A Family Affair (part one)


I continued to run my tongue up and down my eleven-year-old daughter's soaked clit. We started out in a 69 position with her on top and sucking my seven-inch cock and me on the bottom with her legs spread as far as she could go to get the full effect of my long pointy tongue on her clit. She sucked me pretty good for what had to be almost a minute but as with all the other times we had been here she couldn't concentrate on it for very long as her own pleasures began to overwhelm her. I didn’t mind really, I mean I was getting off pretty fucking good just doing this!
“Daddyyyyy, I-I can’t hold it much longer!” Sara gasped.
“Try baby,” I muttered between licks. “Remember what I told you, make it last it’ll feel even better. ”
I resumed licking and her rock hard little clit and meanwhile began to insert a finger just inside her tight little pussy, knowing this would drive her over the edge in seconds, but not really caring about making her pleasure last longer. It was just a thrill watching her skinny little legs shake ever so slightly and to feel her body jerk back and forth as she tried to obey her father’s wishes.
Sara and I had been fooling around like this for about six months now. Her mom had left us for another women of all things, a long time ago. I had taken her virginity only 8 days ago, but her tasty little pussy with all its features and aromas was my favorite pass time.
“Daddy I gotta let it go,” She could barely get the words out through her heavy moaning and breathing.
I shoved my finger deep inside her tight little pussy just as I sucked as hard as I could manage on her small clit. This of coarse sent her over the edge.
“eeeeeeeeeeee! Ohhhhhh godddddd!” Sara screamed loud enough to wake up the dead as her juices hit me in the face and mouth. Her whole body shook with what had to be at least four orgasms from her head right down to her toes and she fell off me, landing hard on my king sized bed.

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   Her breathing was so heavy and her eyes rolled to the back of her head several times. At first I almost thought she was hyperventilating, but her breathing slowly began to calm down and I smiled at her as I bent over to give her a little kiss, making sure my tongue slipped to the back of her throat as I did so. As I pulled away she smiled up at me.
“Dad, that was the best one ever!” Sara exclaimed.
“Your welcome, baby. ”
“uhhhh. ”
We both glanced at the half open bedroom door and then back at each other. I gave Sara a wink.
“Our peeping tom is back,” I whispered.
“Go get him,” I heard the excitement in my daughter’s voice. We had intentionally left the light on so our nightly visitor could get a good view this time.
“Are you sure?”
“yep,” Sara’s reply and her reassuring smile was all the prompting I needed. I crept from the room still in my birthday suit with my rock hard, hairy cock standing at attention. I was so horny at what I was about to do I thought I would cum all over the carpet before I even reached the door.
Easing it open, I spotted what I fully expected to….

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   My 12-year-old son with his pants to his ankles and his little pecker in his hand. He was stoking it so furiously he hadn’t even noticed me standing there.
“Jason…. ” I knew I had startled him and he must’ve been about ready to cum because as he dropped his hands to his hand and gazed up at me with a look of terror on his face he began to shoot his load uncontrollably. It shot straight up in the air and landed between us on the floor.
Instinctively he reached for his pants still draped around his ankles.
“Don’t!” I ordered him, a little more forcefully then I planned.
He just stood there; his face beat red and his little 4-inch cock quickly softening between his legs.
“D-Dad…. I-I…. ”
“You don’t have to explain son,” I said trying to sound reassuring. “Your not in trouble. In fact, your sister and I want you to join us. ”
He was speechless; unable to fathom what I was saying I suppose. Or perhaps wondering if this was some sort of trick or maybe thinking it was a dream come true I can’t be sure.

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“You can leave those out here you won’t be needing them for a while,” I stated, pointing to his pants. “Come on. ”
I turned and started back inside and watched as Jason turned and looked back down the hall as if expecting somebody to catch him. Somebody else anyway.
I watched as he kicked off his clothes and began following his naked father back into the bedroom. As I strolled across the room and sat down next to my still naked daughter I turned and saw that Jason had stopped in the doorway, looking a bit embarrassed I would have to say.
“Hey bro come on in the party’s over here. ”
Slowly Jason made his way toward the bed and as he got within arms reach of us I saw him stop and look down at his dick, which had now become solid as a rock again. He looked up and I swear you could’ve lit a match on his face.
“ Just relax son, your sister here is gonna take reeeeeeally good care of you,” I nodded to Sara and watched with a smile as she dropped to her knees in front of her brother’s cock. It was about half the size of mine and had the faint traces of hair around the balls, a sure sign that my little boy was on his way through puberty.
“Just like I taught you, remember baby?”
“I know daddy. ”
Slowly she began licking her big brothers balls, tracing over them with her tongue and working her way slowly up the shaft with the tip. I almost laughed as I saw Jason shudder and his head tilted back with so much pleasure written on his face. Sara looked up at him and smiled, knowing that her inexperienced brother was about to get a sex lesson from little sis.

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I knew what was about to happen as I saw Jason begin to twitch ever so slightly from the workings of Sara’s tongue. She could probably deep throat that little cock of his, but I was starting to think she wouldn’t have a chance. And I was right. As Sara worked her way up her brother’s cock and began slowly licking his very sensitive knob I saw Jason look over to me for just a quick second and then back down at Sara.
“S-Sisss…. ” He barely managed to get out as his inexperienced 12-year-old cock shot sperm all over his sisters face. It kept erupting like a fountain and Sara just staying there and took it all as Jason let out several loud moans and words nobody could make out through his premature ejaculation.
When he finally came down from what had to be the best orgasm of his young life his face once again became red with embarrassment as he realized what he had just done.
“Don’t worry son, it was your first experience, you’ll be able to control it a little better each time. ”
“Yeah and since I’m not going to get to suck your dick I guess we’ll just move on to the best part,” Sara smiled at her little brother and turned back to the bed. We both watched as she spread herself wide open, letting her big brother know that she was open for business just for him!
To be continued



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