A Fathers Diciplin


Agatha Udimo was born in October of 1858 to a wealthy mother and father, named Jane and Owen. Her upbringing was strictly Christian with her Learning in a Young Ladies Christian College from the age of six.

Despite this simply being her way of life Agatha never accepted it, and while she played the Charade well in front of friends and family, behind the scenes Agatha was being a bad influence and looking for bad influences in turn.
To really understand this part in Agatha's life we need to talk about another character, his name is Keegan Karillion; He was a Celtic Eagle Warrior Chief in Ireland, with his Wife Keely and six children. Keegan was forced to abandon his people and family when all havoc let loose in the forms of the Irish Catholics whom killed Keenan’s wife and children in their sleep when he was out hunting. This resulted in a bloody battle that was not won by either side but left hundreds dead.

Keegan Migrated to America into the Wealthy town of Benniville in 1868 (when Agatha was just 18 and he 36), surrounded by White Catholics from all walks of life, that were brought together by the fact they were all wealthy. He moved there hoping to find some decent work, but was fortunate enough to gain the affections of Pricilla ColdHeart, the towns local 'Madame, a woman of high standards whom was left a fortune by her elderly (and clearly dead) husband. Ms Coldheart proposed Marriage to Keegan Karillion, which he duly accepted as a means for survival in this new town. Ms Coldheart and Keegan went on to have 3 children, one girl, and two older boys.
By the time Keenan’s oldest boy was eight and his youngest boy was two Agatha Udimo was eighteen years old and just starting college doing a degree in the arts, Keegan had celebrated his Fourty Fourth Birthday and he and Agatha had been having an affair for one year. They had both met when Agatha was fifteen, she was on her way home from high school on the coldest day of winter yet and she'd just dropped everything into a puddle of slushy snow as she started crossing the road ahead of her. Being the gentile man he was he rushed over and helped her. From then they were almost inseparable, explainable to her parent's and his wife that he was just tutoring her, and seeing as he was fortunately wealthy, he did not need to charge.

Their relationship quickly became flirtatious and Agatha frequently babysat for Mrs Coldheart while she was out and Keegan "had things to do". Resulting in frequent romantic evenings in Keenan’s mansion.

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   Their intimacy never went all the way, With Agatha being so young he dared not do anything too risky, that isn't to say they hadn't touched flesh, they had, many many times.

Keegan knew what he was doing was wrong, he knew he was being unfaithful, and was doing illegal things with an under aged girl. What's more he knew things would become hellish if she fell pregnant or anyone found out. After all, the whole town of Benniville was ferociously religious and Agatha's husband would be chosen for her from the wealthiest of the families. In fact, unbeknown to her, Agatha’s Parent's had already chosen the boy who would become their son in law, and purchased property for them all by the time Agatha was sixteen, her husband to be was the same age and it was deemed they would marry on their twenty second year.
When Agatha awoke on the first morning she found out, she felt terrible and was immediately sick all over herself. Being an active girl Agatha hadn't been sick very often; in fact she could hardly remember even having a cold, so knowing this she dare not tell her mother and father. She begged her maid not to let anyone to know and to fix up the bedding by mid day as she got up and ready for her lessons. She did not tell anyone, nor did she even go see a doctor all for fear that someone would spread the rumour and her family would disown her.

What happened was worse, and far more horrific and life ruining than she could have imagined. Agatha had a very important interview for an art school in France and her mother was helping prepare her in the morning. Jane immediately saw a distinct bump on Agatha's stomach as she de-robed herself and flew into hysteria before Agatha even stepped into the water. She started screaming "What have you done! What is that on your body? You sinner, you sinning little bitch. " while screaming it she had been throwing things at Agatha, her wooden brush, her towels her shoes and in a fit of rage she began to slap her till her skin swelled into huge welts all over her body, bruises easily appearing where the brush and shoes had hit her. Jane pushed Agatha violently into the shallow bath before running out and slamming the door, locking it leaving Agatha in there with nothing but her wet towel, which had fallen in the bath when it was thrown by her mother.

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Agatha stayed cold and shivering in the bathroom, sobbing her heart out without notice from her mother, until 30 minutes before her father was due home. Jane came back into the bathroom, grabbed Agatha’s long blonde hair and started dragging her down the hallways to her room. Not once did she say a word as Agatha scream for her to please stop and let her go. Jane threw her roughly into the room and spat at her as she lay naked on the floor, she said in deathly tones "You're a hoar and you're not to leave this room till I say so. "
There was a harsh thud as Agatha's body was thrown to the floor; her eyes flew open to the assault, a light blinding her temporarily in the dark early hours. Her father was yelling at her to get up as he ripped his daughters clothing off. She stood naked in front of her father, terrified while her mother lay sleeping one story above. In the complete silence there followed a cracking snap as Owen hit Agatha across the face sending her sprawling on the floor and sliding back before she hit her steel framed bed.

