A Happy Foursome


Then my cousin came out of my aunt's room and she pulled me to the side and said, "you fucked her didn't you?" I said, "who?" She said, "your sister, because when we were changing her pussy wasn't that thight so she is definitely not a virgin and I know she doesn't have a boyfriend. Plus I know you had a quickie with my mom because I could see a small trickle of cumm she didn't wipe off her face. " I said , "yes I fucked my sis and I fucked your mom. " She saud, " what about me I don't get a quickie?" I said, "sure you do. common lets go to your room. " So we went to her room and I pulled her bathing suit bottom down and while up against the wall I pushed my cock in her tight pussy and I fucked her as hard as I could while putting my hand over her mouth. I came inside her and then instead of cleaning up she pulled her bottom up and kept my cum inside of her. Then my sister and the little girl from next door came in with my aunt and my cousin and I pretended we were watching tv. My aunt knew better though. The only ones oblivious to this were my little sis and the next door neighbor. Then we all decided to jump in the pool. We were all swimming and having fun. Playing stupid games and just goofing around. Let me give you some fake names so you can tell the difference between my relatives and the next door neighbor. Neigbor is Allie, Cousin is Karen, Sister is Suzie, Aunt is Jane. Well then Allie needed to go use the bathroom so I showed her where it was and then I peeked out from around the corner and saw that my Karen and Jane were the only ones in the pool.

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   My sister wasn't there and then I felt someone pinch my ass and grab my cock. I turned around and it was my sis Suzie. I kissed her lips and then we went into my cousins room. I told Allie just to go out the same way she came in and go in the pool. Then my sis and I were in my cousin's room and I started telling her about how I fuck our aunt and cousin. Suprinsingly she didn't say anything she was turned on. She told me while Karen and her were changing Karen touched her pussy and then they fingered themselves. I knew that it took them too long to change into those bathing suits. I was so hony by then and decided to fuck all of them so I called my aunt and cousin to the living room and Allie came along too. I was like "shit I forgot about her. Oh well I'd like to fuck her too. " I whispered in my aunt's ear and my cousin's and they both liked the idea. So then I walked up to Allie and kissed her lips. She pulled away a little bit but I pulled her to me and kissed her again and this time she grabbed my ass and kissed me back. She was just a horny little thing because just then she tore of my swim trunks and started sucking my enlarged hardon without caring that my aunt, cousin and sis were watching.

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   My aunt grabbed my sis and they started making out and grabbing and touching each other. My cousin came up to me and kissed me then she keenled down and took off Allie's top and began to suck her undeveloped nipples. By then the only one wiht clothes on was Allie all she had was the bathing suit bottom. I took Allie's bathing suti bottom off and laid her on the ground, that hairless cunt look so tasty and begging for my cock. Then my aunt and my sis and my cousin told me to fuck her as hard as I did to them. I thrusted hard into her virgin cunt. She let out a loud scream and cried a little bit in agony as I tore her cherry apart. But Allie just grabbed my ass and pushed me deeper inside her. While I fucked Allie. My aunt, cousin and sis were around Allie fingering themselves and playing with Allie's 12 year old tits. Then I came inside her tiny cunt and my cum came seeping out of her cunt and I turned her over and fuck her ass so hard. Then in our animilastic horniness I grabbed my sister and fucked her juicy cunt from behind while she ate out our aunt and my cousin and Allie where over on the couch fingering and licking each others clits in a 69 position. Then while my aunt had her back on the couch I tore her legs open and fucked her as hard as could while my sis put her cunt lips on my aunt's mouth. I came all over them and I was still hard! as suprised as I was so were they. Then they grabbed Karen and pinned her down on the ground and told me to make her pussy hurt.

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   I thrusted my large cock in and out of my cousins cunt while she was begging me for more. Her pussy was turning red from the pounding and she told me to slow down and she started screaming because it was hurting, but then her mom (my aunt) got on her face and pushed her cunt inside her daughter's mouth and Allie was standing in front of my aunt and she was getting eaten out by her while my sis was eating Allie's ass and fingering herself. That day I fuck each and everyone of them. Including a new addition. Not a relative, but she is soooo tasty. Now we can't stop fucking. We fuck everyday. And now that Christmas vacation is coming up we are going to have a sleep over at my aunt's house and fuck again and again. IT"S GREAT! Man this was such an awsome experience I had to share it with everyone here at the forum. Please do not ask me for pics because I have none yet. I will try and get some sometime but I don't have any yet. Also now My other purpose is to get my mom involved. I wanna fuck each and everyone of my female relatives. I have another aunt and cousin here, but she married oh well i don't care. i love incest and that's the way it is going to be.

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