a boy and his mom part 1-the bath


for awhile i grew up in the normal middle class family.   My dad worked a decent 9-5 job, my mom worked part time selling real estate, bringing in a little extra income, and i was an AB student.   We lived in a fairly nice neighboorhood in a decent sized 3 bed 2 bath home.   That all changed in just one day.
I was 18 then, an average sized boy with brown hair, and brown eyes.   My mom was 33, she was 5\'5", 145 lbs.   She had a reddish tint to her brown hair, green eyes, and a overall ok body.   i never really thought about her body at that time, being only 13, but later she would become quite an object of my lust, as most mothers are to there teenage sons.   Me and my mom always got along.   I guess i was kind of a mommas boy.   My dad never really had any time for me, and my mom would always beg him to spend time with me.   Finally, my dad broke down and took me fishing one saturday.   We had an ok time, but it got cut short by bad weather.   When we walked into the house we both heard it.   Alot of loud moaning and yelling coming from my parents bedroom.   my dad told me to wait by the door as he went into the bedroom.


    I will never forget the next things i heard.
"YOU SORRY ASS BITCH!  HOW THE FUCK COULD YOU DO THIS!"  then i heard what was distinctivly sounded like a slap.   Then i heard my mom yelling "stop it, calm down" etc.  
"YOU GET THE FUCK OUT YOU WIFE STEALING MOTHER FUCKER!"  all of a sudden this naked guy with a handful of clothes goes running out the door.   it then finally hit me what was going on, mom was cheating on dad.   for the next few minutes i just stood there, not knowing what to think, listening to my dad screaming at my mom.   Then i heard the last thing i ever heard my dad say, "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE, AND TAKE YOUR SORRY EXCUSE FOR A SON WITH YOU"  my dad didnt even let my mom put on any clothes, she came out of the bedroom with a sheet wrapped around her as she grabbed my hand and put me in her car.   she then drove to grandma\'s.   she cried all the way.   i didnt say anything the entire time.   just hung my head and kept silent.   we finally got to grandmas and my told me to go the guest room and change into some dry clothes and go to bed, as she was about to explain things to grandma.
The next few weeks were surreal.   i went to school like normal, but everything else was just a blur.   the divorce happened so fast.

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    because of my moms adultery, my dad got everything.   the most painful thing was that my mom got full custody of me, which is what i wanted, but painful because my dad didnt even want to see me.   not even vistation.   my dad did agree to give us $5000 to help us, mainly out of sympathy for me i was told, but that was it.  
so that was it, it was now me and my mom.   we are able to get this really small apartment, it was 2 bed 1 bath.   the bathroom was really small, no room to even move around, and it was going to be shared by both me and my mom.   my mom told me it was going to be tough, so i\'d figure i would get over it and just try to get by.   my room was really small too, not even big enough to hold all my stuff.   my grandma helped us out and had a yardsell for the things we couldnt keep, and even sold some of her stuff.   my mom decided to keep going with real estate, and make it a full time career.   but unforunatly we lived in a small town, so not only was buying and selling a little scarce, but word gets around really quick, and soon everyone knew my mom cheated on my dad, so many people were reluctant to use her just for that.
we couldnt afford cable, and ended up selling the tv we had.   our dinners mostly consisted of frozen pizzas, easy mac, romein noodles, frozen pot pies, and if my mom made a sell, we would eat out at a cheap chinese place, or captain d\'s, or something of that nature.   needless to say, we werent that well off.

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    and being in such a small cramped apartment, a little bit of modesty had to go out the window.   which is not a good thing a for young boy turning 14.   it didnt become uncommon for both me and my mom to see each other in our underwear.   and i was always brush my teeth, comb my hair, and do all other bathroom stuff in the morning getting ready for school while she was in the shower.   it was then where my mom started to become something more than just my mom.   i would catch myself staring at her shadow on the shower curtain, and all of a sudden my penis would get hard.   it was during this time i discovered masturbation.   after watcing my moms naked shadow, i would go back to my room and jerk off to that image.   and that ended up being my morning ritual.   my mom ended up having to get a second job, a waitress at waffle house on the night shift.   so in the mornings my mom would take a shower and go to work, come home at 4, spend time with me and make dinner, then take a nap, then go to work at midnight and work till 7, and do it all over again.   this was monday thru saturday.   luckily she never had to work sunday so she would sleep almost all day.
at this point i was still taking baths.   usually i would take my bath after mom went to bed.

