A Rose For My Rose.


"Oh whatever Dad, stop being so old fashioned. Everyone dresses like this", she said as she gave a little twirl. "Besides, why should I hide what I've got. ""Because I say so that's why. Now get upstairs and put some real clothes on. ""Or what, you'll punish me?""Damn right I will, now don't make me tell you again. ""You used to be so cool Dad, now you're like the father from hell. I don't know what made you into Mr. Asshole but I wish you would get over it already", she yelled at me as she ran up the stairs. How could I tell her that it was her making me act this way. I could just see myself trying to explain it to her. Daddy's sorry honey, but seeing your long legs, tight ass, and perfect tits has me stroking my cock every night while I pretend that it's your pouty wet lips wrapped around it. Yeah that would go over well with her. So the best thing for me to do was try and keep myself, and my hands, away from her. God knows it killed me because I loved Rose more than life itself, but I couldn't trust myself. Giving a sigh, I turned and headed for my bedroom so I could empty myself of some much needed relief.

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   Cock in hand, I imagined Rose coming down the stairs completely naked. I stroked faster as I imagined how her tits would jiggle with every step down that she took. Completely wrapped up in my fantasy, I nearly jumped out of my skin when the phone rang. Groaning, I rolled over and picked it up. "Hey Rose", I heard on the other end. "Oh hey Madison, what are you up to?" It was Rose's best friend Madison. I was about to hang up until I heard Madison's reply. "I was just thinking about what you told me about your dad and stuff. ""Yeah what about it. ""Well I'm just confused as to how you expect to seduce him. I mean come on, he's your dad. Even if you want it, it doesn't mean he will. After all, it is incest. ""Don't worry Maddie, I've seen the way he looks at me. Why do you think I dress like a complete whore? I don't do it to piss him off, although that's what he thinks.

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   I know seeing me dressed like that gives him a raging hardon. ""Oh yeah and how do you know that. ""Come on, I can practically see it jumping out of his pants whenever I walk into the room. Do you know how hard it is not to waltz up to him and take it out of his pants. God I can't even count the number of times I've wanted kneel down and suck him off. "Hearing those words coming out of her mouth had me spewing my cum silently as I continued to listen in on their conversation. "Well from the way it sounds you'll be sucking him off soon. ""Oh hell yeah, I have my plan all worked out. But I better get off here now. Ten bucks he's in his room stroking his cock right now," she laughed. "He can't contain himself around me. ""Ok, call me tomorrow and tell me how tonight went. Bye. "Tonight??? Oh god, just what the hell did she have cooked up in that gorgeous head of hers. Hanging up the phone, I grabbed some tissues and cleaned myself up.

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   I walked out to the foot of the stairs and hollered up to Rose. "Rose!""What?""What do you want for dinner, I should get it started soon. ""I'm not feeling too well Daddy, I think I'll just go to bed early", she yelled down at me. That was just fine and dandy with me. At least she wouldn't be sitting across the dinner table from me. I was going to have a hard enough time eating without having to look at her. Not feeling very hungry, I made myself a sandwich and sat down to watch a movie. An hour and a half later I stretched and went to my room to go to bed. Still wondering about Rose's plan for tonight, I hopped into bed. She must have decided to wait until she was feeling better. I don't know how much later it was, but the sound of my door being opened woke me out of my sleep. "Rose", I said groggily. "Is that you honey?""Daddy I really feel sick, can I please sleep with you just this once?""Of course honey, is there anything I can get you?", I asked with my voice full of concern. The daddy part of me had kicked in and I was worried about her. "No thanks Dad, I just don't want to be alone.

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  "I pulled away the covers and let her slide in next to me. She laid her head on my chest and I stroked her hair untill she fell asleep. Or so I thought anyway. Suddenly feeling a hand on my thigh, my eyes flew open. Rose was caressing my thigh very lightly with her fingernails. I decided to pretend to be asleep and wait to see what she did next. Moving her hand up to my cock, she continued her light caress on the outside of my boxers. A voice in my head told me to stop it now before it went any farther. But so help me god I was paralyzed. A small groan escaped my lips and that was all the invitation she needed to pull down my boxers. Lifting myself up from the bed, I helped her slide them down my legs. With my cock now free, she grasped it in her hand and started stroking it. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the feel of her touching me. Feeling her lips on my neck, I knew I had to taste her. Pulling her head up, I kissed my baby girl.

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   Parting her lips with my tongue, I probed into her mouth until I found hers. We stayed like that for awhile, making out while she stroked my cock. Breaking the kiss, she leaned in and whispered to me. "Do you want me to suck you Daddy? Want me to wrap my lips around your cock?""Oh God yessss baby", I hissed at her. She slid down the bed until she was eye level with my rock hard cock. Starting at the base of my cock, she licked up to the top. She barely inserted the tip of my cock into her mouth and sucked gently while her hand found my balls and fondled them. Taking the tip of my cock out of her mouth, she she licked first down one side then up the other of my cock coating it in her saliva. She then blew gently and the cold breath mixed with the wet saliva on my cock almost made me cum right then and there. Taking the head of my cock back into her mouth, she sucked oh so slowly while her tounge danced around on my cock. She continued sucking me, taking more of my cock into her mouth a little at a time until I was all the way down her throat. When her lips reached the base of my cock, she tightened them and slowly pulled her mouth up my cock. Knowing I couldn't last much longer, I urged her on. "Oh come on baby. Suck me faster.

