What a night to Remember


Topic: What a night to Remember 
What a night to Remember 
This is a night I will never forget. I was getting ready to go out to party with the girls, I remember it well, and it was a hot night, so I quickly had a shower and shaved my pussy anticipating a night of fun and wild fucking. I put on my sexy white bra and thong and sexy little dress not leaving much to the imagination.
The girls picked me up around 8pm. After a quick bite to eat and a few drinks, we hit the night club. We were checking out the talent in the place when I noticed two hot guys looking right at me. I just smiled at them, I was getting wet just thinking of these two hot studs fucking me, and it was driving me wild. I was walking over to the bar were the two studs were standing, when three hot looking girls walked up to the guys. I went shit why look at me when you have three hot chicks like that. Anyhow as I walked to the bar one of the hot guy said hello to me. I said hi, he asked if I wanted to dance, I said “what about the girls” “we’re just friends that’s all ok with them, let’s dance”. He asked my name, I said Jessica “hi I’m Phil” “hi Phil”, Fuck Phil was cute about 6. 2 tall and really well built. We were dancing close and Phil turned me around and started rubbing his crutch into my ass. Fuck it felt great, his cock was growing as we danced. Once the dance finished he asked if l would like to come back to the table where everybody was sitting, I said “why not” so I went over to my girlfriends and said “that hot guy over there asked me over to the table with his friends, so I will check you guys later ok, then Bye.

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I went over to the table where everybody was sitting and said “hi everybody”. Phil got up from the table and introduced to everybody. His mate was John; he was about the same build as Phil and the girls name were Jenny, Sue and Claire. They were hot all about 5. 8 tall and size 18 great tans and nice tits on all. We had a couple of drinks and talked a while, and then Phil asked if I would like to go back to their house for a party. I said “why not let’s go”. On the away to the house Phil started rubbing my leg. My pussy was getting wet, as his hand moved up my leg, I just can’t wait to get him back to his house and fuck him hard. Well we arrived at the house and we all went inside. John got everybody a drink and some dope to smoke, it was good shit and the music started to play. All the girls were dancing together and I noticed that Jenny was kissing Sue and Claire. Well that was fucking hot to watch. As I was watching the girls play, Phil came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me and started kissing the back of my neck. I was getting turned on just watching the girls playing.

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   Sue was sucking Claire’s tits, fuck it was turning me on. Claire had a great set of tits about C size with big nipples; Sue was sucking on one and twisting the other nipple while Jenny was fingering Claire’s bald pussy. Claire was moaning and groaning she had her hand on top of Jenny fingers pushing deeper into her cunt. As I was watching the girls Phil started playing with my tits, my nipples are so hard and sore just watching, my pussy was dripping down my legs. One touch of Phil’s hand and I could cum everywhere. I went back watching the girls playing, Sue had taken all Claire clothes off, fuck she was hot and so sexy. I then watched Jenny and Sue remove their own clothes. Sue had bigger tits than Claire about Double D, but sat up perfectly with big brown nipples they stuck out hard you could see how turned on she was and Jenny had small tits about b cup but still hot to look at.
Jenny was now lick and nibbling on Claire’s clit and Sue was licking Jenny’s pussy. I was in fantasy land when I felt Phil rubbing my pussy through my thong. He pushed my thong aside and started fingering my pussy. He had such big fingers, it felt like a big cock in my cunt, it was on fire as he went deeper into my cunt; I was Cuming all over his finger as he finger fucked me deep and hard. The girls looked over as I was moaning loud. I saw Claire get up and walk over to me, my mind was going crazy, I never had a girl before but now Claire lifted my dress over my head and I was standing with my bra and thong Claire went “mmmm” and started playing with my tits, I just closed my eyes and Claire undid my bra and started sucking my tits, fuck it was fantastic, Phil finger fucking my cunt and Claire sucking my tits, this is heaven. I open my eyes to see John in the room; he walked over to the Girls and started playing with Sue & Jenny.

