A Daughter's Love - Contest Story #2


I stood in the doorway as I watched her sleeping form, and basked in the warmth knowing that we would for ever share a loving bond that could never be broken, as I looked on, watching as the beautiful creature that I had helped to create slept peacefully, her golden blonde hair framing her angelic face, her curvaceous body that she kept that way being on the swim team in school, as well as the long distance running team. She has very long trim legs just like her mother did, which helped her with many races. I could remember the many nights long ago, when her mother and I would be in bed together, and she would have her long, beautiful legs wrapped around my waist as we made love together, or how she used to stand on one side of the door, where I couldn’t see her, and stick one nude leg out slowly where I could see it, and extend and bend it provocatively, teasing me. I longed for that feeling again, and had to pull myself away when I realized that I was moving back towards her bed. She’s your daughter I told myself, you can’t be thinking of her that way, besides, she’d never want an old man like you, even if you weren’t her father, you’d never have a chance. I closed her door and made my way back to my own bedroom, stripping down to my boxers, I crawled into bed and fell asleep to the thoughts of how much I missed the companionship of a women, one that I could make sweet love to like I had with Sara’s mom many years ago. Teary eyed and depressed, I finally let sleep overcome my weary soul. I awoke the next morning with mixed feelings of guilt and lust, one side of me yearned for the sensual touch of a woman who I could call my lover, and that woman happened to be my very own daughter. The erotic dreams I had experienced last night were almost real, so real that for a moment I thought that they had actually happened and when I woke up my heart sank not seeing her in bed next to me, knowing that I had not carried her in my arms to my bed, where I undressed her slowly, kissing each square inch of bare flesh as it was revealed, before feasting on the delicacy of her young teenage pussy, bringing her to multiple orgasms as she screamed out “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy” Her screams of ecstasy sounded so real to me, as I moved my way back up her body, before burying my rock hard shaft into her tight pussy. Unconsciously, I had reached down and had started stroking myself when there was a knock at the door, startling me back to reality and causing me to pull my hand back from my crotch. “Daddy, are you awake?” My daughter asked“Yes dear, I’m awake”“May I come in please?” She asked in the polite manor that I had raised her with. “Just a moment” I replied, remembering the condition I was in, and adjusting myself to best hide the tent in my sheets, before giving my daughter permission to enter. As she moved towards my bed, I took notice that she must have either changed in the middle of the night into something more comfortable to sleep in, or had attempted to put something on to be a bit more modest, unfortunately, the satin gown that she wore, left very little to the imagination. Although it didn’t show much cleavage, the presence of them was not left unnoticed, just like the rest of the curves along her body as the gown seemed to cling to every one of them. As she climbed into my bed next to me, which was something that was normal between us since before she could walk, I used to bring her in after she had awaken, and she’d crawl around on the bed or just snuggle up on my chest and fall back asleep, it was in my opinion, one of our greatest bonding moments. I could tell by the look on her face that she had something on her mind, and as she cuddled up next to me, something else came to my mind.

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   Looking down just barely, the neck of her gown was cut low enough and hung so loosely that her right breast all the way to the nipple was putting on a surprise show. The rosy red bud was erect and it was the size of a pencil eraser, I had to shake myself out of a daze when I noticed the room was silent, and I could tell Sara was waiting for a response from me to a question I didn’t know. “Well Daddy?” she asked“Well what?”“You haven’t been listening to a word I’ve said have you?” she replied, making it sound more like a statement then a question. “I’m sorry, but when you get to be my age, you start to take longer to completely wake up in the morning, perhaps you could start again for your old man, this time I promise I’ll listen”“Oh Daddy, your not old, but anyways, as I was saying, you and I don’t spend enough time together, and I was thinking, since its Saturday and we both have nothing better to do today, we should do something together, maybe go shopping at the mall”“Thank you princess” I replied as I kissed her on the top of her head “But do you really want to take the chance of being seen at the mall by one of your friends with your Dad? Wouldn’t you rather go shopping with one of them instead?” “Actually Daddy, I have absolutely nothing against being seen with you at the mall, do you know why? Because you’re a very handsome man and when my girlfriends see me with you, they all get jealous that you’re my Daddy” she stated, obviously catching on to my weak attempts to get out of going shopping, not that I didn’t love spending time with her, but when an 18 year old girl tells you she wants to go shopping, its usually because she wants you to pay for whatever she’s buying. “In fact Daddy, I’ll have you know that Samantha has a big crush on you, and has said that if she ever had the chance, she’d seduce you and screw your brains out” she said in a matter of fact tone, which really shocked me because I had no idea that any of her friends thought of me that way. I know all of them by name, and they all call me Steve, which I prefer much more instead of Mr. Landell. “Samantha? She’s the red head with the big cans right?” I jokingly said“No Daddy, that’s Stacy. Samantha