A Father's Nightmare Part 4


I woke up cramped and aching. I opened my eyes. I was in a dog cage at the foot of my daughter’s bed.
So that hadn’t been a dream. My wife was actually allowing my daughter and her friends to keep me as a slave. After Jill left, going god knows where, Sarah’s courage returned and she pulled me out of the cage. Her friends were still pretty freaked out by the encounter with my wife but with Sarah’s encouragement they were all soon using me for their pleasure again. After they left Sarah made me carry the cage up to her room and after a couple of hours tied to her bed and many new bruises from her whip she locked me in it for the night.
It was a long time before I fell asleep but I never heard Jill come home.
I moaned and squirmed around in the small space, trying to get comfortable.
Sarah’s smiling face appeared over the cage.
“Hi Daddy. How’d you sleep?”
“Sarah…Mistress, please let me out of here!”
“Sure. You’ve got to make breakfast for me and Mommy. ” She unlocked the cage and laid back on the bed. “But first get up here and eat my pussy!”
I crawled out of the cage and up onto the bed between my daughter’s legs.

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She slapped me. “And you better show some enthusiasm this time!”
I thought I always did. Though I was trapped in this hellish situation by my devious daughter and her friends, I’d found that I lusted for my daughter’s incredible body. The scent and taste of her pussy drove me wild!
I started licking and sucking. She moaned as I sucked her clit. I buried my face in her hot, wet, swollen pussy and licked as fast and deep as I could. Her thighs squeezed my head and whipped it back and forth painfully as she writhed around on the bed.
She screamed out in orgasm then she grabbed me by the collar and dragged me farther up the bed. She straddled my face, pinning my hands under her knees. I continued licking her pussy as she rode my face to another orgasm.
Then I felt a hot, wet flow that was definitely not her pussy juices. I turned away and pulled my hands free, gagging.
She reached behind me and gave my balls a hard yank. “Stay still, slave! And open your mouth!!”
I lay there helpless as my daughter pissed in my mouth and all over my face and ordered me to swallow.
Then she got off the bed and started getting dressed.

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“Now change those sheets and go get breakfast started. ”
Wearily I got up and started pulling the wet the sheets off the bed.
My daughter sat at the table watching me cook breakfast naked.
“More juice, Daddy. ”
I rushed to refill her glass.
We both turned when my wife entered the room leading another naked man.
“Morning, sweetie. ” She said nonchalantly.
“Mommy!” Sarah gasped. “Who’s that??”
“Oh, this is my slave, Michael. Say hello to my daughter, Michael. ”
“Hello, Mistress. ” He said softly.
He appeared to be barely in his early twenties, nearly half Jill’s age. He was very handsome and in excellent shape.

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   I could see that Sarah was aroused by the sight of his naked body and insanely I felt jealous and a bit embarrassed by my own body even though I was in excellent shape for my age. And by the fact that his dick was quite a bit bigger than mine.
“Go ahead, take a closer look. ” Jill invited.
Sarah walked up to the young man and boldly took his dick in her hand. She stroked it as she groped his muscular body with her other hand. He looked extremely uncomfortable being molested by a teenage girl but he remained silent and kept his eyes on the floor. When she moved away from him his dick stayed standing.
“Wow! I’m so jealous, Mommy!”
Jill chuckled. “Yeah, he’s fun. But it looks like you’ve been having plenty of fun with your father. So tell me, how did you get control of him?”
I served breakfast while my daughter told my wife how she’d enslaved me. When everything was on the table I knelt next to Sarah.
“So how’d you get Michael?”
“Oh I met him at a fetish club. He was looking for an older woman to dominate him.

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   That worked out perfect cause I was looking for a young submissive stud. ” She laughed again.
“Actually, you taking control of your father works out perfect because now I can move him in here. ”
Michael was still standing and she fondled his dick as she talked.
“So he’ll be here all the time now? Ooh, can I borrow him some time?”
“Only if you do your homework. ”They both laughed.
“Hey, I’ve got an idea. Daddy, crawl over there by Michael. ”
I obeyed. I knew what was coming but prayed I was wrong.
“Now suck his dick. ”
I hesitated.
Her whip cracked against my ass. “Now!!”
With a whimper I leaned forward and took about half of the big organ in my mouth.
“Lick it!” Sarah commanded.

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   “Get it wet. Now suck it! I want to see it all the way down your throat, Daddy!”
Michael stood there submissively. My wife obviously had complete control over him. Only his dick gave any response. It was hard and hot and throbbing in my mouth and had swelled to eight inches.
Sucking cock while my wife and daughter watched and laughed. Really, could prison be any worse than this??
“He’s pretty good at that!” Jill said. “I always knew he was a little cock sucker at heart!”
Sarah grabbed the back of my hair and shoved me forward, burying the big cock in my throat. I gagged and she pulled me back. She started pulling me back and forth, ravaging my throat with Michael’s big cock. He stood perfectly still, not helping or resisting.
Finally she shoved me all the way forward, impaling me on the huge cock and held me there. I gagged and he pumped his hips forward and shot his load down my throat.
Sarah pulled me back and hot, thick cum filled my mouth. As she pulled me off of it more cum shot out, splattering my face.

