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When I was 18 me and my family went on holiday to the sunny beaches of Spain , my family consisted of me mum dad, aunt uncle and their 2 kids. We all stayed in the same hotel, uncle and aunt had their own room.
One hot day we all went to the beach, and it was really hot so I went for a swim in the sea, I could see a number of nude women well topless anyway. One was in the water only a few feet from me I had a raging hard-on in seconds. I was swimming under water to get better looks at the amazing sights. Then as I pulled my head out the water there was my aunty with no tops on tits hanging out in the water. Have to tell you my aunty and mum aren’t small women they are very full figured but not to fat. So the breasts where something to admire. I staried at her tits for what must have been 10mins and she said to me think mine are nice should see your mums, as I turned around I saw her bathing on the beach tits hanging over each side. Still hard I brought my eyes back to my aunt. She watched me stairing and smiled. All that day I was taking every chance I could to be touched by her amazing breasts. I would swim past and brush my hands across her nipples I know she could feel me cause she would relax still when I came close her nipples where really hard from my touch. She whispered to me. “Hey your dad and uncle have gone to have a go on the speed boat want to take our game inside. ” My causens stayed with my mum on the beach aunty told mum we was going to look around the shops.

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When we got to the room, she dropped her top on the floor turned to face me and told me to touch her. I took a breast in each hand and squeezed gently. As I was touching my aunty she started working her hands down my body to my shorts which is the only thing I had on, she then dropped them to the floor exposing my 6inch hard cock. She moved down and instently took my hole cock in her mouth and started sucking. I couldn’t handle the pleasure and dropped to the floor. As I lay there my aunt stoppes sucking and glides her big body over me and kisses me then pushes her pussy onto the end of my cock. I felt her pussy juices straight away. And pushed inside her. She instantly started moaning and riding me like a wild animal that hadn’t been fucked for years. Within seconds I was filling her pussy with my cum. I couldn’t stop myself. She just kept riding and riding. She felt me go soft and looked at me and said,
“you finished, I hope you enjoyed it, but I still need to cum hunny”
she got of my limp cock and sat straight on my face I could hardly breath but I loved the taste of her pussy dripping with my cum. She was riding my face for a good 10mins as she started moaning louder and louder telling me she was coming.
I licked as much as possible as she slumped off me and told me how good it felt.

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I got dressed and left the room as she started cleaning up.
The next day, the hole family was planning on going to a near by town which I didn’t fancy doing. Mum didn’t feel well so she stayed with me and the rest went to the town. About 30mins after they left mum got up and started talking to me.
“enjoy yourself yesterday”
“yeah mum is was a good day nice and warm”
“you starting to like the taste of a wet pussy”
“wha what do you mean”
“come on, you and your aunt yesterday she told me”
I was so shocked and scared. Then she shocked me even more.
“could you do me a favour and sort my wet pussy for me” I’m not sick just realy horny. Mum took off all her cloths and went and laid down on the bed. I walked up and took my shorts off and I was dieing to get inside her. She layed there legs open wide eyes closed waiting for me to lick her. I got on the bed and positioned myself in-between her legs and trusted my cock hard and deep inside her. She screamed and her eyes shot open, as she looked at me and saw me fucking her pussy with animal rage.
She didn’t tell me to stop she grabbed my ass and told me to fuck her faster make mummy cum she said. I was in heaven. Within a few mins both me and mum where building up for an orgasm.

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   She started moaning in my ear, I’m Cumming baby cum with me. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock, and it sent me over the top. I shot every last bit of my cum inside my own mum as I lay my head on her breasts I started sucking her nipples while my dick softened inside her. Mum rolled me off her and got up. I was laid there naked pleased beyond my wildest fantasies. I fell to sleep and was out most of the day. I woke up and both mum and aunty was laying on the bed with me naked. I looked at them they smiled and my aunty pulled out what I could only describe as a strap on that they brought at the store Spain has shops like that everywhere even places that have sweets to dildos and things. I didn’t say anything I just watched them, my aunt put the dildo on and mum got in the dogy position. Aunty started pushing the dildo in my mums ass, I could see she was really enjoying it. Aunty looked at me and said want to help me give your mum the best orgasm ever. She motioned for me to get under my mum. I raised my hips up so my dick was inside my mums pussy, she looked at me and started kissing me. My aunty started picking up the paste of fucking mum in the ass, as I started thrusting up in her pussy within seconds she was Cumming screaming out “ohhhh my god”” that day was another day of first for me, we all swapped positions. Mum laid on the bed, I placed my cock in her mouth and lent forward, aunty came up behind me and started pushing the dildo in my ass, at first it hurt like hell but the pleasure of mum sucking me evened it out.

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   After a while it felt amazing. I was shooting load after load of cum all over my mums face, I was empty for a mouth’s supply. I got off my mum and aunty got on top and started kissing her all over licking my cum off her face, it was the most sexiest thing I have ever seen. That was the only time I got to have sex with my mum or my aunty after we came home dad was always there we never saw aunty that much, but I would always listen in on my mum have orgasms wishing it was me giving her them.
My hand can be any women I want I have my neighbour, my old teacher, my hairdresser my mum, and some older women I have spoke to on the net. All fucking me so a mind is a terrible thing to waste.              



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