A Little Help From Mother


     I guess every boy jerks off. For me it was a daily routine, if not numerous times a day. I had discovered it by accident. I was feeling horny one night and I instinctively began touching myself. Before long I was hard and stroking my cock to climax. That first time was great and I was hooked. You can imagine my disappointment when I broke both my hands in a freak accident a few years later. That’s how this story came to be.
I was fifteen and very active. I played all the sports and worked out constantly, in one form or another. I was a shy young kid, but not bad looking. My physic was solid and I had nice facial features and bright blue eyes to match. I had opportunities with girls, but my shyness always kept me from scoring. Anyway, I was playing football in the yard with some friends one fall afternoon. I was not paying much attention to the things around me when I dove for a pass. I extended my arms as I dove, just in time to drive them into the trunk of a tree.

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   You would think that a number of outcomes could arise before this, but awkwardly enough I ended up breaking both my hands. It was painful and difficult trying to function without them for the next several weeks. The doctor put large plaster casts on both hands to make sure the bones set before soft casts could be worn. And as if everyday activities weren’t hard enough, I could no longer perform my favorite solitaire activity. The frustrations only swelled with the fact that jerking off was constantly on my mind now, even more than before. I was in a fix.
Another awkward thing was that my mother, Tammy, had to help me with normally routine things. She was the only other person in the house to help. My father had run off with a younger woman a couple of years earlier and I lived alone now with my mom. She was great and I always thought my dad to be an idiot for having left her. They had been married during their senior year of high school because I was unexpectedly on the way. So the age difference between me and mom wasn’t as extreme as some of my friends and their mothers. She was only thirty-three now and a knockout. I always kidded with her about how hot she was and she always blushed and giggled and told me to stop it. She was beautiful though.

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   She had a small frame at only five feet tall and was slender yet athletic. She had a very slim waistline, due to her rigorous workout schedule, and large breasts that were the crowning feature of her body. I always noticed the men at the mall stare as she walked by when we went shopping together. She was tanned and well groomed and had a face like a goddess. I have to admit, I had sometimes thought of her when I would jerk myself off, even though I tried to fool myself into pretending it was someone else’s mother.
It all started one day when I had to use the restroom. I had been wearing shorts and sweats a lot since my accident so that I could simply put my thumbs inside my waistline and push down when I needed to use the restroom. It was much more difficult to pull them back up, but I learned to manage. This particular day however, I could not get my shorts off and time was getting urgent. The waist band was too tight and I couldn’t get my thumbs between it and my body. I struggled for some time until it was either go in my pants or call for help. I choose the latter and my life changed forever.
Mom must have been nearby because I had only called out for her once when I heard her coming down the hall.
"What is it Davy?" she asked as she entered the bathroom.
"Well I hate to bother Mom, but I can’t get my pants down and I have to pee.

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  " I responded.
She smiled a loving smile and said, "ok honey, I can help you. "
With that she slowly put her fingers inside my waistband and pulled them down. As soon as I felt her hands so near my cock, my adolescent instincts overcame me. Even I was surprised at how rapidly my cock grew, but like I said, I hadn’t been able to relieve myself since the accident. She had barely gotten my shorts down to my knees when my now-hard cock rubbed on her breast. She was wearing a skimpy blouse with pajama-type pants and to my surprise, my cock had caught her blouse just right that it pulled it down allowing her left tit to pop free. She hadn’t bothered putting on a bra. When my cock rubbed against her naked breast, she was more stunned than me.
She said, "Oh God!" and then stood up quickly. Her bare tit was now exposed and close to my face before she backed away. She adjusted her blouse and apologized before she started for the door. For some reason, I stopped her.
"Mom wait! Don’t go yet. " I said.

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   The urge to urinate somehow relented to my lust and need for release. And it made me say things that astonish me even now as I type this.
"Mom I could still use some help. " I said.
"Davy, I think you should go first and then I’ll help you back on with your shorts. " She said bashfully.
"But with my penis hard, I can’t aim it to the toilet. I’d hate to get my cast wet trying. Could you please help?" I begged.
"I don’t know about that Davy. I’d have to touch you there and I’m not sure either of us would be comfortable with that. " She replied, still blushing.
"Pleeeease!" I responded, like a four-year-old.
She reluctantly hesitated and then slowly moved toward me. Without a word she took my cock in between her thumb and forefinger and pushed it down toward the toilet bowl.