is the brunette with the small chest, she’s about my height remember?” she replied while trying to suppress a laugh. “Alright Princess, I’ll go shopping with you, as long as you promise not to spend every penny I have, and perhaps we need to invite Samantha over for dinner sometime” I winked at her and knew that she understood my joke, “Why don’t you go get changed while I put on some clothes, and then we’ll head out” I was barely able to finish my sentence before she nearly strangled me in a hug and covered the side of my face with kisses before skipping off back to her room to get dressed, for a fleeting moment I sat there, the sight of my young daughters ass jiggling as she left the room playing over and over again in my mind. I decided that a cold shower was in order, in hopes of brushing off the sexual desires I had at the moment, she’s my daughter for crying out loud, and its hands off when it comes to my lusting for her. Once I was in the shower, the cold water did me good and by the time that I had gotten cleaned up and out of the shower, my cock had gone limp and I was ready to face Sara again, but not as soon as I did. The bathroom in our house could be entered from two sides, from the hallway, and from my room, so as I walked into my room, I was still only wearing my towel, and I didn’t expect to see what I did in my room, because there, standing in from of my closet, stretching to reach something that was just barely out of reach, was the most delectable ass to ever squeeze into a pair of shorts that were obviously two sizes too small, I could feel my cock rise to attention as I thought that she’s either not wearing panties, or has a very small thong on under them, covering the point at which the most wonderful, lithe legs to ever grace the female body met, the only problem was that that female, happened to be my own daughter. I cleared my throat which caused her to jump when she realized she was no longer alone. “Sara, what are you doing in here?” I enquired,“Oh hi Daddy, I thought that while I waited for you to finish your shower, I’d pick out something for you to wear while were at the mall” she explained, at the same time as she was giving me the once over I noticed, but I don’t believe she realized I had noticed.

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  “Well if its anything like what you’re wearing, I’m going to be quite uncomfortable today” I replied, making reference to her outfit, she blushed, and I knew that regardless of what she picked, I’d be uncomfortable. “Why Daddy, are you checking me out?” she retorted, a big toothy grin growing on her face, I just loved that look, her mom used to give me that same look whenever I gave her a compliment on her looks. I moved over across the room to lift her up so that she could reach whatever it was she was trying to get at when I came in. She was only 5’2” and the shelf in my closet was rather high, and my 5’11” stature allowed me to reach things up there easier, so I put my hands on her hips and with a giggle from her, lifted her up. “Why thank you kind sir” she chuckled as I placed her back down, and I could almost swear that I felt her push her ass back against my hard cock, luckily it hadn’t been knocked off yet. When I realized what she had pulled down, my breath caught in my throat, because in that box, was an old blue lace teddy that used to belong to my wife, and was my favourite outfit, and I couldn’t pull myself to get rid of it, and had put it in that box and left it in the closet. I had completely forgotten about it until today. Sensing my apprehension about the contents of the box, Sara stopped short of opening it and asked“Daddy is there something about this box that I shouldn’t know?”“No dear, but right now it’s not important, why don’t I just get dressed, and we can be on our way”With that I lifted the box from her hands, and tossed it on the bed, while Sara grabbed a shirt from the hangers, and a pair of pants to go with it, and I pushed her out the door so that I could get dressed. When I opened the door again, she wasn’t there, so I called out to her“Sara dear, where are you? I’m ready to go”“I’ll be right out daddy, I’m just going to the washroom” I heard her reply“Okay then, I’ll be out in the car waiting”I wasn’t waiting in the car long, when Sara came out the door, locking it behind her, she skipped along around to the passenger side of the car, and climbed in, and we were off. Sara sitting next to me, the smiling, bubbly essence of youth, I couldn’t help but watch her and see how much she was turning into her mother. I had been watching her so intently in fact, that it wasn’t until she pointed out that I had missed the turn into the mall parking lot, so circling around, I turned the car into the parking lot, and found a spot not far from the entrance. “So, which store will you be draining my wallet in first?” I chuckled out, knowing that my yearly salary would be enough to afford this shopping trip and still have enough money to get by. “Actually Daddy, before we head in, I have to ask you something, I was thinking that since it’s just you and I today, that maybe we could maybe have a nice quiet dinner together tonight and maybe rent a movie for afterwards”“Sure pumpkin, tell you what, you’ve always had better taste in movies then I have, so we’ll stop by Blockbuster, and you can pick out something we can watch tonight”“Thanks Daddy, I promise that I’ll rent something that we can both enjoy” she practically sang, as she kissed me on the cheek. So with that settled, we were off towards the mall, I had my arm around Sara’s waist, and she didn’t seem to mind, I guess she was glad that I had my arm around her, as it meant that I am hers, and to be totally honest, I was glad to, because she is mine. Our first stop once inside the mall was in Sears, I knew this stop was for cosmetics, lipstick, blush and such, the stuff I didn’t know anything about, so I just stood off to the side while Sara talked with the saleswoman behind the counter about colors and skin tones and such.

