A Noise in the Woods Part II


A Noise in the Woods
Part II

It had been a few weeks since I caught the brother and sister in the woods behind my house. Every few days I took a quiet walk down the trail but never heard or saw either of them. Then one day I was once again behind the shop taking a leak when something made me glance up. I didn't see anything at first but I had a feeling someone was there. My head was lowered and I was wearing a ball cap so I just raised my eyes and scanned the woods.

Where the forest meets my yard there is a line of quite heavy brush. Peering through the bushes I finally spotted the girl standing back in the clear part of the woods behind the brush line. She was watching me intently with her mouth partially open. At first I thought she was alone but realized her brother was standing behind her. As I focused in a little better I saw his hand was reaching around and fondling her breast.

I finished and zipped up. I glanced up again and could still see them standing there. I walked back to the front of the shop and waited a couple of minutes before circling back behind the shop again. The were no longer in sight. I quietly walked across the foot bridge onto the trail. Still no sign of them so I headed toward the same spot I had seen them before.

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  As I expected they were at the same place. I once again slipped up close enough to watch.

There lips were locked in a kiss. He had her pinned to the tree with I could see the outline of his hand under her tank top as he massaged her breast. He moved his lips close to her ear and whispered something. She smiled and nodded. He stepped back and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. She stepped to the side as he pulled his cock out then leaned forward with her hands on her knees as his stream of piss hit the ground.

She smiled and looked up at his face then back down at his cock. A tentative finger reached toward the piss stream. The tip of her finger touched the flow a couple of inches from the end of his penis causing it to break up into a spray. She pulled away and dropped to her knees, her face only inches from the end of his cock. I could see he was getting hard in his hand as the stream slowed to a dribble. He shook away the last drops and she looked up at his face.

He stepped closer to her and rubbed his cock against her face.

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  She continued to look up at him and smile as the head traced the outline of her lips. Her tongue reached out and I could just barely make out that she was twirling it around his cockhead. As he reached full erection he grabbed the back of her head and pushed his cock between her lips. She wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft and began to stroke him as he thrust into her mouth.

His hips rocked in time with her hand strokes as he pumped into her mouth. Her hair hung down partially blocking my view but I could tell she was trying to make him cum. I knew as a young teen he wouldn't be able to last long. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand away from the shaft of his cock. Without her hand to block the next push of his hips drove his cock deep into her mouth.

She choked and tried to pull her head back but his other hand remained on the back of her head forcing her to take his full length. He leaned forward with her head held tight against him and I could tell he was cumming deep in her throat.
    His body convulsed and his hips jerked involuntarily as he emptied his balls. She was pushing against him with both hands and when he released her head she pulled back with a sharp intake of breath.

    "You asshole" she said as she slapped him on the thigh. He leaned against the tree on one hand as she coughed and caught her breath.

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    "Sorry" he responded, still catching his breath as well. "I guess I lost control. "

    "Keep that up and you'll be back to stroking it yourself" she said.

    "Ok, ok, I said I was sorry" he protested.

    She stood up. He reached for her but she pushed his hand away. "Leave me alone. "

    "You know you love being a little slut" he said laughing.

    "Well I can always be a slut for someone else"she retorted. "Maybe I'll go play with that old man next time. "

    "Yeah,you did get all hot watching him piss"her brother replied.

    Old man!Was she talking about me?While I don't consider myself old I realized I was probably the same age as her father. Not having children I forget sometimes that I am more than old enough to have a teen daughter.

    I realized I needed to make my escape before they headed my way. I backed away quietly then kept a large tree in between us as I crept back to the trail.

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