A Fresh Start For Brother And Sister - Part 3


Topic: A Fresh Start For Brother And Sister - Part 3 My sister began scooting herself back slowly.  She had been straddling me again, and was now standing in front of me wringing her fingers.  I sat unmoving, trying to process everything that has happened in the last two days.  At this time yesterday, we hadn't said a word to each other in over a week.  Now we had shared three incredible kisses and been in positions that I've only been in with one other girl, and that she had never been in.  I'd always known that she was a cute girl, but as I sat there staring at her, I saw something new in her.  She was now the sexiest, most sensual and loving girl I've ever known.  It was then that I realized that the girl of my dreams was my sister.  I didn't want to be with anyone else.  She must have been having the same thoughts.  
  "I heard mom tell you to take care of me. . . and to stay out of trouble. "  She said with a playful smile as she stared down at me.  "Promise you'll always take good care of me?"  She asked, suggesting that this was just the beginning.

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    I just nodded, still in a mild state of disbelief.  "I want to do the same for you. . . "  She went on.  ". . . I'll always take care of you. . . and make sure that you're happy. "  I watched her fingers dance around the hem of her shirt.  I could see her confidence and trust growing by the second as she lifted it slowly.  "Starting today.

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  . . "  I had seen her in a bikini a few times before over the summer, but this was different.  As she pulled her shirt up, slowly revealing herself to me, I could see how much she had changed in the few short months since.  She shook her hair free of it as she lifted the shirt over her head, revealing a light pink bra, cupping her pert breasts perfectly.  There were subtle little bumps where her nipples were.  I stared for a few seconds before meeting her eyes again.  
I stood up, stepping closer until her chest brushed mine, my fingers creeping over her hips.  She lifted herself up on her toes and met me as I leaned down to kiss her, my hand moving up over her bare back.  The kiss started out soft, more loving than passionate, but the passion builded steadily until we were lost in another amazing kiss.  It was what every kiss should be like, boiling over with love and lust together.  My other hand slipped down over the back of her skirt, and she lifted one leg, leaning into me as she curled it around mine.  My hand moved down under her thigh, and the other followed her.  
"Let's go back to my room. "  She whispered into the kiss.

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    She leaned into me more, letting me lift her carefully until her legs were wrapped around my waist.  We never broke the kiss as I carried her up the stairs and into her room.  By the time we go there we were kissing so wildly, it was a wonder either of us could breathe.  "On the bed. "  She said frantically, her lips never leaving mine.  I backed up to the bed and sat down, leaning back and pulling her down with me.  There was a little smacking sound as she sat up, straddling my waist.  
"Now. . . what was the first thing he said I did that made me so slutty?"  She asked with a little giggle.  She never talked like this, but I could tell that she enjoyed testing it.  I shrugged, staring up at her with a little smile.
"Well he only really hinted about how good you were going down on him. "  I admitted.

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    It was such a turn-on the way her eyes lit up when I mentioned it.  She giggled, leaning over me again, pushing my shirt up over my chest as she ran her hands over me.  
"I've never done anything like that. "  She confessed with another little giggle.  "But you're about to find out just how good I am. "  She grinned wide, wiggling her hips as she scooted down my legs, pushing my shirt higher.  I lifted my arms to let her pull it over my head as she kissed down the side of my neck.  "Would you like that?"  She asked seductively.  I arched my neck, sighing a yes.  She was beginning to moan softly against my skin as she worked her way lower, still testing new words she had probably never even thought.  "Can I suck your cock?  I've wanted to for so long. "  This was a new side of her that neither of us had ever seen.  I could tell she was loving it as much as I was.  She didn't wait for me to answer, and I don't think I could have if I wanted to.  I was speechless.

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My breathing was shaky as her lips sunk lower, her tongue tracing a little line down to my belly button.  She had my pants undone easily.  I lifted my hips to let her tug them to my knees.  Never in my life had I been as hard as I was now.  She stopped kissing when she got to the waistband of my boxers.  She looked up at me with a devilish little smile as she curled her fingers beneath the waistband.  "I've never seen a real cock before. . . " she told me in her sweetest little voice.  It was obviously that she had just discovered her first little kink in dirty talk.  She went on, "I can't wait to taste it. . . to feel it against my tongue.