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   Every so often the lady would bring out a small tube of something or other, that Sara would try on, and either nod her head in agreement, or in disagreement, it had seemed like hours when in reality it had only been about 20 minutes before Sara waved me over, I knew it was for the bill. “Don’t look so worried Daddy, I didn’t spend that much” she giggled, and in truth, she hadn’t. Handing over my credit card to the saleswoman, Sara proceeded to tell me how she had only bought a couple tubes of lip stick and one whatever you want to call it of blush, so I signed my name on the bill, and with a smile and a wave, we were off to find the next lucky salesperson who would get to take credit for whatever they sold to my daughter. As we made our way though the mall, I could see that Sara was truly enjoying herself. As we made our way though the perfume section, I was really hoping that she would just continue walking, but I could see that something had caught her eye, or nose I should say, and before I knew it, I was standing off to the side at another counter talking with another saleswoman, and a small bottle was purchased, with me signing the bill of course. I was just glad to get out of there because all the smells were just too much for me. Relieved, we finally made it out of Sears and the perfume area, and I could breathe clean air again. “Sara? Is that you?” I heard coming from behind us, and when I looked back, I could see Sara hugging a brown haired girl, and I figured this was Samantha, the girl that Sara had been telling me earlier who had a crush on me. “Samantha Collins, if you want to get rid of me, just say so, but don’t run off on me like that without saying anything” said an older woman who had just walked up. “I’m sorry Mom, but I wanted to come and say hi to Sara, and you were walking to slow to catch up with her” she replied“Daddy, this is Samantha, you remember Samantha right?” Sara spoke up, winking at me. “Mom, this is Sara and her Dad, Steve this is my Mom” Samantha introduced“Samantha, mind your manners…” her mom spoke up before I interrupted“It’s okay, I let all of Sara’s friends call me by my first name, and Mr. Landell makes me feel rather old, so I insist they call me Steve” I replied. “Well, Steve, perhaps you two would like to join us on our shopping adventure, Mom and I were just heading to Sears so I could pick up some lipstick” Samantha interjected, bringing a laugh from the three women when they saw the look on my face at the thought of more time in the makeup section. So I suggested instead that the three of them go on their own, and I would go grab us a table in the food court for some lunch. “That’s a great idea Steve, but I think our daughters can handle themselves, so I think I’ll join you in the food court, you two girls behave yourselves” Samantha’s mom said, and with the passing of plastic cards, and shouts of how soon they’ll be back, the girls were off and Kathy and I made our way in the opposite direction towards the food court.

