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I enjoy doing yard work during the Summer but before it gets too hot. I usually wear a string bikini top and a thing bottom in the yeard and since it is surrounded by a privacy fence it is usually safe from public view, not that I am shy about it but it is easier to keep onlookers from stopping and interruppting the yard work.
There were several boys in my neighborhood that had seen me sunning a few times and even had peeked over the fence a couple times. I usually chased them off and they did not come back, for a while. Anyway, I was doing the yard one day and there was a knock at the fence gate. I went to it and there were three of the boys there asking if they could earn some extra money but doing the yard. They all begged me and so I said yes. I had on my black thong and a new see through string top on my 44EEE chest. It barely covered my nipples that are really huge and that get hard really easily if I think I am being watched. Well, I knew damn well I was being watched and they were hard. I jumped into my pool after giving instructions My top came off my nipples of course and I moved it back. Now with the top wet it was totally see through.
THe boys took off their shirts and began work. Soon they were sweating and everytime they could they came close to the pool and looked over the side. I was floating on a float chair and my eyes were closed when I heard "damn, she is so fucking hot. " I looked up and two of them were looking over the pool side and I looked down to see my nipples coming out of their home.

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   They began to walk away and I said, "Come back here you two. " in a very angry voice. "Yes Mrs Cain?" they said and the other boy came over. "You boys like looking at me? Well answer me, do you like looking at me?" "Yeh," the biggest said. "Yeh" we do" the two others said. "Well, I like to be looked at, you guys look hot, jump in the pool why don\'t you?" I said and slipped off the float chair. "Really?" they all said. "Yes, really, come on in. "
They came around the ladder and slipped into the pool and when their shorts were wet I saw that they had tents in their shorts. "Very nice tents" I though licking my lips. I asked if they enjoyed the pool and they said yes but wee looking at me and could not take their eyes off me. I splashed water on one and he splashed me back and then I splashed another so that soon we were in a splash fight. I kept making a show of tucking my nipples back in aand then they would come out again,,,,and again,,,,and again. The boys, Tommy, Jim and Sean were all watching my chest bounse all over and I saw that they had bigger bulges then I had expected. Finally I said, "Oh damn, this top will not stay on, you boys don/t mind if I just get rid of it do you?" I said pulling it off.

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   "Hell no Mrs Cain. " they all said. "Okay, now I can really get into the splash fight" I said geting closer and splashing them all as much as I could. When I stopped and they were splashing me as much and I stood there faking sluttering from the water. "Okay, okay, I give up. " I said holding my hands up in the air.
"Well, since yu won what do I have to do?" I said. They looked at me and looked shy still. "Well, you guys won, I give up. " "How about the bottoms Mrs Cain?" Jim said. "Well Jim, since it is your idea why not go under the water and take them off for me. " I said. He took a breath and went under. His hands fumbled and soon the bottom came off and he came up with it in his hands proud to have done it. "Well guys, you know, this is not fair.

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   I think I should get to take off your shorts too. " Before they could say anythig I went under and went for Jim\'s shorts and unzipped it and pulled off his shorts and underwear. I threw them out of the pool and went under for Tommy\'s and soon came up with them. Sean was next and so all of us were naked in the pool. "Well, how bout we swim a little. "You guys take a swim between my legs. Take turns. " First Sean went through and and brushed my legs, then Jim and then Tommy. "Okay, my turn" I said and went under Tommy\'s legs. I turned around and took my hand and brushed his balls and cock. He jumped. Next Jim and I did the same and then Sean. I brushed his cock too and then came up. "Well, how was that guys?" I asked and they all laughed and said "Yeh, hell yeh. " "Okay, now tell me what you think of this.

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  " I took a deep breath and went to Tommy and sucked his cock into my mouth and began sucking him so he would cum really fast. He did and I swallowed it down. I came up and he was saying, "Damn, damn that was hot, of damn. " I caught my breath and went under for Sean and did the same. He was bigger and it made me have and orgasm hitting the back of my throat. I came up and he was wide eyed at me saying nothing. "Okay Jim, next. " and I went down and began sucking him. I took longer this time and soon he fillwed my throat and I came up laughing. "How was that guys?" I said. "Fucking hot Mrs Cain. " "Look guys, if we are going to do this call me Teresa. " I said. "Okay Teresa. " they said.

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"Well guys, follow me. " I said and went up the ladder and took my time. The boys watched me and were all talking and said, "Damn she is so fucking hot. " I got to the top of the ladder and said, as I carressed my tits, Come find out fucking hot I am. " and walked to the patio door and held it open. THey followed me, all hard cocks bouncing as they walked and went by me. We got into the living room and I threw Tommy down on the floor and mouted his cock. I took his hands and cupped my tits with them. "Now learn to fuck a woman. " I moaned and began making his hands do what I wanted them too. I rode his cock and made him feel every inch of it as it went in and out. Soon I moaned and geabbed my nipples pulling them hard and soaked his hips and when I did he filled my pussy. "Oh yeh, good timing Tommy, always come with the woman and make sure she is ready to cum. " I said and went to Sean. He sat on the couch and I mounted the hard cock he held for me.

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   "Okay, you were watching, do it for me. " I said and he grabbed my tits. "Pull them hard and suck the nipples and bite them good too. " I ordered him. My chest was in his face and he did as I said. Soon he filled me and the feeling made me cum too. "Jim, next baby. " and he sat on the couch next to me and I swung my legs over his lap and mounted him. I jammed myself down on him and rode him like crazy and he filled me and I was not finished so I kept him under me and he got hard again and he was ready for me to ride him. He sucked my tits and I told him, "Bite the nipples, bite them hard. " and he did.
"Oh my god. . . " I screamed and soaked his cock and then he filled me again and made me cum again.

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   We all laid there and I got up to get drinks and gave them to each one. The wine made us all relaxand now I told them that the lesson was ready to continue. "Now guys, you are going to learn to do me all at one time. " I said. I placed them where I wanted them and massaged their cocks and licked them all. THey got hard and I sat on Sean only it went into my ass. "Oh hell Teresa, that is hot. " I leaned back and brought Tommy to me, "In the pussy baby. " and he filled me. "Jim, get so I can suck you. " he got up and put himself in my hand and I began moving and took him in my mouth and told them to do it to me. They all filled me at almost the same time and I told them to switch. We repeated this until they all filled me in every hole. I stood up and was dripping from ass and pussy and I licked my lips, "Your cum all tastes so good. " and I kissed them all and said.

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   "Was that pay enough?" "Fuck yeh," they said. "Good, go finish the yard and I will finish paying you all. "
That night we finished and they left. All Summer they did me and the yard.