A mother delighted by her son - part two


There was no sense of embarrassment about it. It was totally liberating, enjoying the intimacy of this mother and son nakedness. I think we were both surprised with ourselves, being this daring, and by enjoying it so much. We had never done anything like this before. We had never even thought about doing something like this. On an incautious whim, though, we had had managed to have this beautiful naked moment together . . . right there in my kitchen of all places!
We were just open to the moment, to be naked in each others arms, and to find that opportunity so desirable. I don't know, maybe afraid that we would never have to nerve to do this again. Yet, here we were, being so improper, and not finding it improper at all! It seemed so easy to enjoy. My breasts are fairly full and I had them squashing bare against his chest, and I could feel his bare erection pressing up against me below. It was so totally untamed and completely incautious. Again it had been quite a well since I had been naked with a man that I had practically forgotten what it felt like or how good. The fact that I was with my own son seemed to make it feel safe, like I was not giving myself away or merely being convenient. It was a sharing and giving or ourselves, and of the fun of wanting to enjoy anaked moment.

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   I moved against him a little bit and I felt him move against me. There was that warm, all encompassing energy of physical desire. I felt his hips draw back slightly, and then I felt his stiffness pushing into my tangle of pubic hair. Then I felt him going between my legs. His boner felt absolutely huge and stiff, its curved length jutting up against me. I sighed over what that sensation was like. I suppose he took that as approval. He seemed unsure, as if afraid that I would object to being that acquainted with his male anatomy. He cautiously moved his hips again, and this time the swollen tip of his penis went between my folds, probing me. This was when I suddenly realized how wet I was. How excited my clitoris was! It was unbelievable, like suddenly waking up, eyes wide open. I don't know how far he actually intended to go, perhaps just wanting to have his boner moving between my legs, to feel the excitement of doing that with his own mother. I really don't know. I can only say that it was not like he was trying to rape me, or was being overly aggressive. And I can say that I offered no objection to where he had his penis.

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I heard him murmer and I sighed again. It seemed to take no effort at all for the smooth, swollen tip of his penis to find my opening. We were in each others arms, pressing and gently moving together. My wetness offered no resistance. Without difficulty his penis was entering my vagina. Just a little bit, but enough so that he was actually in me, even if just a little ways. I remembering feeling a little shocked to think that I had my son's erect penis in my vagina! Actually in my vagina! He seemed to hestitate too, realizing this. As if thinking, Geez! I'm sticking my boner into my mother. It was soooo inviting, though!
We stood there like that for a moment. He moved a little again, and we both felt that he was definitely in my vagina. There was no mistake. It was maybe only an inch, but it was there.
I think I sighed and said something like, "Oh, honey. . .

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Right then I was sure that it was not my intention to take this any farther.
    I was trying to caution him, thinking that maybe somehow he didn't quite realize. I know this sounds silly, but that is the way it seemed at the time. I think that he probably felt the same way, not intending to take any farther, either. He had managed that, and that was enough. Then he pushed ever so slightly, and his penis went deeper into my wet interior. It was no longer just the swollen tip filling my opening, but his shaft was in me. Somehow, right then, his erection slid all the way in, and I felt his boner filling me. Its thick, rigid shape was fully in me. I moaned. He moaned, too. There was this insiatnt luxury of completeness.
    I remember hearing him breathe, "Oh, mom . . .

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    I felt him pull back and then push in. Again, allowing his his erection to do so with a completely fullness.
    It was amazing. We were fucking. It was a simple as that. We were fucking! He was sliding his hard penis in and out of me and I was standing there, my bare toes gripping at the cool tile floor, moving my hips, fucking him. I was overwhelmed. Physically, sexually, I was overwhelmed. I think that I would have died right then if he had pulled out and apologized for doing that. I wanted him to keep going, and he did. Again and again I felt the thickness of his penis penetrating me, elevating my excitement. Sliding through my wet lips, going deeply inside of me without stop. Shamelessly we were both enjoying the involvement, right there in the kitchen. Only later was I glad that the windows were sufficiently high and that I had no nosy neighbors to see us consumating this moment. Right then I wasn't thinking about that, or even worried.

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       I just wanted to feel him giving me his thrusting length, every damn inch of it! And he was!
    I choked when I started having an orgasm. It took me by surprise. It was one wave after and other as I stood there helplessly, and gratefully impelled on his boner.