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   On our way to the food court, I took a moment to glance over and give Samantha’s mom the once over. She seemed okay, rather attractive for her 40 years of age, her strawberry blonde hair hung about her shoulders and framed her green eyes rather nicely. I couldn’t detect any sag in her breasts, which I guessed were either a very full C cup, or just barely a D cup, which was the part that really confused me, as her daughter had only a B cup according to Sara, who felt it necessary to share that information with me, she must have caught me looking, because her next comment caught me off guard. “See anything you like there?” “I…well…um…I’m sorry, it’s just that I was…”“Trying to figure out why my breasts are so large when compared to Samantha’s rather small chest, right?”“Yeah, I’m sorry, it was rather rude of me to be looking, and I apologize”“Well it’s nothing to be to worried about, when you have breasts as big as these, you get used to people staring at them, and to answer your question, they are real, and I too had a small chest when I was Samantha’s age, it wasn’t until I got pregnant with her, that they grew to be this size”“I see, well thank you for not being offended by my lack of manners, shall we find a place to sit while we wait for the girls to return with half the makeup in the mall?” This brought a laugh from Kathy, so I took that as a yes and we took a seat at a nearby table where the girls would be able to see us. After sitting for a little while and making small talk, Kathy decided that she would go and get us all something to eat, and after telling her what I would like and to just get Sara the same thing that she got for Samantha, she was off and I was left to my own company until one of the three females returned. It seemed like a while longer then expected before the girls returned, but eventually, two arms were around me from behind and I was being smothered in kisses, not that I was complaining of course, then while repeatedly thanking me for bringing her shopping, Sara sat down in the seat next to me, and then scooted over and was resting her head on my shoulder, and then I felt another head on my other shoulder, and looked over to see Samantha curled up on my other side, so I stretched my arms out and wrapped them around both girls, pulling them both closer to me. I could smell the perfume the girls had obviously tried out while they were gone, and the smells were quite intoxicating, and doing a number on me, it wasn’t long before the thought of two beautiful girls on each side of me and the smell of their perfume had my cock rising to attention once again, I just hoped that they didn’t notice the prominent bulge in my pants. The silence was broken when Kathy returned with the food, and Samantha moved over to sit next to her mom, and although I thought that the two were sitting rather close, I didn’t think much of it. Still however, I could smell the perfume that had been making me light headed, and I guessed that it was Sara who was wearing it. “That’s certainly a very nice smelling perfume Sara, how much did it cost?” I asked“Do you really like it Daddy, I was hoping you would. It’s new and the salesperson said that this line of perfumes has different qualities from other perfumes” was Sara’s response“See I told you he’d like it Sara”“Samantha!” Sara shot back, and I saw her jump slightly, I had assumed that Sara had kicked her under the table. “Now you two girls stop it, yes it’s a very nice perfume Sara. Did you buy some from that brand as well Sam?” Kathy jumped in, before more shins could be hurt. “Yes I did Mommy, but not the same as Sara’s, would you like to smell it?” Samantha said while leaning over slightly to rub the sore spot on her leg. Maybe later dear, for now let’s just eat before our food gets cold” and with that we dove in, and in a short while, the food was gone and all that was left were some wrappers and the plastic food trays.

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  “Well my dear Sara, shall we be heading home now?” I asked, with just a nod from her as she finished off her diet soda. “We can still stop by the video store on the way home if you’d like, and you can pick out something for us to watch tonight”“Okay Daddy, maybe Sam and Kathy would like to join us” Sara replied“Oh thank you dear, but my darling daughter and I already have plans for tonight, perhaps some other time” was the response from Kathy, with Samantha nodding her head, so we made plans for a week from Sunday to meet up for a barbeque at our house, and a movie afterwards before saying our goodbyes and making our way back to the car, Sara hanging tightly to my arm, it made me beam with pride to have such an angelic girl as my daughter. Once we loaded her bags into the car, which surprisingly there weren’t many of compared to her usual hauls, and we were off, me behind the wheel and Sara snuggled up next to me, the smell of her perfume still lingered in the air, and still had me standing at attention. Out stop at the video store wasn’t a quick one, I had chosen to wait in the car as Sara always seemed to know what movies to rent, so I would most often let her pick, and I had only been let down on a few occasions. The wait this time however did me some good, as it gave me some time to try and make sense of what had been going on today, I knew it wasn’t the fatherly thing to do, but on numerous occasions today I had found myself sexually aroused by my own daughter. I had literally ogled her as she walked, staring at the sway of her womanly hips, the smell of her perfume had visions of me taking her in numerous ways, just the physical contact we shared while had nearly distracted me as I risked glances at her. How would she even react to me if I made any sort of move on her, she’d probably hate me and never want to see me again. What is it that I’m so attracted to, could it possibly be because she’s so much like her mother?