A Curious Little Sister (Part 2)


This is the (rather delayed) second part of what will be a trilogy. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think at octobormoon75@yahoo. com. Thanks!

Greg stood frozen like a statue for several moments after his orgasm. His head was swimming and spots were dancing in front of his eyes. It was the most intense cum he’d ever had and it was all because of his little sister April who even now was washing his spunk off her body behind the shower curtain not but five feet away from him. Greg looked down at his now wilting cock. Strands of semen were slowly oozing from it and onto the linoleum floor. He realized he still had a vice-like grip on the porcelain sink behind him. He let go of it and reached for some toilet paper with which to wipe off his dick.
“God, it got everywhere!” He heard April’s high-pitched voice echoing off the tiles in the shower. “You got some in my hair!” Greg smiled. That was the hardest and furthest he’d ever shot a load. He was a little proud of himself.
“Sorry about that,” he said without really meaning it. She didn’t sound weirded out or anything.

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   In fact, Greg believed he was having a harder time accepting what had just happened than his thirteen year-old sis.
He guessed it was more of a game to her than anything. As Greg dabbed the last bit of sticky cum off his limp prick he stared at the shower curtain. He felt like he should say something to April, but he had no idea what. He then saw his sister’s head peer out from around the shower curtain. Her blonde hair was wet and stringy, clinging to her face and long, thin neck. Her eyes dropped to Greg’s still half-hard member. She smiled and held out a damp, soapy washcloth.
“Want me to wash that off for you?” Not sure if she was teasing or serious, Greg grinned and walked toward April. He stopped in front of the curtain as April reached down with the cloth and, wrapping the wet fabric around his hanging dick, squeezed and wiped at it. The contact made Greg’s sensitive organ spasm and drops of cum oozed from it. April noticed Greg’s shudder. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah, yeah,” Greg answered distantly. “Feels good. ”
“Looks like it hurt or something,” April observed.

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“Well…a little. But a good kind of hurt. ” He smiled reassuringly at her.  
Suddenly April shivered. “Oh shit! The water’s cold!” Releasing her hold on her brother’s limp prick she disappeared behind the curtain. Greg heard the water shut off.
“Well, it has been running for like twenty minutes. ” Greg tried to peer behind the curtain without looking too obvious but before he could see anything April’s cherubic face reappeared.
“Hand me the towel?” She asked. Greg grabbed the towel sitting on the sink behind him and handed it to her. “Thanks. ” Again she returned to the cover of the shower curtain.
Greg bit his lip, wondering if he should act on the impulse he felt. “What’s the matter, sis? Shy or something?”
“I’m standing here naked and I let you touch my dick. You can’t even let me see you?” He reached up and grabbed the edge of the curtain, ready to pull it back.

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   Before he could, however, April pulled it open. She was wrapped in the towel. It clung to her lithe, wet body, leaving little to the imagination. April was looking at him curiously.
“You want to see me naked?” She didn’t seem to believe him.
“Yeah,” Greg could feel the lump rising in his throat again. “You wanted to see me. I think it’s fair I see you. ” April seemed to think this over for a second. She shrugged then undid her towel, allowing it to slip off her body where she held it in clenched hands. Greg looked at his thirteen-year-old sister as she stood before him naked. Her tiny body was pale, the skin smooth and unblemished. Her breasts were small, firm buds with rather puffy, large areola. Her nipples were erect and surprisingly long, Greg reckoned a quarter of an inch. April’s stomach was flat, her waist slim.

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   Her hips were beginning to widen and a fine thatch of peach fuzz-like hair covered her pubic mound.
As Greg stared at his sister, he felt himself becoming aroused again. He was dimly aware of his cock engorging with each deafening thump of his heartbeat in his ears. “It’s getting big again?” April asked, snapping Greg out of his admiring stare. He looked down at himself and saw his dick twitching, nearly fully erect again.  
“Of course it is, dummy,” Greg explained. “You look good. ” April blushed and lowered her eyes.
“Thanks. I think you look good, too. ” At the compliment Greg’s cock gave a large twitch causing April to laugh. “I think it wants me to touch it some more,” April smiled teasingly.
“I think you’re right,” Greg answered. “But I’d also like to touch you. ” April’s cheeks turned red but she nodded anxiously.

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   “Let’s go to my room. ” He offered a hand to help his sister out of the tub. As she climbed out, her stomach brushed against the tip of Greg’s cock causing him to gasp in unexpected pleasure at the contact and April to giggle.
“That tickled,” she said quietly as he led her toward the bathroom door. He opened it carefully and stuck his head out, listening intently.
“I don’t hear anything. Mom and dad shouldn’t be home for awhile, but better safe than sorry, huh?” Greg looked back at April and she nodded. They left the bathroom and made their way down the hallway toward Greg’s bedroom still holding hands, Greg’s penis wagging back and forth as he walked. His door was open. Greg reached inside to turn on the light, illuminating his ill-kept room. The siblings walked in and Greg shut the door behind them. He looked down at his little sister who was looking back up at him uncertainly. Greg’s heart was pounding. He wasn’t sure how far April wanted to go or how far he’d take it. All he knew was that he was overcome for lust for his sister.

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   His eyes glared lasciviously at her tender, young body. She cast her large eyes down toward the ground, gently extended her hand and rubbed her fingers along his turgid shaft. Greg closed his eyes involuntarily.
“It’s so big. ” April looked up at him, her eyes wide with apprehension. “Are you going to put it in me?”
Greg opened his eyes and stared into her face. “I don’t know. Do you want me to?”
Still rubbing his cock, April looked down at it. She put her hand underneath it and raised it up, as if hefting it in order to ascertain its weight. “Wouldn’t it hurt?”   
Greg smiled. “Yeah, you’re probably right. ” He reached up and gently caressed her face. “Let’s just take it slow, okay? There’s plenty of stuff for us to do. ” She smiled as Greg stroked her cheek. He then ran his hand down her slender neck until he reached her left breast.

