Wife reulctantly accepts a present


Kathleen was a young bride, married at 22 to a man 5 years her senior.   Prior to being married, they were not exactly the most innocent two people on the face of the earth.   Both of them we nice and honorable people, they were just not entirely bound by convention when it came to matters of lust and sex.
Kathleen was a beautiful girl.   She was petite - 5'3, 105 pounds, long flowing brown hair, small perky breasts and the most amazing ass known to man.   She had the type of personality that made people shine, and her smile could melt the heart of scrooge himself.   Douglas, her husband, was slightly older.   He was 5'10, 175 pounds, in good shape with dark brown eyes and dark brown hair.   His cock was a little under 8 inches and the perfect width - nothing monster, just right.
The had been married for about two years and run the gamit of normal sexual play. . . sex in public at the drive in, very rough sex in the confines of their home, mutual masturbation, anal play, toy play, etc.   Douglas however, always being the sexual dreamer, had a sickening fantasy that he never though he could share.   He had no idea why, his feelings were even conflicted about the idea, but he wanted to see his wife get fucked by other men.   He had no desire to see this occur regularly, but the idea of watching his wife get fucked my two or maybe three men at the same time really made his cock twitch.

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    He thought she would never go for it in a million years.
In the past he had fucked her hard from behind and asked her to imagine that another man was fucking her. . . she did not seem to really get into it.   He wondered if she just did not want to let him know that the idea made her hot, or if it really did not interest her.
Time passed and he sometimes jerked off to the thought of watching her get taken roughly by a couple of men.   The thought usually sent a spray of cum all over his chest and stomach. . . he liked the thought.
A few years after being married Douglas and Kathleen went out for a nice dinner at their favorite restaurant and ended up sitting next to a table of rather attractive male students (Mark, Jack and Kevin) in their early 20's.   A few bottles of wine led them to chat with the guys next to them, and before they knew it they were all sitting at the same table drinking wine and laughing.   The men were perfectly respectful of the relationship, although they could not keep their eyes off of Kathleen.  
The topic turned to sex and one of guys, Mark, pronounced that at the young age of 22 he had "tried everything he could ever want sexually".

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    Douglas laughed and told him that he thought the same thing when he was 22, but now his imagination had expanded and he had all sorts of things that he would love to try out.   Kathleen, looking at him puzzled, asked what he wanted to try.  
Douglas looked pained as he said, "Trust me, you don't want to know right this minute. "
She smiled wryly and said, "Why not, I don't think I'd be embarassed in front of these guys. "
Douglas smiled over at her and said. "You would by one of my fantasies. "
With that the gentleman began to encourage him to fess up.   He looked over at Kathleen and said "You sure you want me to tell in front of these guys?  It can wait until we get home. "
She responded quickly with an eager nod of the head and a sexy smile as she leaned back in her chair.   He could see that her nipples were straining against the material of her shirt.   he looked around the table at the three guys and said. "Alright guys, don't go getting any ideas here. . . "  He smiled and looked at Darcey, "but.

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  . . I have recently been thinking that I would love to watch you get fucked by two or three other guys at once. " 
The look on her face was pricesless as her jaw dropped and eyes widened.   She gave herself away immediately when she turned and took a seductive glance at the three strangers sitting at their table.   She was pleased by their appearance - all of them the clean cut, handsome, physically fit college guys.   She turned back to Douglass and spoke sheepishly, "Are you serious?  You think you could really handle seeing that?  How would we choose who to invite?  Oh my god!"
Mark, Jack and Kevin all laughed uncontrollably at her response and then Mark chimed in and joked with her "Yeah Kathleen, you think us being here was by chance?  He invited us - welcome to your party. "  He was joking of course, but Kathleen was in too much of a frenzy from the revelation to realize it.   She looked over at Douglas and asked, "Do you really want this?"
He smiled over at her and said, "First, he was kidding.   I did not invite them.   They are here purely by chance.   Second, yes.   I think you would enjoy it and I would love to watch you ger pleasured by three men.   Third, do you want to take Mark up on his offer?"
Kathleen stole a glance back at Mark, Jack and John.   Douglas could see that they all had their cocks straining in their pants at the thought of gang banging this beautiful young bride.

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    Kathleen smiled widely and said, "I've got to admit that the idea of something like that is incredibly tantilizing.   Would the three of you be interested in something like this?"
All three men nodded in unison and the deal was set.   It was a whirlwind of activity that led them all back to Douglas and Kathleen's home. . . paying the bill and the drive home were all a blur.   Here they were back at the house with three strangers sitting on the couch.   Douglas and Kathleen accross from them on the loveseat, all five of them with a glass of wine in front of them.  
"Gentleman", Douglas said suddenly as he stood up and walked over to his favorite leather chair.   "She is your present for the night, enjoy unwrapping her.   Respect her wishes or meet my . 40 caliber.   Understand?"
They nodded in unison again and Mark stood up and walked over to Kathleen, sitting next to her on the loveseat.   He leaned in and kissed her lips gently and began to caress her thighs and stomach as their kissing heated up.   Kevin got up and took off his shirt as he walked over to her, leaning down he forced their kiss to break long enough to pull ger shirt gently over her shoulders.