“What’s the matter Daddy, you look like your not all here” Sara said, startling me as she closed the car door behind her after climbing back in, two thin movie cases in hand. “Nothing, just thinking”“Well, what do you say we grab a pizza and head home” I said, trying to steer the subject away from what’s on my mind as I steered the car out of the parking lot, I had to assume that the agreed, because without saying a word, she pulled out her cell phone, and placed an order for a pizza, to be picked up on our way home. Once we made that stop, we were done for the day and headed home, I was glad to be there when I finally parked the car in our driveway, with bags in hand I followed Sara inside, her with the pizza and movies. Sitting down to the first movie, we helped ourselves to a few slices of pizza, and when we finished we curled ourselves up on the couch to enjoy the rest of the movie, with Sara resting herself on my side, her scent once again filling my nostrils. We were silent for a little while, before she spoke“Daddy how come you never date anymore?”“Well princess, I don’t really know, I guess you’re the only girl for me”“But you need someone you can love, and who loves you back, you’re a very handsome man Daddy, and I’m sure there are plenty of women out there who would love to go out with you, in fact, if I wasn’t your daughter, I’d be going after you” Sara’s confession of this caused me to pull my attention away from the movie entirely and look her straight in the eyes. “Why thank you, but its not right to think things like that, its just not right, you should be going after guys your own age, guys who can keep up with you, not old men like me who would never have a chance”“Is it really so wrong Daddy, what you and I could be together?” she replied, “I know you’ve been looking at me in a different light as of late, and to be honest, the same goes for me about you. We love each other Daddy, and what can be so wrong about something that’s so good?”“But Sara, do you know what that is, its incest, what would people think of us if they found out?”“To hell with what other people think Daddy, you want me, I want you, and if other people find out, then so what, if they can’t accept our love, then we’ll move and start our life over again where we can love each other openly. ” Apparently she had it all planned out, and she was right, I couldn’t argue with her, so instead, I kissed her.

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   I put my arm around her pulled her head to mine, when our lips met, I saw fireworks, pulling her onto my lap, my hands kneading her tight ass as we continued to kiss passionately, nothing else really existed except for the two of us, joined as one by our lips, our tongues snaking out in search of each other, tying knots that, if they were to hold and keep us stuck together, it would be certainly nothing to complain about. When we finally broke it off, we were both gasping for breath, our eyes locked to each other, millions of words communicated in silence, the bond that only two lovers shared, as Sara leaned back in to kiss me again, this time I managed to pull my hands out from under her, and moved them up between us, running them up underneath her shirt, until I hit the underside of her breasts. Running my hands around them I felt her hard nipples digging into my palms, a soft mewling sound coming from deep within her throat. I managed to get her off of my lips long enough that I was able to pull her shirt up over her head, and finally be able to get an up close look at her wonderful breasts. Palming them in my hands, I gave them a squeeze and tweaked her hard nipples, causing her to throw her head back in pleasure. “Wait Daddy, before we go any further with this, I want to change into something special, stay here till I call you” she said with a wink, and before I could protest, she was out of my arms and I watched as her beautiful ass wiggled back and forth as she made her way upstairs, and a few moments later, I heard her call.
    “Okay Daddy, come up to your room and take your daughter in the way only a daddy knows how” and I was off, up the stairs and into her room, but when I got there, the bed and room was empty, at first I thought that she might be hiding, but I then heard her call again“Not in there, I’m in your room, and I need you so bad” I was off again, and when I opened the door to my room, I was stopped dead in my tracks at the sight of my daughter, lying on my bed, wearing the same blue teddy that her mom had once wore, and it fit her perfectly. “Well what do you think?” she asked in a very sultry tone. I was unable to reply, as I moved over to the bed in tears. “Daddy are you okay? Did I do something wrong? I’m sorry Daddy I shouldn’t have put this on, I know it must have belonged to Mom and I should have left it in the box” she said, almost in tears. As she reached down between her legs to unsnap the closure on the bottom, I put my hand on hers and stopped her. “No princess, le…le…leave it on, you look absolutely beautiful in it, you look just like your mother did when she would wear it, that’s why I kept it, it was my favourite piece of lingerie that she had, and that’s why I kept it” I choked out. Before she could say anything else, I put my other hand behind her head, and pulled her to me and kissed her lips passionately, snaking my tongue out I pressed it against her lips, and they parted and her tongue to meet mine. As we kissed I used my other hand which was already between her legs, and began to rub her pussy through the lace material of the teddy, eliciting a moan from her. I could feel the lace getting soaked in her juices, and couldn’t resist going down on her any longer, so we rolled over onto the bed so that I was over top of her, I began kissing her down her neck, to her collar bone, and down to her breasts.