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    but soon it got to the point where mom started drinking.   she got so depressed because of what had happened, she soon was drunk every day by 5.   but her drinking soon led to the moment that changed our lives.
i was taking my bath as usual, about 7:30 pm.   my mom still had not gone to bed yet, because she was quite drunk, and called in sick to waffle house, which was starting to become a usual thing for her.   i was afraid she was gonna lose her job there.   but i was taking my bath, and was about done, when my mom came in the bathroom.   every now and then should would have to use the bathroom while i was in the tub, but she always knocked and made me close the shower curtain.   this time she just barged in.   she smiled at me and said, "hey baby, just gotta pee thats all. "  then she dropped her jeans and panties, exposing her bare thighs to me.   i didnt get to see anything else.   she sat down on the toilet and all i could do is stare.   my penis got hard instantly.   then my mom, in her drunken state looked over right at my crotch in the tub.

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"Well, looks like someone is having fun"  she laughed.   her speech was so slurred, i could tell she was totally wasted.   while she was peeing, she said, "you know what, im in the mood for a nice warm bubble bath.   you wanna take a bubble bath with your old mom. " 
all i could do is nod my head yes.   my cock was throbbing and my heart was racing.   i had no idea what was going on.   so my mom told me to drain the water in the tub and refill it with warm bubbly water.   she left the bathroom, sadly i didnt get to so anymore than just her thigh, and said she would be back in a few minutes.   i refilled the tub with bubbles, and got in.   then my mom came back in with 2 beers in her hand.   she told me to close my eyes and look the other way as she got undressed.   that really pissed me off cus i thought she was drunk enough to get naked in front of me, but sadly no.   then she got in, facing me and her naked body was covered by the bubbles.
      then what suprised me is she handed me one of the beers.

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        "im tired of drinking alone honey.   i think your responsible enough, so how about you and me have our own little party tonight"
    this was amazing to me.   my first beer.   i drank a sip, i wasnt a big fan, but kept drinking it anyways.   then my mom said, "come on, chug it"  i chugged it and almost threw up.   my mom finished her beer and then said, " go grab 2 more out of the frig"
    "but mom im naked. . . . and wet" i said
    "damn it do what your mother tells you!  now get your ass out of the tub and get us more beer"
    i then got out of the tub, exposing my hard cock to my mom.   she was staring at it the entire time i was out of the tub.   i came back with two beers in hand, handed one to mom, then got back in the tub.
    a minute went by with us just drinking without saying anything till my mom said, "you know you gotta a nice cock. "  i immeaditely turn red and looked down.   "dont be embarrased baby, you should be proud of that thing.

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        why dont u stand up and let me see it again"
    i was reluctant, but did it anyways.   i stood up and wiped the bubbles off, giving my mom a clear view at my cock.   then my mom really shocked me.   she leaned forward and grabbed it and gave it a few tugs, and grabbed my balls.   she leaned back and said "damn son, you have got a great package"  i took a few more sips of my beer and started to ease up a bit.   i told my mom thanks as i finished off my second one, starting to feel really good.   then my mom shocked me again and said, "well you got the beers last time, so ill get them this time. "  then she got out of the tub, exposing her naked body to me for the first time.   she came back and got back in, and all i wanted to do was cum, my cock was throbbing.   i looked over at my mom, and the bubbles had gone down some, and her right breast was exposed, and she was playing with her nipple.   all of a sudden i felt her foot brush against my cock.   "looks like i found a bathtoy" my mom said, laughing.   and she kept rubbing her foot against my cock. i knew i was going to cum any second.   again my mom shocked me as i heard her moaning and looked over to her and her hand was under the water but i could tell she was masturbatin.

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        with her foot and that sight, i shot my load. i became short of breath and started to moan some, then had my orgasm.
    "did you just cum baby"
    "yes maam"
    "mmm im glad.   now its your turn to make mommy cum"  and with that she stood up and got out of the tub, and sat on the toilet and motioned for me to get out of the tub too.
    "kneel down in front of me baby.   i want you to lick my clit, right here. " she pointed to it, and i did as i was told, still in shock but still horny.   i started to lick and my mom started to moan.   it tasted funny, but i didnt mind it.   i kept licking, and my mom started to say words ive never heard her say before. "yes, thats it, lick it, fuck yes, fucking lick me good baby doll. "all of a sudden my mom grabbed my head and pulled me away from her.   "now your going to become a man"  i didnt know what she meant by that, until she bent over the tub and told me to fuck her.   at this point i was up for anything i was so horny.   so i got behind her and put my cock in her pussy.

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        i thrusted about 5 times, then felt my orgasm coming.   i didnt think to tell my mom, and then my body froze, and i came inside my mom after about 30 seconds.   my mom started moaning "yes baby that feels so good" as i collasped back and watched her masturbate herself to oragsm.   after that she seem disoriented, so she said was heading to bed and told me to do the same.   i went to bed, but not before jerking off 3 more times that night after what just happened.
    part 2 to come
    email me with comments  cremieux23@yahoo. com



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