A satisfied sister in law


One afternoon her sister Sue came over to see Jan and I was home alone. Jan my wife was out shopping. I had a feeling she may have been seeing another guy. I said straight out how many guys had you two had before we got married and Sue said Jan and I used to work as a couple and do lesbian shows for guys and then let one or two fuck us afterwards if the color of their money was right. I said you were prostitutes. She said well thats one word for it.
Sue went into the house and not long after I followed to find her naked in the lounge room and she came straight out and said ok you have had Jan how about me, lets see if I have lost my touch.
At first I was a bit shocked but thought what the hell Jan has been fucking about so why cant I. But it was her sister.
I said ok come into the bedroom and be comfortable. I undressed on the way and by the time we got there I was naked with a great boner to show her I was no punk.
She wasted no time and said Jan always said you were not badly built and with that she had my cock in her mouth and was giving me one of the best head jobs I had ever had, even better than Jan. I didnt ask I just blew the entire load of my cum into her mouth when I was ready and she swallowed me and then said you bastard you could have told me you were cumming. I had most of down my throat before I could get a good taste of it.
After she sucked my cock dry she worked on getting it hard again as I lay back and enjoyed her treatment as her hands slid up and down my shaft and he other hand gently fondled my balls. She knew what to do and I was hard in no time again and then she lay back and said ok lets fuck.

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She had removed most of her hair down to a strip and he cunt looked beautiful and I used my fingers to open her and look at the wet pink tunnel of love she was offering me and would soon be full of cock. I mounted her and my cock went in fast and deep and as I hit the bottom she gave a slight grunt, careful she said I dont want it up my throat. I slowly began to fuck her and she also participated and it wasnt just lay there and be fucked she was going to enjoy it. She raised her pelvis to meet me and then locked her legs around me and pulled me deep and hard into her and held me there, she said I can feel it right up and hitting my cervix and it feels good. Her cunt was still taught enough for me to feel it hugging the base of my shaft and every now and again she would excercise her kegals and squeeze me tight inside her. She was giving me one of the best fucks I have had for ages. I started to play with her nipples and rub my fingers around her aerola which had her purring like a kitten and her nipples were hard and red. I tweeked them between my fingers and she responded by tightening her vagina sending me massages that she was enjoying it.
The two of us were really having fun, she was far more animated than Jan and said I should have married you, and she said what the hell you can fuck me any time you like you are not bad. I said what are you the sisters from hell and she said no a hell of a family. Mick our brother started fucking us at 18 and we have never stopped. I said a bloody incestuous family and she said why not we were getting sex almost every day at one stage. Jan and I use to fight to be second because he lasted longer the second time. I dont suppose you know it but he still does and he and Jan often have a session together. I said I should have guessed as they often went missing for 5 minutes or so if he was here but I never imagined that they were fucking each other.

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   He fucks me still and I still love him doing it to me. We have been fucking for 18 years already.
I said I have married a nmyphomaniac it seems and she said two of us - any time you like I am available for you Jan wont mind I am sure.
The two of us stopped talking and began to concentrate on fucking and my cock was now slipping in and out of her wet cunt at a rapid rate. The two of us were working ourselves up to a great orgasm. I was lasting pretty well but I considered her sucking me off helped me there. Then she said hang on I want to get on top and I rolled over and she sat on me and I was looking at two bouncing tits a smiling face and having it all done for me. She said I am nearly there and I saw her give a spasm of pleasure and I knew she was on her way. She grunted and groaned and then I began to cum and she pounded herself down  on me and the bed was really rocking. The two of us were howling with delight as we both expelled the bodily fluids associated with orgasm. She let go with a cunt full of juice which covered my balls as it ran out of her and mixed with the gallon of cum I had unloaded inside her.
Without a word she got off and was about to go down on my now softening cock when there was a sound behind us. It was Jan who had come home and heard us. I looked up and she was almost naked as she was undressing and virtually ripping her clothes off.
Sue said well well the errant sister, you never told me he was this good, and she said you get on with what you were about to do and I will help myself to you and without another word Jan lay on the bed and Sue sat on her face and Jan began to suck the mixture of our lovemaking out of her and Sue began to clean me up again.

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  Shit she said this tastes like honey.
After we had cum, as Jan not only sucked Sue dry but Sue was fingering Jan her as well as sucking on me and the three of us all had orgasms within a couple of minutes of each other we all sat up and Jan said how long has this been going on and Sue said you wont believe this but its my first time with him but it wont be my last. Jan then sucked the last of Sues juice out of her in a moment. Obviously it wasnt the first time they had oralled each other.
After that three somes became the order of the day and one night Mick came over and made it a foursome. It was the first time I had been fucked up the ass and in turn returned the pleasure on Mick who it seems had done it often. I had married into a sex mad family. Actually after a while Jan became quite happy to keep it in the family and stopped seeing other guys apart from Mick and me. Sue was great and I often fucked her as she too visited more often and it was nothing for us all to get naked and have an orgy lasting a day as we fucked each other whenever we felt like it and I gradually began to enjoy being fucked up the ass by Mick.   I will always remeber the time i was fucking Jan and he came along and started fucking me up the bum and then did Jan in the ass as well right after and finished himself off inside her while the two of us kept fucking each other, quite afeat. It was the first time i had seen Jan with cum streaming out of both her ass and cunt at the same time.
The family affair lives on - maybe I will go into more explicit detail if I get a few good comments.