The Solicitor


Topic: The SolicitorWe are on the loveseat in my living room, naked. You are ontop of me and our skin is deliciously slick. Our bodies rubtogether effortlessly. The smooth tempo of our thrustingmatches that of our quickened heartbeats. I'm suckingon your lower lip when there is a knock on the door. You lean back and smile devilishly before getting up andanswering it. I think there is a game you are playing on me until you openthe door and I see the shocked look on the woman's face. She has a clipboard in one hand and it immediately clankson the concrete stoop. "I'm sorry, " she stammers. "I'vecaught you at a bad time. ""This is the perfect time, " you say. "Won'tyou come in. ""I should be going. "She has an olive complexion with jet black hair and deepbrown eyes. I can see from my seat that her nipples have grownconsiderably and one look confirms that you are seeingthe same reaction. There are several breathless moments.

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   She has not moveda muscle since you opened the door and then you reach outand put your hand in hers. She doesn't resist as youwalk her into the house and seat her beside me. She says nothingas we slip off her blouse and unbuckle her lacy bra. We arecomfortably snug on the loveseat with her sandwiched betweenus. As I expected her nipples are dark and long and aching tobe touched. We each take one in our mouth and are greetedwith a guttural moan. It seems that she had been saving thatmoan up for an eternity. We smile at each other around ournipples and touch hands on her taught stomach. You make the next move sliding your hand inside the loosewaistband of her jeans. This time our guest gives us a whimperand I can hear your fingers smacking in her underwear. I'mreminded of our lovemaking just minutes ago and it seemsmy skin will pop if I get any harder. A warm hand wraps my penis and slowly begins to stroke. It'sour guest and I see she has found your pussy as well with herfingers. I reach down to find your hand and the object of its desireonly to see that you have managed to unbutton and unzip herpants. I figure the extra room will come in handy but as myfingers slide in, yours slide out and leave my hand to itsown business.

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  You give me that devilish look again and then proceed tofeed me your glistening fingers one by one. They taste wonderful. If possible, my dick grows even harder in our guest'shand. I check to see that she is with us and find she has closedher eyes and is breathing in deeply and slowly. I match her breathing with my fingers. First one and thentwo. You help me by pulling her jeans and undies down andshe lifts her ass without missing a beat. As I gaze down uponyou pulling the pantlegs over her feet, exposing her bodyto us fully, I realize what I must have already known, sheis ours to do with what we will. I manage to insert three fingers but you are there betweenher legs, eager. I won't deny you but wish to give youa taste first and, thus, feed you my fingers as you had fedme yours. You suck them hungrily and go to work on our guest. Your enthusiasmgrows with each moan she bestows upon us. She continuesto fondle me but finds your head with her free hand and pullsyou roughly to her. I lean back, my head next to our guest'sand watch the show with her. It isn't long before hermouth has found my ear, her teeth nibbling on the lobe.

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  I feel luckier than Evander Holyfield because when shecomes I fear that she will take a chunk of my ear with her. The orgasm loosens our guest up a bit. She swings her legover your head and my hips so that she is siting on my lap. My mouth finds her nipples again and she begins rubbingher pussy lips up and down my shaft. "Ever done the camel toe slide?" she asks. I smile. "Yes, I have and I love it. "Using only her hips she then mounts me and takes me as deepas I can go. She holds me there and squeezes me with her pussy. I feel your toungue bathing my balls and when it goes awayI know instinctively where it has gone. My dirty littlegirl has buried it in our guest's ass. As if on que sheconfirms this with a wild buck that literally pops her nipplefrom my mouth. She takes the opportunity to lean forward and kiss me deeply. Her lips are soft, her tongue forgiving. She is good.

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   I knowthat kissing me was only part of the game, though. By leaningforward she'd lifted her ass and better exposed itto you. I peeked over her shoulder to see your head doingcircles behind the beautiful roundness of her behind. Slowly, our guest picks up the pace until she is bouncingso hard upon me that the feet of the loveseat are jumpingon the hardwood floor. And just as it had started it ends, with a guttural moan. When she catches her breath our guest leans back with a smileand offers her hand. "Mark, " you say. "I'd like you tomeet my friend Sherri. "My grin is seen from miles around because I know the nighthas just begun. .