Wife Swapping


As my wife and I watched the movie, we started talking about how we would feel about having sex with other partners; I told Lori that I've wanted to watch her having sex with another partner for a long time. She said, as she started to rub my cock through my pants, "I've thought about us swapping partners before, but was afraid you might not like the idea and it would upset me. "I reached over and began to rub her pussy with one hand, while kneading one of her nipples with the other and said, "I've never suggested it before, other then jokingly, because I didn't think you would ever go for the idea. "Then I asked "If she had anyone in mind to swap with?"Lori replied, "Mike and Sharon would be her first choice, I think Mike would really like to fuck me. The way he is always trying to get me alone and grope me, as you know. The last time we were together, he came up behind me in the kitchen, reached around me and grabbed tits and pressed his hard cock against my ass. "I said, "Well I think any guy would like to fuck you, but I agree Mike and Sharon would be my first choice too, I love Sharon's big tits, and tight ass. I wonder if they would be receptive to the idea?" Lori said, " Well its Mike's movie we're watching, so I think the only way we will know is to invite them over for a few drinks and whatever and see what we can get started. "We called and invited Mike and Sharon over that night for drinks and maybe to play board games or cards. The evening started off innocent enough, but progress into an experience that would change our lives forever. When Mike and Sharon arrived, we did the usual hellos, hugs and kisses, and small talk. I always loved to embrace Sharon because she has the finest pair of tits I had ever seen. Although my wife's tits, 34D's, were nothing to be ashamed of Sharon's were bigger. As Sharon and I embraced I looked over at Mike and Lori, and they were in a tongue swapping lip lock and Mike's hands where rubbing Lori's ass. I thought this could be and interesting night. As we broke off our hellos, I asked if they wanted a drink, and told Lori to take Mike and Sharon into the family room and make them feel at home, as I made their drinks.

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   When I came in with the drinks, I was surprised to find Mike and Lori on one love seat and Sharon alone on the other. After I gave them their drinks I sat with Sharon and joined in the general conversation about work, the kids, and latest vacations. As we talked I noticed Mike's hand on Lori's knee, I thought that Lori would stop him, but hoped she wouldn't. The conversation went from general small talk to our favorite subject sex. I told them that Lori and I had a fantasy about getting involved in an orgy, but were a little afraid to try it. I then asked Mike and Sharon if they had any fantasies?As Mike started rubbing the inside of my wife's thigh. Sharon said, "We've talked about watching each other having sex with another partner, but never thought about an orgy. "Then Lori said, "Frank and I have talked about starting off with just swapping with another couple to see if either of us would get jealous or upset. We also discussed trying to get you and Mike to be the couple we swapped with, but we didn't want to push it for fear of loosing you as friends. " Lori continued, "I've also fantasized about finding a couple to enjoy sex with not only of the opposite sex but the same sex. "Sharon says, "Mike has fantasized about watching me have sex not only with another man, but also wants to see me make it with another woman. I've told him I think I would like having sex with another woman, and would like to see him make it with another man. "As Mike moved his hand higher on Lori's thigh he said "Sharon and I have also discussed you two as the couple we would like to have sex with first and hoped you would be open to the idea. " As Mike started to rub Lori's pussy through her shorts, Lori proceeded to undo Mikes pants and take out his 9" uncut cock. Mike became instantly hard and Lori knelt between his legs and began giving him a blowjob.

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   Mike unbuttoned Lori's blouse and let it fall to the floor and removed her bra exposing her beautiful 34D tits. As Lori sucked Mike's cock, Mike fondled her nipples, and ran a hand down the back of her shorts and rubbed her ass. Sharon added, "It seems Lori is open to the idea, how about you Frank?"As I began unbuttoning her blouse I said "Sharon, I've dreamed about having sex with you for a long time and hope all your fantasies would become realities tonight. " I removed Sharon's blouse and bra to expose the most beautiful set of tits I'd ever seen. I leaned over and took one I my mouth and fondled the other with my hand. As I started sucking on her tit and she started purring like a kitten. With my free hand I started to remove the rest of her clothes, but she stopped me saying, " The fantasy was to watch your other partner having sex. " I sat up and looked at Mike and Lori, although I kept my hands on those beautiful breasts of Sharon's. I could tell that Mike was about to deposit his load of cum in my wife's mouth, by what he was saying, suck it baby, suck it, get ready to receive my load, oh yes, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, shallow it baby, shallow it. Lori continued to suck Mike's cock until it went limp, when sat up and looked over a Sharon and me and licked her lips. I said, "Lori that looked liked a scene from the movie we watched this afternoon. "Lori said, "That's were I got the idea, and mmmm was he good. "I proceeded to remove the rest of Sharon's clothes as well as mine, and watched as Mike removed his and Lori's. I when laid Sharon back on the sofa and started to suck on her gorgeous tits. As I sucked her tits, I inserted a finger into her shaven pussy and rubbed her clit; she started to moan, oh yes, oh yes, that feels so good, as she humped my hand.