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   I want to cum in your mouth baby. Be a good little cocksucker baby and give it to me. "I couldn't stop the words from pouring out of my mouth as she complied and sucked me faster. Her lips wrapped tightly around my cock, she went faster and faster. Not being able to hold it in any longer I felt my cum explode from my cock and into her mouth. "Oh jesus fucking christ baby, I'm cumming! Swallow baby, swallow it all. Oh god baby don't stop", I pleaded with her until she had sucked my cock clean of all my cum. She lifted her head up from my cock, my cum around the edges of her mouth. "Fuck me Daddy, please fuck me. I want you so bad right now Daddy I need you to fuck me. "Pulling her up to me, I lightly kissed her on the lips and shook my head. "No baby, when we do it together for the first time I want to make love to you. I don't want you to remember our first time together as a good fuck. I want you to remember it as something special. Do you understand honey?""Yes Daddy", she said slowly nodding her head although I could see the dissapointment in her eyes.

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  "Lets just go to sleep for now baby. I love you Rose. ""I love you too Daddy. "I woke up the next morning to an empty bed and wondered if it was all just a fantastic dream. Finding the note she left me though made me realize it was all true. I had let my precious Rose suck my cock. I had cum in her hot little mouth. My cock jumped at the memory. It was a simple note just letting me know that her and Maddie had gone to the mall and she would be back in time for dinner. With my mind full of ideas, I jumped out of bed and put my plan to action. Four hours later as I soaked in a bubble bath, I heard the front door open. Hearing a small "Oh" come from her I knew that she had found my note telling her to follow the trail of candles. The trail led right into the bathroom where I was, and sure enough it wasn't long before she stepped into the doorway. Without saying a word, she slowly took her clothes off and I saw my baby naked for the first time. Her pussy was nearly clean shaven, and her tits were to die for.

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       Stepping into the tub, she sat in front of me and lay back on my chest. My hands found their way to her chest and I pinched her nipples very gently. With a sigh escaping her lips, she moved her hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy. Kissing her neck, I moved one hand down to replace hers while the other kept teasing her nipples. Outright moaning now, she guided my fingers into her pussy and pushed herself onto them. My fingers moved in and out of her pussy with the speed of lightning while she pinched and rubbed her clit. Moments later she loudly came on my fingers, shuddering as her orgasm overtook her body. I stood up and picked her up out of the tub and gently dried her off, pausing to suck on each nipple. I carried her to my bedroom and laid her down on my bed which I had covered with rose petals. Grabbing a single red rose off my nightstand, I started at her feet and traced it up her body and to her lips. "A rose for my Rose", I whispered to her as I softly kissed her lips. Moving my head down, I nursed on first one then the other nipple. My hand found her pussy and I parted her lips and found her clit swollen and throbbing. She made small mewing sounds in the back of her throat as I rubbed her clit in circles. "Oh yes Daddy, touch me", she groaned.

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      I fingered her aching pussy for a few moments longer then took my hand away. She made a groan of protest and tried to pull my hand back down to her pussy. I pulled my hand away again and turned her on her stomache. I slid her body down the side of the bed and spread her legs. I got behind her and encircled one arm around her stomache as I lay across her back and brought my cock to her pussy. Pushing in a little at a time, I entered her pussy while she groaned with every inch that went in. When my cock was all the way up her hot, tight, sopping wet pussy, I pulled out just as slow as I went in. Picking up just a little more speed, I guided my cock in and out of her pussy until I felt the walls of her pussy tighten. Knowing she was about to come, I all but stopped pumping and waited for her building orgasm to settle back down. "Oh god Daddy, why did you do that? I was about to cum. I wanna cum for you so bad. "Not answering her, I shoved my cock back up her pussy thrusting in and out of her a little bit faster than last time. She started rocking back and forth, meeting me thrust for thrust. Moaning and panting, I felt her orgasm coming on again as her pussy walls constricted around my cock. She let out a half moan, half scream as I once again stopped my cock.

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      "Oh jesus Daddy, just let me cum! Please Daddy just let me cum. I'm gonna go crazy if you don't", she half sobbed. Taking that as my cue, I rammed my cock into her fast and hard. Skin slapped against skin as I pounded my cock into her pussy. Rose was outright screaming as she shoved herself back and forth on my cock with the same beat as me. I pinched her nipples causing her scream even louder. "Oh f-f-f-uck Daddy, f-f-f-uck Daddy", she stuttered. Feeling her pussy walls tighten for the last time over my cock, I began shooting my cum up her cunt as her orgasm completely took over her body. Shaking violently as spasm after spasm coursed through her pussy, she sobbed her pleasure. I waited until her orgasms subsided and turned her over and gently kissed her lips. "I love you Rose baby, thank you so much. ""I love you too Daddy. "Ok I hope this one was better than my first one. You guys said I needed more romance in my first one so did I do a better job this time?More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.