A Father's Nightmare Part 2


After I got Sarah off several times she sat down on the couch. She ordered me to get under her skirt and keep licking more slowly.
She pulled out her cell phone and made a call.
“Hi Katie. It’s all set. Yep, I told you. He’s down on his knees right now licking my pussy. Seriously. ” She pushed the phone down by me. “Say hi to Katie, daddy. ”
“Uh, hi Katie. ” I mumbled.
Sarah pulled the phone away so I didn’t hear her respond.
“So come on over as soon as you can. You call Cindy and Tina. I’ll call Diane.

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   Okay. Bye. ”
A pause while she dialed a new number.
“Hi Diane. It’s all set. My father is our new slave!” She laughed. “Yeah, sure. ” She held out the phone to me again. “She wants to talk to you. ”
This time she let me take it.
“Hi Jim. It’s Mistress Diane. What are you doing?”
I didn‘t know how I was gonna say this out loud. “L-l-licking S-sarah…”
“Licking Sarah? What?”
“Pussy!” I growled out.
She giggled.

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   “Lucky bitch. I’m so jealous her and Katie and Cindy already got to have some fun with you. I’m coming over right now to take my turn. Put your daughter back on. ”
I handed the phone back to Sarah and went back to licking. She talked for a few more seconds and then hung up.
A few minutes later the doorbell rang.
“Go get that. ”
“No you can’t put on clothes. It’ll be one of the girls. Go!”
I looked through the peephole and saw Cindy standing on the porch. I opened the door, half hiding behind it so I couldn’t be seen from the street.
“Oh my god!” She squealed with delight. “I honestly didn’t believe it until I saw it for myself!”
She walked in laughing and slapped my dick.
“Did you like the tape, Mr.

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  …uh, Jim?”
I didn’t say anything. A week ago I was lusting after this little bitch. Now I just wanted to kill her.
“Where are your manners, slave?? Say hello to your Mistress!”
“Hello Mistress. ”
She walked into the living room. “Your father needs a lot of training. ”
“Tell me about it. ” Sarah replied. “Did you bring it?”
“Right here. ”
Cindy was very into horseback riding . My eyes bulged as she pulled a riding crop out of her backpack. She flicked it against her palm.
She giggled. “Look! I think he’s trembling. Come here, slave.

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My mind was racing. How could this be happening?? There must be some way out of this!
But Sarah was right, this was still better than prison. I would have to play along until I could get control of the situation.
I went to Cindy and bent over as she instructed. She hit me with the crop. Man that thing stung! But I was determined not to give them a response.
“You are to call us all ‘Mistress’. Do you understand?”
“Yes Mistress. ” I grunted.
“And you will obey our every command or you’ll get a lot worse than this. ”
“Yes Mistress. ”
“And you better keep us entertained if you want us to keep you around. ”
“Yes Mistress. ”
“And just so you don’t forget…”
Cindy viciously attacked me with the whip. She beat me for several minutes.

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   I gritted my teeth, determined not to scream.
“Whoa! You don’t hit your horse like that, do you?” Sarah laughed.
“Of course not! I’d never hurt my baby!” She started rubbing her crotch against my enflamed bare ass through her thin shorts. “But I would like to ride this little bitch!”
She jumped up onto my back and I stumbled and caught myself against the wall. Both girls giggled hysterically. I was actually relieved when the doorbell rang.
Cindy slid off my back and told me to go get it. I limped into the hall rubbing my stinging ass. It was Tina. Tina was a cute little redhead. I hadn’t seen her in a while. She always seemed like a pretty nice girl to me. Now she was here to dominate me and I was answering the door naked.
“Hello Mistress. ” I mumbled.

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“It really worked!” She giggled and skipped into the living room with the other girls.
I sighed and followed her.
Sarah came up and started groping me. My daughter.
“What do you think, Tina? Cool huh?”
She wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and picked up the crop. She flicked it against my dick. She kept doing it. Harder and harder. Thankfully her hand shielded my balls.
Then she whacked it really hard.
“Ow shit! Sarah!!” I stepped back, pulling out of her grip, and bumped into the wall.
She stepped toward me. “Go ahead, daddy. Hit me. You’ll live to regret it.