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   It was the first time I had been touched by a woman and it felt fantastic, even if it was my mom. I purposely held off my stream to savor the moment until she finally looked at me and said "Well?"
I then released and watched as my urine flowed into the bowl guided by her loving hand. I went a long time until it finally subsided into a trickle, my cock harder than ever. She gave it a couple of shakes at the end which about made me cum before releasing and removing her hand.
"What now Davy? I don’t think it will fit too well back inside your shorts in this condition. " She said. That’s when I decided to go for broke. I had to try even though it was wrong.
"Well I haven’t been able to masturbate since the accident and so I am having this problem. "
"You masturbate?" she asked.
"Yes, every day before my hands were broke. And now it’s impossible and my penis has been hard like this often. It’s kinda painful too. " I said.
"Oh poor dear.

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  " She said. I could tell she was softening hearing about my discomfort. "I’m so sorry. Maybe you could just stay in here until it subsides and then I’ll help you with your shorts. "
"I could mom, but I’m afraid it will only grow again when you come in to help me. I know you’re my mom and it may be wrong, but I can’t help it. You’re still a woman. "
"I understand. " She replied. "Just close your eyes for a minute. I think I can help you just this once. "
With that my hopes came true. As I closed my eyes, I felt her hand wrap around my cock and begin to slowly massage and rub at the shaft. The sensation was thrilling and I could feel the best orgasm of my life building. She quickened her pace a moment and them suddenly stopped.

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   I opened my eyes in time to see her spit saliva on my cock head for lubrication before continuing at an even faster pace.
"No peeking!" she said sternly, as I closed my eyes again.
My climax overcame me moments later as I felt jet after jet of cum rush from my cock. She never relented, only moving her hand away from my sensitive cock head as my orgasm started. I had not opened my eyes at all until it was over, and when I did I was astonished.
Even with all that had happened, my mom jerking me off and the taboo’s that go along with it, I wasn’t prepared for what I saw. Mom had allowed me to cum all over her tits! Sometime during the jerk she had lowered her top and exposed her large breasts. My cum was smeared all over them as she had rubbed in the cum with her opposite hand as she finished me off with the other. She was licking her cum-soaked fingers when I opened my eyes.
She suddenly realized what she was doing and quickly left the room, giving me only a horrified glance. I knew she must have gotten much more involved in the act than she had intended and I was even more horny now thinking of how I had turned my own mother on so much. Then I remembered I was still in the same predicament. My cock would not soften and my pants were still around my knees. On top of that now, I had cum all over the head of my cock and no way to really clean myself up. I guess my mom remembered as well because she slowly reentered the bathroom minutes later, dressed once again.

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"Oh Davy, I’m sorry. I forgot about you needing help. I was a little embarrassed about what I did. I didn’t mean to get so wrapped up in the act. It’s just been so long I guess. "
"No need to apologize mom. I really appreciated it. " I said. "In fact I loved it. "
"You did? You loved it?" She asked softly.
"Yes! Very much! In fact, I still have a hard-on so if your willing . . . "
"No Davy. That wouldn’t be right.

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   I mean I’m your mother for Christ’s sake!" She said.
I didn’t say a word, but my disappointment must have been evident. She was right of course and I couldn’t argue. Still I must have looked pathetic with my hard cock a mess and both hands in a cast with a pouting look. After several quiet seconds, she finally spoke.
"Look Davy, I can appreciate your problem. I know boys your age masturbate and now you can’t. It must be frustrating. But I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it for you anymore. I will admit I was taken with it a moment ago, but it wasn’t right. Hell, I’m not even sure if it’s legal!" she said
"Frustrated is not even a strong enough word mom. " I told her. "The thought consumes every moment of my day now. "
"Well, if I could find someone willing to help, you would you mind that?" she asked.
"I guess not.


   Wait. What do you mean?" I replied.
"Never mind right now. Just let me clean you up and get you dressed. "
Mom worked to get my waistband over my still-hard cock after she cleaned me with a wet washcloth. She muttered something about having to hurry as she finally got me situated. I could sense she was uneasy, but I also sensed that she might be getting very horny from the situation. Her nipples were rock hard through her thin blouse and she was shifting often during the entire process. I even noticed her purposely touching my cock and balls, even though she apologized as if it were an accident. Once she even got close enough I could feel her breath on my cock. It was driving me wild and I was hoping she would reveal her plan soon.
After we were done, she told me she would put things in motion immediately. I was still unsure of what she meant, but I was hoping whatever it was it would come soon. I decided to watch some tv in my room and hope I could forget about my lustful feelings for a few minutes.
"Oh honey.


