A Cute Cop Is Cuffed


Lee Douglas was a hardened criminal. He had been to jail countless times with his brothers (both real and fellow criminals) and survived each time. But what he like to do was get back in some way at the cop that had caught him. He was vindictive like that, he liked the “fucking police scum” as he charmingly described them to suffer in some way for his lost time and their cheek in actually catching him breaking the law. So not a nice guy then. And when Trish Hay opened the door to her New York apartment and found him lounging on her sofa and smoking a cigar she was worried.
Worried because her door was locked when she left that morning. Worried because she lived alone. Worried because she knew who he was. But most of all worried because he was smiling a huge, toothy white smile at her. She knew who he was because she was a plain clothes Detective in the NYPD and it was she who had arrested him for blackmail and intimidation of a witness two and a half years ago. He had gone down for that, served nearly two years and here he was sitting calm as you like in her sitting room. This wasn’t good.
“What are you doing here Douglas?” she spat out never taking her eyes off him. He was a big man, six foot five easily, and 250 + pounds, very muscular with a bald head. Very intimidating even to a cop of 7 years like Trish.

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He just smiled at her question and answered coolly “I’m here to help you Officer Hay. ”
“You? Help me? I don’t think so. Just get up and get out of here before I arrest you again for breaking and entering” (all the time trying to keep her voice steady).
“That ain’t no way to speak to an old friend who has come here to do you a favour. ”
“You! A favour? Get out of here. ”
He stood up, still with that wide smile on his face and reached for his inside pocket. As quick as a flash Trish drew her pistol and had it levelled at him shouting “Don’t make another move or I’ll shoot. ”
By that time however Douglas had a brown envelope out of his jacket and he held his hands up mockingly waving the envelope at her.
“What is it?” she demanded, a cop in charge of the situation.
“Why don’t you look and see” and with that he tossed the envelope contemptuously onto her coffee table and resumed his seat upon her sofa.
Trish kept her gun trained on the villain as she inched towards the table, her curiosity getting the better of her. As she stooped a little to lift the envelope, Douglas spoke again in his slow, syrupy voice “You know, I never realised how pretty you are before. ”
For a compliment it sounded awful like a threat. But it was the truth, Trish was pretty. She had long blond hair, tied in a functional ponytail, ice blue eyes and a very well kept figure, curvy 36” breasts and a butt to rival J-Lo.

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   All the guys in her precinct had cracked onto her but she turned them all down she was married to the job.
She lifted the flap on the envelope and took out a series of black and white and colour photographs. Placing her gun next to her hand so she could grab it quickly she asked “What are these?”
Douglas was only too keen to explain “Those are some photos that happened to come in to my possession. If you look closely they show four guys in a car, unfortunately three of them are wearing balaclava’. That is ‘cos they have just robbed the bank on 32nd Street. ”
Trish had heard about that job but not worked it. $200,000 had been stolen and a guard had been shot, though serious he was expected to pull through. To her surprise and increasing horror, Trish as she flicked through the pictures and they got clearer, began to recognise the driver, it was her Father.
Douglas waited until he saw the look of comprehension on the cop’s face then spoke again, “Hmm, seems we were able to convince your Dad to help us with a problem we had regarding a driver. Also if you look at the last photo you’ll see the gun that shot the guard in a plastic bag in safety deposit bag ready to be handed over, now your dad never shot the guard but I’m afraid his prints are all over the handle so I don’t think anyone’s gonna believe him, do you?”
Trish just sat at the table unable to tear her eyes away from the pictures. This was bad, real bad.
“Now if I were to do my citizenly duty and hand in those photos and that gun (not me, but one of my more respectable friends you understand) I’m sure your dad would be facing a 18 year stretch easy, eh? I would guess he’d probably try to cough up some names to try and wriggle out of it. So he’d go down as a snitch and the dad of one of the city’s coppers. How long d’you think he’d survive inside?”
Trish turned a resigned face toward the smiling criminal and asked “What do you want?”
His smile just got bigger.
Her mind raced through all the possibilities of what this vile man might want from her: money (she didn’t have much), power (she knew some of the police worked for the criminals but the thought appalled her) or….

