she wanted to taste it and pulled me out of Jennifer and placed me back in her mouth till I exploded deep in her mouth. When I was drained she stood back up and they kissed. I stood there for a sec, while they got out with grins on their faces and grabbed their towels and headed for the bedroom.

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I didn’t know what to think anymore. I was in total shock and disbelief. So I finished my shower and grabbed a towel and got dressed. I put on some lounge pants and a shirt and headed down stairs to see what they were doing. I found them in the kitchen talking, having a drink, with their towels still on wrapped around them. I asked what was going on and Jennifer said she was trying to figure out what to have for dinner. We all agreed on me making them a steak, rice, and bean dinner while they took care of what ever they needed to. I stayed in the kitchen while they went off to do their thing.

When I had dinner done I called for them. I figured they would have gotten dressed and all that while I was busy. But nope they came still wrapped up in their towels giggling, carrying their drinks. I asked them what have they been doing while I was cooking and they replied just catching up and talking. Well while we ate, they both kept talking and filling me in on a few things. I found out that when I was in Megan’s pussy earlier that I was the first one to ever do that. Megan was a virgin.

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   I said that was hard to believe with the blowjob she was giving me. Megan and Jennifer informed me that Megan has played with females and has done oral on boyfriends but has never gone all the way till today. I was both shocked and thrilled to have been the honor. Come to find out they had talked about this over the last few days and Megan asked Jennifer if we could show her things and if I could have the honor in taking her virginity.

Well obliviously Jennifer agreed to this. So that is why the shower gathering took place they had it planned out. So now I know why I didn’t get into trouble for any of it. So after we finished dinner I was putting the plates and all that way, while they sat at the table. When I came back out from filling the dish washer I found Megan laying on her towel on the table spread out in front of Jennifer, while Jennifer was fingering her pussy and eating her out. I halted where I was and Jennifer realized I was there. She told me to go get our camera and tripod and bring it down stairs and set it up. I did as I was told and when I came back they were still in the same position. Jennifer was fucking Megan’s pussy with two fingers while she was working over Megan’s clit big time with her mouth. I was getting it all on cam. Jennifer let her towel fall down around her and now her body was exposed also.

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   She stopped working on Megan and told Megan it was her turn to do the same. So they swapped places and now Megan was sitting at the table fingering Jennifer and eating her out. Wow his was amazing. I sat there making sure I didn’t miss anything and that I had all the right angels. This went on for a while till Megan climbed up on the table and they did a 69 right there on the dinner table. , they were both fingering and licking each other. I had to take the cam off the tripod to run around back and forth to catch all the action and views. They were really working each other over. Their fingers were just speeding in and out of each others pussies. They were moaning in between all the licking. Then Jennifer really put Megan over the top and inserted a finger into Megan’s ass. Megan let out the largest and biggest moan I heard and exploded all over Jennifer’s face and fingers. . Jennifer quickly lapped her up. Not missing a beat.

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   Jennifer had her climax while cleaning up Megan. They sat that way for a second, then Jennifer sort of slide out from under Megan and turned Megan around so now her ass faced the chair. Jennifer walked over to me and told me now it was my turn to eat Megan out. She took the cam and followed me with it while I walked over to the chair. I sat down behind Megan and started to caress her naked ass and pussy with my hand. Jennifer told me not to be shy and dig right in there that it tasted great. So I spread her ass wide with my hands while I dove my face into her pussy and ass. I was really liking the taste of her pussy. I got curious how she would react with my tongue touching her ass hole. So I placed my tongue deep into her asshole and started to lick away. She squirmed and squealed at that. I knew it had to be her first time for this. Jennifer placed the cam on the tripod again and came over to the table. She got down underneath and started to pull off my lounge pants. Here I was eating her sisters ass out and my wife was starting to give me a blowjob.

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   Wow was I in heaven. Megan had another orgasm and her legs dropped off the table. Jennifer had me hard as a rock with her blowjob. Megan’s legs were still spread open and her ass and pussy was spread in front of me. Jennifer popped me out of her mouth, stood up and tugged on my cock till I was also standing. She again glided my cock into Megan’s pussy. There I was fucking Megan while she was spread out on our dining room table. Jennifer kept telling to fuck her harder and deeper. Jennifer reached around me and started to finger fuck Megan’s tiny, wet ass hole. As I was getting in to rhythm Jennifer told me to stick my cock into Megan’s ass. I asked her if she was sure and she said to do it. Jennifer pulled her finger out and walked around the table. She climbed back on and spread her legs in front of Megan. Megan once again started to eat Jennifer’s pussy out. I pulled my cock out of Megan’s pussy and placed the tip of my cock at Megan’s ass hole.

