TWO YOUNG GIRLS -TWO OLDER MEN - The final episode.


 David had fucked me, and fucked me beautifully - It was now Sues man Mikes turn to fuck me.
David and Sue stopped to watch us for a couple of minutes and then left. They saw him get on top of me and we fucked missionary style. We did it like that for a few minutes then he wanted doggy. When he felt for my tits and found none he went back to missionary, I think he wanted to pull my tits as he fucked me. I saw him look at my tits a couple of times while he was on top of me and as I had none they didn’t bounce like the girls who have then do – like I have watched on the porn sites. I cant wait for mine to grow so they do that – they look so good bouncing as he fucks you and I imagine they feel good too.
He just fucked me and wasn’t anywhere near as nice or as good as David and I lay there and let him do what he wanted. It just seemed he wanted to fuck me for the purpose of fucking me. He didn’t talk to me he just fucked me. He didn’t even look at my face – he seemed to only want to shove his cock in and out and I am sure he had no feelings for the way I felt. There was no finesse – it was just a fuck – as I have found out since - David really was the first man or as I call him a gentleman to treat me like a woman and not a slut.
I just lay there with Mike towering over me – just fucking me – I don’t think he was enjoying it and I certainly wasn’t. He just rammed his cock in and out I felt trying to make himself cum. I would have to ask Sue later what he was like with her. As he rammed it up me his cock was not as long or thick as Davids and it didn’t feel as good – possibly because my cunt was still getting over being fucked by David, it felt good and I thought my cunt was a bit sore from being stretched and fucked by Davids beautiful big cock and Mikes cock didn’t have the same sensation as Davids did and he wasn’t rubbing my clit with it like David did.

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When he came he just grunted a few times and just kept fucking me until he had all the cum out. He couldn’t have cared less if I was close to cumming or wanted to cum at all. My cunt was just meat to fuck. I was nothing more than a cum bucket for him – I am so glad he had a condom on and I didn’t have his cum in me. After Mike came he just got out of me, slipped the condom off and put it in my hand and went back to the other room and had a shower. He had finished with me and that was that. I felt used and abused.
After a few minutes David came back to me and held me and hugged me and said I am sorry – I didn’t know he was going to do that. I said don’t worry he wasn’t anywhere near as nice or as good as you – “Prince Valliant. ”  David and I hugged each other – he towered over me but I have never enjoyed being hugged by a man – and a naked one ever before. My head only came to his chest. He was wonderful and I wanted to tell him I loved him, but I knew that would not be appreciated. He obviously enjoyed fucking me and that’s what I was there for, but he was far nicer than Mike was and gentle with me.
I had a shower with him and we had fun playing with each other as he soaped up my cunt and rubbed it for me and I did the same with his cock and balls. Then he towelled me off but he wanted to dry himself so I got dressed.

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   I would have loved to have fucked him again but Sue and Mike were already dressed and waiting for us.
When we got into the car David and I cuddled on the back seat and Mike and Sue sat in the front and didn’t talk. When we got back to the milk bar I kissed David passionately and whispered in his ear - I loved every moment with you – then he gave me an envelope and I hopped out.
I never saw Mike give Sue anything – but I learned later he gave it to her at the motel.
Sue got $200. When I opened the envelope when I got home there was $500 and a note saying how much he enjoyed being with me and a mobile phone number. I didn’t tell Sue how much he gave me.
A few days later Sue and I were in the milk bar and I saw David walk past. I ran out. He said he wanted to see me again – would I. I said yes but I will ring you and he told me the best time to ring.
I smiled and said any time he wanted me I was available. Sue said he must have been looking for me.
rang him and said it would have to be few days time as I had my periods but I really wanted us to. He called me Princess again - and said anything I wanted  – I said I only wanted him.

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   He said nothing.  
We met a few nights later – I waited until I was right over my period as I thought he might want to suck my cunt again and I wanted it to be clean. We couldn’t wait till we got to the motel – it was in the next town – we did it in the car we were both so randy and in need of each other. Somewhere there is a condom full of his cum on the road.
Once we got tot the motel we were just like lovers – kissing and feeling and fucking and sucking each other. While we were having sex I told him I loved him and he told me he loved me too. I didn’t think for one moment he did – it was like me - we loved being together fucking but there was no way we could be anything but fucking lovers. After that night I went with David many, many more times and he was my Knight in latex (condom) - my Prince Valliant, and I was his naked Princess. We always referred to each other like that and never by name. Every time was great and as good as the first time and the time after that as well. We were really getting very friendly and he told me every that time as he was cumming in me he loved me. I never got sore again after the first time – and I was really sore inside then for two days – his huge cock had bruised and stretched me a lot. Sue didn’t have the same experience but Mikes cock wasn’t as big as Davids.
He gave me $500 every time we had sex – and we did everything we had done before – fucking and sucking each other and we were together often over four hours. I absolutely adored him and how he treated me.

