A Fantasy Come True


That afternoon also I was hovering around her chit chatting about mundane things as she was weeding her garden and me getting an eyeful of those large breasts bulging out of her neckline.

Since she was stooping those great globes were dying to spill out of her neckline turning me on to such an extent that it was really getting very hard for me to take my eyes away from them and hide my massive hard-on. I literally developed a pain in my neck straining to get a glimpse of her nipples through the opening. Anyway my torture ended when she finished and stood up. As usual it was time for lunch and we headed towards the house. Once inside she decided to have a breather first and lunch later on. She plopped down on the reclinerand commented as to how her shoulders needed a good massage and I promptly offerred to do the honours. As I started massaging the shoulders with her eyes closed I was having once again a very good view of her magnificent cleavage. My hands started increasing the circular movements around the shoulders and going down her chest slowly but definitely.
    I could hear her murmur something to the effect as to how soothing the massage was feeling. Getting bolder my hands were now concentrating more on her upper chest than the shoulders and sensing that she was not the least minding it or mindful they started moving further down and in between the deep cleavage. My fingers could now feel the bulges enveloping them. By this time I was so enchanted that I lost any inhibitions and started feeling those bulges only. My hands started creeping over them and under her blouse. I could feel their hotness and their softness. As I moved my hands fully over them I got the feel of those nipples and felt them already taut.

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       Like the breasts, they were also large. Suddenly I found her hands unbuttoning the blouse and parting the folds. My eyes bulged out watching those great breasts revealed in all their finery with proud large nipples standing out distinctly surrounded by big dark aureole. . . . . . . . . . . Chapter II next week.



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