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   Her pussy felt so good, I knew I had to have her, but first I wanted a taste of that beautiful shaven pussy. I worked my way down her body licking all the way until I reached her pussy. I started to lick and suck on her lips and tasted a cherry flavored sex cream she had applied, what a pleasant surprise. I looked up at her and said, "I guess you had anticipated this happening before you left home, didn't you?"Sharon responded, "Mike and I hoped you and Lori would respond like this, so we wanted to do all we could to enhance the pleasure. "I went back to licking and sucking that flavored pussy until she started bucking and squirming as she cried out, "Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Ooh, yes! Don't stop! Don't stop! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum! I'm going too cummmm!"I stopped anyway, because I just had to have my cock in that beautiful pussy. I slid my cock into her sloppy wet pussy and started slow strokes; she started bucking again as she cried out, "Ohhh Yess! Ohhh God Yesss! Ahh! Ahhhh! Yes! Ohhhhuuunngghhhhh! Ohh Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!"I started to relentlessly driving my cock deep into Sharon's ravaged pussy, pumping, pounding my hard, thick manhood into her throbbing cunt. Sharon was endlessly cumming, yelling, crying out, thrashing, and frantically thrusting her hips as over and over again I drove my penis to the depths of her cunt, causing wave after crashing wave of orgasm. Sharon was making guttural animal sounds as I held her by the hips, fucking my entire length and girth deep into her soaking pussy. Sharon was having multiple orgasms; her pussy was throbbing, contracting, sucking, and milking my penis as I fucked her. Sharon was continuously moaning, throwing her head from side to side, delirious with orgasm as for several minutes as I continued to pound my cock into her. I felt my cock swell and balls fill up, I knew I was about to shoot my load in Sharon's beautiful cunt and she knew it to, as I plunged my cock as deep as I could go she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me into her. I came with such force and quantity cum was oozing out around my cock. As we lay there catching our breath we heard Lori cry out, "Ooh, yes, Your cock is so fucking big! Oh it's so. . .

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  good!" Sharon and I look over and Lori was moaning quietly with her head thrown back as she gently rode Mike's monster cock. She would raise slightly, an inch of his thick member withdrawing from her slick pussy, then she would grind down hard upon him, exulting in the depth to which he penetrated her, moaning from the exquisite pleasure his huge cock gave her. For a long time she rode him like that, being fucked and fucked so deeply and completely it was incredible. She moaned loudly in pleasure. I watched his cock appear, and disappear inside of her. Finally, she screamed as her legs shook, and an orgasm took over her body. Lori then rolled off him and looked over at Sharon and me and said, "This has been the most incredible sexual experience of my life and I hope you guy's had as much fun as I had. "I said, "I agree, it's been one incredible experience, why did we wait so long?" Then Mike said, "Lori is one hell of a wild fuck, she is one hot bitch. "I looked at Lori, hoping she took Mike comment about her being one hot bitch as just an expression, and I guess she did, because her hands where on his cock trying to get that monster stiff again. He started to rub her tits and play with her ass as she worked his cock. She then leaned over and took him in her mouth and started to give him head once again. As she was sucking his cock, he started to play with her ass inserting one then two fingers into her. She started cooing and bucking as his fingers worked her asshole, I couldn't believe she was letting him continue to work her ass, she always stopped me when I wanted to take her anally. Then she got Mike's big cock hard again, she sat back up and with Mike's fingers still in her ass she said, "Take your fingers out of my ass and stick that monster cock in there and fuck me hard, split me in half big boy!"Mike took his fingers out, stood up and had Lori lean over the arm of the sofa with her ass in the air he spread her cheeks and started to lick her asshole, and rubbed her hot pussy. Then he moved up behind her an inserted his cock into her hot pussy, did a couple of quick strokes to lubricate, then withdrew.

