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I said I already do all the work around the house plus the cooking what more can I do. I want you to sleep with your father give him your virginity and keep him fullfilled. I cried that was wrong but if dad agreed I would do it for her. Mom said to go start dinner and when dad got home to tell him she wished to speak to him. I could her raised voices upstairs in her room for a long time. Then the door opened and dad came downstair's he said to take mom's dinner up she wanted to talk to me. Mom told me dad said only if I agreed. I said I did but I didn't know what to do. Mom said this first time she would be with me evey step of the way. Now go take a long bath put on your robe and come back to me. I was so nervous would it happen tonight ,would I like it and then I thought about how wrong it was. I entered mom's room about a hour latter she asked me if I ever played with my pussey before or ever had a orgasm?I told her me and my freind played with each other and licked each other one time and i had been playing with it ever since. Then I told her about letting my old boyfriend put his finger's in me a little bit. Did you touch him she asked?I licked his penis a little but he was pushing to let him put it in me and I got scared.

She was sitting up in bed reclining against the hedboard she told me to take off my robe and lay up against her for support and she told dad to come in. Dad looked at me and said I had breast's like mom's nice and large with big nipples.

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  He came to me and aked if I was sure I nodded yes. He nudged my leg's apart and said he was going to make feel good and relaxed. That's when he licked my pussy it felt so good That I started cumming it was running out of me. Dad said it was wonderfull mom asked him if I should suck on him Dad said no his dick was ready to explode now. When dad removed his pant's I got really scared his penis was huge. Mom took my hand's in her's and dad moved over me took my nipple in his mouth and started sucking it was wonderfull as he was doing that I could feel the head of his penis poking me and finally gaining entrance I tensed up and mom said to relax it would only hurt a few second's and then it would be the most amazing feeling's I ever felt. Dad pushed in to the barrier and told me he loved me and would make me feel great in a little while and how proud he was that I was taking mom's place . With that he pulled out a way's and ramed his cock in tearing right threw me i screamed and mom started rubbing me telling me how good I was doing and that was the hardest part in a few second's it would start feeling better. Dad started moving mom told me to match his movement's and I would find that wonderfull feeling again. The pain was gone and I could feel my juices starting to flow out dad was sucking my other nipple now and kneading my breast I was starting to feel my orgasm building up and then exploding dad said let it come baby girl that's it your feeling it now. Dad then pulled out and squirted all over my stomach and breast's. We all layed there together for awhile mom and dad told me thankyou. Mom said I was really lucky not everone get's fucked with a 18 inch penis and I should cherish it like she did. Dad carried me to the bathroom and washed me in the tub then dried me off kissed me and said ready to go to your new bed?Dad told me ha would teach me new thing's in a few day's after I healed he tore me pretty bad but was so surprised i could take his whole penis in me.
    Mom was sure right because dad hurried home from work everyday to fuck me.

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       We had some form of sex at least 3 times aday. It took alot of practice before I could deep throat him like mom. He never went anywhere again and he made mom's last day's great she was so happy. Mom died a year later dad and me sold the house and left town. I now live with dad as his wife we love each other very much. I'm 26 year's old today and 9 months pregnant with dad's baby . He didn't want me to have a baby but gave in . We went to a sperm bank dad had a vassectomy because he said a child we had could be deformed or retarded. But he said this baby I'm carring is his in everyway and is as excited as I am. We have a great sex life mom was right dad is over sexed and need's it alot. He has taught me so much and I find I liked to be dominated by him. After all I am still his little girl and will alway's be. I can't wait to be finished nursing this new baby because dad won't let me get nipple piercing done till then since we are only having one child do to the extra cost with this procedure. I want him to torture my nipple's like in our movies it makes me horny just thinking about it but that will be another story. Hope I did all right never wrote a story before.

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