A Few Questions Part Two


Topic: A Few Questions Part TwoA Few Questions Part Two
Korrin walked into the front room and looked at her father. Phil was asleep on the couch. She and her father had been getting along better than ever for the past three weeks. She couldn’t remember a time where she was happier.
She thought about the night that sparked their newfound relationship. The night that she and her father gave into passion after having a sex talk. The night that she had her first orgasm due to her father’s tongue. Her braces gleamed as she smiled widely at him. She went and plopped next to him on the couch. Her intent was to wake him up by plopping so hard on the cushion and awake he did.
Groggily he looked at her and smiled. “Hey, kiddo,” he said. “When did you get home?”
“Just now,” she replied as she flipped on the television with the remote.
“What were you up to?” he asked.
Korrin shrugged. “Nothing,” she said.

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   “Just being bored. ”
They both silently watched the tv for a while. Then the skinny, red headed girl leaned over to her father and whispered, “Daddy, I was wondering if we could um. . Talk… again tonight after Mom goes to work?”
Her father leaned in closer to her and whispered as well. “Do you have more questions that need answering?” he asked softly.
“Yes,” she replied. Before Phil could react she leaned in and kissed him on the lips. Her kiss was soft and gentle. He put his hand on her chin and continued to kiss his daughter for a few seconds. Korrin reached down and grabbed his bulge through his jeans. This woke Phil up from his trancelike state. The curtains were wide open and her mother, his wife, was upstairs sleeping. They could be caught at any moment.
“We can’t right now, baby,” he whispered to her after he broke their embrace.

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   He moved her hand from his growing cock.
She looked like she was going to pout. She bit her lip and shyly looked down at the ground, but then she looked up at him and grinned. “Okay. Tonight then,” she said. She briskly kissed him on the cheek and then hustled up to her room.
The day seemed to pass incredibly slowly for Phil and Korrin both. Korrin was very eager to see her mother head for work for the night. At nine o’clock sharp she walked over to her father, who was in the kitchen finishing up the nightly dishes. After he mother had left she had changed into a very short, flowered sun dress. She hopped up on the kitchen counter right in front of her father and beamed at him. “Guess what?” she asked.
Her father looked her over. She looked incredibly cute sitting on the kitchen counter with that small dress on. “What?” he asked.

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“I want you to make me cum again,” she replied with the smile still on her face. As soon as the words escaped from her mouth she pulled up the sun dress so that her tiny, bald pussy was revealed. Phil could see that she was already dripping wet. Korrin scooted so that she was on the very edge of the countertop and she spread her legs as far apart as they could go. Phil moved closer.
He hunched down until he had come face to face with his daughter’s pussy. He moved forward and began to lick and suck it. He concentrated mostly on her clit, but engulfed her entire sex from time to time. “Daddy, that feels so good,” she was saying over and over again. Her hands were grasping his hair and pulling his head even closer to her slit. She moaned and her breathing became rapid and heavy.
Phil took his pointer finger and slowly slid it into the soaked silkiness that he was licking. Even though it burned a little when he stuck his finger inside of her she didn’t care. She began to breath even heavier and moan even harder. Before long she gasped, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” As she came she wrapped her legs around her father’s head.

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   Her pussy began to constrict around his finger and pulse around it. Her hips bucked and she made undecipherable noises.
Finally she went limp. Her legs stopped constricting around his head and she let go of his hair. As she leaned back against the wall she caught her breath. “God that felt sooooo good,” she said weakly.
“Good I’m glad you liked it,” he replied to her. She hopped off the counter with Jello-e legs and went to sit at the kitchen table. A pool of her emissions and his drool had collected on the kitchen counter. Phil giggled at it and then wiped it up with a paper towel. “What did you think about the finger?” he asked.
She laid her head on her crossed arms at the table and had a dreamy look on her face. “It felt great. It burned a little at first, but it was worth it,” she purred.
Phil wiped his face on a paper towel as well.

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   Korrin looked up at him and then down to his crotch. It was obvious that he was incredibly hard. His pants were barely holding his rigid cock in. She remembered having it in her mouth three weeks ago. She really liked the way it tasted and felt. She also loved the fact that she was making her Daddy feel so good. She had been wanting to try it again, but she didn’t want to press her luck. She felt incredibly lucky that her father let her suck him the first time. But now that she saw that he was so erect and ready to go she got up and pushed him up against the counter. She kissed him once on the cheek and then sank down to her knees.
She unbuttoned the top button of his pants and then slowly unzipped the zipper. As soon as she unzipped him his cock sprang out of his pants and out of the top of the boxers that her was wearing. Much to her amazement she saw that the head of it was wet. “Why is it wet already, Daddy?” she asked. “Did you cum when you were licking me?”
Phil looked down at it and then smiled.