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“What I want my dear Officer Hay is revenge, redemption from you. You were responsible for me being out of commission for two years and if you want your dear daddy to stay healthy and free you’re gonna do exactly what I tell you. ”
“Which is what exactly” Trish spat back with bravado she did not feel.
“First thing you are going to do Bitch, is get your pretty ass up to your bedroom, then you are going to strip buck naked outta those dirty police clothes, then you are gonna get down on your knees and wait for me. Oh and you can put these on so your arms are behind your back (and he threw a standard police issue set of handcuffs to Fiona). ”
God this was worse than she had thought. There was no way she would do that, no way.
“You make your mind up now ‘ho. Don’t think I won’t pass that info on your old man on either, believe me I will get revenge on you one way or another. Your decision. ”
She made a snap decision, he was telling the truth she could tell that and he would do exactly as he said. So how much did she care for her dad? The same dad that had cared for her when her mother had run off with another guy twenty years ago, the same dad that had supported her through thick and thin even when he lost his job and struggled to get another and wouldn’t accept help from her. The answer was, she cared enough and she felt an empty feeling in the pit of her stomach as she saw Douglas’s smile stretch even wider as he watched her nod acceptance and head upstairs.
Trish ascended her carpeted stairs on shaking legs.

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   Her heart hammered in her chest and she felt in a daze. What was she doing? Could she still back out? Oh god, what would he do to her?
She entered her large bedroom walking like an automation and removed her jacket and stepped out of her skirt. She sat to roll off her stockings and threw them in the corner with her other clothes (most unlike her, she normally folded everything neatly – but then, this wasn’t like most days). With unsteady hands she unbuttoned her cream blouse button by button, each one that came loose being a step towards the humiliation the knew she would have to endure to save her father. Actually, humiliation would be the best, Douglas had a reputation as not a nice character, she seemed to remember violence on his rap sheet. Oh god, what was she doing?
The blouse came off and she threw it into the corner, tears starting to form in her eyes.
“Dammit! Stop that. You are not going to give that bastard the satisfaction of seeing you cry” Trish swore to herself under her breath, trying to gather herself for the ordeal to come.
That resolve was tested as she reached behind herself and unclasped her white bra and released her breasts. They bounced into freedom and Trish shivered at the thought of Douglas seeing and pawing them. She wasn’t a vain person by any means but she was proud of her figure and in particular her bust. It was firm and large and much envied. And then she slid her panties off, flinging them hard onto the pile in the corner. Despite the central heating in her apartments she felt cold, standing there naked next to her bed. She wondered if she could back out still, get dressed, storm downstairs, order him out, accept the consequences.

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   Yet as she thought that she was fingering the stiff handcuffs and slowly lowering her naked form onto her knees.
She felt so exposed and vulnerable there and even worse when she attached one of the cuffs to her left wrist then somehow managed to place her arms behind her and quickly, before she backed out, she fitted her wrist into the open cuff and managed to lock it on place. Now there was no way back and she knelt there, naked and hands cuffed behind her back awaiting her fate.
She had only seconds to wait before hearing heavy footsteps begin to ascend the staircase.
Lee entered the room and Trish was immediately intimidated. Partly because she was on her knees and he towered over her on his tall frame and partly because he had striped naked and his body was an imposing and impressive sight. He was sleek and defined and muscular in all the right place but most noticeable of all was his cock. It looked and was huge. Trish had not had too many boyfriends but this appeared to be double the size of any other one she had seen (or felt) before. It was 14inches in length and although not too thick it still presented a scary prospect to the blonde policewoman. Also it’s state of semi arousal seemed to confirm in Fiona’s mind what kind of treatment the criminal had in store for her.
For his part, when he entered the room and saw the pretty blonde on her knees, his wide grin became even larger and he hurried to check that the handcuffs were in place as well.
“Damn Bitch, you look good like that. I gotta tell you like you a lot better like that than pointing your piece at me in the street, or questioning me at the station or smirking at me in court. You remember doin’ that Bitch?”
Trish ignored his jibes, thinking her best defence was to say or do nothing to provoke him and hope she could get out of this with the least amount of trouble (some hope!).