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   I soon got to enjoy kissing him as much as I did fucking him.
I worried at times when he held me and comforted me that he may have done the same thing to his daughters and thought about me at the same time. It was the way he held me and treated me – I knew he would never have done that if he didn’t really, really like me.
The problems started when he wanted to see me more and more frequently. We were meeting every week and a few times we did it twice in the week, we were doing it in his car as well.  I had told him I didn’t want money – I would do it for love but he gave me $200 each time. He said that way it was a business proposition and he felt much better if he did. I didn’t want it to end so I took it and said I would do anything he asked of me.   Even Sue said I should stop seeing him – if we got caught it would ruin him. Also the guy who owned the Motel also told him he would prefer we go somewhere else. David said he obviously had seen me and was worried about the fact I was so young. Then he asked me to stay overnight with him. I said I would and arranged for Sue to cover for me and say I was sleeping over at her place. We went to another town and got a motel there and stayed inside all the time and got food bought in. I never got dressed for two days, we were naked the whole time and I could not count the number of times we fucked and sucked each other off.

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   David had worked out my period cycle and said I would be safe for about 18 days during which time we had the weekend together. I trusted him and let him cum inside me without a condom in me and fortunately I never fell pregnant – but I did worry for a while until my period arrived. I have never seen so much cum – I was always washing it out of my cunt or letting it run down my legs. David even sucked it out of me a few times when he gave me oral. I couldn’t believe it the first time he did it but he didn’t seem to mind and I liked him sucking my cunt any way he liked. I believe I could have filled coke bottle with the cum I just sucked out of his cock. I absolutely adored sucking him and drinking his cum.
Sue didn’t see Mike after our first night – something happened and he didn’t want her or me again. I asked David if he would like to fuck Sue and he said no – he only wanted me, and he had me as often as he wanted – I could not say no to him.
I was really loving doing what we did together and I realised I was beginning to rely on him and while it was crazy – I believed I was falling in love with him. We were having sex for the love of it now . I wanted us to be together more and more – and I knew that was wrong. I was never happier than when we were in bed and enjoying something sexual together – we had done a lot together and he had taught me so much about having and enjoying sex in so many different ways, and having a lot of fun doing it. He himself said he had never had so much fun with his clothes off ever – I wondered about what he did with his wife as we never mentioned her after our first time together.
I decided it had to end – as much as I didn’t want it to.

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   I loved being fucked by him and I started to think about us together more and more and he wanted us to fuck more often. We were finding it harder and harder to end each time we got together. We had started to tell each other how much we loved each other during sex. Both of us knew it was wrong but it was nice being told you were loved during sex. Two or three times after we had showered and got ready to go home – we couldn’t and did it again before we left.
Then one night I told him it had to end. I was beginning to feel like I wanted him to give me a baby – I was that much in love with him – or more precisely – his cock -  and the sex we had together and that was wrong – even at 18 (I had a birthday after we started fucking. )
That night we both fucked and cried the whole night while we fucked each other. Neither of us wanted it to end and we couldn’t make up our minds what the last thing we should do together should be. I asked him to fuck me without a condom for the last time – if I got pregnant then I would worry about it then –  I promised I would tell him and we would take it from there – but in my mind an abortion had to be the answer, but I never told him that. Fortunately I never had that decision to make.
I will never forget that man – I was really in love with a man who had a wife and two daughters, one my age, and loved and fucked me with the most wonderful penis I have ever experienced.   I was his truly, truly Princess.   I had taken money for sex from him and that was the only excuse I could make up to convince myself I couldn’t love him if he gave me money for sex. The fact I adored him and his cock was my biggest problem.

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  I cried for a week after it ended and my mother could not- and would not ever find out why.
Since then I have had quite a few men but none have ever been as memorable as David - my knight with his cock in a silver condom. Sex became an addiction for both Sue and I and we continued until we realised what we had gotten ourselves into – allowing ourselves to be picked up in bars for sex and money. We had a couple of scary nights and a few slaps because we both refused to do anal sex. We were finding some men behaved like animals and we were just their meat or cum buckets. We were fucked, paid and forgotten. Sue and I both said we would have to stop – but we just couldn’t do it – we both loved the thrill and the fun of being fucked. We even got to the stage we didn’t even think about who was doing it to us – we just wanted to cum or suck them off and get the money and go.
After a while we realised how slutty we were becoming and met with Loretta who said there are better ways. We became a lot more selective and Loretta the prostitute who now has her own escort agency is providing us with some men occasionally, even though we are still too young for legal sex. I have not spent more than $100 of the money I have been paid for sex and believe it or not I have a big five figure bank balance now. My mother would die if she ever knew what I was doing and how much money I had made from fucking and sucking mens cocks. When I
 can - and I am old enough to go on my own - first class - I want to travel the world and meet and provide comfort to older men – not for love - but for money and life style – why not – its there for the taking. I am taking modelling lessons – not to model but to know how to impress men. Since Sue and I started we have had so much experience and now we can be very selective and only go with men who have money and know how to treat us as women  even though we are so very much younger.

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   It is funny because if we date boys our own age we cannot believe how immature they are and hopeless fuckers.
I hope you have enjoyed my story –.
This is the final episode.