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   She went to look back at me, and Jennifer grabbed her by the hair and kept her face at her pussy. I eased my cock into her tight, pink ass hole. I let it go in slowly so Megan’s ass hole could adjust to it properly. When I got all the tip of my cock head into her ass I let it sit there for a minute. I heard her whimper for a moment. But Jennifer kept her distracted with her pussy. I started to push more of me into her ass. When I got my cock balls deep into her I let it sit there so her ass could adjust for it. Jennifer was really face fucking Megan at this point. I started to ease out and would get it to where I could see the ring of my cock head coming out before I would slam my cock back into her ass. I kept this going for a while slowly easing out and quickly slamming it back home. After I could tell my cock was sliding in and out of Megan’s ass easier I started to slide my cock in and out of her at the same speed just pounding away at Megan’s ass. Megan was going to town on Jennifer’s pussy, now she even had three fingers deep in to Jennifer’s pussy while she was lick and sucking on Jennifer’s clit. The girls were moaning, I was sweating. I told Jennifer I was about to cum and Jennifer told me to cum in Megan’s ass.


   I was just pounding it into Megan’s ass you could feel the cum building up in both of my balls. Megan and Jennifer were both having orgasms, when I blasted my hot cum deep into Megan’s ass. I kept pumping as I exploded and you could see some of the cum sliding out of her ass on my cock. Jennifer jumped off the table ran around to me and pulled me out of her sisters ass and started to go to town on my cock cleaning it up. I fell back to the chair. Megan pretty much fell to the floor and rolled over to help her sister clean my cock with their mouths. When they were done. They got up with smiles on their faces and Megan said that was totally awesome. They went down the hall together while I just sat there trying to catch my breath. I went down the hall following them to see where they went off to and they were in the entertainment room watching a porno on the big screen. Jennifer was sitting on the floor in front of Megan eating her out. Megan was groping and playing with her tit’s and biting her lower lip. Jennifer saw me and asked me why I didn’t bring the video camera. So I walk back down the hall to grab the equipment. WhenI got back to them Jennifer was still between Megan’s legs eating her out.

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   I set up the equipment and began to watch the show. Jennifer was really working over Megan’s pussy with her finger’s and mouth. After a while and a lot of moan’s Jennifer got up and went down the hall. When she came back she was wearing her strap on dildo. She stepped up to Megan and went down to her knee’s. she placed the tip of her dildo at Megan’s pussy and pushed herself into her. Megan moaned deeply. I watched as Jennifer started to move the dildo in and out of Megan and rub her clit with her hands. Megan was enjoying the hell out of it. Jennifer was pumping in and out of Megan faster and faster and deeper and deeper and I made sure the camera never missed a beat of it. I was hard just watching my wife fuck her sister. When you could tell Megan had another orgasm, Jennifer pulled out of her and told Megan to drop to her knees. Megan did as she was told and Jennifer told her to bend over the couch. Megan again did not resist but did as she was told. Jennifer got behind Megan who was now in a doggie style position on the couch and placed the dildo back into Megan’s pussy.

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   Jennifer was just lunging in to Megan. Jennifer kept this up till Megan said she couldn’t take anymore and was ready to cum again. . Jennifer quickly pulled out and place the tip of the dildo on Megan’s asshole. She pushed it in all the way to the hilt. Megan bit her lip and Jennifer started to fuck her sisters asshole. Jennifer reached out and started to pull Megan’s hair while she was fucking her up the ass. You could tell Megan was in ecstasy. When Jennifer got Megan off again Jennifer pulled out, stood up and walked back down the hall to our room. When she came back she sat on the couch while Megan was still trying to recover. Jennifer looked at me and told me that it was my turn to have her sister alone. Jennifer told Megan and me that we could fuck all we want when we want and where ever we wanted while Megan was there. Jennifer also informed me that was how it was going to be with Megan and her. I agreed to this, (who wouldn’t? I would have been a idiot……. ) When Megan was recovered, Megan and I went towards my bedroom.

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   I laid her on the bed and started to kiss and touch her body all over. Jennifer walked in with the camera and set it up facing the bed and left us. I ate Megan out for a while, then rolled her on top of me and Megan and I started to sixty-nine. After we sixty-nined and I blew a wade into Megan’s mouth I rolled her over on her back and I placed my cock at her pussy and pushed in. we fucked for quite a while meeting each others thrust each time. We were fucking for at least another hour. The whole time Megan was there it was like that. Megan and Jennifer would be messing around when I came home from work. Megan and I would mess around at night, or the 3 of us would just fuck all night once I was home. It was a great visit. Now Megan is talking about wanting to move in with us for a while till she can get her life in order.

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