Lee just turned around when he got no answer and took in a duffel bag he had left at the door, he dropped it in front of his captive and slowly withdrew a standard police issue nightstick from the bag and stood over Trish as if he were about to strike her with it. She winced in preparation for the blow but it never came and when she opened her eyes he was smiling down at he again and rubbing the weapon alongside his own penis. Seeing her watching him he proffered the nightstick at Trish and ordered her to lick it. She considered ignoring him but then considered her position and obeyed, her pink tongue drawing itself along the wooden length of the weapon.
“Now let’s see how much you can handle Bitch” announced Lee and he pushed the stick into her mouth, past her teeth and into her throat until she gagged and spluttered” Lee laughed at her plight and stated “Shit, girl if that’s all you can manage I’m gonna spear you like a kebab, now you get licking at that end ‘cos I’m fixing on jamming it up your sweet asshole next. ”
He laughed again at the wide eyed look Trish shot him at that comment, but noted that she got to work covering the club in as much saliva as she could manage. There was little doubt he was getting off in having her in his complete power and control as his erection was now fully erect and she could barely avoid it prodding her face as he tormented her with the nightstick.
He pulled the length from her mouth and asked “You ready to take this in the ass copper?” and laughed when she shook her head no, a lot of her earlier composure gone.
“No? Oh well I guess you want this then (with that comment he bounced his mammoth dick off her forehead contemptuously). No? Oh well, back to plan one. ”
With that he shoved Trish over onto her face, prised her ass cheeks apart and slide the end of the nightstick up and into her bum hole. It wasn’t too sore but Trish sure looked uncomfortable, and that only increased when he rocked her back onto her knees and she had to kneel there with the handle sticking out and being pushed harder up by the floor whenever she sat back.
“Now, don’t you worry none honey ‘cos I intend to make sure that cute little pussy and that hot mouth of yours gets plenty action too” and with that he reached into his bag again.
Lee dipped his hand once more into his bag. This time he took out a very large, black vibrator.

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   It was seriously thick in girth (around about 3”) and was about 8 inches in length. It has very realistic looking veins along it’s side and the only aspect of it that didn’t resemble real life was its scarlet base. He wasted little time in crouching before Trish and using his fingers to spread her pussy lips.
“Damn, you is hairy down there girl. We’ll have to change that” he stated baldly.
But he wasn’t doing that just now as her slid the thick chunk of plastic phallus into her vagina as far as he could and twisted it’s base to set it vibrating inside her. He enjoyed the shocked look of discomfort on her face as it started up and as she wriggled to accommodate it the nightstick pushed further into her ass.
“Now Bitch you can enjoy yourself with those two instruments and rest assured if either one comes out then I will phone one of my brothers and they can replace it with some real man meat understand?”
Suddenly the nightstick and vibrator weren’t so bad thought Trish, then he said “Now you’re getting seen to I should be getting pleasure too you just open up that copper’s mouth of yours and me and my cock gonna have a party in it. ”
She considered keeping it tightly shut but then looked at her situation, he had all the evidence against her father, she was by her own actions naked and cuffed and compliant before him and she had two large object already inserted in her most private of holes (and she was tingling from that dildo already). So she slowly and reluctantly prised her dry lips apart and focused her eyes on the mammoth slab of meat that was advancing towards her.
Lee was all smiles as he stepped forward his cock jutting out stiffly at right angles to the rest of his body.
“C’mon Officer open a bit wider, don’t want to have to shove it past those white teeth of yours. ”
He didn’t give her much time to react though as he ploughed his monster dick between her cherry red lips and without instruction her tongue went to work on his throbbing bell end. By now Trish had decided that she needed to do what it takes to get out of there with minimum fuss and pain. If that meant sucking him off then so be it.