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   He then spread her ass cheeks again and started to slowly push his monster cock up her ass. Lori let out a yell, then push her ass back hard against Mike until his cock was buried to the hilt. Mike started pounding her ass with long hard strokes and Lori started thrashing, and frantically thrusting her hips as over and over again Mike drove his penis into the depths of her ass, causing wave after crashing wave of orgasm. Mike fucked her ass for about ten minutes, before he let his third load of the night fill my wife's ass. While Mike was fucking Lori's ass, Sharon got on her knees in front of me and was giving me the most incredible blowjob that I have ever had in my life. She bobbed her head up and down, licking the tip of my cock then taking me down her throat; she was so good it wasn't long before I deposited my load down her throat. I raised her up and gave her a tongue swapping kiss, I could taste my cum in her mouth, and wondered what it would taste like from her cherry flavored pussy.
    I pushed her back and slid down between her legs started to lick and suck on that delicious pussy. She said, "Oh yes, Oh yes, eat my pussy, eat my pussy, eat your cum out of my pussy, your tongue feels so good, eat me, eat me. I'm cumming, I'm cumming, you're the best pussy eater I've ever known. "I looked up at Sharon and asked, "Have some of your fantasies been fulfilled tonight?"She responded, "I think for our first time swapping partners, we have made a lot of our fantasies realities tonight. But I'm sure by the next time we get together I'll have more. "After Mike and Sharon left, Lori and I sat a talked about what our feelings were watching each other have sex with someone else. We agreed neither of us felt any jealousy, but thought that it might have been because we were such good friends with Mike and Sharon. I asked, "Was it really the most incredible sexual experience of your life, or were you saying that to make Mike feel good?"Lori said, "Oh yes, tonight was incredible.

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       When Mike started rubbing my pussy, my thoughts went backed to the movie we watched today and I got hot as hell. Then when I saw his huge cock, I'm sorry, but I went nuts and wanted to have it at least once in every hole, just like in the movie. When I stuck his cock in my mouth his pre-cum tasted so sweet I knew I had to have his full load in my mouth, so I could taste his cum. He has the sweetest cum I've ever tasted. " She continued. "How about you did you really enjoy being with Sharon?"I said, " Oh yes, Sharon is a fantastic fuck, I've never fucked anyone with that kind of cunt muscle control, she can tighten her cunt around your cock so you like your cock is in a vice grip. She would squeeze and relax her cunt muscles so well my cock would never soften. Besides, you know how much I her huge tits turned me on and that shaven cherry flavored pussy almost made me blow my load right there and than. "I continued, "You're a great cocksucker, but Sharon is the most talented cocksucker that I've ever meet. She would take my cock down her throat and then release it every time she bobbed her head up and down. "Then I asked Lori, "How was your first ass fuck?"She answered, " It was great, I always thought it would hurt to much, but I was so hot tonight I wanted to try everything and anything Mike wanted to do to me. I'm sorry now that I always stopped you, I'll never stop you again. "As we talked I was rubbing Lori's hairy pussy and she was playing with my cock, we kissed and I whispered in her hear what I wanted to eat her cum soaked pussy and lick her cum soaked ass. She said, "Let's do a 69 so I can taste Sharon cunt juice on you cock while you eat Mike's cum out of my cunt and ass. "We got in position and I stuck my tongue in her pussy first and licked her clean, then proceeded to ream her asshole.

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       She was right Mike's cum was sweet, compared to mine. I could tell that Lori was trying to copy Sharon cocksucking technique, as she would take my cock down her throat and suck hard then release it. I continued to lick the cum from her ass and she started to moan and thrash around letting my cock fall from her mouth. She yelled. "Oh Frank I'm cumming, I'm cumming, roll me over and fuck me in the ass, Please, Please Fuck Me in the Ass!"I got up and she got on all fours with her ass in the air, I spread her ass cheeks apart and leaned over and started to lick her hole again, she was so damm hot she started rubbing her clit, bucking and yelling, "Please Frank, Please stick your cock in my ass and fuck me hard, Please!" she begged. I moved up behind her and rubbed some spit on my cock and pushed it into her ass, she felt so tight I didn't think I could move, but she relaxed and I started to pound my cock in her ass as hard as I could. She was bucking and thrashing about so frantically I had to grab her hips with both hands and try to hang on. She was thrusting her ass into me as over and over again I drove my cock into the depths of her ass, causing wave after crashing wave of orgasm. I said," Oh yes, you have the tightest ass, it feels so good, baby, I'm cumming, I'm cumming. "I rammed my cock into her ass as far as I could and flooded her ass with my cum. After I released my load in her ass I collapsed on top of her. We lay there for a while to try and catch our breath and saver the moment, as my cock went limp and slid out of Lori's ass. I said to Lori, "What a night, I've never seen you so fucking hot, if sharing you with another man gets you this hot, I think we may have to get a boarder. "Lori responded, "I don't know if just any man can get me this hot, but Mike sure did with that huge cock of his. Maybe we will have to find out, won't we?"The next morning the phone rang Lori answered, it was Sharon, I could only hear Lori's side of the conversation after she hung up, I ask who it was.

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      Lori said, "It was Sharon, she wanted to let us know what a good time they had last night and if we where feeling the same way, they would like to have us over next Saturday for a repeat performance. I said we would love to. "To be continued. .



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