Wife lost a bet


Topic: Wife made a bet she couldn't cover    Wife made a bet she couldn't cover.
    It all happened innocently enough.   Me, my wife and a small group of our friends were watching a Bears football game.   Now not being from Chicago I had no idea the loyalty of their fans.   The Bears were winning by halftime, and my wife, Jackie, was really whooping it up.   Much to the annoyance of the rest of us.   I told her that there was no way the lead would hold up.   After all it was Bret Favre and the Green Bay Packers they were up against.   I’m no dummy and I know the rivalry between these two teams and fans, would really get under her collar.   Jackie gave me a mean stare and said “Wanna bet?”      Now I know my wife pretty well.   She never bets on anything she’s not 100 percent sure she will win.   And she wont bet anything worth losing anyways.   So naturally I called her out on it.     I said “Sure.   What do you have in mind?”    “What do you want?” She replied.    Calling her out I said “If you lose you’ve got to strip naked in front of everyone here and dance on the table”“Ok.

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   But If I win, you’ve got to get naked and dance on our cars OUTSIDE!”  she replied.    Now this didn’t really seem too fair, being a typical Chicago winter and all.   So I felt inclined to up the ante.     “Well if I have to be naked outside, you have to do more than strip inside”     “If I win, you have to not only strip, but service our lovely guests”  I told her.    Now this was really going over the line.   Getting naked was one thing.   Giving my friends head was something else.   I figured now I had her, now she would back out and I would never let her forget she wasn’t a LOYAL bears fan.    “You’re on. ”  She replied.    “Better not get too comfortable.   It’s pretty cold out there”  she said sarcastically.      Well the rest of the game was very interesting for everyone.   Every play had us all whooping and hollering.   The lead changed 4 times in the fourth quarter.

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    With each of us changing barbs with every play.   But by the end, the Bears just couldn’t keep Bret out of the end zone.   Jackie’s face dropped like a stone as the final seconds ticked off.         “Let’s see some skin, babe”  I told Jackie, who was suddenly looking scared.     “You’re not seriously keeping on this bet are you?”  She said nervously.     “Hey, you put your ass in the Bears hands.   Now it’s time to put up or shut up”  I told her matter of factly.     “Yeah, just what kind of Bears fan are you anyway.   Making a bet you didn’t intend to keep”  Chris yelled from his chair.    Now this really got everyone going.   You see Chris was Jackie’s Brother.   His hot wife Michelle was sitting on his lap laughing at how he was letting her have it.   Now Michelle is a good looking lady.   About 5’ 2 with D cup breasts.   I had always envied that Chris got to see those every night.

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    He has even caught me staring at her in a bikini top, and just smile that “yeah, I’m married to those, smile”    I always knew he wanted to see his big sis naked.   And I was hoping that maybe Michelle and Stacy would join in.     Not Missing a beat Jason chimed in also.     You see none of us were Bears fans, and we’d all had our fill of Jackie mouthing off every Sunday about her lousy Bears.      “Last chance”  I said at last.      “Either fill your bet, or we never want to hear about your Bears again”    Jackie looked at me, hers eyes a little watery.   And then she did what I never thought she would do.   She pulled her Bears shirt over her head and tossed it to me.     Now Jackie is a good looking girl.   Not really tall, just barely 5 feet tall, and 112 lbs.   She has nice C cup breasts and a great ass.   Especially for having three kids.   Bright blue eyes and sandy blonde shoulder length hair, she keeps in a ponytail.   Standing in front of me in her black bra and jeans, I knew she wasn’t backing down. Never taking her eyes off me, she reached around unhooked her bra and threw it at me.