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   So her tongue ran smoothly around his member and began to pleasure him, after all getting him off as quickly as possible in her mouth was far preferable to him cuming elsewhere.
But Lee had far more in store for her, revenge would be so sweet for him. For a start he started to thrust his lengthy member further and further into her mouth until it was well in and entering her throat. Trish had never been invaded so deeply and panicked, trying to prise her mouth off the meaty object in her mouth. No luck there though, as the villain took a grip of Trish’s beautiful blonde hair and held her head in place as he began to establish a rough and fast rhythm of fucking her throat. Her eyes widened at this treatment and she rolled her eyes up to implore her attacker to be gentle with her, but received just another big grin for her trouble.
All the while the dildo in her pussy and the stick in her arsehole probed and moved inside her, driven by the rocking of her body from the fucking her mouth was taking. It was having an effect on Trish. As much as she was reluctant to be doing this, the three large objects in her were pressing some of her buttons and she was turned on.
Lee held his erection for over twenty minutes and Trish’s mouth was forced to accommodate it for all of that. It was so long that his balls never connected with her face, but they were big and full of cum and when finally he began to spasm and throb in her mouth uncontrollably she knew that he would be shooting it into her. It came in huge spurts and Trish could barely contain it in her throat and mouth. Her mouth was filled and she had to swallow some to let the rest in, but it flowed so freely that soon when he pulled out of her it was spilling from her lips and dripping humiliatingly from her mouth.
Trish scowled at the foul tasting thick liquid that was coating her throat and spilling from her lips, even the objects unwillingly pleasuring her could not mask the humiliation of swallowing this villain’s seed. Lee, however, seemed most amused by it all. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

“Damn, you look good like that Bitch. On your knees with my cum on your lips. You were born for that Bitch. Now you just finish up drinking that man-juice down, I got a phone call to make and I’ll be right back for another shot on that pretty mouth of yours. ”
With that he left the bedroom and to her consternation, Trish did just what he told her and licked her lips of the remaining cum and downed it hoping to lose the taste of it, but really knowing she would remember the taste for a long time. He returned shortly and seemed to be in an even better mood, and his erection was returning with a vengeance. He strode over to the kneeling blonde police officer and just as a porn actor would do he whacked the rigid stem of his cock against her chin and lips, taking obvious pleasure in the look of pure hatred she shot him. He finally stopped and squatted before her and spread his large hands over her equally large breasts and began to gently massage them before slipping his thumb and forefinger onto her nipples and giving them a sharp tweak.
Both knew that her body was reacting to this treatment and the two objects penetrating her holes, she was, unwillingly, being turned on and when he presented his cock to her mouth again she accepted it and began to massage it with her mouth. He built the pace much quicker this time and within mere seconds he was fucking her face as if it were a cunt and enjoying the fact her throat was gagging on his lengthy penis. As Trish struggled to catch her breath she saw movement behind Lee and watched as two more people entered her bedroom. Despite her head’s frantic bobbing she was able to identify them as Carl, Lee’s younger brother, and Missy, a renowned New York prostitute.
Lee noticed them as well and took great pleasure in pulling his cock from Trish’s mouth and spurting a new fountain of white cum over her upturned face in front of their new audience.
Carl was both younger and smaller than his brother but he bore the same crocodile smile and he flashed it at Trish now as he fully took in her plight. Her mind flashed back to the look of pure hatred he had given her as she had given damning evidence at Lee’s trial.