"You. You . . . “Agatha’s father's voice trembled with broken pride and pure hatred for his daughter. " Have had the best upbringing we could offer you, and in the Lords eyes you DARED!" He leant down over the top of Agatha’s quavering figure as she started to yell, flecks of saliva polluting her flesh. "TO SELL YOURSELF LIKE A SLUT!" At this proclamation he grabbed Agatha's arms tightly as he started to slap and kick her repeatedly, throwing blows to her back and head before he picked her up by the hair and dragged her down the stairs into the cellar, he shook her vigorously continually calling yelling "You're a slut! A Hoar! A little bitch! YOU AREN'T WORTH ANYTHING" before he threw her into the small bunker .

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Owen stood above his quivering young daughter as she cried, begging him to stop. He watched her as she tried to stand up, grabbing her arm to assist her before he turned her around roughly.
    “Get on your knees and bend over you dirty hoar, Daddy’s going to show you how women like you are meant to be used!” he whispered deadly into her ear pushing her back down onto her knees. Agatha was still crying, oblivious to her father’s intentions until he tied her wrists up and she heard the buttons on his pants popping. She flew into a panic, trying to wriggle out of the way, out of his grip as she knelt behind her, hands like vices on her petite hips.

    Her father, Owen, started to rub his long thick 9 inch penis up and down his daughter dry scared pussy, lubricating it with his pre-cum. Leaning over her small body he whispered in a husky aroused voice “I wonder how tight my dirty hoar is after selling herself for nothing to only God knows who. ” Owen then sandwiched his giant penis between his little girls pussy lips like a hot dog and began moving back and forth, letting her pre-cum lubricated pussy masturbated his rock hard penis, taunting Agatha as she cried, her upper body suspended on the bunker posts unable to do anything to stop her thick cocked daddy.

    “Please Daddy stop, I swear I’ll be good, we can get rid of the Baby we can and everything will be normal!” She wept, tears saliva and snot running down her face, little did she know, only making her father want to rape her more. Owen adjusted his legs as she started to poke the entrance to her now involuntarily soaking wet pussy, he gently masturbated his thick cock tip pushing it in, out, in, out ever so slowly to the rhythm of his daughters whimpering sobs. “Mmmmy, baby hoar, you are one tight bit of flesh, I think your daddy better take care of that!” and with that last word Owen rammed his giant pulsating cock inside his little girls pussy.

    Agatha let out a scream, unable to muffle her noises with anything her father reached forward with a rope and gagged her before starting to play with her huge bouncing breasts, twisting her nipples erect with his rough thumbs as he started ramming his huge member into his baby girls petite body, grazing her knees with the force he fucked her, shoving her along the rough cellar floor. “Oh fuck yeah Baby you’re one tight little slut. ” Owen continued slamming his cock inside his babies pussy, his huge ball sack slamming against her lush bruised thighs, he started to spasm, cupping Agatha’s breasts tightly, pumping them roughly and bruising them red as she slammed himself into her, knocking her knees from under her as he came inside her with a rocking force, his come filling her up to the brim, so much so it started pooling out of her, down the sides of her legs and onto the floor.

    Owen was quick to stand up, leaving his trousers off and pointing his still hot erect cock straight out as she grabbed Agatha, twisting her around, her arms locks together, forcing her to sit in her father’s still harm and slick come.

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       “Look what you made me do! You filthy little bitch. ” He spat his words with venom at his pathetically abused daughter as ne knelt in front of her. Owen scooped up a handful of his own come and forced it into his daughter mouth as she tried moving away, begging her daddy with protest. As Agatha gagged on her Daddy’s come, trying to spit it out Owen took the opportunity to ram his cock straight into her mouth down to the back of her throat. He smiled down on his baby girl as he vigorously raped her mouth, loving the feeling of her plump lips on his shaft. But loving the feeling of her rigid throat on the tip of his penis, he started deep throating his little girl, his thick cock invading her so deeply and quickly thatAgatha had no time to breath.

    Seeing his daughter had passed out he got turned on even more, muttering to himself about how good a daddy he’d been to such a cum loving hoar, that he came quickly and vastly into her mouth, filling another of her orifices with his come, leaving it to pool in her mouth till she gained conciseness.
    This is only part one. There is plenty more to come if you like this.