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   “No I didn’t cum, baby,” He ran two fingers down the shaft of his dick and then pinched at the little spot of wetness. “That’s called pre-cum. Sometimes when a man gets really excited like I did when I was licking you pre-cum will escape from the end of his penis. ”
She smiled, looked into his eyes, and then leaned forward and took the head of his cock into her mouth. Phil momentarily spasmed when she did so, but he quickly regained his composure. She suckled onto the tip for what seemed like an eternity. Then she started to take it deeper into her mouth. She stopped for a second and said, “Are my teeth better this time, Daddy?”
Phil took his hands and guided her mouth back to devour his cock. “Yes, baby,” he whispered. “They are perfect. You are a really fast learner. ” That was all the encouragement that she needed. She started bobbing her head back and forth. Taking as much of it in as she could. Twice she gagged after taking it in too far, but she regained her rhythm.

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   After a few more moments she stopped and said, “Don’t cum in my mouth this time, Daddy. It was too thick and there was too much of it. ”
“Okay, sweetheart,” Phil replied. “Then take down the top of your dress so it doesn’t get stained when I cum. ”
As she continued to suck his cock on her knees Korrin reached behind her and undid a strap. The top of the sundress loosened and fell off of her shoulders. Her father looked down and saw her tiny little ribs sticking out and the little pink erasers that here her tits and nipples. It was all he could take. He pulled his cock out of her mouth just in time. He started to hammer his cock while aiming it at her chest. A violent orgasm ripped through his body. Cum shot from his rigid member onto her chest. She was smiling from ear to ear as her father grunted and shook with every rope he emitted.
With his pants still around his ankles and his boxers around his knees Phil sank to the floor until her was face to face with his daughter. “Did I do good, Daddy?” she asked.

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All Phil could do was nod for a moment. “You did better than good, angel,” he replied as he tussled her hair. “That was perfect. ” Korrin beamed. Milky cum was still clinging to her barely developed chest. One of her nipples were completely covered in it.
“So would you get mad if I asked you for something else?” she said unsurely.
Phil had finally caught his breath. He grabbed a dishtowel and wiped the cum that was on her chest. She pulled back up her sundress and redid the straps. “What else do you want?” he asked.
“Well,” she said turning a little red. “I really liked it when you put your finger inside of me. I was wondering if maybe we could put something else in there?”
“Something else like what?” he asked with a devilish grin. He knew what was coming.

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“I was thinking maybe you could put your penis in me,” she whispered.
“That’s a big step, princess,” he answered.
“I know,” she said, “But I’m ready for it. I’ve been wanting it since we did that stuff a few weeks ago. I think it would feel really good,” she continued.
“Now you do know that when you have sex for the first time you bleed, right?” he asked.
She looked a little surprised. “What?” she replied. “Why would I bleed?”
“Because when you get penetrated for the first time your hymen breaks and you bleed,” Phil continued.
She seemed to be taking things a little more seriously then. “So it hurts a lot?”
“Some girls say it hurts a lot,” he said. “Some girls say it hurts a little. It’s just something that everyone has to go through when they start having sex. ”
“I’m glad you told me this now,” she giggled. “It would be really embarrassing if I had bled with someone besides you.

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  ” They both smiled at that. “But you only have to have your hymen broken once right?” she continued.
“Just once,” Phil responded.
“Then lets go do it,” Korrin said as she popped up off the floor. She reached her hand down to her father and pulled him up. Phil redid his pants and they walked up to her bed together.
“Alright you go ahead and get ready and I’m going to go get some stuff,” Phil said to her. He walked out of the room. Korrin sat on the edge of her bed and undid the strap to her summer dress and then she stepped out of it completely. She was naked. She got under the blankets and awaited her father.
When Phil came back into the room he was holding several towels, some ice and a wet wash rag.
He put the things down on the floor beside the bed and then picked up the towels. “These are to put under us. So your sheets don’t get stained,” he said.


