a morning to remember pt 2


A few days later, our mom got called to take a business trip out of town; she would be gone for an entire week. The day started out different from the point I woke up, surprisingly I was the first awake which is different, I always sleep in, and to make matters worse its only 6am and I couldn’t fall back asleep, so I got up, got dressed and went into the living room to watch TV. About a hour later, my moms alarm went off, and it wasn’t till 18 minutes later she climbed out of bed, she walked out in amazement to see I was already awake, and asked if I ever even went to sleep the night before, I told her I did but she didn’t believe me and continued on to make her morning coffee.
She drank a cup of coffee, and went to take a shower. While she was in the shower Lauren came out rubbing her eyes and yawning. She was wearing long pj bottoms, and a pink tank top, she went into the kitchen and pored herself a cup of coffee, sat down at the kitchen table, and still half asleep, took a sip and spilled some on her lap, which made her jump and drop the cup, breaking it having coffee, and glass all over the floor, I told her to go throw some dry cloths on and I would clean it up, so our mom wouldn’t notice, she hates when we break dishes. She came back out in purple panties, and a red tank top shirt, with a white bathrobe on her, and thanked me for cleaning up the mess. I couldn’t help myself to call her a blonde, and we both smiled when our mom got out of the shower and went to her room.
When she got out of her room, she was dressed up, and told us to run to the store to grab a few things for her. I had got my permit about a month earlier, and I’m not aloud to drive without an adult, but she trusted me enough, so we went to the grocery store to pick a few things up, and we had to drive about 20 min to another store, to get a suitcase for her, her last one had gotten stolen from her hotel on her last trip. On the way there Lauren brought up what happened Friday, when she mentioned it, I got embarrassed and my stomach started hurting. She said that she enjoyed it, and the fact of almost being caught was awesome. I said nothing, keeping my eyes on the road, and she continued, “You know we got over a week alone, just the two of us? We can finish what we started” she then looked and me and smiled, and started to rub my cock threw my shorts, I didn’t want to walk into the store with a boner, so I told her to stop, and told her we got a week to do that and smiled. We got what we where there for, and started heading back home. We where driving for maybe 5 minutes when she asked if we could stop for breakfast. We stopped and ate in a restraunt.

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   While we where eating she had to bring up the most embarrassing thing to talk about in a restraunt, he asked If I had any condoms, to make matters worse, she wasn’t to quiet about it either. I know she just did it to mess with me, cause she’s on the pill. After we ate, we got an order to go for our mom and left, we didn’t talk he entire way home.
Our mom thanked us, and had us help load her bags in her friend’s car, her friend was going to drive her to the airport, and have us pick her up. Her friends name was Alek, Lauren and I had a bet if they would ever hook up, they have known each other for a few years but as far as we know nothing has happened between them. They drove off as we watched, and I told her to start working on chores, its better to start on them now then to pile them up for the last minute. She started with the laundry, as I started with dishes, and cleaning up the kitchen, I herd the washer lid close, and she took a few min to come up stairs, when she did she had on this blue lingerie, which was made up of a blue lacy bra, that barley covered up her nipples, this blue fishnet looking shirt that was covering up her breasts, and down to just above her knees, and blue panties with pink flowers on them, and asked if I liked. “You look amazing, absolutely amazing” I said, catching myself staring at her. She came up to me and said that she has a chore for me, to make her cum. And made me follow her to the bedroom where she laid on the bed. I slid her panties off and tossed them on the floor and started to lick her wet pussy. It didn’t take long for her to cum, and sit up, striping down to nothing, I haven’t really seen her naked, the first time I did was Friday, which I didn’t really get a good look, but now I can see her perfect breasts, with quarter sized nipples sticking up, down to her shaved pussy she had to be one of the most gorgeous girls I had seen, she asked me if I liked, in a cheerful voice, and started to rub her breasts, I couldn’t help myself but to stare, then she pushed me on my back, and took my shorts off, and started to suck my cock, then she got on top of me so I could lick her pussy to, we came almost at the same time when she got off me, and laid on her back, and said to stick my cock in her pussy.
I shoved my cock in her, and she let out a slight moan, as went farther in, I picked up the pace and started to fuck my beautiful sister. She wasn’t a virgin, but that wasn’t a surprise to me, a girl that beautiful, and it wasn’t long before I cam again, and she told me to lay on my back as she grabbed my cock, and put it in her pussy, bouncing up and down. I reached up, and starting to rub and squeeze her breasts, which started to make her moan louder, we both came, and she got off, and laid next to me, she was much better, and tighter then my ex girlfriends, and much more beautiful.