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   He busied himself with a case he had brought with him and Trish soon realised he was assembling a tripod and affixing a video camera on to it and training it at her. Her heart sunk a little lower.
Missy had headed straight for the bathroom to “freshen up” but heaven knows there was little fresh about her when she re-entered the bedroom. Missy had been a good looking blonde at one point in her career, but twenty years of working the streets and an on-off drug habit had surely taken its toll on the 36 year old. Her long hair was now definitely ‘dirty’ blonde, her massive breasts were starting to head south under the force of gravity and her face was haggard and tired. She too gave a smile seeing Officer Hay in the position she was in, as they had met previously.
Only a couple of years ago Trish had busted Missy when she was a beat cop and had been pretty scathing in her comments about her. It all came flooding back to the policewoman as she knelt there thinking things just could not get any worse. Missy smiled and stood over Trish, dipped her finger in the fresh cum that hung from Trish’s face, tasted it, then took her time hocking up as much phlegm in her throat as possible and spat it onto Trish’s face and walked back the to laughing brothers.
Lee spoke again” It seems you two have met before. Now Officer Hay as much as I trust you it strikes me that after I leave you’ll find a way to clear your dear old father and decide to come after me again. Maybe you’ll fit me up again like last time (he smiled knowingly). So what I’m going to ask you to do for us right now is make a film with Missy here. You do what you’re told - Missy will guide you – and that will be us done, I’ll hand over all the photographs and the gun. Your old man is in the clear and I get a new video for my private collection.


   Of course, if you ever came after me again that video would start being copied and doing the rounds of all the precincts. I guess most every cop in the city knows who and what Missy is and they’ll quickly be told who you are. ”
Trish shook her head despondently, she did not want to do this but what choice did she have. The shake morphed into an obedient nod of her pretty head, which brought another round of smiles from the other three.
“Don’t you worry none copper” mocked Missy,” I’ve plenty experience in front of a camera. ”
“You just concentrate on doing what Missy tells you and everything will be fine. And make sure you look enthusiastic because we’ll keep filming until it looks it. OK?”
With these words of instruction Lee unlocked the handcuffs, freeing Trish’s sore wrists and hands but she only held them at her side as Carl started the camera rolling.
Missy walked up to the kneeling Trish and stood over, their whole body language being that of dominance and submission. While Trish was naked as the day she was born, Missy was dressed in her usual hooker outfit – a pair of high heeled black shoes (scuffed), fishnet stockings (two visible rips), a tiny miniskirt, a red low cut top and a cheap red coat. She was chewing gum as was her want and the first thing she did upon approaching Trish was to squat before her, run her hands over Trish’s magnificent boobs and then spit the gum into her hand and roughly place it in the tangle of Trish’s pubic hair. Trish made a grimace but caught Lee glowering at her from behind the camera and quickly changed her look to one of pleasure.
Missy spoke in her annoying New York accent “Why don’t you tell us what this sticky stuff covering your face is whore. ”
God. The ignominy of Missy calling her whore and Trish only able to smile and answer obediently with “It’s cum Missy.

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Missy bitch-slapped her and told her “You call me Mistress, understand Whore?”
“Y-yes Mistress. ”
Pleased with that answer Missy then proceeded to lick Trish’s face clean of the cum, holding it in her mouth as she went. There was a lot and Missy let her tongue linger on the younger woman’s face, allowing the camera to capture the erotic sight. Then Missy told Trish to open her mouth and slowly allowed the cum to drool from her mouth into Trish’s and ordered her to swallow I down. Which she did.
After that classic scene Missy got up to her feet and began to slowly strip off her clothes, off came her jacket and top to reveal a overflowing black bra which she unclipped to release her big melons, then her skirt was slid down her hips and off, followed by her stockings and shoes leaving her clad in only a tiny black G-string. This Missy instructed Trish to remove using only her mouth. Again Trish had to fight to prevent the revulsion showing on her face as she stretched her body up and forward and clipped her top teeth into the top of the fabric and pulled the panties down using just her mouth, the strip of pubic hair passing through Trish’s teeth as she got lower until Missy was able to step out of them and stand before Trish equally naked.
Missy got down onto her knees matching Trish’s position and reached out her hands and began to paw and knead Trish’s voluminous, firm puppies, tweaking and pulling at her nipples to get a moan from the policewoman. As Trish moaned Missy reached down with her right hand and pulled the well used black dildo from Trish’s cunt. Trish gave a shudder as it was removed and Missy wasted little time in presenting the love juice cover phallus to Trish’s lips and instructing her to lick it clean. Trish opened her mouth and took it in and began enthusiastically licking and sucking as the camera zoomed in to catch her enjoying her own juice.
“That’s it whore, you love the taste of yourself don’t you” sneered Missy and Trish nodded pathetically.
Missy moved around behind Trish and pushed her forward and in one movement wrenched the nightstick from her puckered arsehole with a loud pop. Trish felt a tight contraction as the object that had lodged up there for so long was removed.