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       I pausing for a moment, I reached up to her shoulders and hooked my fingers in the shoulder straps of the teddy, and pulled them down off her arms. With nothing more to hold it on her body, I pulled it further down until the material fell off her breasts, and I moved my head back down to lick circles around first one nipple, before sucking it into my mouth, and biting down on it till it was rock hard, before moving onto the other nipple and giving it the same treatment. I could hear her moan in dismay when I proceeded to make my way further down her body, pulling the teddy further and further down her body, stopping only momentarily to stick my tongue into her belly button. When I finally had the teddy down around her legs, I pulled it right off and tossed it aside, taking a moment to admire the naked beauty in front of me. I could smell the essence of her womanly juices coming from between her legs, and I marvelled at its tight, virgin beauty. I hadn’t noticed on my first trip down, but it was completely devoid of hair, there wasn’t a single one to be seen, just like her mother I thought. Holding her by her ankles, I applied gentle pressure, and encouraged her to turn over, and with a little whimper, she did just that. “Oh please Daddy, don’t tease me like this…” she begged, but I cut her short when I leaned over her body and whispered in her ear, “Shush baby, let Daddy take care of his little girl, I promise that when this is done, you’ll be glad that I made you wait” and with that I kissed her ear and made my way down her back, leaving a trail of kisses as I went. When I made it down to her ass, I placed my hands on her cheeks, parting them to reveal her little brown star, I placed my lips on it and kissed her, I could hear her groan from deep in her throat and when my tongue poked out and tried to wiggle its way into her ass, her breath caught in her throat, and her ass to tighten up, pulling away I placed a kiss on her left cheek“Relax baby, just let go, I promise that you’ll love this” and with those soothing words, I felt her force her body to relax, and I moved back to her wonderful ass, and this time I was able to snake my tongue out and was able to get it up inside her ass. “Oh god that feels so wonderful, but please Daddy, just move a little lower” Sara begged, but instead I proceeded to cover her left leg in kisses and when I made it to the bottom, sucked each of her ten little toes, before moving my way back up her right leg. When she felt my warm breath on her neglected pussy, she nearly screamed“Yes Daddy, eat me, eat my fucking cunt, eat me now!” She didn’t need to ask twice, and lips made contact with her pussy, she came immediately, her ambrosial fluid flowed out of her pussy like a waterfall, and I did all I could to keep my lips locked to her pussy as her hips bucked all over the bed, she was just coming down from her first orgasm, when I flicked my tongue over her clit and sent her over the edge again. I lost count of how many times she came as I feasted on her tasty delicacy, and drank her juices. When I finally let her pussy go, I looked down her body, and could see she was a quivering mass of flesh, with a thin sheen of sweat covering her body. I lay down next to her on the bed, and held her in my arms as her breathing slowly returned to normal, when she finally opened her eyes and looked at me, she barely had the strength in her to whisper out an I love you, before she submitted to exhaustion, and fell asleep in my arms, a content smile across her face. Happy once again that I had found true love, I let sleep overtake me and we slept the sleep of lovers, resting up for what was yet to come, for we had only just begun.

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      I awoke later that evening to a warm feeling around my groin, I thought it was only just a dream, but when I finally managed to open my eyes and look down, I realized that it wasn’t a dream, down between my legs, was my daughter, giving me the most wonderful blow job I had ever experienced, her talented tongue worked wonders on me as it ran up and down my shaft, dancing ever so lightly on the sensitive spot underneath the head of my cock, I could feel my balls churning and if this kept up, I’d surely be blowing my load in my daughters mouth in no time. “Oh baby, if you keep that up, your going to have a mouthful of my cum in no time” I managed to get out, but this only encouraged her, and she quickened her pace, up and down on my shaft, her tongue wrapped around it, before I knew it, she had my hips jerking, and with a twitch, I sent rope after rope of hot cum spraying down her throat, she swallowed quickly, trying to keep up with the blasts, but a few drops managed to leak out of the sides of her mouth. Finally when I stopped cumming, after the most incredible orgasm I’d had in many years, I felt my cock going limp, but Sara would have nothing of it, she continued to nurse on my limp cock, bringing it slowly back to life, when she finally had me hard again, she let my cock slip from her mouth, and crawled back up my body. “That was, amazing baby, where ever did you learn to do that?” I said, while kissing her lips and sharing the small strings of cum that had gotten away from her and were running down her chin. “Well I’m glad you enjoyed it, I was wondering when you’d wake up Daddy, and now that you’re up, you can take care of something that’s been a nuisance to me for a long time now”“And what would that be my dear lover?”