The Interior Designer


My bitch of a wife and I have had the same 2 fights almost daily over the past couple of years--#1 Sex and #2 Money. Sound familiar?Except this time, the #2 was because my company was doing well—extremely well. Her argument was we were no longer middle class—we were upper class, pulling in huge money over the past couple of years and she wanted to flaunt it. But damn it, if she was still going to pass on sex there was no way in hell I was buying her a mansion.
Finally the day came where the impasse was worse than it had been. “FINE. If you are going to make me stay in this house, I’m at least going to decorate it so that when people come over, they’ll instantly know I have money”Whatever. So I told her to decorate but she wasn’t getting the big mansion.
It was a day like any other workday for me, running my import/export business out of the basement, when I heard the doorbell, followed by what seemed like a lot of female voices. I carried on for a couple of hours and it seemed like the party kept going on upstairs for several hours. Finally, I went to get a cup of coffee from the kitchen and check on what was going on. As I walked through the great room, there were two drop dead gorgeous chicks with my wife and I just stood there as I watched one of them bending over, trying to arrange a set of pictures on the floor before they hung them. Damn, that was one of the best asses that I had ever seen and the way the skirt was hanging on her cheeks, I’m not sure how the thin material was even holding them in!
A moment later, my wife saw me and began the introductions. Maddie and Alexis. “Girls, this is my husband. Hope he likes what he sees cause he’s the one who will be writing your check today.

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  ” Hell yes I liked what I saw. Screw the new décor—most of it looked like crap to me, but damn, these two could have just walked out of any strip club, or Playboy mansion—they made Hef’s girls look like just average girls.
When saying my hellos, I had a hard time looking them in the eyes. Maddie was a petite little blonde,standing only about 5’4”, but had that killer, cheerleader/gymnast body—except for the boobs, which couldn’t be real, but themore the better. Dressed to kill in her business suit, her blouse could barely contain her breasts and the outilne of her bra strained against the pale pink top. Regardless of how hard Maddie instantly made me, Alexis almost made me cum in my pants right then and there. Standing at 5’10”, her legs went ALL the way up, and she like her partner, had done a fantastic job enhancing her breasts. Like Maddie, Alexis’s thin top revealed her lacy bra as her cups pressed hard against a soft blue top. Her white linen skirt did nothing to hide her wonderful ass cheeks and as I took my mental “Polaroid” snapshot, I hoped this wouldn’t be the last time I saw these two.
I went back down to my office and released my cock, and just gently massaged it, dreaming about these two. Sitting right there in my chair, I closed my eyes and stroked myself to the images of those two, and completely undressing them in my mind. I was rudely brought back to reality when a soft voice cleared her throat and I opened my eyes to see Alexis standing there. “Does that mean you liked what you saw upstairs?”A little embarrassed, I nodded yes, but then told her I really didn’t care about most of that “crap”, I just wanted my wife off my back.
Alexis came around the desk, and with one hand laid the invoice on my desk and with the other grabbed by hand and began to make me stroke myself again. When I started to protest, she said, “When I remove my hand, you will continue if you know what is good for you.

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  ” With that, she began to unbutton her blouse and said, “don’t worry, Maddie will keep your wife plenty occupied, it is going to be just you and me. ”She removed her top, then dropped her skirt, standing there in just her white lacy bra and matching white, silky boy shorts, and told me I could stop jacking myself, as she began to give me a lap dance.
I was mesmorized at her—her body like a goddess, her ass hard and firm, her tits were a solid D any day and she would dance facing away, then face me and just seductively look at me. As my hands went to play wth her breasts, she slapped them away and said, “Alexis is in charge, you do not touch, you do not do anything without permission. If you don’t follow my rules you will pay more than you can imagine. Do you understand?Do you want me to yell for Maddie and your wife and let you explain how you ripped my clothes off of me? And, ps…you better not cum all over me either”
That little cunt had me between a rock and hard place. Yes, I was enjoying this but I couldn’t stand not being in control. During the lap dance, she stood up, repositioned her bra, pulling her right tit out and then licked her fingers and started rolling them around her erect nipple. “Does my little boy like what he sees know?Do you wish it was your fingers doing this? Do you wish it was your tongue doing this?” She pushed her breast up to her mouth and began licking and sucking her own nipple.
I was throbbing hard and she could see it. Before she sat back down on my lap, she removed her boy shorts and I finally got to see her ass—all of her ass. As she started grinding again, she told me to put my hands over my head and when I did, she grabbed them with her hands, her breasts grinding against my chest as she dry humped me. I told her I was about to cum and she warned me not to—said I would be sorry. With that, she spit in her hand, reached down and gave me a couple of strokes before picking up her panties, and with those little silk boy shorts, finished jacking me off.
It felt like I released a gallon of spunk and it filled up the little boy shorts and began to run over the sides.

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  She smiled, said we couldn’t make a mess, scooped some of it up and licked her fingers clean. She asked if I liked what I saw and again, I just nodded yes. With that, she opened up the panties and licked a lot of my cum, then proceeded to kiss me. I had never tasted my own cream before and while it was salty, her tongue in my mouth was making me hard again.
When we finished, she told me she was going to get dressed while I wrote my check. I looked at the invoice and said, “HELL NO. There is no way in hell I’m going to pay you $6500 for that crap you put in the great room. You can take it away. ”Alexis replied, “You will and that’s only half, we are bringing the custom window treatments next week and you’ll pay the other half. Then, we will go room by room and redecorate every room in your house. If you are a good boy, you can have a little fun and it will cost you around $250,000. If you are a stupid dumb ass jerk, you’ll have no fun and it will cost you double. Oh, and one more thing, I expect a tip in cash every week. I don’t perform for free. $1000 cash.

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   Do you understand?”
“$1000 cash?For you to jerk me off? I can get that for $25 downtown anytime I want. You are sadly mistaken. ” Alexis just smiled and said, The first one today was free. I can make it worth your while, but everytime you said something stupid, it will cost you more and you’ll enjoy it less. You have two choices—1) shut up and write the check today and be prepared for next Tuesday or 2) say one more thing, wait for your wife and Maddie to come down after I scream and show them all your cum all over my blouse and face when I wipe all of it off my panties. Then you can write my check and then the divorce check to your wife after that. ” With that she just smiled, I wrote the check, and as she folded it and placed it in her bra, she turned, bent back over, kissed me, then lovingly rubbed her panties and my jizz all over my face. “Keep them as a souvenir sweetie and don’t forget, $1000 cash next week. ”
This “Interior Designer” was the highest call-girl ever on record and was going to blackmail me?I’m not sure who, what, or where, but I knew I had a week to come up with a plan. This little cunt might be the most beautiful creature on Earth, but she wasn’t going to get away with this. Humiliate me once and catch me jacking off, shame on me. Blackmail me forever, shame on you