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    With her small, but perky breasts exposed Mark had no choice but to lean down and take one of her puffy nipples in his mouth, sucking it eagerly.   Kevin then got on his knees in front of Katheen and pulled her skirt and panties down her legs, exposing her expertly shaven pussy.   He wasted no time spreading her legs and leaning in to explore her folds with his tongue and lips.   Kathleen, a girl who is rather enthusiastic in bed, responded with loud groans and sounds of obvious pleasure.
This continued for a few minutes until Jack stood up and walked over the Kathleens open side.   He reached down and turned her head to face him and as she opened her eyes she saw that his jeans and boxers had hit the floor and a magnificent 9 inch rock hard cock was staring her straight in the eye.   With lust in her eyes, a mouth on her nipples, and a tongue assaulting her clit, she responsively grabbed his monster cock and guided it into her mouth.   She took it deep immediately like a hungry snake choking down a rabbit.   Jack groaned and held her head, guiding her up and down on his cock.
As Douglas watched these three men assault his beautiful wife on his own couch he reached into his pants and released his throbbing cock, letting it slide up and down in his grip while he enjoyed the view.
The three men stood up in front of Kathleen and Mark and Kevin began to drop their pants as well.   All four of them were naked now and amazingly all three of them men had good sized cocks - all at least 8 inches rock hard.   Kathleen saw this and dropped to her knees in front of the three men - she was filled with lust and slutty abandon like never before.   She practically impaled her head on Kevin's hard cock as she grabbed the other two and began jerking them frantically.   Kevin heeld her head and forcefull rocked his hips, sinking his cock balls deep into Kathleen's mouth as she stroked the other two cocks furiously.

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    Kevin visibly tensed and he forced his cock deeper into Kathleen's mouth as he groaned.   The motion of her throat and mouth told Douglass that she was busy swallowing what was likely a massive load of cum from Kevin's cock.
When he was done, Kevin walked back to the couch and collapsed.   Jack and Mark stepped closer to gether to fill the hole and Kathleen began to take turns sucking their hard tools into her mouth.   Seeing her alternate between two cocks like a rabid slut made Douglas' balls tingle hard.   He loved his wife, and could tell that her sexual desires were being met in a way she never even dreamed about.
She spit the cocks out and dropped her hands and simply said "Fuck me".   Mark picked her up and walked back around the other side of the couch, bending her over the back of the couch.   Jack stepped up onto the couch and aimed his cock at her mouth and she accepted eagerly.   With Jack's cock buried in her throat Mark leveled his cock at her sopping wet cunt and forced his meat into her with one steady and forceful thrust of the hips.   He buried himself balls deep into her and began to fuck her hard while he held her hips steady.   From the other end Jack Grabbed her head and used her mouth roughly.   The only thing that stopped Douglas from stopping this assault on his wife is that her pleasure was still evident.   She was stroking the cock in her mouth with her hand and also slamming her hips back to meet the cock invading her pussy.   God damnit.

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  . . she was loving this.
The assault on her pussy lasted for about 18 minutes, bringing her to a couple of orgasms with the help of her fingers rubbing her clit.   Mark looked over at Douglas as he sweat buckets and asked where he should cum.
Kathleen heard only three words, "In her pussy".
She felt the steady fucking behind her grow sporadic and rough, with the cock now slamming into her.   Mark's hands were holding her ass cheeks apart as he fucked her hard, and he took the opportunity to slip a finger gently in her ass while he fucked her.   This, combined with the sensation of his cock exploding in her pussy, sent Kathleen over the line.   She rode out the massive orgasm as seed invaded her pussy - shaking, trembling and groaning as she tried not to bite the cock in her mouth.  
Mark pulled out spent and went to sit down.   Jack pulled his cock out of her mouth and waived her over to the couch where he had laid down.   Kathleen knew she wanted him on top of her and climbed on to him, sliding down on his cock easily after the brutal fucking she had just recieved.   She rode him gently for a few minutes until she felt fingers behind her on her asshole.   She looked to see that Kevin had recovered from his initial blow job and was behind her.

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    She recognized the bottle of KY warming gel from her bedside table and then felt a finger slip into her ass as she slowed her pace on Jack's cock.   Jack pulled her forward to expose her ass and she felt Kevin push in another finger.   He was clearly preparing her for his cock.
As Keving leveled his cock at her back door she looked over at Douglas.   His cock was raging hard and his hand was stroking gently. . . a smile was on his face.   They held eye contact as Kevin slowly entered her asshole from behind her. . . filling her more than she had ever experienced.   With one cock in her pussy and one in her mouth, she broke eye contact with Douglas as the two men began to work slowly in and out of her.   The sight of this brough Mark back around and he came back to claim the last available hole.   Kathleen was now filled to the brim with cocks.

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  . . mouth, pussy and asshole all filled with 8 inch cocks.  
It did not take long for the boys to explode. . .   First was Kevin, who sent spurt after spurt of cum deep into Kathleen's asshole.   Then underneath her was Jack as he entied another load of cum against her cervix.   Then, in the grand finale, Mark gripped her by the hair and pulled his cock out of her mouth, holding it open with his other hand.   He looked down at Kathleen and said, "I wanted to make sure you taste this one" and shot ropes of cum stright onto her tongue.   He released her head and she swallowed it down hesitantly.
The three men collapsed on the couch and left Kathleen there, dripping cum from her pussy and ass.   Douglas walked over to her and she could tell by the color of his cock that he was ready to unload a gigantic load of cum.   Douglas pushed her back against the couch and straddled her face, jerking himself furiously as he groaned.   Thick ropes of cum sprayed onto Kathleen's cheecks, lips and chin over and over.

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    He collapsed next to her drained as the three men begain to put their clothes on.   One by one they came by, leaning down to suck her nipple into their mouths as a sort of "good bye" kiss.  
They were gone leaving the married couple alone. . . it was silent as Douglas prepared a bath for his beautiful wife.   She was clearly drained of every last bit of energy.   He cleaned his beautiful wife in the tub, dressed her and carried her to bed.   He could not wait to hear if there were any fantasies that she had never told him about.



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