As she had never met Dr. Watkins, Sarah had pictured in her mind a balding middle aged man with a paunch, sort of your generic doctor's image that most people would conger up, so she was more than a little flabbergasted when in strode an older, tall, dark and handsome man of about forty or so, which unbelievably caused Sarah's heart to beat a little bit faster! "Hi," he said smoothly, "I'm Dr. Watkins, and you've all ready met Andrea here, so what seems to be the problem, Sarah?!?" "Uh, well, I can't seem to achieve, uh, satisfaction," she mumbled in a barely audible tine! "From your medical history I can see no physical reason that would prevent you from attaining orgasm," he said quietly, while glancing at her file, "have you had relations with anyone lately?!?" "No," she replied quickly, "not in over two years!!!" "Although there certainly nothing wrong with celibacy," he said reassuringly, "it only makes sense if you truly wish to avoid having sex, and since you're here, I can take it that that is not the case with you, am I correct in assuming this?!?" "Yes, that is correct," she answered, "I want to find out what if feels like to climax!!!" "Good," he replied, "let's get started then, slip off your gown and hop up onto the table and lie down, and we'll start with an exam!!!"Sarah was a little embarrassed, but much to her surprise, she didn't feel the usual discomfort she felt when she had her normal pap smear exam! "Okay, Sarah," the doctor said, "what we want to find out first is whether you have normal sexual responses to outside stimuli, so the first thing we will do is simply to massage your breasts and see what your reaction is!!!" With her eyes closed, Sarah could feel Dr. Watkins' powerful hands gently kneading and rubbing her small upturned breasts, while he commented to Andrea, "Normal nipple response, and normal flushening on and around the entire breast area!" "That's very good, Sarah, now we want to check your vaginal opening for signs of moisture," he went on, "but for now we won't be touching you there, okay?!?" Sarah simply nodded and waited for the exam to proceed. "Definite evidence of moisture along the length of her crack, a perfectly normal response to breast petting," the doctor reported! "As we move along," Dr. Watkins intoned, "I will always tell you what our next step will be, just so you're aware of it!!!" "As you know, oral attention to the female breast has been a love making staple for thousands of years, so what we want to do now is test your reaction to intense nipple sucking," the doctor explained, "so I'm going to have Andrea do your nipples while I observe your vagina!!!" Wow, she hadn't been expecting to have a female touch her intimately, but before she could protest, a wet warm mouth attached itself to her left nipple and a started sucking eagerly!!! "Uh," Sarah gasped while the sucking grew more vigorous, never in her wildest dreams had she thought that a mouth could feel so good on her nipple!!! Dr. Watkins was quick to note her reaction and asked, "Does that feel good to you, Sarah, because your vagina certainly seems to think so!?!" While slightly lifting her chest to meet Nurse Hartman's mouth she moaned softly, "Never has that felt so good, it's amazing!!!" "Well," the doctor commented, "Andrea is an expert at breast sucking, so I'm not at all surprised at your reaction!!!"Dr. Watkins soon stopped Andrea, and asked, "Sarah do you feel more or less aroused than normal?!?" "Much more, I feel more sensations in my vagina than ever before, and my breasts feel wonderful too!!!" "Well that means we're making progress," the doctor replied, "now we want to check you for visual response by showing you things that would normally be associated as arousing to a woman!!!" At that point, Dr. Watkins dropped his pants and exposed is semi hard erection to Sarah's gaze and asked, "Do you like to look at hard penises, Sarah?!?" "Y-yes," she replied softly, "but I haven't seen very many!!!" "From the looks of your vagina, you must love what you're seeing," he continued, "because you are simply dripping!!!" As he talked and Sarah stared, the semi hard penis slowly expanded until it was standing straight up and thick, with a drop of precum hanging right from the tip!!! "You've never sucked a man, have you the doctor asked softly?!? Shaking her head from side to side she replied, "No, I haven't!!!" "I think I can tell from the look on your face," he surmised, "that right at this moment you would love to have this penis in your mouth, am I right on that!?!" "Oh, yes," she replied in a begging voice, "may I please!?!" "Okay, but we're going to do something else at the same time," he added, while letting her take his erection into her hand and draw it to her open mouth, "while you're sucking me, Andrea is going to lick and suck your vagina!!!" "Try not to dwell on the fact that you're getting eaten, just think about the whole experience and enjoy it to the best of your ability," he went on, "if you have and orgasm, fine, if not, we still have other things we can try!!!"The experience was totally intoxicating, with a hard cock in her mouth and her pussy being sucked, Sarah was sure that this time she would achieve her elusive orgasm!!! With the tension in her pussy beginning to grow rapidly, Sarah tried in vain to relax and just let it happen, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't quite make it over the top, so her frustration was only exacerbated!!! Her clit was hotter than a fire cracker, but even with Andrea's expert mouth doing her bidding, she seemed destined to never experience the ultimate pleasure in human existence!!! Sensing her growing frustration, Dr.