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   He felt her stiff, rubbery nipple and slowly rubbed it with a finger. Her eyes fluttered and she sighed. He felt her grip on his cock tighten and she began to move her hand back and forth again. In response Greg pinched her nipple gingerly and pulled.
“Mmm…that feels nice. ” April squeaked. Greg silently agreed. His sister’s plump nipple felt so good in his hand. He reached up with his other hand and began fondling her left breast. She cried out with pleasure again and he felt her clutch his prick even harder as she slowly jacked him off. With his left hand, Greg reached down April’s little body and, finding her plump, firm ass, began squeezing it while at the same time pulling her closer against him.
“God, you feel so good, April,” Greg murmured as he leaned down, pressing his mouth against his sisters. She made a surprised sound, obviously not expected to be kissed this way. However, her tiny mouthed opened, allowing her brother to slip his tongue in between her small teeth. Her mouth was warm and hot and kissing his little sister sent shock-like thrills through Greg’s body.

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   April wrapped her right arm around Greg’s neck while her left hand continued to work on his pulsating cock.
Greg moved his right hand off his sister’s tit and gently placed it in between her legs. She moaned into is mouth as he felt her hot, surprisingly moist cooze against his hand. Her vaginal lips were small, almost nonexistent. Greg rubbed his fingers against them and in seconds he discovered her tiny, hard clit. As soon as he brushed his questing finger against it, April’s body shook and she moaned, terminating their lustful kiss.
    “Oh, Greg!” She yelped in surprise. Smiling to himself, Greg continued to massage her clit. April released her hold on her brother’s dick and gripped his well-defined arm for support. Her entire body began shaking, her legs quivered and knees looked as if they may buckle beneath her. The flush in her cheeks became even more pronounced and her eyes were lidded. The button beneath Greg’s finger grew harder then suddenly his fingers were flooded by a deluge of sticky, hot liquid. April squealed and clung more tightly against her brother. “Oh…oh…oh…oh,” was all she managed to say as her body trembled uncontrollably.
    In moments her orgasm had subsided but she was still limp in Greg’s arms, resting her body against his for support.


       Greg slid his hand out from between his sister’s legs and walked her over to his unmade bed where he sat her down on the edge. April’s body was slumped forward, her head resting against Greg’s stomach as she struggled to catch her breath. Greg rubbed her back, quite satisfied at the ease with which he’d made April cum. His cock now throbbed harder than ever and he could feel it pressing against April’s heaving chest. He patted her head, her hair was still wet from the shower. “You okay?”   
    April laughed uncertainly. “Oh, god. Yeah, I’m okay. ” She raised her head and looked up at her brother. “That was so great. ” Greg smiled down at her then noticed how close his cock was to her mouth. April followed his gaze and looked down to find Greg’s cock head beneath her chin. She smiled at it and reached up with both hands and grasped it. Instantly a large drop of pre cum fell from the tip and onto April’s lap. “Oh, gosh,” she exhaled.

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       She reached down with one hand and wiped it up with her forefinger which she then raised to her lips and licked. “Mmm…so sweet. ”
    Greg entwined the fingers of one hand in April’s wet hair and pushed her gently forward toward his cock. “Lick it off the tip,” he said breathlessly. Unsure of herself, April parted her full lips and darted her tiny, pink tongue out. Greg threw his head back as he felt April’s tongue against his shiny knob. The first lick was quick, reluctant. The second lingered, soon April was swirling her tongue around his dick head as if it were a lollypop. She made a yummy sound as she did so. Greg grabbed her hand that still encircled his cock and pushed it up the thick shaft toward the tip. This forced another drop of pre cum out and onto April’s eager tongue. April then began tugging on Greg’s cock herself in an attempt to coax more of the fluid out. Greg pushed her head toward him again. “Take it into you mouth, baby. ”
    April opened her mouth and Greg carefully pushed his cock into it.


       He winced as he felt her teeth against the sensitive flesh but the pleasure he felt far outweighed any uncomfortability. April opened her mouth as wide as she could but could barely fit the fat head inside it. Greg began pushing himself back and forth, holding her head still. “Keep jerking it, sweetie,” he commanded her. She obeyed, using both hands to pull on her brother’s crank. “Oh. . shit…oh, April!” Greg felt as if his balls were going to explode as he felt himself cumming. His cock pulsed in April’s tiny hands as a wad of jizz erupted into her drooling mouth. She looked up at her brother in surprise and pulled her head back. Just as she spat out a string of thick sperm another blast splashed against her open lips. Greg held her hands onto his spewing prick as he moaned loudly, pushing his member back and forth inside April’s grip. More cum shot out, catching April on the chin, neck and titties.
    Greg continued pumping until spunk ceased to ooze from his dick and he could continue to stand no longer. He collapsed on the floor in front of his sister who was wiping off cum from her lips with the back of one hand.

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       “Oh god. It’s just as much as last time. ” Greg made an amused sound. He looked up at April. His sister had his cum dripping off her delicate chin and running down her thin neck. Her puffy nipples had droplets on them. She was smiling at him. Overwhelmed with love and affection for his little sister, he kissed her deeply on the mouth, tasting his spunk on her tongue and lips. April flung her arms around his neck and pulled him to her, returning his kiss just as fervently. “I love you, big brother. ” She whispered into his ear.
    “I love you too,” he replied softly.   .



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