A Great Perversion: Dad sees his own daughter, in a new light.


If there's one thing I regret. Its not being able to spend enough time with my daughter Mariah. I always knew how to connect with my son, only because males are easier to deal with than females in my books. I thought my son and I had a good relationship, so you can see my utter shock and surprise when my son killed himself 3 years ago. He was 15.
I was left with my daughter. My wife had a mental breakdown and was sent away after she tried to kill Mariah when she was only 1 year old.
So here I am left a single father. I guess our relationship is a normal father daughter relationship. . . That is until Mariah hit 18 and I began feeling strong sexual urges toward her. I felt disgusting feeling this way. Its simply a matter of human emotions gone awry.

I was sitting in my self proclaimed spot on the couch. 18 year old Mariah walks into the living room and leans over the couch.

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   I was watching 'Reno 911' so I didn't notice her until she stifled a giggle. I snapped to attention turning around to see my daughter leaning over the couch in a revealing top. Her breasts seemed to be maturing slower than the other girls of her age. I gave her 'girls' a quick glance then looked back up into her face. Her skin was a little pale, she stayed inside most of the time. Her green eyes watching the t. v with great intent, her delicate lips forming a smirk whenever something kinda funny happened.
"Mariah?" I said with a raised brow. She looked down at me and stood up, her eyes flashed a certain malevolence.
"Yes Daddy?" She asked her voice sounded happy but her face was neutral.
"That top is revealing. I told you that if you were going to wear it then to wear something underneath it" I said with a slight annoyance. Making my daughter let out a deep sigh and roll her eyes.
"I just figured. .

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  . . " Mariah spoke doing some of her famous hand gestures. ". . . That it wouldn't matter" she continued.
"And why not?" I asked the image of her chest burned into my mind. 'Sick your sick' I said to myself in my mind.
"Because its just you and me here. I have no friends, and you've already seen boobs before" Mariah smirked to herself crossing her arms and looking away.
"Umm that may be the case but those itty bittys aren't really what I consider boobs" I laughed to myself. Mariah shot a look at me. One that haunts me to this day. The same look her mother Cecilia had given me when the cops were taking her away.

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   A look that pierced my soul and left me hollow and paralyzed. A death glare.
"Asshole. . . "Mariah muttered as she walked off into the kitchen. I could hear slamming but I was still unable to move. All I could do was just stand there.
After a while I stood up and slowly found my way into the kitchen looking like a dog that knew it had just done something bad. Mariah was sitting there looking out the window. I looked at her for a short time and then I looked down.
"I'm sorry babe. . . " I breathed.

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   She didn't even look at me. I walked over to her and gently put my hand on her shoulder. I felt her tense up for a moment but then she quickly settled down almost as if she melted by my touch.
I looked to the clock and realized I had to get ready for my date which was going to happen in another hour.
I looked at Mariah and then I made my way up stairs to take a shower and get ready.

I pulled on my dress shirt and looked to the clock again. I'm one of those anal 'must be on time' people. I gently misted myself with cologne and walked downstairs. Mariah was on the couch watching 'Ghost Hunters'. I grabbed my car keys and looked over.
"Bye. . . " I smiled. There was no answer.

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After 2 hours I came home my date. Sonya was wrapped around my arm like a snake gripping it's prey. We quickly went into the kitchen.
"You want a drink or something?" I asked with a smile.
"Or something is what I want" My date smiled. I heard something rustle up stairs but discerned it as nothing.
After a while things got hot so we moved up stairs. Thats when we saw her. Mariah was sitting in front of my bedroom door.
"What the hell?" Sonya growled. "I didn't know you had a kid"
"I didn't think it'd matter" I replied feeling an angry stare from both women. Sonya stomped off. I tried to stop her but it was futile. I sat at the bottom of the stairs.

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  . . " Mariah sighed as she walked down the stairs behind me, my daughter stood before me. Her night gown grazing the floor.
"Dont worry about it babe" I smiled I put my arms out and Mariah fell into them. "If they cant love and accept you then they're not the one for me" I assured her. I felt my daughter twitch.
"But. . . I realize that you have needs and. . . I'm worried they're not being taken care of" Mariah whined. I gently stood her up and walked up stairs.