  " I heard my mom call from the living room sometime later. "Could you come in here for a minute?"
I got up and started for the door. My hard cock was leading the way as I pulled the door open clumsily. I was a little surprised to see Mrs. Bryce standing at the doorway. I tried to cover myself with my casts to hide my hard-on. Mrs. Bryce was a lady that worked with my mom. She was older than mom but still only about thirty-seven. She was tall and pretty, though a little heavy set. She wasn’t fat though and I found her figure to be very attractive. She would come over sometimes and always wore tight fitting clothes that accented her large breasts and well-rounded ass. Her stomach was still mostly flat as she carried most of her weight in her hips, and I always thought she looked a little like Rebecca from the show Cheers.
"You remember my friend Allison don’t you Davy?" Mom asked.
"Yes, how are you doing Mrs.

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   Bryce?" I replied.
Mrs. Bryce smiled. "Fine Davy, I hope I can help you with your problem. Your mom told me about it. "
I spun toward mom in surprise. I couldn’t believe she had told Mrs. Bryce what was the matter. She noticed my surprise and quickly walked to me and took my by the arm as we went part-way down the hall and spoke in whispers.
"Now Davy, I told you I would try to find you some help. Mrs. Bryce has always found you to be a very cute and sweet boy and I was able to convince her on the phone to come over and help. "
"But mom, what about Mr. Bryce? I mean she is married and she is your friend and I don’t know about this at all. " I answered.

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"Davy listen. There aren’t a whole lot of answers here. I can’t go down to the mall and start asking young strangers to come to your aid. I would be put in jail in less than an hour. This is the best I can do. Allie is very nice and gentle and sexual and I figured she could help. And remember it is only a hand job. I think the purity of her marriage will be secure. " She replied.
"Why can’t you just do it mom? I won’t tell anyone. "
"Davy we have already discussed that. Come on. What do you say?"
I nodded my head and we walked back to the living room where Mrs. Bryce was sitting patiently looking at a magazine on the coffee table. I could see her cleavage well as she was bending over and I was starting to warm up to things quickly.

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"Ok, Allie. I think Davy has decided to kindly accept your generosity and I will leave you too alone. " Mom said.
"No, wait!" I popped in. "I would like you to stay mom. I think I would be more comfortable. "
"Well, I’m not sure Mrs. Bryce would like that Davy?"
Even before I could beg her again, Mrs. Bryce surprisingly blurted that she didn’t mind at all and that actually she would prefer it as well. Even though it was my wish, I found it somewhat strange that she agreed so quickly. And since she had, Mom really had no choice and decided to stay. I personally think that is what mom wanted to do anyway.
Not much was said after that. Mrs. Bryce had asked me to get comfortable and then helped me off with my sweats.

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   I was exposed now to two beautiful women and my inhibitions were fading fast. I watched as Mrs. Bryce slowly lowered her dress to the floor revealing her nakedness entirely. She hadn’t even bothered with a bra or panties, and her body was even more glorious than I had imagined.
"I hope it’s ok Davy. I figured it might help you to ‘relieve’ yourself easier. " Mrs. Bryce said.
"Thank you. " Was all I could muster.
She was actually more fit than she appeared before and her curves were driving me wild. Her breasts were very large and she bounced them with a giggle before situating herself in the floor between my spread legs. I sat on the couch in great anticipation. Then she slowly wrapped her hand around my cock and started to stroke me with slight squeezes that were driving me wild. I looked to see mom staring intently at the act, as she had one hand between her legs and the other on her breasts.

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       She was horny as hell and it was driving me crazy. It was then that Mrs. Bryce suddenly stopped and stood up reaching for a bottle of lubricant on the table that I hadn’t noticed before. Then she laid down and poured a generous about between her tits as she began to rub it in.
    "What are you doing Allie?" Mom asked in surprise.
    "I figured he might enjoy fucking my tits. It’s not much different from a hand job really. " Mrs. Bryce replied.
    "I don’t know Allie. It’s just a little more personal somehow, don’t you think?" Mom answered.
    "Not really. But I won’t do it if you don’t want me to. "
    Mom suddenly looked up at me and I guess she could see the lust in my eyes because she agreed that it was ok if I wanted to do it. I answered by quickly straddling Mrs.