“My cherry Daddy, I’m still a virgin, and I want you to be my first, I’ve hoped for many years that this day would finally come and that I’d be able to give you this”“If it’s really what you want baby, but you realize that once this happens, there’s no going back, things are going to be a lot different, we can stop now and return to the way things were, but if you want this, then we can take this next step together”“Oh Daddy, this is why I love you so much, not only are you incredibly handsome, but your also a very caring lover, and I do want this, I want to be as close to you as I can be” Sara said as a tear ran down her cheek, which I leaned up and kissed away. “Then I’d be honoured to be your first, but I haven’t got any condoms and what if you get pregnant?” I had to ask, as I didn’t want to risk such a drastic change of my daughter’s life at such a young age by getting her pregnant. “Then I’d be the most happiest woman alive, I want to carry your child, our child Daddy, but you don’t need to worry Daddy, I know my cycle and I’m not fertile for another two weeks” was her response, putting my worries to rest. “Well then my dear girl, why don’t you climb on and we’ll see what we can do about that pesky maidenhead of yours” I said with a kiss and a smile, this would be it, there was no going back now”Patting her on the side of her hips, I managed to get her to raise up high enough that I could get my hand in between us to hold my cock up for her, and with a little encouragement, I managed to get her to slowly lower herself until she had the tip of my cock in her tight virgin pussy, I had to fight the urge not to ram it into her right away, this would be a long drawn out process, but I had all the time in the world for my little girl. “Oh Daddy, it feels so good inside me”“That’s only the head baby, just imagine how it will feel when you have it all in” I replied, a sly grin crawling across Sara’s face as she imagined the heights of pleasure she’d reach tonight. Slowly she began to lower herself onto me. An inch at a time she’d go down, before she’d pull back up, and then slide down again going a bit further, until we could both feel the head of my cock pushing against her hymen. “You ready baby, I can’t lie to you, this is going to hurt, but I’ll do my best to get it over with as quickly as possible okay?”“Okay Daddy” she nodded and I placed my hands on her hips. “On three, one…two…three!” and with that I thrust my hips into her as hard as I could, a scream of pain rang through the house as I tore through the thin wall of flesh that used to be her hymen, and bottomed out in her pussy. Sara collapsed onto my chest, and I kept us still, stroking her back softly as she got over the pain of her deflowering, sobbing softly into my shoulder. I let her rest there on my chest, my cock balls deep in her now deflowered pussy, as she slowly came around again, when I felt her push back on me slightly, I knew she was ready again, and I began making slow small thrusts into her, gradually picking up the pace as the remnants of her virginity were worn away.

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       Eventually, she managed to push herself up so that she was at a slight angle to my body, and began to ride me towards her first penetration induced orgasm, and it wasn’t long before it finally hit her. “OH DADDY YES, YES, YES I’M CUMMING!!!!!!!!!” she screamed, for a second I was afraid the neighbours might hear us, but as I felt her body shudder in ecstasy, my cares about the rest of the world disappeared. Her body went stiff, and then collapsed on top of me, but I wasn’t finished yet, and I was determined to show her just how good it could be. Rolling her body off of mine, I laid her on her back as I crawled around in between her legs, I could see a bit of blood mixed in with my cum leaking out of her pussy, but it was nothing to worry about. Grabbing her by the ankles, I propped them up on my shoulders and entered her again, drawing a gasp from her“Oh no please Daddy, not again, I’m not ready” she pleaded, but the look in her eyes betrayed her. Leaning over on top of her, I began thrusting into her again at an incredible pace, sounds of moaning and grunting filled the air from both of us as we raced towards our peak again, leaning down on top of her, I drew a nipple into my mouth, and nibbled on it just enough, to push her over the edge“OH GOD DADDY, NOT AGAIN, I’M GONNA CUM AGAIN!!!!” I realized at that moment that my daughter is a screamer, and loved her for it, I felt her body go tense once again, and when I felt her warm juices wash over my cock, that was enough to send me over the edge, and I blew my second load of the night into her tight pussy. The realization that her father just came in her sent Sara immediately into another orgasm, a total sensory overload, and it sent her body into shutdown, as she passed out from the pleasure, I just laid down next to her, my cock slowly going soft slipped out of her with an audible pop, and I pulled her into my arms, holding her close and stroking her hair until I felt her breathing slowly return to normal, when her eyes finally fluttered back open, she had a smile on her face like the cat who just ate the canary. “Love you Daddy”“Love you too Sara”.



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