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    This caused a major uproar of cheers from the guys, and the girls all started protesting.   “enough is enough” they were saying. “No I’m gonna honor my bet”  Jackie said.    With that she reached down undid her jeans and slowly slid them to the ground revealing her lacy black thong.   She took her jeans and tossed them at Jason.    “Turn around put on a show”  Jason cried.    Slowly my wife raised her arms above her head and did a little sexy turn, showing off her great body.   She caught Chris’s eye and stopped, turned around, and slowly slid her panties to her ankles.   Giving Chris a full view of her ass and shaved pussy.   She didn’t stand up right away, she just looked him in the eyes and let him take in her body.     Michelle looked a little taken back.   Here was her husband looking at his sister with lust in his eyes.   But even she couldn’t take her eyes off my wife’s cute ass.    Finally Jackie stepped out of her panties and said “There you go guys, bet paid in full”   “Whoa whoa”  said a female voice loud and clear.    Everyone turned to look at Stacy who was clearly enjoying the show.

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     “I Believe the bet was you had to dance, and service your lovely guests”   “and you can start with me”  Stacy said to everyone’s surprise.    Stacy promptly stood up, unbuttoned her jeans, and pulled them off.   Panties and all, before Jackie could even start to protest.   Now Stacy is a stripper friend of ours  about 5’5, 98 lbs, with really long luscious legs.   Tiny A cup breasts  with big perky nipples.   I had always figured she was bi-sexual, but she always denied liking the ladies.   Now she was sitting on my couch with her legs spread wide, showing us all her bald cunt, and ordering my wife between her legs.       With a few cheers from all of us guys, Jackie slowly walked over and got down on her knees between Stacey’s legs.   She hesitantly started to kiss Stacy’s cunt.   She put out her tongue and licked up and down her bald little slit.   Stacy started to moan, and with that Jackie dove in long and hard.   She wrapped her arms around Stacy’s ass and began licking her for all she was worth.        Jason, who was sitting right next to Stacy,  unbuttoned his jeans and pulled out his thick cock.   Jason is not real big, maybe 7 inches, but is really thick.   Upon seeing his cock, I was wondering if Jackie would be able to fit it in her small mouth.

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    Jason reached over and guided Stacy’s hand to his cock.   She looked over smiled and slowly started to pump his ever hardening rod.     I looked over at Chris and Michelle.   She had Chris’s big cock out and was stroking him while watching Jackie.   Chris had Michelle’s shirt open and both of her big tits out sucking on them.    I felt a like I was in the middle of a big porn movie.    Just then Stacy started moaning and squirming.   “oohhh I’m cumming”  to the cheers of everyone. That just made Jackie work harder.   She had Stacy on the edge of the couch, just about ripping Jason’s cock off.      When she had finished with Stacy she looked over at Jason’s cock. Stacy was slowly pulling on it. It looked like a fat coke can ready to explode.   Jackie brought her face down close and just started to lick around the head.   Jason had pre-com running down the sides leaking like a faucet.

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    You would have thought he already came there was so much running down the sides.   Jackie slowly licked up and down the sides cleaning his cock making him squirm.   Meanwhile Stacy got up and came over to me.    “That looks like fun”  she said as she ran her hand up and down the front of my pants. I could barely hear her as I was watching my wife give Jason one of her great blowjobs.   Stacy quickly took off the rest of her clothes, pulled my pants down, and was deep throating my swollen cock.   I knew I wouldn’t last long, watching my wife and having this lovely lady sucking my rod.     Chris hadn’t wasted anytime either.   He and Michelle were completely naked.   He had Michelle on all fours, with his cock buried in her, so they could both watch Jackie suck off Jason.   It didn’t take very long.   Jason stood up, to try and delay the great blow he was receiving, but that just made Jackie work harder on it.   I couldn’t believe how much of his cock she was getting in her mouth.   Her Cheeks were bulging and you could see her throat swell and she tried to stuff it all in there.   Quickly he pulled out and began spraying her open mouth with cum.