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  "  Her eyes were locked on mine as she tugged my boxers down to my knees and let me kick them to the floor.  "And then later. . . " she bit her bottom lip, hesitating as she continued to test more new words, her eyes still seductively on mine ". . . later. . . to feel it slipping into my tight little pussy. "  She couldn't hide her smile.  Our stare didn't falter as she took my cock in her hand, running it softly up and down over the shaft.  She finally looked down at it, tentatively touching the tip with her tongue.  She licked her lips before stroking the underside of my shaft with her tongue, swirling it around the head when she reached it.

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    I leaned back further as she brushed her hair aside, wanting me to watch.  Her grip tightened just a bit as she continued stroking me.  I could feel her lips now making their way over the head, her tongue teasing more precum from the slit.  Slowly and carefully she sunk lower until her lips met her hand.  They were about half way down my shaft when she came back up, sucking lightly.  She began to bob her head slowly at first, concentrating hard as she sucked her first cock.  Her fingers slipped down and started kneading my balls gently, and her other hand took a lock of her hair, dragging it up and down the rest of my shaft where her lips couldn't reach.  She picked up the pace, her head bouncing faster and faster as she wrapped the lock of soft hair around me.  She must have been planning this all night.  
It wasn't long at all before I felt that familiar tingling spreading through my body.  "Sis. . . I'm. .

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  . I'm close. "  I warned her, but she didn't slow down.  She just moaned, sending a subtle vibration through my shaft.  "I'm. . . going. . . to. . . cum. "  I warned her again just seconds before it happened.

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    Her lips tightened around me and she sucked hard as i thrust my hips forward uncontrollably.  I could feel my cock pulsing against her lips as I unloaded in her mouth.  She kept sucking, her lips tight around the head, coaxing every last drop out of me.  I could barely keep myself from falling back, but kept myself up on my elbows as she carefully pulled her lips from me, making sure she didn't spill a drop.  She smiled proudly up at me as she played with the cum in her mouth, moving it over her tongue before swallowing it.  
"Did I do good?!"  She asked excitedly, as if she'd just done something like paint a picture or bake a cake.  I lifted myself up, pulling her to me to kiss her.
"That was amazing. . . you did so good. "  I kissed her again.  "Now it's your turn. "  I smiled, patting the bed next to me.  Her eyes were immediately glazed over with lust again as she hurried to her back next to me.


    I rolled over, kissing her more as one hand slipped up her thigh, disappearing under her skirt.  She was starting to moan again, which only turned me on more.  I did just as she had done and began kissing down her neck, slipping the straps of her bra down over her shoulders.  She arched her back and reached behind it, unhooking the bra and pulling it out of the way with surprising grace.  "Mmmm yes. . . suck my tits big brother. "  She started with the dirty talk again as my lips closed over her little pink nipple.  Her tits were perfect.  There was no need for a bra to hold them up, they were so perky.  The nipples were like little pink pencil erasers.  I sucked each one happily, teasing them with my tongue.  As I moved lower I remembered the hand under her skirt.  My fingers crept between her legs, rubbing her through her panties.


    She was getting wetter and wetter as I pulled the crotch aside, my finger touching her virgin slit for the first time.  My kisses moved lower and I lifted her skirt with one hand as one finger of the other slipped past her lips.  Her moans were growing louder and more frequent as I fingered her slowly.  
"Please don't stop. . . please. . . kiss it. . . kiss my pussy. "  She begged, lifting her hips, trying to get my lips to move lower.  I lifted my head, smiling up at her as i pulled her panties down.

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    She was completely shaved, her lips so soft and bare.  "What do you think?"  She asked seductively.  "I shaved it this morning, just for you. . . do you like my little shaved pussy?"  She teased, knowing just how much I loved hearing her say these things that nobody has ever heard her say.  She had turned into a completely different girl.  
  I felt her fingers brushing through my hair, her nails lightly scratching my scalp as I lowered my head.  I kissed her little mound once, then lightly traced her slit with my tongue.  She was loving it, her petite hips lifting each time my lips would part from her.  I stroked her again with my tongue, letting it part her lips, her moans coaxing me on.  She lifted both feet onto the bed, spreading her legs wide for me.  Her tight pussy lips spread just slightly with them, and I reached up with one hand, parting them wider.  It didn't take long for me to find her clit with my tongue.  She was moaning uncontrollably now, her hips moving in little circles as my tongue teased her.