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    Jenny got down on her knees and undid his pants. John had no underwear on and out sprung this huge cock about 9 inches long and thick. Jenny started to suck bit by bit, running her tongue up and down his shaft while Sue started playing with his ass. Jenny was now sucking on his balls; John just closed his eyes with pleasure as these two girls went to work on him. Fuck Jenny can suck cock right down to his balls. John just groaned out loud and Sue licks his ass.  Claire was now on her knees licking my pussy, as Phil is still finger fucking my cunt. I felt my second orgasm cuming, quickly Phil took his finger out my pussy and started kissing my neck and down my back the feeling was great sending shivers down my spine. He has reached my ass and started to lick it, never had anybody licked my ass before, but fuck me dead it was heaven. Claire stood up and started to kiss me on the lips, this was the first I had tongue kissed a girl with my cum allover her lips. She was a great kisser it drove me wild.
I look over to John and the girls. John was on the floor and Sue was sitting on his huge cock bouncing up and down like a wild woman saying “Fuck me, Fuck me, yes ram that big cock deeper, I’m cuming yes, fuck! Fuck. ”  John thrusting his cock deep into Sues cunt, it was so wet and you could see it all and jenny was now sitting on Johns face rubbing the pussy juice allover his face she was cuming too!
Phil told me to get down on my knees which I did and I undid his pants to see a big 11inch cock. I went fuck how can I suck that.

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   I started sucking the pre-cum off this huge cock when Claire grappled his cock and swallowed it right down her throat and back out again and shoved his cock in my face for me to suck it was hard and fucking thick. I try sucking his cock right down as Claire had, but only about 4 to 5 inches. I started to share it with Claire swapping his cock as we kiss, it felt fucking fantastic as I was sucking this huge cock Phil held the back of my head forcing it deeper down my throat and did the same to Claire. Phil said he was about to cum and stroked his cock hard up and down and then sprayed loads of cum over my face, so much cum that Claire had to lick it off my face. As this was happening the rest of the crew came over to us and we all started playing with each other. John layed down on the carpet and Jenny told me to sit on his huge cock. Fuck it was so big, it stretched my pussy so wide, I never felt something so big, fuck it hurt but a good hurt. I was getting used to the size of Johns cock and started fucking him slowly, with the girls kissing me and playing with my whole body, it was great to be the centre of attention. I was now fucking John harder and deeper, fucking so hard I thought I would pass out. I started to moan louder and louder, my pussy was cuming so hard when saw Phil’s cock hard again, in my face. I started to suck it too at the same time. I can’t believe how good this is. Next thing l feel Sues tongue licking my ass out, fuck this is unbelievable as my cum juice was running down John balls, Sue was licking up all my cum and back to my ass. Sue stopped licking ass and started to finger my ass, fuck it was so tight slowly easing one finger at a time she would wait for a minute then start to move it in and out, fuck it felt good. I was so full it’s hard to explain it.

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   I was cumming everywhere like I have never cum before. Then Phil took his cock out of my mouth walked around to my back, I went shit that big cock in my ass, no way he’s gonna get it up there. He went to the other room and came back with some KY gel. Sue took her finger out of my ass and Phil rubbed some KY on my ass, shit this is going to hurt like all fuck. The girls all came around started sucking my tits and kissing me so it wouldn’t hurt so much. I felt the tip of this huge cock against my ass hole pushing slowly into my ass inch by inch. He would stop for a minute to let me get used to it and then push more. Fuck it hurt but I was so fucking full. Phil and John started fucking in out in out faster and faster, the girls were licking and biting me all over. I was cumming like a wild animal being fucked senseless. They fucked so hard that l blacked out for minute, I felt John starting to cum in my pussy. I felt this huge shot of semen hit my pussy wall which made me cum hard again, then I felt Phil shoot deep into my ass with his hot load semen. We laid there for while until John and Phil’s cocks went soft and popped out. I lay on my back to rest, when the girls started licking the boys cum out of me. Fuck what an end to a night.

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