   Korrin got out of bed and started to lay the towels down by where her vagina would be in a few moment. When she got up to do this Phil saw her tiny, flat ass and couldn’t help himself. He scooped his arm around her waist and pulled her towards him so that her ass was right in his face. He gave it a kiss. “Daddy!” she giggled. She got loose from him and then jumped back into the bed.
“What’s the ice and wet washrag for?” she asked.
“The washrag is to help clean you up afterwards,” her father explained. “And the ice is for your vagina if it hurts a lot after. ”
Korrin smiled from ear to ear again. She was really happy that her father was here to guide her through this. It was one of the coolest things she had ever heard of.
“Now you sure you want to do this?” Phil asked her once again.
Korrin merely nodded her head. It was very clear that she was excited for what was about to happen.

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Phil stripped his clothes off and climbed into bed with her. “So are you ready?” he asked gently. She nodded again.
Finding that his cock was fully erect he climbed on top of Korrin. Her head was about to his chest because she was so much shorter than him. He slowly opened up her legs and saw that her pussy was still sopping wet with excitement. “Now it’s okay if I cum in you,” he said, “because I have had a vasectomy, but you can never let any other boy cum in you until you are ready to make a baby okay?”
“Why is it okay for you to cum in me but not another boy and what’s a vasectomy?” she asked with a confused look on her face.
“When a man has a vasectomy he can’t produce the baby making kind of sperm anymore,” he said.
“Oh,” she replied looking more at ease. “So that means you can’t get me pregnant?”
“Right,” he replied and they both smiled.
“Good,” she giggled. “I don’t want a baby. I just want to cum. ”
Phil positioned himself so that he was right between her spread legs. He put his hard cock down to the opening of her slit and started to gently rub it up and down on it.

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   “How does that feel, baby?” he asked.
“Really good,” she said in a dreamy state. She took a deep breath and exhaled. “Alright, Daddy,” she said. “I’m ready. ”
Phil nodded and slowly guided the tip of his cock into position. “Okay here we go,” he said as he slowly slid his cock into his daughter.
As soon as he started sliding in it felt as if his cock had entered a cave made of silk. They both moaned as it started gliding in. There was a second of resistance, but Phil pushed forward. There was a pop. Korrin’s body rocked as she felt her hymen break. She had never felt like this before. It burned, but the burning felt tremendously good.
Tears streamed down her face as her father fully entered her.

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   It was as if every sensation in the world now felt more intense. The pleasure. The pain. She cried out, “Oh, Daddy!” and clutched onto her father. She had never felt closer to a human being than she did right now. Her father’s cock had filled her up completely. And although it hurt it was the greatest feeling that she had ever felt.
Once she got more comfortable her father started to slowly slide his cock in and out of her. Once he looked down at it to see it gliding in and out and saw that it was red with blood and whitish gray with her cum.
With every stroke she moaned. The tears continued to flow, but she didn’t care. It felt too good to stop. “Faster,” she whispered in his ear.
Phil had never been in anything so tight in his life. It was as though her pussy was constricting him.

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   He thought for sure that it would be too much for his cock to handle and that he would soon have it crushed and broken. With every pump he came closer to orgasm and by looking at his daughter he could see that she was getting close too.
The look on her face turned from one of pain to an animalistic look of agony and ecstasy. “Faster, Daddy! Harder!” she cried. He began to pump on his daughter harder and faster than he had pumped on anyone in a very long time. Both of their breathing became more ragged.
Each pump became more violent. Korrin lifted her face and bit him hard on the shoulder and he responded by hammering his cock into her harder and faster. She started screaming. “Oh God Daddy! Oh God! Fuck me! Fuck me!”
She sank her fingernails into her father’s back as the third and largest orgasm or her young life ripped through her body. She bucked and flailed. Her head collided with her father’s chest and once again she bit. This time the pain was just enough for Phil. He began to orgasm as well.
He pinned her arms down above her head as he rammed his cock back and forth in her.

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   He gritted his teeth, looked towards the sky and screamed as the jets of cum started shooting inside of his daughter.
Her non existent tits would have been bouncing hard if there had been enough of them to bounce. Korrin felt her father’s seed shooting deep inside of her and this made her pleasure triple. She looked more animalistic than ever as she felt wad after wad shoot deep inside of her. Her head thrashed from side to side and drool was coming out of her mouth.
Finally when both of their orgasms were over they collapsed together as one. Phil laid on top of his baby girl until he went soft and eventually fell out of her. Afterwards he cleaned her up with the wash rag and helped her with the ice.
That was the first time that Korrin and Phil ever fucked. But it wasn’t that last.



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