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       Bryce and setting down on her stomach. I couldn’t very well use my hands so Mrs. Bryce took my cock and placed it down onto her chest as she squeezed her tits firmly around it.
    "Now just pump your hips and let my tits do the work honey. " She told me.
    It felt great! I don’t know how, but I was able to fuck her tits for quite some time before cumming. The most amazing thing was that mom got involved before the end too. I was doing a proficient job at fucking Mrs. Bryce’s tits and she actually seemed to be enjoying it to as she kept her tits firm around my shaft. The only problem was that I frequently popped free during the act and we had to re situate things. It was awkward for Mrs. Bryce because she had to keep pressure on the sides of her tits with both hands. And since I was without the use of my hands, I asked mom for help once again.
    I’m pretty sure she was fingering her pussy when I asked her the question.
    "Mom, could you come help me.

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       My cock keeps popping free just when I get going good. Could you just keep your hand over my shaft so it doesn’t pop out?" The question would have been impossible only an hour ago.
    "Sure honey. " She said. And quickly got up from the chair she had been sitting in and kneeled down beside Mrs. Bryce.
    She pushed my cock into place as Mrs. Bryce pushed her titties around my shaft again. I began to pump as mom watched, often giving glances to Mrs. Bryce as she was doing the same. After a few seconds, I was shocked to see mom lean over and kiss Mrs. Bryce on the lips, only and inch or so from my cock. The kiss turned into passion as they locked into a wet open-mouth kiss that lasted several seconds. Even when I started to cum, they continued to make out with each other. My climax was huge and I began to spurt load after load of cum all over their faces and Mrs.

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       Bryce’s tits. It was so erotic, I though my dick would spew cum forever. It was the biggest load of my life and afterwards I just kept pumping. My cock never softened as I was at full speed again when they finally broke their kiss. Mrs. Bryce licked cum off her chin and off mom’s cheek while mom watched intently as my cock gliding in between Mrs. Bryce’s tits.
    That’s when I heard mom shout out "Fuck It!" and quickly grab my cock in her hands and guide it to her mouth. I was shock but excited at the same time. I had never had a blow job and it was starting out very nicely. She pumped her head fiercely on my cock, as she ran her tongue along my head and shaft. She was jerking it with her hand at the same time and Mrs. Bryce was watching lustfully as she moaned.
    Then mom pulled her mouth away with a pop and pulled me forward until my cock was inches from Mrs. Bryce’s mouth.

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       Mom reached behind Allie’s head and pulled her up as her lips parted for my cock. I pushed forward and then retreated, beginning a pumping motion into Allie’s cocksucking mouth. That’s when I heard mom use words that I never thought I would hear.
    "That’s it Davy! Fuck her mouth! Fuck it hard baby!"
    I only quickened my pace and screamed that I was going to cum. To my surprise my mom stood up and grabbed me, pulling me away and to my feet. Then she quickly ripped her clothes off and revealed her amazing body to me. Her bush was neatly trimmed and she was tanned all over. Her large breasts were perfect and her nipples were rock hard. Once she had finished, she pushed me onto the couch and quickly straddled me.
    "Are you sure about this mom. . . " I started. But she was already lowering her beautiful pussy down onto my aching cock.
    In seconds she was bucking on top of me and screaming like a mad woman.


       Her pussy was hot, wet and velvety and it was the most lovely thing I had ever felt. Then Mrs. Bryce decided to get in the act and straddled my face. I licked and sucked on her cunt until she was shuttering and screaming just like my mom. I couldn’t take it anymore and released my sperm into mom’s pussy without warning. She didn’t mind and took it all in before collapsing into the floor in exhaustion. Then Mrs. Bryce quickly got off me and went to work on mom’s pussy, licking out all my sperm she could. It was the most erotic thing I could have imagined and it wasn’t over yet.
    Mrs. Bryce licked and sucked mom’s pussy for quite a while as I watched. Mom was moaning and bucking wildly and I got the feeling this wasn’t the first time these two beautiful women had pleasured each other. After several more minutes I was beginning to wonder if they were ever going to stop. Mom must have cum a half-dozen times before she finally pushed Allie’s head away and begged her to stop. After a few seconds of heavy breathing, mom pulled herself up and on top of Mrs.