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    I started to really get into it, closing my lips over her mound, sucking her clit wildly, stopping every now and then to finger her for a few seconds before going back to lick and suck and kiss.  By the time she was ready to cum her fingers were twisted in my hair, pushing my face down between her legs begging me to eat her pussy.  With no warning at all, she was sent over the edge.  Her back arched and her hips began to buck, and I didn't stop until I sensed the swell of her orgasm fading.  She was soaked, and I did what I could to lick her clean.  By the time I finally looked back up at her face she was heaving, her naked chest rising and falling rapidly.
"Oh. . . my. . . god. . .

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  " was all she could manage to say at first.  "That was so nice. . . I've never felt anything like that. " She didn't have to try hard to make me proud.  I felt pretty good about giving her such a powerful orgasm.  "This is going to be such a good day. "  She giggled, turning on her side as i lied down next to her.  
"Hopefully it will go on longer than a day!"  I laughed, leaning in to kiss her lips once.  "Can you imagine how much fun we'll have, now that we're so. . . close?"  it was the only word I could think of, but 'close' didn't do it justice.  We were more than close.

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    We were new best friends, suddenly passionately in love and giddy about it.  
"Hey. . . do you. . . " her eyes were wide and her voice was quiet again.  She bit her bottom lip, which I was really starting to love, and smiled slightly.  ". . . do you want to. . .

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  to fuck me?"  Her sweet, innocent voice saying such naughty things sent a shock down my spine.  She was smiling wide, waiting for me to answer.  
"Yeah. . . " I whispered, nodding, ". . . yeah, if you want me to. "  My smile was just as wide as hers.  The truth was that I had been thinking about nothing else all night.  It was always there in the back of my mind, but I never thought it would actually happen.  She nodded quickly and rolled closer to me, half lying on me now with one leg slung over mine.
"Yeah, I want you to. .

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  . to fuck me. " she whispered with an excited smile, toying with the word again as she leaded down, kissing me lightly.  She carefully moved herself over until she was lying on top of me.  My hand slipped back down, disappearing under her skirt again, moving over her perfect little ass, kneading it lightly as we began kissing again.  Her legs parted again as she sat up, lifting the front of her skirt from between us.  She was sitting directly over my cock, which was solid again.  "Does that feel nice?" she asked as she began rocking back and forth, my cock pressed between  us, her wet pussy lips hugging the shaft.  
"Hmm yes. . . so good. "  I hissed, arching my back as she straddled me.  She pushed herself up onto her knees, unzipping the back of her skirt and tossing it aside.  With one hand she took my cock, soaked in her juices and began stroking softly.

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    She looked down, placing the head to her pussy lips.  Smiling sweetly, she looked up to my eyes.
"Ready?"  She didn't wait for an answer before lowering herself slowly onto me.  We both watched as the head parted her lips and sunk in slowly.  The shaft disappeared inch by inch as she carefully moved downward.  She closed her eyes, arching her head back and sighing loudly as I went deeper.  "Mmmmm god Evan you feel so. . . mmmm. "  The movement stopped when we felt just a hint of resistance.  She closed her eyes tight and finished it, letting me take her virginity as she collapsed over me with a whimper.  I could feel her shivering for a few seconds as I hugged her tightly, knowing there was nothing to do but wait for the paint to subside.  I knew it was gone when she lifted her head from my chest and kissed me deeply.  She sat up enough to look straight into my eyes, the smile returning to her lips.

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    "I love you big brother. . . " she said so sweetly, ". . . now fuck me. "  Her tone changed immediately, so full of lust as she began rocking her hips.  My hands went to them as she started to bounce, my cock sliding in and out easily.  You would have though we had been doing this for years, we moved so naturally together and in perfect synch.  Her pert little tits bounced with her as we picked up the rhythm, the room filled with our moans and sighs.  We both began to climax together quickly, and she started moaning things like "Mmmm yes!  Fuck me Evan!  Fuck your little slut sister!  Cum inside of me!"  And it didn't take much begging either.  Our bodies both began to shutter at the same time.  I thrust my hips up, burying my cock deep inside of her just as she came.  Less than a second later I was filling her pussy, thrust deep as i came with her.

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She collapsed again, her warm breasts heaving against my chest, our breathing sharp and rapid together.  We lied there, catching our breath, my arms wrapped tight around her until we were both calm enough to speak again.  
We both blurted out "I have the best brother in the world. " and "I have the best sister in the world. " simultaneously.  Together we lied there, naked with each other, kissing and talking about how things were going to be so different now, thinking of all the things that were left to discover together.  



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