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Diana is 46 years old, still with a striking figure.   She is 5'5, about 160, with a 42D bust, and has curves in all the right places.   She has put on a little bit of weight after having 3 kids, but she is very attractive nonetheless. Brian is her oldest son, 18 yrs old, and he is very attractive.   He plays on his high school football and baseball teams, and has been offered scholorships for both sports.   He is 6'2, 210 lbs, and is all muscle.   He has a 7 inch cock, that is about 5. 5 inches in diameter, meaning that he is very well "hung. "The story takes place with the family on vacation in Florida. As the sun began to set on the Gulf Coast of Florda, Brian looked up at his mom, Diana, from where he was laying on the beach and said "Well, im going to head in and grab a shower. "Diana looked away from her erotic noveland said "ok sweetie, ill be up shortly"As brian walked towards the condo where the family was staying, Diana thought to herself "wow, he has gotten so big and strong, and i can actually see his cock when he wears shorts"Diana was not used to seeing this, as her husband wasnt very blessed in the genital region, carrying only a measly 5 incher, but from the looks of things, brian was packing much more heat. Diana pushed the incestual thoughts from her mind and turned back to her novel, ironically, one about a mother and son who fall madly in love and have incredible sex on the beaches of mexico. Brian, meanwhile, also was thiniing thoughts that he shoudnt be. "man" he thought, "my mom has some big titties"he had noticed that his moms nipples became erect when he splashed her with the chilly Gulf of Mexico water, so he had taken to this as a way to get a cheap glance at his moms 42D breasts. As he walked into the Condo, he decided to have a shower to wash away all the sand from the beach and to also have a quick jerk session. He slowly stripped off his clothes and admired his toned body.

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    He was an offensive linemen on the football team, so he wasnt quite as sculpted in the stomach region as he'd like, but his chest was cut, as were his biceps and legs.   He turned the water on high and began to stroke his semi-hard penis.   He was shaved completely, balls and pubic hair alike, because he had heard that women prefer and that shaving makes your dick look bigger.   as his erection became completely hard, he stepped into the shower and slid the transparent galss door shut. Diana made her way up to the condo, and thought back to her college days at a northern university.   Back in college, Diana was commonly known as the "BlowJob Queen", as her world famous oral sex atteacted visitors from all around campus.   She hadnt sucked a cock in nearly 20 years, and all of a sudden had a strong urge to do just that.   Her husbad hadnt been hard in 18 years, so she knew he was out of the question, and all of a sudden her thoughts turned to her well-hung 18 year old son.   The largest cock Diana had ever taken in her mouth was an 11incher, off of a black guy from the college football team.   She hadnt been able to get him all the way down, but she had made him moan as he shot his load deep into her throat.   That was another thing, Diana loved the taste of cum, another thing she hadnt had in nearly 20 years and was craving now. As she stepped into the condo, she became aware that her pussy was wet.   She heard her son in the shoiwer, and knew that her husband was out fishing, so she had the privacy of the living room to herself for a  little bit at leasst.   She sat down on the couch and reached inside her shorts and began to massage her clit.   She moaned and thought of Brian"No" she said to herslef, "think of someone else", but everytime she felt a wave of pleasure she imagined herself on her knees taking Brians swollen shaft into her moth, and stroking it untill.

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  . . The sound of the shower stopping snaped her back to reality.   She pulled up her shorts and went to the bathroom door.   She pressed her ear against the door, anfd heard the gentle sounds of flesh smacking flesh.   She realized that Brian was masturbating!!!  She deciced once and for all that she was gonna see her sons dick , and maybe take it a little firther.   She slowly pushed open the door, until she could sneak a peek into the mirror.   Her son was standing completelynaked, his eyes closed in pleasure, as his right hand storked his handsome piece of manmeat.   Diana gasped, which Brian heard and almost jumped through the roofHe yelled "Mom what the hell are u doing, get out of here" and slammed the door. After awhile Brian walked out, wearing only a rather snug fitting pair of underwear, and the outline of his cock was clearly visible.    Diana was wearing  a pair of loose gray shorts and a pink tank top, which was just tight ebough to make out her aroused nipples.   Brian sat down next to her and said"look, what i was doing was wrong and im sory u saw that"Diana spoke softly "son i kno u have urges, and i do too, so i think its time we had a more in depth chat about sex and that stuff"Diana started telling brian about who she was in college, mentioning the BlowJob Queen nametag and her husbands lack of "masculinity" and her sydden urge for cock"and thats why i come to you, brian, your the only person i have seen with a decent sized dick on this island and i kno its incest, but i really want your dick, so whaddya say"all this time brians cock had been steadily growing, and now it was fully erect and very visible beaneath his snug underpants. "Mom, this is kind of surprising, but ive been having feelings for you too, and i think itd be great if we could become more intimate"Withiut any further ado, Diana grabbed brian and pulled him up, so he was standing infront of her while she sat onthe couch. She pulled down his underpants, and sat for a long while admiring his pole. She reached out and began to slowly stroke it, apologizing to Brian because she was a little rusty.

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    Brian moaned and lened his head back, in complete excastasy. Diana then took the head of Brians cock into her mouth, slowly swirling her tongue around the head.   He placed his hand on the back of her head, slowly pushing her head down onto his dick until he was face fuking her.   diana was holding on for dear life, as her son rammed her face with his cock.   She was loving every mminute of it, and soon she felt her sons balls tighten and knew he was aboiut to blow his load. Brian tried to pull out, butdiana would have none if it. "no, i want to drink your cum" she said greedilyHe continued to Fuck her face intil he coudltn hold in any longer.   He began spurting the biggest load of cum her had ever blew, and diana was doing her best to swallow every last drop.   She couldnt quite get it all, and some of it leaked onto her shirt and into her cleavage. Brian stood panting, almost to the point of fainting, having everpericed the most mind-bloeong orgasm ever. Diana was in pure heaven, as she had just sucked a cock and drank cum fpr the first time in 20 years, something she had craved for a long time.   She looked up to see brians cock had already become hard again, "wow these teenagers can go all night" she thougt to herslef. She stripped off her blouse and shorts, laeving her in just her bra, as she ahd been wearing no panties.   Her pussy was not shaven, and black hair covered her clit.   Brian looked lustfulyl on as she slowsly reached behind her and unclasped her bra, revealing two massive boobs with nipples the size of half dollars.

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     He immidiately dropped to hisknees aand took one of the nipples into his mouth, sucking for all he was worth. Diana was moanign in plasure, all the while continiuing to stroke his dick. She stood up, and led him over to the couch, where she sat him down and slowly turned around.   She began t lower herself dwon onto his lap until she felt his cockhead begin to enter her slitpart 2 comign soonfeedback is appreciated.



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