A Great Birthday


It all started a week before my 16th birthday. I was going nuts running around the house. I had lost my Ipod and was searching everywhere for it. I had decided to ask my dad if he's seen it, it was saturday he should be home. Plus my mother had died earlier that year, so he hasn't realy recovered a social life, since most of the people they knew were her friends. As I walked up to his den I heard something unusual, I noticed the door was open a crack and what I saw was shocking. My dad was leaning back in his recliner with his pants and boxers around his ankles masturbating to a video of a woman getting double penetrated. Cant realy say I ever imagined him in that way before, he's not the most attractive of men. Hes only alittle over 6 feet tall slightly overweight, not enough to have a sagging stomach, but enough to have a belly, and he was hairy very hairy, I had seen him wander the house without a shirt from time to time but never below the waist. Which I must say was amazing, I could have taken him in both fists and there be alittle left. I was starting to get wet watching but decided to leave before my mind wandered too much. I wanted to get into the shower now, and was understandably flustered. I felt like I needed to get off and the shower was the best place for me. When I got the bathroom door I was already fondeling my DD chest. The bathroom door doesn't lock so i had no issue getting in, and I was too into what I was doing to notice the shower had already been going. I rushed out of my clothes and by the time I opened the shower curtain I was already only wearing my underwear.

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   It was at this point where I was undoing my bra that time caught up with me. There he was my younger brother just staring at me glass eyed and stunned. "Jessica what are you doing" I looked into his eyes and noticed him looking me over, so innevitably I did the same. Damn the men in my family are well hung. He's alittle taller than my father with a athletic build, but thats not what caught my attention. His cock was standing at attention to me, alittle shorter than what I saw of my dads but almost as thick as my wrist. "Im in a hurry let me in" I explained as I finished getting my underwear off. exposing myself to my wonderful brother. Who on more than 1 occaision I did fantasize about. I took more after my dad than my mom, with my glorious red wavy hair, I had abit of a pot belly, but I was just lazy I didn't bother trying to make myself look good for the boys at school. I didn't give my brother a chance to react as I jumped in. My brother stared slack jawed at what just happened. I can tell what was going on in his mind, and I bet he could tell what was in mine. At this point I was wet, but like I imagined him being I was still a virgin at this point. "you going somewhere" He managed to stutter out.

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  "No just in a hurry"  I said in the most seductive voice I can muster, I never realy flirted with any boys before. Still in the moment I wrapped my arms around his neck forced my tongue down his throat. Just the thought That I would go this far was almost enough to make me cum, but I tried to hold myself back so it would be better later. "Listen if you go down on me now, ill do whatever you want after dad leaves tonight. Okay?" Stareing into his wonderful blue eyes. Without a word he latched his hands onto my ass and started kissing my chest. I was in ecstacy and couldn't hold back much longer "Oh Danny give me more, I want your tongue in me!!" as he lifted me up and placed me up on the ledge where I normally sit when I masterbate here. He placed me on the block and started kissing down my stomach, but I wanted more right away so I grabbed his hair and pushed him down further. He took the hint and went right for my clit. It felt great I was almost about to cum again. He continued licking my pussy for what seemed hours (was only acouple of minutes) before I came once more for him. "Oh god yes, I needed that" Standing back up and giving my wonderful brother another kiss. "thanks bro" Hugging and kissing him once more before letting him finish up his shower. I couldn't beleive what had just happened. Or what I had promised in the heat of the moment.

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   But I was also stoic in this. Tonight would be the night we loose our virginity together, and just the thought kept me horny the rest of the day. I didn't pass up the chance up the chance to tease Danny. I think my dad may have noticed a difference from our usually sibling bikering, either that or he noticed my 'casual' glances at his crotch, which im guessing was a treatment he wasn't quite used to since mom passed away, cause he spent most of the day strutting around the house like he used to. It was coming close to 7pm when my dad would normally take off any saturday evening to go bar hopping for awhile. He normally doesn't get back until Im long asleep cause he's responsible enough to not drive drunk, but not to know when to say no. I was in my room sprucing myself up abit when he left. My brother came knocking on my door and I opened it peeking only my head out. "Are you ready?" I said looking down and answering my own question, before bursting out the door grabbing his arm and making a mad excited dash to my father's den. "Dad was watching something earlier that I want to see" Turning on his tv dvd player. "I thought this was going to be what I wanted" Danny said reaching around grabbing my chest in both hands and pressing his cock against my back. I smiles and rubbed up against him abit. "Youll like this, its what got me into the mood earlier" Turning around and forcing him onto dad's recliner. I climbed ontop of my brother stradling him and kissing his neck while searching for the remote. I turned It on and the movie started once again.