       Bryce as they once again embraced in a passionate kiss. Their breasts were pushed hard together as they rolled on the floor in their make-out. I was starting the feel like a third wheel when mom finally broke the kiss and looked at me with a smile. She then crawled backward until her face was even with Mrs. Bryce’s pussy and turned again to me.
    "Davy, why don’t you fuck your mommy in the ass while I eat my friend’s pussy for a while?" She asked.
    I was stunned. "Ok Mom. " I shuddered before positioning my cock at her asshole. She was already making Mrs. Bryce moan loudly when I slowly eased my cock to her entrance. It was difficult without the use of my hands, but I managed to hit it just right as my cock head disappeared into her ass with only one push. I continued until my cock was all the way in and mom gave a loud muffled moan into Allie’s pussy. With all that had happened, I was able to fuck mom’s delicious ass for quite some time. It was driving her mad as she finally could no longer give attention to Mrs.

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       Bryce. Allie stood up and positioned herself next to mom in the same position.
    "Do me too honey. I love to be fucked in the ass. The hell with Mr. Bryce!" she laughed.
    I decided to take her up on the offer. Mom was lost in passion and I loved the looks of Mrs. Bryce’s plump ass begging for attention. I moved away from mom awkwardly and positioned myself behind Mrs. Bryce. She eagerly stuck her ass high in the air as I gave a push. To both our surprises, I missed and entered her pussy instead. She didn’t seem to mind as she moaned with approval. I decided to go ahead and enjoy what I had and began to fuck her pussy hard.

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       She was not as tight as mom, but she felt good nonetheless. I continued for some time until I decided to switch to the next hole. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came again and I wanted to explore the only hole left. I pulled away and felt mom’s hand wrap around my shaft.
    "Let me help you. " She said shakily, still coming down from her last orgasm.
    I watched as mom’s loving hand guided me to the entrance of Mrs. Bryce’s ass and then pushed in with a shove. She loved it as much as I did as she fingered herself while I fucked her asshole. She was gorgeous and it wasn’t long before I had to cum. Mom must have sensed my nearing orgasm and quickly pulled me away before taking my cock into her mouth! I was amazed that she would do something like that after I had just been inside her friend’s asshole, but even more amazed when Mrs. Bryce joined her. They took turns sucking my cock almost stingily until I had to cum. They were in mid-switch when my first blast landed roughly on Mrs. Bryce’s cheek.

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       They began to quickly switch my cock back and forth between their mouths as I continued to spurt rope after rope of cum into each woman’s mouth. I finally subsided and my cock finally began to soften. They continued to take turns sucking all the cum they could until I was limp and spent. I fell back onto the floor in exhaustion as they slowly moved around each side of me to lie down beside me. Here I was with a beautiful woman on either side of me snuggled up to me and fully satisfied. I had run the gamut that day. I had gone from just needing to masturbate to enjoying nearly every sexual fantasy I could imagine.
    "Well Davy boy," mom said, "I hope that helped get that wonderful cock of yours down for a while. "
    "Give me a few minutes mom," I replied, "I think we’re just getting warmed up. "
    I could already feel my cock swelling as they giggled in anticipation.



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    The beauty that lies under the surface of Escort females in Batumi is not to be underestimated. They are the epitome of Georgian beauty, which is characterised by dark eyes that are expressive, hair that is glossy, and a complexion that is olive. They exude an air of refined sophistication, and their personalities are irresistibly alluring. This contributes significantly to the allure that surrounds them. They have a rare and compelling combination of sensuality and purity that makes an indelible mark, and as a result, they exemplify the very definition of the feminine attraction.
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    Having sexual encounters with escort ladies in Batumi is a private matter that is handled in the utmost discretion and with the highest level of expertise. They are well-aware of the expectations and boundaries involved in such interactions, and they make it a point to ensure that the experience is one that is both joyful and respectful to the other party. It is not simply about achieving a state of bodily fulfilment; rather, it is about establishing a relationship that goes beyond the typical.

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    The tourism industry in Batumi offers a great experience for visitors thanks to the city's breathtaking landscapes, architectural marvels, and extensive cultural history. The city is home to a number of landmarks and tourist destinations, such as the Batumi Boulevard, the Alphabet Tower, and the Batumi Botanical Garden. Because of its subtropical environment, it is an ideal vacation spot for people who enjoy spending time at the beach. The city's gastronomic scene is certainly worth investigating, with its wonderful Georgian food that is a treat for the palette. Georgian cuisine is a delight.

    The nightlife in Batumi is an experience that will leave you feeling energised and alive. Numerous casinos, nightclubs, and pubs can be found all across the city, providing residents and visitors with a wide selection of opportunities for amusement. The city's nightlife is often regarded as among the most exciting in the whole region because to the city's pulsating music, bustling crowds, and exhilarating atmosphere.
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