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I realized that my right hand was raised to strike. Sarah glared at me, completely unafraid. She knew she was in control. I slowly lowered my hand.
Her hand shot out and grabbed me by the balls. She squeezed and I shrieked like a little girl. I clawed weakly at her wrist but that just increased the tugging and crushing pressure on my fragile genitals.
“Next time you raise your hand to me I’ll rip these off you useless shit!”
With one final jerk she let go and I sank to the floor sobbing. Why was she doing this to me?? My daughter! Sarah had always been pretty much the ringleader of her group of friends and I had no doubt this was all her idea. When had my little girl turned into such a sadistic bitch?
I sat there for a while sobbing at the agony in my balls. I’d been completely broken down by a teenage girl.
The doorbell rang again.
“Answer that, slave. ” Sarah said.
I lurched to my feet very slowly but there was no question of disobeying.

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Katie and Diane stood on the porch. The two could have been sisters. Diane had long black hair and pretty big breasts for an asian girl. She was smiling and pretty and I couldn’t believe this lovely girl was the cruel bitch I’d talked to on the phone.
I opened the door and Katie giggled. “Hi there Mr. Sanders!”
“Hello Mistresses. ” I sighed.
“Wow!” Diane grabbed my dick, brushing against my bruised balls and making me whimper. She looked up at my tear stained face. “Looks like they’ve already been having some fun with you, huh?”
“Yep. ” Sarah said, stepping out of the living room. “Daddy made me punish him a little. But he’s learned his lesson, right Daddy?”
“Hey that’s cute. Why don’t we all call him Daddy?” Katie said.

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All the girls agreed.
“Hear that, Daddy?” Sarah said. “You’ve got four new daughters. Isn’t that nice? Five daughters to fuck you and whip you and do whatever they want with you. ”
“Yes Mistress. ”
“Come on, let’s go upstairs. ”
She grabbed me by the dick and led me up the stairs. They all crowded into my room and Sarah told me to lay down on the bed. They pulled out a bunch of scarves and tied me tightly to the bed. Sarah took my dick and started stroking it and against my will my dick grew in my daughter’s hand. She tied a rubber strap tightly around dick and balls.
Now all the girls took turns using the whip on my chest, stomach, and thighs. Thankfully they stayed away from my balls. They laughed and chatted like they were at a party, which I suppose technically, they were. They all giggled and teased me whenever I let out a whimper, rubbing my nose in my helplessness.

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They all started taking off their clothes while they discussed who would “get him first”. I blinked the tears out of my eyes and admired their fantastic young bodies. I was trapped in a situation worse than anything I’d ever imagined here but at least I was going to get some sex. I’d have to get what I could out of this ordeal if I was going to stay sane.
I stared at my daughter’s sexy, naked body. I wanted to fuck her. I felt nothing for her anymore but hate and lust and I knew if our positions were reversed I’d rape the little bitch till she bled.
I was disappointed that Diane was going first. She climbed up on top of me. My disappointment waned as she started rubbing her sweet young body against me. I was just frustrated that I couldn’t touch her.
She smiled down at me. “Ready, Daddy?”
She slid back onto my dick and started fucking me. I tried to slam up into her pussy, to hurt her any way I could, but the pain in my balls was too great and I was forced to lay there submissively as she used my dick however she wanted.
“Oh yes! Oh Daddy, your dick’s so big!” She gasped as she came, squeezing and caressing her fantastic breasts.


Her pussy clamped down on my dick and I thrust up into her again, even though it was agony on my balls, and came inside her. She crawled forward and thrust her dripping pussy in my face.
“Clean my pussy, Daddy. Clean it good. ”
As I licked my cum out of her tight little pussy I felt the whip flicking against my semi-soft dick again. Not hard but just hard enough to be painful and bring me back to erection. I had no doubt it was my daughter(my real daughter) doing this to me.
Tina got on top of me next. She shoved her tits in my face and made me suck and lick them. They were pretty small but still nice. Then she slid back and impaled herself on my cock. She was so tight it hurt. She bounced up and down on my cock till she came. I didn’t cum inside her but she made me lick her pussy anyway.
Now it was Sarah’s turn.