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   I leaned over her, and started to suck on her breasts, which I could tell she enjoyed.
Only a minute later the phone rang, it was her friend Danielle, she was also a beautiful girl, she was 16, blonde hair, average sized breasts for girls her age, and shorter then Lauren, they talked for over an hour, and then Danielle showed up at the front door, in a shirt, and white shirt that aloud me to see her pink and red bikini top, and her bellybutton ring, I invited her in and she striped down into her bikini in the living room, right in front of me. I always had a crush on her, from the 6 years I have known her, but I don’t know what she thinks of me. Lauren came out in her black bikini holding three towels, gave one to Danielle, and threw one at me and told me we are going swimming. We got a pool in the back yard, that’s built in the ground so its common for our friends to come over and us go swimming.
I got my bathing suit on, and walked out to the edge of the pool to see them splashing each other, I lowered myself in the pool and just hung on the edge watching the girls play. A few minutes later, I leaned my head back and closed my eyes enjoying the water, when they quietly came over and started splashing me, so I started splashing them back and my dreams came true at that moment, Lauren untied Danielle’s top revealing her breasts, they where just as good as Laurens, and I couldn’t help it, got a boner staring at her as they fight for the bikini top. When Danielle got it back, she just looked at me and smiled, calling me a perv. We got out of the pool just after that, they where hungry so I made some grill cheese sandwiches for lunch, they ate out by the pool, and I finished the dished I was distracted from earlier, but it was worth it.
Lauren was the first one done, and brought her plate in and asked me if I had liked Danielle’s tits, I just smiled and went on cleaning the pan when Danielle came in quietly, and untied Laurens top and slapped her ass. I just looked and laughed, saying, “that’s what you deserve” she told me to shut up and chanced Danielle out to the pool, without putting her top back on. That had to have been talking about messing with me, cause they jumped in the pool, and started making out in the section of the pool I could see. I just pretended to ignore them, and walked to the living room where I could still see them, and tying to hide my boner they both walked in a minute later, Lauren picked up her bikini top and walked into the room with Danielle. Lauren just at Danielle and told her to do it, and Danielle refused as Lauren pushed her to me. Danielle blushed and said, “Matt, I really like you, and I want to know if you want to uhm….

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  ” Lauren then said“Matt she wants to fuck you” I just smiled and helped her back to her feet pretending not to have heard that. “I know you herd me so don’t pretend you didn’t” she said, then pulled “Danielle’s bikini bottoms down revealing her shaved pussy, then came over to me and unbuttoned my bathing suit, and fished my cock out telling Danielle to suck it, with Danielle just standing there Lauren drugged her to me and helped her on her knees, where she began to lick the head of my cock.
Before I had came, Lauren had us move to our room where she then striped down to nothing, and I had started licking Danielle pussy. It was just as good as Laurens and it took her less time to cum, I pulled my head back and seen Lauren sucking on Danielle breasts, she stopped for a second and started to rub her clit which made Danielle moan and Lauren told me to fuck her, I didn’t even have to think twice about it as I shoved my hard cock into Danielle’s’ pussy driving Danielle to let out a load moan and arch up a little when Lauren started to kiss her. I quickly came inside of her pussy, hoping she was on the pill also when Lauren came over to me and started to suck my cock, telling Danielle her pussy juices tasted good and put my cock back in her pussy and fucked her faster, she was almost screaming when she came. We cleaned up and had Danielle to call to see if she could stay over, the answer was yes.
We took Danielle home to grab some cloths and then went out for dinner. I could tell now that Danielle had licked me, but she was a shy girl, I’m glad Lauren had forced Danielle to do what she did.
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