A Hot Summers Day


            Let me start off by telling you a little bit about myself.   My name is Brian.   I am 18 years old, about 6 foot tall, athletic body from playing sports, very buff considering I go to the gym every morning, and I have about an 8-inch dick.   My sister Amy is basically everything I look for in a girl.   She is the epitome of beauty in my eyes, and from the looks she gets, a lot of other guys too.   She is very popular in school and my friends are always busting on me about how she is the hottest girl in the school.   She is 18 years old and in the grade below me.   She has long legs that seem to go on forever right into a perfectly shaped ass.   She has the most beautiful face with these eyes that are just breathtaking.   She has long brown hair and a pair of tits that are pretty big for her age, I would say a C cup considering that’s her bra size but they are always popping out of her shirt and it drives me crazy. Some might say she looks like a Sicilian Barbie.
            It all started off when I was about 18 when I started to really notice how developed she was getting.   Her tits were getting bigger and I could see all the attention she was getting in high school.   I remember many times, waiting outside of the bathroom just to try and get a glimpse of her in a towel.   She was the fantasy of my masturbation many nights.   After she would strut around in short skirts and tank tops I would often have to excuse myself and dart to my room to rub one out.

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            Well now it was summer and me and Amy were the only ones home since my parents both had to work long hours.   It was a very hot day I would say somewhere in the high 90’s.   I woke up in the morning and walked downstairs to find Amy sitting at the table eating breakfast in just a pair of boy shorts and a bra.   I could feel my dick growing and I knew I had to do something to hide it so I quickly made a bowl of cereal and sat down at the other end of the table.   All I could think about was how sexy she looked right now and just kept staring at her.   Finally she noticed and said, “what’s wrong you’re not eating your breakfast. ”  “Ohh, I’m not very hungry,” I mumbled.   She then got up and I could see her ass cheeks hanging out of her shorts and that was too much I had to run upstairs and rub one out.
            When I came back down Amy was sitting on the couch.   I could see sweat glistening off of her young body.   She looked so fucking hot, I knew it was my sister but you don’t understand how beautiful this girl is.   “It’s so hot out,” I said.   “I know,” said Amy, “I was thinking about going to lay out by the pool and go swimming later if you want to join me,” she said with a smirk on her face.   Ohh my god I was so horny.   “Yeah!” I exclaimed maybe a little too excitedly.

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            I went upstairs to change and when I came back down I saw Amy already outside by the pool laying on her back with her eyes closed in a little 2 piece bikini with her tits busting out of the top.   I could feel my dick getting hard and knew I had to do something so she wouldn’t see it so I just jumped right into the pool splashing Amy with the cool water.   “Hey, what the fuck is your problem,” Amy said.   At this point the water had hit her top and made her nipples poke right into her top.   “I’m sorry it’s just so hot, I wanted to jump right in. ”  There was no way for me now to get out now, my dick was as hard as a rock.
            I swam around for a little bit until finally Amy broke the silence, “Hey Brian, could you come here for a minute I need your help. ”  She then turned over onto her stomach and I noticed that she was wearing a tiny thong bikini.  It was a good thing that she was on her stomach and couldn’t see my 8-inch dick trying to escape from my swim trunks.   She grabbed a bottle of suntan lotion and asked in a very innocent voice, “Brian will you be a nice big brother and rub lotion on your kid sisters back. ”  Obviously I wanted to but I didn’t want to sound to anxious.   “Ughh I guess so, but don’t think I want to, I just don’t want you to burn. ”  “Aww, you’re the best Brian. ”
            So I sat down right on her ass to get a good position to rub lotion on her.   I wondered if she could feel my hard dick against her ass.

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    I don’t think she did otherwise she probably would have said something.   I began working on her lower back and worked my way up until I got to her bikini strap.   “I got a little problem Amy,” I said, “I don’t want to get lotion all over your bikini. ”  “This should help,” she said.   And then in one quick motion she untied it in the back, lifter up her stomach ripped it off and threw it to the side.   She laid back down and I could see the sides of her tits from my view.   My dick was now harder than it has ever been in my life.   Here I am sitting on my sisters amazing ass while she just lays there with no top on.  
            I began to work my hands up her back to her shoulders and rub them for a little while then work my way back down to her thong bikini.   I heard a tiny moan escape from her and when I moved out of the way and rubbed my hands closer to her ass she did not oblige.   I then worked around the side of her body just barely gracing her breast.   Suddenly it felt like she was pushing her ass into my rock hard cock.
      I thought I must just be imagining things but I could feel the friction between us.  
                After a little while longer of that she finally said to my disappointment, “That’s good, thank you so much Brian. ”  I got off top of her and she got up and turned around exposing her bare breast to me.

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        My mouth just hung open.  I couldn’t believe that my 18-year-old sister was showing me the best tits I had ever seen in my life.   “I guess I wasn’t the only one who was enjoying that,” she said with a smirk as she looked at the bulge in my pants.   My face went crimson with embarrassment.   “Don’t be ashamed, I’m glad you think I’m sexy and that I turn you on.   I could tell you weren’t eating this morning because all you could do was stare at me and that made me so hot I had to rub my pussy afterwards. ”
                What!! I could not believe the words that were coming out of my so-called innocent little sister.   She stood up and dropped her bikini bottoms revealing her shaved clean pussy.   It was amazing, and to my astonishment, soaking wet.   “Well, aren’t you going to show me something or am I just going to stand here naked by myself all day. ”  I wasted no time and tried for a minute to get my shorts off until I finally got my dick free from them.   Her eyes got wide with excitement.   “That’s a very nice dick Brian. ”  She walked over and grabbed it in her small hands.   I was so shocked I almost blew my load right there.

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        “Now it’s time for me to pay you back for the back rub. ”  And with that she got onto her knees and started licking my dick up and down.  
                She kept licking it for a few more minutes and then finally she put it in her mouth.   Slowly Amy worked her head up and down my shaft.   I could not believe this was happening.   I had dreamt about this moment for so long and now finally it had come true.   She kept working her small, hot mouth across my dick while she was gently messaging my balls.   Then she surprised me by deep throating all 8 inches of my cock.   I thought I was going to blow but tried to hold back as long as I could.   She then said to me in the sluttiest, most sexy voice, “I want you to fuck my face. ”  I grabbed the back of her head and began to ram my dick in and out of my hot sisters mouth with brutal force.   I could see tears streaming from her eyes but I didn’t care it felt way too good.   A minute later I blew the biggest load of my life deep into the back of my sisters throat.   She gagged for a second but quickly swallowed down every last drop.   My dick left her mouth with a pop, she licked her lips and said, “I’ve been waiting for years, will you fuck me already!”

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