A Question of Family


At that point in my life I honestly didn't know what got into me. Hormones were raging and I hadn't had a boyfriend in such a long time that I really didn't know what to do with myself. I was a nerd, a chick nerd. I played video games, chatted on the net and I was perfectly fine with doing that day after day. Sure, my mum wanted me to get a job and do 'adult' things but I wasn't ready for it. Fuck, I hadn't even lost my virginity yet.
Of course, thoroughout my young teenager life I'd experimented. Boyfriends here, and then my best friend Nancy was my first girlfriend. We made out, we touched, we played and we were better friends for it but I never honestly figured that I was 'bisexual' so to speak. Until I hit the age eighteen when I began to wonder if I was bi. . . I found chicks hot. . . I purposely looked up erotica online with such topics as lesbians and the like.

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   I found it hot to watch so I really wondered if I was okay enough to swing both ways if I had the chance to.
It wasn't just that I was lonely. I'd lay in bed at night, hearing the squeaking of my parents' bed as they moaned and groaned in sexual contentment. Well, I was adopted so they weren't my parents by blood but they were the only parents I ever knew so I loved them just as any kid loved their parents. When they'd gasp and fuck at night, I'd lay there in bed simply listening and thinking to myself, "Why can't I have that?"
Now, I'm not an ugly girl. I've got hazel eyes, dark shoulder-length hair and the 'punk' look. Dark eye make up, crazy clothing and a certain self-confidence. I was hot in my own way, even if I wasn't rail thin with double-d tits. I had breasts, damnit. My b's grew to c's in the last year and I looked damn fucking good in my black bra. I'd spend some nights naked, looking at myself in the mirror. Tilting my head this way and that as I'd grope a breast and flick a nipple just to watch myself. Even if a guy didn't find me drop dead gorgeous, I had the hormones of a slut. Some nights all I did was masturbate away to porn and dream of naughty, dirty things that only my dream guy (or girl) could give me.
So, eventually it came down to me wanting to know.

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   Was I bi? Was I straight? Was I asexual because I couldn't get laid?
It was a late night in December. I'd come home after the movies with some friends and scooted my way down the hall. I had my trendy jeans on, a black t-shirt and a zip up hoodie. I left my boots at the front door and brushed some snow out of my black hair as I wandered towards my parents' room. And there she was, naked.
Marie was sitting at her vanity, doing her hair or something. . . But I came in and flopped on the messy king-size bed and watched her. She smiled that pretty smile into the mirror at me and quirked her head as she spoke up.
" Had fun at the movies? "
" Yeah," was my honest reply. But I still didn't know what was going on in my head. So I shifted and flopped my legs over the side of her bed as I looked at her there and murmured softly when my gaze travelled to the floor. " Marie? I've been thinking lately. .

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  . "
" Yeah? "
" I think I might be bisexual but. . . I don't really know. "
She sat there a moment, silently watching me as I had a slightly embarassed feel to me. Before I knew it though she was standing in front of me and lifted my head to look up at her before offering me this. . . motherly smile. It was more than just motherly, it seemed knowing. Though, right level with my face was one of her d sized breasts. Yes, she had bigger tits than me, but I was about as envious as I wasn't. Her nipples were pinker than mine, maybe a little smaller areoli too but her nipples looked harder than rock for the moment.
" Well, how can my Darling little girl know until she's been with a girl? "
" I kind of have but, it wasn't that hardco-.

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  . . "
I didn't get to finish my sentence. Her nipple was pressed into my mouth, my lips wrapped around her warm skin and I just kind of blinked. Was this how babies felt? A big pillow shoved in your mouth meant to feed you? I felt her fingers curl into my hair and tug me close, keeping me there. . . Curiosity kind of took over, and I brushed my tongue smoothly over that hard nipple. She shivered, which was kind of cool. . . So I did it again. My head turned just a twitch as I flattened my tongue and worked over that nipple warmly. Hazel eyes closing as I almost heard her purr while I sat there and I played with her as much as she played with me before I heard her whisper.
" Suck on it, Darling.

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   Please? You're being so sweet. "
How could I argue? I firmed my lips to her breast and began to suck. Slow motions, soft with little noises when my lips would manage to separate from her flesh. Marie squirmed as she stood before I felt her pushing me backwards, soon laying over me as my hands moved to her slimmer waist and she 'fed' me her tit. Her moans were soft and gentle as I changed between licking and suckling on her like she was suddenly my mother again while I was the infant. I had to admit, it was fucking hot. . . and I felt tingly on the insides out as I got wetter. She panted softly now and again before mumbling something about me being over-dressed. . . I honestly didn't pay attention until she pulled that breast away.
" Come on, Lisa. Pull off those clothes.

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   I'm going to return the favor. "
She sat alongside me, idly playing with those breasts as I sat up to tug off my hoodie. . . then my t-shirt, jeans and tossed them to the floor. I was left in my favorite black bra and a pair of black bikini-cut panties. I liked comfort over thongs, I'd rather just go naked than wear one of those dumb things. I felt her hands slide around me, and I almost thought it was for a hug before she tugged the hooks on my bra apart and tossed it aside. Left in panties where she was naked as she cooed and lifted a hand to give my left breast a soft, loving squeeze before leaning in to gently kiss my lips.
I was hesitant at first. It was kind of like a new reality as we sat there, seeming kind of innocent before her tongue pushed it's way into my mouth. I wasn't going to fight her. I felt her tongue flick mine, and my tongue responded with certain affection. My hands lifted to rub down her arms. I wanted to go back to licking her nipple, sucking on it.