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   I started gettingmy brother's pants off while he explored under my my dress finding out i hadn't bothered putting anything on underneath. He got my dress off as I got his pants off and the video got the the first sex scene. "I want to do that" He said fondeling my ass as I peered at the TV. The actors were In a simple missionary possition, so I nodded and got his boxers off before getting on the floor with my legs open inviting him into me. He got up and layed his hot body ontop of my awaiting one. He grabbed my hand and pt it on his warm cock, just touching it sent shivers up my arm and made me want it all the more. I guided him to my entry and let his tip penetrate me before letting go. I wimpered lightly as he slowly moved further in, both of us enjoyed the feeling as he reached my hymen. He had been caught in the moment cause with hesitation he forced the rest of the way in tearing up my virginity. I yelled in both pain and pleasure as my bother began to ram roughly into me. He continues to forces his cock deep inside each push getting me louder and bringing me close. I wrap my legs around his waist and pull him into me wanting every inch. Flexing myself to tighten myself around him to milk him dry. It doesn't take much longer for my virginal brother to cross the line adn cum deep inside me. Filling me to near breaking point, forceing me to cum with him.

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  We lay panting for another 30 minutes before he decides he wants another go. This time takes twice as long making me finish a good 3 or four times. Afterwards we lay on the recliner being close watching dad's porn. Finally the scene dad was watching this morning comes up. "I want to do that" I ommit. "I think one of my friends wouldn't mind helping""No I hate your friends""Then want to feel both of you inside me at the same time" crawling back ontop of him. "But for now just you""So when?""You in?""As long Im the only one getting your pussy im fine""So you dont want my butt" Wiggling and rubbing myself against his cock once again. "You bet I do""Good cause I want you there" Lowering myself down letting him into my other virginal hole. We decided to wait a week and get our dad involved on my birthday. The closer it came the hornier I came knowing soon my brother and father would share my body as the best birthday present ever. Over the week it progressed from sex when my father isn't home. To coming home during lunch and blowjobs between class. The day before the big night Danny and I took some erotic photos of me, one with my pussy dripping of my brother's semen. My dad would find them in the dvd case for his movie along with a invitation to my room where me and Danny waiting. Like clockwork he came just after he was looking to start watching.

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   He bursted into my room to find me already straddling my brother on the bed with one of my two cocks already inside me, pointed towards the door prominently show ourselves to dad.   "hey dad. Long time no see" jokingly "want to give me my birthday present now" seductivly. Like Danny the first time dad was speechless, but unlike he was clothed but that was quickly fixed before he got onto my bed. Before  Long we were locked in a sandwhich with me as the filling. Oh god yea I was I heaven they pumped in and out of me ununiformically. As one went in the other exited. Dad was alittle slower due to age and the tightness of my ass. But I didn't care my eyes were rolling into the back of my head, with each push, The simple taboo was once enough to get me off, now both my men were in me I was cumming my brains out. Their moaning and calling me tight drew me ever closer, their hand and dicks drew me over the edge. Danny came long before dad who instructed me clean my brother off while he fucked me doggy style. It took as long for me to clean my brother off as it did for  my dad to fill up my pussy with his cum. When I woke up dad had left the room and Danny was still asleep. I walked to the living room and saw dad looking at a picture of my mother. "happy birthday dear""thanks" laying on the couch with my head on his thigh.

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  "did i ever tell you how me and your mother met?""You met in high school right""no we were actually siblings, we left our hometown so noone would ask""Sorry dad""Its fine we have this life now" he said stroking my hair, i could feel his cock rising near my head. I smiled coyly and grabbed the picture to set aside so I can console him with a blowjob. taking him deep down my throat. I Loved the taste of my brothers cock and soon enough my dad's. .



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