It was a rainy day July 26 I believe no one can forget that day we were in gone to shopping and at early morning at 9:00 and went to it was little bit raining no one could realize it would be a big mess . Coming to the point.

We had lunch in sudarshan hotel in Andheri rajkumar (at that time water was till knee’s so it was not much tense)and by the time having lunch we came to road we were surprised everywhere was water logged and was coming till me waist and water force was so high no one could cross the road we had to cross the road to go to our residence’s prathmesh complex so we both tried to cross the road but couldn’t succeeded. My aunt fell down in the water she was totally wet . any how I succeeded to help her to stand but her dress was no totally dirty because of muddy and dirty water . while she getting up her pallu had fell down and she was standing with closed eyes bcoz of dirty water dust partical had gone in her eyes. Her black bra was clearly visible (that day she had wore yellow color sari and yellow color blouse with low cut blouse)the way she was standing in the rain with wet cloths with pallu less by seeing that I was totally out of my mind with in a minute I found erection in my pant but I realized that she was standing there like that asking for help calling me were are you Raj ?
I caught her hand and pulled my side and took some water and cleaned her body and dry branch stick was stuck in her blouse(between to boobs)I pretended that I am cleaning her put my had inside her blouse and removed the stick in this act I pressed her both the boobs due to rush on body was watching my act but her mouth was open wide must be understood that I am taking chance ofher and after that poured some water on her face to cleaner her face also and then she adjusted her sari and pallu. I made her walk in front I was behind of her I was rubbing my erection on her ass crack if she moved forward I would keep my hand front near pussy side push her back so I can rub my erection we were standing a side of the road(no one could see this act water was theretill her waist)as I was behind and rubbing hard this time she moved forward I movedmy hand kept on her pusy and pushed back but did not removed my hand,
Me : I asked her how are you feeling now are u alright did you hurt somewhere.
Aunt : No I am alright but
Me : wat but tell me
Aunt : I feel like pissing wat to do ?
Me : I laughed and said just leave it as we are in water on one will now I did same 5 min early
By hearing this she laughed till now I did not removed my hand from her pussy area with in a minute I felt hot water coming out from her sari
Me : I believe you left your hot water
She did not replied but I asked her again same thing to her she told yes seeing no protest now I decided to press her boobs. As I kept other hand on her boobs inside the pallu, she tried to remove my hand forcedly but I did not allowed instead I pressed her pussy hardand I started to move my middle finger right and left I believe she must be freeze by this act she removed her hand I was pressing her boobs so badly like if it was balloon it would burst with pressure she had given up and laid on me now water was till our chest and I was pressing her boobs suddenly something click in my mind I remove hand from blouse and insert in side the blouse and bra to my surprise there was no objection from her side so I remove other hand from her pussy insert left side of the boobs was pressing till now it was dark because of heavy rain all the shops hotels were closed there was a gully on the left of surdashan which I knew and there wasa industrial estate so I decide to take her there and remove my hand from the blouse and caught her hand took her to estate now one was there we went to 4 flr soon I took her to a comer and made stand near the wall and first time kiss her there was no respond then second time I did the same she gave me some respond to my kiss I was so happy at that movement then I moved her pallu down tooked her left boobs over the blouse in my mouth and was sucking for 18 min and now slowly undid her blouse hook now she was in black bra and I remove it and remove her sari slowly by kissing her with in 2 min she was nude in front of me then I remove my pant zip took out the pennies and gave in her hand.

By seeing it she was shocked that it was very big than her husband was in reddish color . she was not ready to take in my missile but I forced her to bend and and inserted my dick in her pussy she was yelling oh on ouch its paining very hard pls pls stop dr stop pls…………………………………….
With in 5 shot I cummed in very vomb. The rain to loud and strong no one heard out voice,
Then for some time I sat down and even she was sitting nude near to me because she is very scarry when thunder sound come’s I was busy playing with her boobs . then I took her hand kept on my dick told her to hold and move up and down she obeyed and was doing as soon as I got erection pushed her front put my dick in her mouth and moving up and down I took 5 min to discharge in her mouth now she was getting hot even after discharge she was sucking by her own she cleaned my sperm with her tongue. I guide her to sitting on my lap and and I was playing with her boobs till morning 6 clock and we got and arrange our dress proper and left to our house for till 6 mnth I was getting chance but unfortunately her hubby job got transfer to surat they shifted to surat

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