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hello , i'm Chris a 28 year old male and am currently goin out with Natasha a 23 year old short haired blonde. Shes reasonbly fit , with blues eyes an a come to bed smile like you would not believe. Now i knew she had previously had lesbian flings and had asked her wether a threesome would be possible the answer was "yes if its someone i fancy and shes willing" Now to my niece Emma a 18 year old brunette , shoulder length  hair , 36c boobs ,curvy but in the right places , brown eyes and a personatilty to make her a dream catch, only i had never thought about her that way ,  UNTILL.  Its my nieces Emma 15th birthday having asked her what she wanted "a good night out please" i replied "comon Emma your to young an your mum an dad probaly wont let you any way" Natasha my girlfiend says "leave it with me , but you will probaly have to spend the night with me an Chris " "kool "says Emma  Has it turns out Natasha sweet talked Emma's dad with out to much hassle , that smile works wonders .  Now the big night arrives an as we gettin ready to go an pick up Emma , Natasha gives me  a drink , little did i know at the time this had 1 viagra in it.  Natasha looks great in her little pinkish top semi transparrent in places an a tight pair of jeans that clung to her butt.

 We arrive to pick up Emma an beep of the horn Emma comes runnin out.  light blue tee shirt short skirt an lightly made up, "wow gonna have to watch her tonite" i said to  Natasha , she giggled "maybe its you i better watch " she said Its about an hour from the end at the night club, i come back from the tiolet and Natasha gives me  drink , this ones spiked with an ectasy tablet .  Emma's drink is also spiked , although not a whole one.  Tens minutes later Natasha takes me an Emma up to the dance floor an i soon start to feel the effects of the pill, at which point Natasha leaves me with Emma , dancing in the smoke to slowish tune on a ectasy tab plus a viagra from earlier .  i pull Emma close her eyes are glasing over and i'm sure mine were to , gyrating our hips together my cock was rising and slowly my hands were gettin braver as they wandered arround her butt. "Happy birthday "i said thinkin of an excuse to kiss her, the moment my lips touched hers it was like a electric shock hit me , even more supprising was the fact her tongue found mine.  Just as i pulled away i caught sight of Natasha , had she been watchin.  She comes over all smiles askin me to go get the drinks an meet them back at the table.  Natasha comes back to the table on her own Emmas gone toilet "could you get me some ciggerettes before we leave" Of i go at which point , my drink gets spiked with one more viagra and some coke , Emmas drink also gets spiked with another half an ectasy tablet.  The club comes to an end and Natasha wisely dictactes i'm in no condation to drive so we get a taxi.

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