28 - 13 = 69?


It was Christmas Eve and nobody had gotten their presents except for my cousin, Monica, and myself. We were left alone in our grandparents house. Things got boring with small talk after about 8. I asked if she wanted to play truth-or-dare and she said "alright. " Monica, is a 28 year old goddess. She has a 5'8" frame and bouncy 34C breasts. Her legs are long and sexy and her face shows only innocence. She had wavy blonde hair and gray eyes that seemed to suck you in. Her cheeks had a rosy blush to it, but it wasn't from makeup. I had had a crush on her for quite a while but was unsure about what to do. . . After a few boring rounds of questions and dares lyk "Who did you first kiss or I dare you to act like a monkey," Idecided to make this a bit more interesting. Then it hit me. What if she won't do what I'm about to say? I was so nervous that I blurted out hte words, "I dare you to give me a naked lap dance for ten minutes. " Her face seemed puzzled for a moment and then shocked.

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   "You want a lap dance? You're only thirteen, you're a kid!" She started to turn away and she seemed kinda pissed at hot rude I was. I just bowed by head. I tried to sneak a look and the next thing I saw was my cousin grabbing the end of her shirt with her ahnds and lifting it up to unveil two luscious milky melons. They were almost happy to see me as they bounced in anticipation. She then slipped out of her jeans and unveiled a velvet thong. It was tiny! I had never seen one before and I was amazed at how little it covered. She pushed it gently with the tips of her fingers and let it slowly glide down her to-die-for legs. I watched with my mouth gaping open as I saw my first pussy. It was bare and radiated with beauty. SHe slowly walked up to me, letting her boobs sway with her. She grabbed my shoulders gently and moved me toward a leather chair nearby. Suddenly, she slammed me against the chair creating a low thud noise. She got down on her knees in front of me as I leaned forward expectedly. SHe slowly made her way up teh chair with her thin arms and when she was on my lap, it was on. She sat on my lan and slowly gyrated her hips toward me.

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   My cock was already erect and it proved to be a problem as she could go no further than my cock unless she pushed harder. SHe swung her head toward my ear and whipsered in a sultry voice, "My god, already excited are we? The night hsa just begun. . . . " SHe rammed herself forward causing my clothed cock to push into her vagina. She moaned softly and grinded against my rod. I couldn't see anything but her boobs at that point which took up my entire view. BUt tehy were so nice and bulbous that I couldn't tear my glance away. Then, it was over. Ten minutes were up and it was her turn to dare me. "I dare you to strip naked and eat me!" I always came in my pants with excitement. This was it, I was going to taste my first pussy! She laid down on a couch and spread her legs; her pussy was welcoming me with her love juices. I didn't know what to do but follow my instincts. I pinned her soft legs against the couch and leaned my head into her crotch.

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   I stuffed my face and I tasted something sweet. I parted my lips and screwed my tongue inside her. She gave out a small moan and said, "Eat my cunt, cousin! Cmon, eat her naughty cousin!" My ears perked up and my cock did too after hearing that as I began to swash my tongue around her vagina. I found a small bulb and teased it by licking it up and down. I heard louder moans this time and I parted her lips and licked up all her juices. She yelled out in a cute high-pitch and juices squirted my face. She got up and looked worried for a bit and she asked "Are you okay?" I said, "never better," in a sly voice as I leaned back on the couch. My cousin told me that this game was getting a bit boring. My eyes were filled with dissapointment. THen she said, "Let's just fuck each other like wild beasts instead!" I asked her if she could return the favor and she said yes. I got up to undress and then I leaned back with my legs spread apart. My cousin slowly pumped my cock. I watched with fascination, it was like porn, but 10000 times better. She pumped faster and faster and I felt my cum near, but I didn't want to go so soon. I held it in another minute but my cousin saw my scrunched face.

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   She could tell what I was trying to do and she stroked my neck and said, "Relax. " She did something unexpected then, she shoved my cock in her mouth and sucked very softly. It was the best feeling, it felt as though my spirit was being sucked out by one point, but it felt good. I exploded in her mouth and she released her stranglehold with her mouth as she coughed a bit. Then more ropes of cum came squirting on her face and hair. She smiled in a slutty way to say that everything was OK. I felt somehow empowered as I pinned her shoulders to the carpeted ground. SHe smiled and elicted a soft, "oooo. "\ I leaned into her and grabbed her breasts and massaged them a bit and watched her buttons become hard. I sucked on one while continueing to massage her. The nI went to her face and I gave her a toungue-twisting kiss. All the while I was positioning myself to screw her. We were in the middle of a fiery kiss when I pushed hard into her. She moaned softly but she didn't let go of her embrace and we continued to kiss. I gyrated my hips and she started to answer back in sync with me.

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   I broke the kiss and said, "Damn, you're such a hot bitch. " I kept fucking her harder and harder again, she moaned louder and then she started to scream, "FUCK ME! YEAH! HARDER, HARDER, YEAH!!!!!" SHe oragasmed on my cock and I came in her pussy. I wasn't worried at all. Then she flipped me around and we went into 69 position. I ate her and she sucked me. It was awesome having two orgasms at once. Her juices tasted the best this time and then afterwards we took showers in the same tub. We were messes with all the cum. Of course, we did it again in the tub standing up, but that's another story. (I might write a sequal depending on feedback. Please tell me if it's good or not. ).