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   I got ready for bed. I slid beneath my covers and tried to sleep when I heard the creak of my bedroom door.
I looked over to see my little girl standing there she walked in. I felt her pull back the sheets and get in bed with me. She laid there for a moment looking into my eyes, she then gave me a small peck on the lips. She looked down and licked her lips as she then moved closer and kissed me passionately. I felt something within me build up as she did so. I kissed her back letting my hands explore her body. I gently rubbed the inside of her bare leg feeling her tense up and shiver. Her small hand brushed against my now hardened cock. I felt her tuggun at the waist band of my pajama pants. I quickly remembered what I was doing and who I was doing it with and pushed her away.
"Daddy?" She asked. 'SICK YOUR A SICK FUCK YOU BASTARD' I screamed at myself in my mind.
"I cant do that.


  . . your my daughter. Your only 13" I breathed.

    "Daddy. . . " Mariah breathed her hands once again grasped for my cock.
    I couldn't resist to my full extent but I did only to feel her get on top of me as she attempted to wrestle me out of my clothes. I guess it was difficult and frustrating for her so she gave me the famous death stare again paralyzing me. I felt my pants being pulled off and looked down to see my stiffened cock standing in the air. I heard a gasp as I saw my daughter grip in in her delicate hand. She put her mouth close to it and gave me a slight hell cat smile as she licked the tip.
    I watched as my baby girl slid her lips over the shaft of my cock and began sucking. She was awesome at it.

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       The dragging off teeth could be felt here and there but it wasn't enough to make me want her to stop.
    I caught myself again regaining myself but I didn't care I let her continue before I got up. She gave me a slight look as I then pushed her down on the bed playfully. Mariah let out a small giggle as I kissed her passionately.
    I sat up gripping the bottom of her night gown, she raised her arms allowing me to pull the gown off her body.
    I looked at her naked body for a moment, her tits were so small they were only tiny mounds on her chest. Her pussy was completely bare but it glistened with her juices. I smiled as I gently kissed her on the lips sticking my finger deep into her pussy. I couldn't feel her cherry so I looked at her for a brief moment.
    "Who the hell took your virginity?" I asked feeling angry.
    "I never had a cherry Daddy. . . " She laughed, I remembered hearing something about girls born without hymens but I thought it was just myth.
    After a while of finger fucking her, Mariah began to moan.


       I looked into her eyes.
    "Fuck me" She growled as she bit the side of my neck, hard. I didn't need to be told twice. I placed the head of my cock at the entrance of her pussy I just kept it like that teasing her for a bit. She bit harder. "FUCK ME" My daughter screamed as she thrust her hips upward making my dick slam deep into her pussy. She fell limp and let out a loud moan as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. I continued to thrust into her. Feeling her moist pussy grabbing my cock pulling it with every pull out. I gently grasped one of her small tits.
    I couldn't believe I was fucking my 18 year old daughter. I looked into her eyes as she bit her lower lip.
    "Yeah does that feel good?" I breathed.
    "YES. .


      . FUCK ME DADDY" She screamed. Her arms wrapped around the back of my head, her nails dug into my flesh. I let out my own little moan as I continued to thrust into her sweet little smooth pussy. I looked down watching my cock slide in and out. I could feel Mariah jerk upward a bit as her left eye shut. I knew she was having her first orgasm. I pulled out and went down to her pussy. I began to lick her as I felt a small rush of her juices flow into my waiting mouth. I continued to lick. She was sweet. I felt her lips began to suck my cock again. It felt so good. I pulled her over me so that we were now in the 69 position. I could feel her moaning and breathing heavily.

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       I felt my own climax building as again my little girl came. She got off me as she sucked on my cock. I couldn't handle it anymore as I shot a stream of white all over her gentle face. She began to lick it off.

    I opened my eyes. All I could see around me was white. White walls, Everything I tried to move my arms but they were restrained somehow making me immobile. I looked outside, the window was bared up.
    I heard a door open as a man in a white jacket came in. He held a clip board.
    "Ok Mr. Johnston. Your visitors are here to see you" The man breathed.
    "Where am I?" I asked.
    "Your in the mental hospital sir.

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      . . remember? A while back you tried to drown your daughter when she was only a year old" The man frowned. "Its a surprise that your family even comes in to see you anymore"
    I looked up to see everyone. My wife, my son, and my daughter. I began to weep to myself.
    End. .