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    And boy did he ever cum.   It looked like he was taking a piss in her mouth as long squirt after long squirt shot into her mouth and down her chin.   Jackie would gulp and swallow as fast as she could, but the next squirt would come to fast and hit her on the lips and run down her face and onto her breasts.   After about 5 squirts her breasts were covered in cum.   We were all cheering at the great show we just had, when Michelle and Stacy both crawled over and began licking the cum off her breasts.   As each one licked and sucked on her nipples, they each ran a hand down to her cunt and began to rub her clit and finger her.   We all knew what was coming we just weren’t sure she would do it.   Chris walked over and presented her with his large cock.   Now I’m an average guy, about 8 inches when I am fully aroused.   But even I had to admire what Chris had between his legs.   He was about 18 inches long and about 2 inches around.   Almost as big as my wrist and forearm.   I knew now why Michelle would scream like she did when he fucked her.   Jackie just looked at her brothers cock not knowing what to do, just marveling at it.   Both the girls pulled her onto her back and she spread her legs wide on instinct.

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    Chris looked at his wife and she just said “She’s ready for it, you know you’ve always wanted to, so go ahead. ”  With that Chris placed his monster at my wife’s tiny pussy.   He slowly started to push it in, and you could hear Jackie gasp and he worked it into her.   It took a few moments, and he couldn’t get all of it in, but he started to pump her good.   Jackies nipples were standing about an inch tall, which meant she was in seventh heaven.   She was moaning and churning, and oblivious to all of us watching her fuck her brother.    Stacy had Jason lay down and she crawled on top of him.   But she did something that surprised us all.   She squatted down and placed his cock up against her ass crack.   She tried two or three times to get his fat cock in her ass, but it wouldn’t go.   She complained that she only let her husband fuck her pussy, and got up and walked over to her purse and pulled out a small tube of lube.   She put a generous amount on Jason’s cock.   Then used her fingers to lube up her ass good.   Then she squatted over his cock again.   With a little grunt his cock went right into her ass.

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    Her face was a mixture of pain and pleasure as she bounced up and down on his massive member.   I was stuck watching my wife fuck her brother, and Stacy get her ass pounded.   Fucking going on all around me.   Michelle slowly walked over grabbed my cock, looked at Stacy and said “that looks like fun, would you fuck me in the ass?”  I didn’t have to be told twice.   I grabbed Stacy’s bottle of lube.   And squeezed out a generous amount onto my cock.   Michelle laid down on her back and pulled her knees up by her head and grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart.   I put my cock up against her hole and slowly tried to insert it in her ass.   Only a little would go and then pop back out again.   After a second try, Michelle looked at me and said “Don’t be nice. Cram that cock of yours in my ass!”  So I put it back against her hole, and pushed it in hard.   It went in all the way to the hilt in one thrust.   Michelle put out a little scream, and asked me to hold on while she got used to my cock in her ass.   But I was in the tightest hole I’d ever been in and need to fuck badly.   I started to fuck her ass hard not waiting a second.


    All around me were moans and screams of pain and pleasure.   Jason came first again. Filling Stacy’s ass with cum.   Jackie surprised everyone by calling her over and having her squat over her face.   She then began to eat the cum out of Stacy’s ass.   This was too much for Chris who pulled out and began to cum all over his sisters tits.   Michelle didn’t want to be left out of the wildness and crawled out from under me mid fuck and began to lick the cum of Jackie tits.   I got behind Michelle again, but this time I aimed for her slick pussy lips.   I know she was enjoying the ass fuck I was giving her, because her pussy was sloppy wet as I plunged in.   I could tell she was used to being fucked by a monster cock, because she was wide and loose inside.   That just made me fuck her harder.   Soon she was screaming she was cumming as I continued to pound her from behind.   I announced I was ready to cum, and my wife jumped off the floor and positioned her head on top off Michelle’s ass with her mouth wide open.   I pulled out and laid my cock on Michelle’s ass and let stream after stream fly threw the air and onto my wife’s face, hair, and open mouth.   After what seemed like and endless cum, I had drenched her face and Michelle’s butt.

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    Stacy Got down and started kissing and licking the cum off Jackie’s face.   Every so often the would engage in a hot French kiss.   Then they both began to lick up the cum off of Michelle’s ass.    Jackie got up looked at the score of the next game.   It was almost halftime with Indianapolis killing Cleveland.   She looked around at everyone naked and spent.   Then she looked me in the eyes and said:“Double or nothing Cleveland can make a comeback?”    



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