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   But that and any other feeling was quickly forgotten about as Missy brought the shaft that had been buried in her ass up to Trish’s face and instructed her to “lick this clean Whore. ”
Lee, Carl and Missy were sure she would refuse and they would have to ‘convince’ her but Trish’s spirit was broken and she dropped the dildo and allowed Missy to feed the object into her mouth and almost mechanically she began the process of licking and sucking it clean.
Having watched her complete this Missy then reached down, took a grip of the gum tangled in Trish’s pubic hair and ripped it out – along with a swath of pubes-eliciting a squeal from Trish who felt like crying now. Missy had little problems pushing Trish onto her back and spreading her legs, she took an electric shaver from Lee and look no time at all in shaving Trish’s pussy nice and bald. A big contrast to it’s previous state.
Missy then stood before Trish, her hand on her hips and commanded Trish to “get her whore tongue to work in pleasing her” and grabbed Trish’s face and thrust it into her crotch.
Trish could hardly believe that here she was about to give oral sex to the pussy of one of the most used prostitutes in the city but had no other option but extend her tongue and lap slowly at Missy’s pussy lips, hoping that would please her. All four people in the room knew this would destroy Trish’s career if it got out and three of them knew they had her where they wanted her. Missy kept a rough hold of the head at her crotch and ground it into her telling her to ‘get her whore-cop tongue right inside her’.
She did that and in her mind knew she was putting her mouth where thousands of cocks had been previously and Missy smelt of them as she probed deeper and began to engulf the prostitute’s clit. Missy was really getting off on this, both the treatment to her pussy and the whole kinky situation and in very little time she came all over the pretty policewoman’s face. Trish had little time to react to this indignity before Missy spun around, leaned over the bed and present her arse to Trish’s face and said with conviction “Now you can clean that hole as well whore. ”
Missy felt Trish’s soft hair brush her bum cheeks as she leant forwards and gave the camera a beaming smile, she was loving this, humiliating that little bitch of a copper who had arrested her. She reached behind and found Trish’s head and pulled her right in so she felt her tongue on her arse crack. She kept her there for a good five minutes, licking at Missy’s well used arsehole until Trish felt she would be sick.

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   Missy eventually pushed Trish onto her back and resumed her position with her backside on the cop’s face and slowly smothered her under her backside. It had all been too much for Trish and she blacked out and lay unmoving as Missy got up of her. Finished now, or so they thought until Carl had an idea as to how they should wake her up.
They got the camera in for a close up as Missy stood over Trish’s face and perfectly captured the golden shower of piss that Missy cascaded over Trish’s face to bring her round. The piss streamed over her face and onto Trish’s bedroom floor.
Missy smiled at the spluttering and awakening beauty below her and taking a $10 dollar note handed to her from Lee and took extreme pleasure in popping it between Trish’s teeth and telling her she was a “good cheap whore” as the tape came to a close.
That seemed to be the perfect end and Lee, Carl and Missy got dressed and tidied and left Trish recovering on her stinking floor, knowing that somehow, some way she had to get revenge on the people that had humiliated her so.



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