Watkins halted the session and asked Sarah directly, "Have you ever had any feelings about making love to a woman?!?" "Well, sometimes I wonder about it," Sarah replied! "I think I know what needs to be done," the doctor replied, "I know you weren't expecting this, but I feel the only way for you to achieve orgasm is by having you suck Andrea's pussy while I fuck your cunt, do you still want to continue?!?" Emphatically she answered, "Yes, I want to continue, I think we're getting close!!!"Andrea positioned her now naked pussy over Sarah's mouth while Dr. Watkins gently pushed the head of his pecker into the wet slit of his patient!!! "Okay, Andrea," he ordered, "nice and easy, just give her a taste at first!!!" The bulging vagina of the nurse slowly descended towards Sarah's mouth, while at the same time her vagina was be filled with Dr. Watkins' thick pecker!!! "Oh, my," Sarah thought, when she first tasted the hot vagina, "it tastes so good, I can't believe I've waited this long to try it!!!" There is something about licking a cunt for the first time, and even though you've never done it before, you instinctively know exactly what to do, and that was certainly the case with Sarah, because automatically her tongue gravitated to Andrea's clitoris!!! The nurse gasped and moaned as the young patient sucked her pussy like she had been doing it all of her life, with the result being, that the sounds being emitted by the excited nurse turned Sarah on far more than anything she had ever experienced!!! "Good, very good," the doctor intoned, as he increased the speed of his stroking, "are you getting there, dear, Andrea surely seems to be enjoying the session!?!" Andrea was indeed enjoying herself, as she now ground her naked pussy hard into Sarah's mouth, urgently seeking the relief her pussy now so desperately needed!!! "Sarah, dear," he said quietly, "Andrea is on the verge of a huge climax, if you concentrate, I think that you can have one right along with her!!!"Her mind was now spinning quickly out of control, as was her vagina, and for the first time in her life she felt the muscles in her belly contracting uncontrollably, as if they had a mind of their own!!! Dr. Watkins noticed it right away and exhorted, "Okay, girls, now it's time for your orgasms, can you cum for me now!?!" "Oh, oh, oh, I'm cumming," Andrea moaned, "eat my pussy, you do that so well!!!" "Oh, god," Sarah thought, "this is it, this is it, I can feel it coming, it's getting closer now, so close, aaaaaraghhhhhhhhh, sweet jesus," she screamed into the blazing pussy, "I-I-I-I'm cumming, oh my, I'm fucking cumming so hard!!!!!!!!!!!," as she bucked her hips up and down, trying to meet the doctor's strokes with her exploding pussy!!!Andrea climbed off Sarah and staggered over to chair with rubbery legs, while the doctor let his pecker slip from Sarah's well fucked cunt!!! "Oh, thank you," she gushed, "I never thought it would happen for me, thank you so much!!!" As the doctor pattered her head he opined, "I think you better find yourself a girl friend, dear!!!"THE END



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