A dirty obsession


Here he was again, home alone on a morning searching through his mothers underwear drawer. Gary loved to look in her drawers when he was alone, trying on different panties and thongs, occasionally with bras at the same time. He liked to wear them and get his 6 inch cock hard, before stroking it whilst wearing his mum's panties. He was always alone in the mornings because his mother worked in the mornign, his father worked all day, and his older brother only came home at random times it suited him.
Usually, just before cumming Gary would pull his cock out of the side of her panties so not to cum in them and arouse suspicion, but today he was lost in his own world. It had been almost a month since he last tried on her underwear and he was hard with excitement before even sliding on the black thong, after which he admired himself shortly before laying on her bed and beginning to masturbate. He was 21 now and had been doing sneaking into her drawers since he was 15, yet still he was intrigued by his now 45 year old mothers panties. He had become used to thinking of her while he wanked, secretly wishing one day he could own up or be caught and live out his fantasy of naked fun with his mum. Of course neither his mother or father had any clue, but with his mum only working mornings and being home in the afternoons meant he only had until around lunchtime to have panty fun.
His fantasy was that his mum would secretly know or find out, and eventually have sex with him, which would develop into a secret affair where they would fuck everytime they were home alone or knew they couldn't be caught, even though he knew it was crazy and against the odds. He didn't know why he was attracted to her, she wasn't the prettiest of women or in the best shape but he liked that. She was a plump size 18, and the chubbyness didn't bother him at all, mainly because her breasts obviously seemed bigger, and he thought her big bum was sexy.
He was busy wanking in the thong, wondering why his mum had thongs and g-strings only to never wear them, which led to thoughts of her sexy big ass in one of her thongs bending over the bed for him. It drove him crazy, he jerked faster feeling his orgasm approach but it happened too fast, his hot cum spurted out of his cock into the thong and onto his hand bringing him great pleasure and relief, which turned to shock. What would he do to not be found out? He had never gone as far as to wank into her panties, so he panicked. He cleaned himself up and hid the thong until he could wash it in secret.


Later that day his mum came home from work, and as usual he acted innocent like nothing had gone on while he was alone. Sticking to his own tradition he made sure he was upstairs somewhere he could walk by his mothers room watchin her strip to her bra and panties from her uniform. His mother never was too bothered that her son could see her hardly dressed or totally naked because it never occured to her that he was secrety watching and becoming sexually aroused.
She started talking to him about her day as he stood trying to make sure his mum couldn't see his stiffening member, desperate to escape the prison of his jeans. She had now changed into different clothes and made her excuses to be alone. Gary left his mother's room wondering why she wanted to be alone.
In her room, Gary's mum started looking for what she could wear tonight to try get some attention from her husband. She was becoming increasingly sexually frustrated with him for not paying attention so she decided to treat him to some nice sexy underwear to tempt him  into satisfying her growing craving for some cock. This was when she noticed that out of all her sexy thongs, her black one was missing and wasn't waiting in the laundry to be washed because she hadn't worn it recently. Her only other option was to ask Gary despite thinking he would also not know anything about it.
She walked into Gary's room to find him attending to his new erection he had gotten looking at his mum's body and she saw him drop something as he saw her enter before covering himself back up and fastening his jeans.
"Jesus mum, can't you at least knock??" he said.
"Sorry, but i was going to ask you something, it wasn't important but i also think i have worked out the answer" she paused as Gary stared at her blankly, slight fear spreading across his face.
"Gary, what did you drop when i entered? was it by any chance my black thong??"
Gary felt a lump in his throat, this was it, he had been caught. There was nothing to do but come clean.

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"erm. . " he stammered,
"well?? spit it out son!!" his mum hurried him along.
"well mum, yeah it was. . . . i'm so sorry, things got out of hand and i thought i'd wash it in secret before you found out", he admitted shyly.
"find out what??" before she realised she already knew, "oh my god have you cum in my thong you filthy little bastard??"
Gary could tell she was getting angry so he kept apologisin trying to calm her.
"Give it here Gary, i'll wash it, and just wait until i tell your father what you've been doing, he can think of your punishment!"
With that he handed over the cum-soaked thong, as his mother snatched it from him and left slamming the door. He slumped onto the bed and felt like crying but didn't, instead he waited around trying not to think what his mum and dad would say and do as punishment.
Several hours later his dad came home and tea was ready, Gary's dad telling his mum about his day, while Gary sat quiet, hoping his mum wouldn't say anything. Tea went by without his mum telling about him, and as soon as he finished, Gary made himself scarce and went to his room, waiting for the inevitable. He kept waiting, and waiting for what seemed an eternity but was merely an hour or two, when his parents came upstairs, his mums plan for her evening of sex ruined, and they just went to bed. Gary could not believe it, had his mum forgot? no surely she couldn't have, this was far too serious to be forgotten by her.