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   My sadistic daughter was going to rape me.
She climbed up on top of me and smiled down at me. Her cold eyes drilled into mine. “Having fun, Daddy?”
I hesitated because I honestly couldn’t think of an answer. I really couldn’t think about anything. But I knew I wanted to fuck her. It seemed like the only kind of petty, insignificant revenge I could get.
“Yes Mistress. ”
She started fucking me. I slammed up into her even though it hurt.
“Oh yeah! Harder Daddy!” She shouted as she rode me. “Harder! Harder!!”
I gave it to her as hard as I could even though she was loving it and I was in agony. I couldn’t stop and my pain wracked brain couldn’t decide if I was obeying her commands or doing it of my own free will.
I started to cum inside her and she slammed down onto my dick, burying it all the way inside her and crushing my balls.
    Through the blinding pain I kept cumming and I wasn’t even aware that it was over until hot wet pussy was in my face and I started licking on my daughter’s command.

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    Katie and Cindy each took their turn riding my exhausted, aching dick. By this time I was completely drained mentally, physically, and emotionally and I just obeyed robotically, getting no satisfaction out of it.
    The girls left me to rest for a while then they all came back dressed and untied me while informing me that we were going to the mall.
    I dressed and cleaned myself up as well as I could. One of the girls pulled out a pair of handcuffs and they secured my hands behind my back. We all piled into the van. Sarah drove and I sat in the back between Cindy and Diane. They pulled my dick out of my pants and played with it and taunted me as we drove.
    At the mall they took the cuffs off, of course, then they dragged me from store to store, charging up my credit cards. They all called me “Daddy” and took any chance they could to order me around. They all tried on new bathing suits and modeled them for me, teasing me with their sexy young bodies, and asking my opinion. A couple of them even sat on my lap and rubbed against me. Cindy flashed her incredible D cup breasts at me while no one was watching. I couldn’t imagine what people thought of the scene they were making but the girls seemed to know exactly how far they could go and restrained themselves somewhat.
    At home they opened the wine they made me buy and brought out some pot.

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       Mercifully they let me have a few puffs and while they laughed and talked and went through their purchases I crawled around on the floor, naked again, licking their sweet little pussies, refilling their glasses, and doing anything else they demanded.
    A few hours later I lay on the couch and all the girls sat watching a movie. My cruel daughter’s hot little ass was bare on my face. Katie, the lightest thankfully, sat on my chest. Cindy’s fantastic ass ground into my dick, Tina and Diane were crowded on my legs.
    The movie was over and all the girls started to get up and yawn and stretch. I gasped for breath.
    “Ah, what a night! I’m exhausted. ” Katie said.
    The others murmured agreement.
    “Wait, who gets Daddy for the night?” Sarah asked.
    “Why don’t you take him?” Diane said. “He’s your father. Anyway I’m too tired to have any fun with him. ”
    So I got up and followed my daughter up to my room while the other girls went to bed.

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    Sarah closed and locked the door and seemed to perk up instantly. She told me to get up on the bed on my knees and tied my wrists to my ankles so my face was pressed into the mattress and my ass stuck up in the air. She then proceeded to beat me with anything and everything she could find. Hangers, cords, hair brushes, my wife’s shoes and belts. By the time she stopped, gasping for breath I was a blubbering, sobbing mess. She lay down next to me.
    “Sarah why are you doing this to me??” I moaned. “I never hurt you. I loved you. I gave you everything you wanted. ”
    She laughed as she started untying me. “Because I can, Daddy. Because it’s fun. And I love to hear you scream! Now get over here and lick my tits. ”
    Sarah lay there while I licked and kissed and worshipped every inch of her beautiful young body.

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       It ended, of course, with her pussy. I was getting to know the taste of my daughter’s pussy better than my wife’s. And frankly, she tasted better. I licked her to three intense orgasms then she fell asleep with me still there between her legs.
    Now was the time to get up and figure something out. Some way out of this crazy mess. How could I find those tapes? There had to be a way……
    I drifted off to sleep with my head resting on my daughter’s warm, soft thigh.



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