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“Now lick up all that cum. Get that big, beautiful cock clean for Mommy. ”
I leaned forward and started licking the cock clean. This couldn’t get any worse but I knew that somehow it would.
So Michael moved in with Jill and I was moved into Sarah’s room where I slept at the foot of her bed or in the cage according to her whim. Since Jill knew everything now, Sarah didn’t let me wear clothes in the house anymore. The rest of the girls got over the scare Jill gave them and now they were around the house constantly. Michael was only twenty-two but he came with a big trust fund which Jill now controlled, so she had no problem with the girls spending all the money I made. We were still technically married but I was under girls’ complete control, especially Sarah. Jill did, however, give the girls lots of cruel new ideas.
Sarah obviously lusted after Michael and I couldn’t help feeling jealous. Finally Jill had to go on a business trip(a real one, I assume. ), and couldn’t take Michael with her. Sarah was ecstatic at the prospect of having him to herself for two days.
Jill was getting ready to go.

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   I was at the sink doing the dishes.
“Okay, have fun. Call me if you need anything. ”
“I will. Bye, Mommy. ”
“Bye, baby. ”
Michael came in from putting Jill’s bags in the car.
“Remember, Michael, Sarah’s in charge. Do whatever she tells you or she’ll punish you. Then when I get home I‘ll punish you. ” She squeezed his balls threateningly.
“Yes Mistress. ” He grunted.
She released his balls then he knelt and kissed Jill’s shoes and she left.
“Stand up, Michael.

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  ” Sarah said.
She took his balls in her hand and led him up the stairs.
“Come on, Daddy. You too. ”
I slowly followed them up the stairs. The next two days were going to be hell.
When I got to Sarah’s room she already had Michael on the bed and was tying him down. I stood there silently, hoping she’d just forget about me.
No such luck.
“Come here, Daddy. ”
I shuffled forward. Of course I knew what was coming.
She took his big, flaccid cock in her hand. “Make it nice and hard for your little girl, Daddy. ”
I knelt by the bed and started licking.

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   When he stood erect I looked questioningly at Sarah.
“Keep going, Daddy. I want it as big and hard as you can get it. ”
I took his dick in my mouth and started to suck and bob my head up and down. I took it as deep as I could. Better to get it over with before she ordered me to do it.
“Okay, okay, Daddy. That’s good. ” She giggled. “I didn’t say you had to use your mouth. You must really love sucking cock, huh?”
I turned bright red, realizing I could have used my hand. “No Mistress. ”
“Yes you do. And since you love it so much I’m gonna make you do it more often. Now kneel over there and watch me fuck Mommy‘s big stud.

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Sarah took off her clothes and climbed up on top of Michael.
She smiled her superior smile down at the helpless male under her. “Does Mommy tie you up like this, Michael?”
“Y-yes Mistress. ”
“Have you ever been tied up and fucked by a high school girl before?”
“No Mistress. ”
“Well Daddy has, haven’t you Daddy?”
“Yes Mistress. ” I sighed.
“Tell him how much fun it was. ”
“It…was fun. ” I mumbled.
I couldn’t believe how jealous I felt as my daughter slid back onto that big, hard cock. She continued to humiliate him as she bounced up and down on his cock. My own started to get hard watching her. Even though my daughter was a sadistic bitch, participating was a lot more fun than watching.
“Get over here, Daddy!” She gasped. “I want your tongue!”
She pulled me in between them where I could lick her clit as she bounced up and down.


   Of course it wasn’t easy and I also tongued the thick, hard shaft of Michael’s cock quite a bit, tasting Sarah’s juices on it.
Sarah sank all the way down on his cock and grabbed me by the hair, cramming my face against her. I sucked hard on her clit as she screamed and came.
“Ahhhh, that was fucking awesome!” She gasped.
She rolled over and sprawled across Michael, spreading her legs. Thick, white cum leaked out of her pussy.
“Clean me up, Daddy. Yes, you have to use your tongue this time. ”
I moved to the humiliating chore of eating another man’s cum out of my daughter’s pussy then kept licking till she came again.
“Now, since you love cock so much, Daddy, you may suck Michael off. ”
She slid back and sat on his stomach as I knelt to take the semi-hard cock in my mouth.
Just then the doorbell rang.
“Oh, there’s Katie and Cindy. Go let them in, Daddy. ”
I’d completely forgotten that I was supposed to take Katie and Cindy horseback riding today but for once I would be very glad to see them.

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   I let them in and led them up to Sarah’s room.
She had pulled on a robe. “Hi guys!”
“Hi Sarah. Whoa!” Katie said as her eyes fell on Michael.
“Man, your mom’s slave is so hot!” Cindy said.
“Yep. And this weekend he’s all mine!” She stroked his dick.
The girls all pawed and groped the helpless man in the bed.
“You’re just in time. Daddy was about to suck his dick. ”
“Oh boy! I bet Daddy’s a great little cock sucker!”
They all sat down and leaned forward eagerly.
Sarah gave me a little shove. “Get to it, Daddy!”



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