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After another half hour his dad had fallen asleep, his bedroom door opened and his mum walked in. He sat up in his bed as his mum quietly walked over and sat at the end of the bed.
"Gary, i didn't tell him. . . . . yet. "
"oh thank you" Gary blurted, before his mum could finish,
"but son, i do want an explanation, and no lying to me".
Gary took a big breath and swallowed hard, "here goes" he thought to himself. He explained everything, how it started and when, what he had been doing in her panties all these years and then came to the main part, the reason why.

    ". . but mum" he said trying to finish up, "it was all because i kept finding myself attracted to you, and often fantasised about you sexually. I'm really sorry mum, i know you will be disgusted but you did say not to lie.

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    His mum sat there looking shocked, then she let it sink and told her son,
    "i thank you for your honesty, i know sometimes developing feelings like that can come naturally to people. Mainly because i was similar with my father, but he never knew, and sometimes because your dad doesn't pay much attention to me i've found myself watching you when you are in your boxers"
    "mum what are you trying to say" he interrupted
    "well, i'm just saying Gary i was mad at first but now i can understand and it seems we've both been thinking of each other. Did you finish earlier??" she inquired, letting her naughty side show.
    "finish what mum?" Gary asked, trying to figure out what she meant
    "you know. . . . when i caught you wanking earlier, did you finish??"
    "erm. . . no i couldn't after how angry you got, why?"
    "well its obvious now that you will have been thinking about me and seeing you in the act gave me a tingle in my pussy"
    "ok mum, this is getting weird now" Gary said, secretly getting excited, was his mother making a move??
    "well, like i said Gary, i'm horny too, i feel deprived by your father, so i think you should relax and stop talking"
    Before he could reply, Gary felt his mum's hand pulling his boxers down, and he couldn't help but start to harden.
    "my my, someones excited aren't they??" she joked
    She took his 6 inch cock into her hand and started to stroke it, getting herself aroused because it was the first cock she had touched for a year now. She couldn't control her urges, she started to jerk her sons cock harder, enjoying the moans of pleasure escaping his lips. She watched her own hand moving up and down his shaft, before slowly bending forward and starting to open her mouth. Her lips locked around the head of Gary's penis, and both of them were in heaven, she was finally getting what she craved, while he was finally living a dream of having his own mother suck his cock.

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    It didn't take much effort on her part to deep throat him, but he enjoyed every second, feeling the warmth of his mum's throat on his cock as she gently massaged his balls. He knew he couldn't last very long as she slowly moved her head up and down, sucking his cock, and licking its head.
    "mmmm. . . thats so good mum. . . . i think i can't hold it much longer. . "
    His words reminded her that it was her own son she was sucking off, which turned her own more, she could feel a wet patch developing down in her panties as she sucked harder and faster, knowing soon she would be rewarded with warm, sticky cum.
    "i want you to cum in my mouth ok Gary??" she told him
    "ok" he replied between moans of pure ecstasy, amazed how his mother wanted to eat his load.
    The very thoughts drove him over the edge, he bucked slightly and groaned as his first shot of cum spurted out into her throat, she continued to suck, pumping his young cock for all its creamy goodness. The cum wouldn't stop until what seemed like at least 7 spurts, then she proceeded to lick the head clean, lapping it up.

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    Gary lay back exhuasted as his mum stopped and brought her head back up.
    "there, wasn't that fun? but you can't tell your dad!"
    "that was fantastic mum, i promise i won't say anything, but please tell me, is this the only thing that will ever happen between us??" he desperatly asked, wanting her to say there would be more.
    "well, i suppose i am horny, and your dad never gives me anything, and with you being younger you will always be horny too, so i guess it could be our secret" she said smiling, knowing that she too couldn't wait for whatever happened next.
    "thats great" gary said as he sat up and began to kiss his mother on the lips. After a brief kiss she broke it off and said,
    "thats enough for tonight, otherwise we'll wake your father, but tomorrow i'm going to phone in sick to work, and we can have some fun all day while he is at work"
    She kissed him goodnight before leaving, and Gary lay there, unable to sleep in anticipation of what was to come tomorrow, he was finally getting his fantasy, and it didn't feel wrong to him.



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