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   It made her kind of helpless and I liked it about as much as I liked her grabbing at me.
Then I felt something else. A warm body slid up behind me. Something hard pressing to my lower back even against the back of my panties as I felt a hand brush aside my hair and lips lock on my ear. I groaned a little, trying to pull back from Marie's kiss only to end up feeling a tongue brushing over my ear. It was sensitive, beyond belief. . . and this sneaky assailant knew how to tease it. A third hand snuck up to grope my other breast before a strong hand found it's way down into my panties. Strong fingers pressing to my clit and it made me lurch right into the touch. Those fingers must have felt how wet I was because I soon heard a voice so familiar.
" Marie? I think Lisa needs some affection, don't you? "
A slender hand snuck down into my panties as well. Marie's lips leaving mine as I was pinned between the two. .

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  . and it silently dawned on me that my Father, Jake was the owner of those strong fingers. I nearly shivered, unable to find what words to match the situation since I'd been making out with my mother and my father had come out of nowhere.
" Mmm. I think she does. "
Did I have no say? I felt Jake lean back, pulling me atop him as Marie tugged down my panties and pulled them right off. Naked right there with my father's cock snuggled up between my ass cheeks in a good ways towards the middle of that kingsize bed. He kissed at my neck, making me pant just a little before I felt Marie's hand brush her fingertips over my hot little clit, flicking it just a little to make me spasm and whine a little softly.
" Aww. Our poor baby's horny. "
Her tone was playful, patronizing even as she climbed atop of me. Jake was a strong man, muscled. . . bulky even.

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  . . He could handle the two of us ontop no problem. But I felt Marie push my legs apart, and she settled her own between mine and his as his cock slipped from my asscheeks. That soft but hot cockhead slid up my wet virgin slit before I was 'nestled' to the shaft of his long cock and he pushed up into Marie. The motion itself, ground him against my needy cunt and caused me to shudder softly.
" Don't worry, Baby. Marie'll lube me up thoroughly before I try to get into you. You still a virgin Lisa? "
" Y-yes. "
I uttered out softly, trying to half-figure out what was going on and half-realize that my parents were molesting me.
    . . and I liked it. Marie moaned and bounced on him as he thrusted. The movement still grinding against me as Marie held my legs apart with her body so Jake got good access to my sensitive bits.

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       I was wet. . . So god damned wet. Just thinking he was going to break me and fuck me with that cock.
    It was a short enough time before Marie moaned like a bitch in heat and shuddered visably. She shifted from Jake's cock and rubbed it warmly over my slit. . . It was slimy almost, but not as wet as my cunt already was from waiting and worrying. I felt Jake's tongue lick over my cheek before he whispered adoringly.
    " Should we put you in a more romantic position, Baby? I want your first time to be comfortable. . . "
    I didn't even have the chance to nod before I was on my back.


       Nestled against the massive pillows of that bed with Jake between my legs and Marie laying beside us. He propped up one of my legs and shuffled aside the other. Marie's hand soon holding that leg in place as he pressed his massive cockhead to my poor unstretched slit. He leaned in, pressing little kisses to my breasts then up my neck to kiss my chin, nose then lips. The smile on his face was almost Devilish as he glanced down and pushed in.
    It fucking hurt so bad. I jerked, but Marie held my leg and brushed her nails through my hair to calm me down. I felt like he was tearing me, the sharpest pain I've ever felt before he thrusted hard and broke me in that instant. It stung, but faded slowly as he rested fully to the hilt in me and just smiled. It seemed like a dominant smile. . . Like he'd won some grand prize as one of those strong hands moved to Marie's lips. She sucked his fingers in, putting on this show of licking them and getting them all wet before he placed them to my clit and rubbed in slow circles. .

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      . It made me gasp and pant. I felt my sore cunt muscles squeeze him as he did and he let out a soft pleasured grunt when it happened.
    " I tell you Marie. . . Lisa's tighter than we'd betted on. I don't think I'll last long. "
    " Look at the blush on her face! She won't last long either. "
    He soon began to move, thrusting into me slow but hard. I felt my body bounce a little as Marie leaned in and turned my head to kiss me once more. Her lips on mine, hard and needy as we started up that sexual kiss once more. My tongue this time curling tight to her's as I moaned. His cock plowed into my recently virginal cunt like it belonged there. The bumps and ridges making my insides quiver as he'd pull and push back and forth.

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       I could barely believe how wet it felt like I was getting. The lowest points of my ass cheeks were soaked from me getting him wet and him pumping against me.
    The softly audible sound of his nutsac bumping against me as he lifted his free hand to grab the headboard of that regal bed. He began to thrust harder. His voice taking on a grunting growly tone that made me want to purr in submission. Jake's panting was hot. Gruff, angry and powerful even as he continued to torment my clit with faster circling rubbing. My hips would buck even under the force of his thrusts. I knew I'd be sore in the morning but there wasn't anything I could think on doing to prevent it.
    It wasn't long at all before I felt a wave of heat tear through my body and leave me shaking. I was softly sweaty, tired and had to pull my lips from Marie entirely to gasp. My cunt muscles tightened hard, almost refusing to let Jake move before he pulled out fast and cummed. His lava-hot spunk landing all over my tummy and tits as Marie bent her head down to lick and lap it up hungrily like it was her meal to steal. My head swam and I felt Jake lean in to kiss me hard. A passionate kiss, loving in a not-so-fatherly way as he shifted to lay on my other side so I was sandwiched between him and Marie once more when she was done 'cleaning' me up.

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    I didn't remember anything else that went on. My eyes fluttered shut and I felt so tired as I heard them both whisper and snuggle in. Jake's cock still half-mast as he nestled into my butt again and Marie snuggled her arms around me while he hugged us both. I almost felt a little trapped between them as passing words about them having waited forever and me being such a beautiful little slut. Things obviously wouldn't be the same around my house. The wet sticky feeling between my thighs told me so.



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