The Seminar


Seminar My girlfriend and i was always looking for new ways to make our fortune, one day my girlfriend had read this artitcle, about a new product, which would save money on fuel. She told me that all we'd have to do is attend this one day seminar, and the world was our osyter. Well Thursday morning arrived, we set off very excited, this could change our lives for good. We caught the 8:30am train to Birmingham, the journey took 2 and half hours, finally we arrived and caught a taxi to the Belmont hotel. My girlfriend walked up to the reception and asked for the room where the seminar was to take place, we made our way to the big conference room, we knocked on the door and entered. My first reaction was hell fire, whats all this, my girlfriend looked rather frightful, then i thought wow, all my christmas's had come at once. There before us were eight tall black guys, their eyes fixed on my girlfriend, she quickly said, " sorry, we must have come to the wrong room". "No", one of them replied, " please come in, you are the only people to have arrived, please stay". My girlfriend looked at me, "what do you think?", "we'll stay" i said. One of the black guys came over to us, whispered in my ear " do you mind if we play with your mrs", nervously i said"no its okay". Two more joined the first guy, they started to fondle my girlfriends bottom, them her tits, she groaned, next, they were taking off her shirt, revealing her big beautiful tits, one of the guys then started sucking her nipples, whilst the others watched. My cock had grown in size, i thought to myself, what the hell was i thinking?, this should not be happening,yet it was turning me on. the fourth guy had gone over to my girlfriend, and taken out his rather large cock, and told her to grab it and feel a real man. She did not hesitate, she grabbed his large cock and started to wank it,one of the other guys was now down to her knickers, rubbing up and down her cunt,i could not believe what was going on, the next minute i had my own cock out, and was wanking myself hard. they then took off her knickers, and thrusting theirs fingers up her hot and wet pussy,she was groaning with sheer delight,she then told each one of them to line up and get undressed.

They did so very rapid, showing their large black cocks, my girlfriend, licked her lips, she walked down the line, grabbbing each cock in turn, when she had grabbed the last one, she then laid down on a rich looking couch, her legs spread apart, showing her juicies oozing out of her pussy.

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   The black guys followed on, the first taking his black cock, and teasing her pussy, while another thrust his black cock in her mouth, she sucked it with pure determination, whilst two more leant towards her on either side, she grabbed each black cock and started wanking each of them. The other four remaining guys, waited in ernist for their turn, the black cock near her pussy was pulsating, then with one almighty thrust, in her pussy it went, in and out he pounced,i'd never seen her pussy stretched like this before, my cock was nearing bursting, when i heard her scream " fuck me you black bastards, fuck me hard", well that was it, cum came spitting out, i could no longer hold it back, the two guys being wanked both shot their hot cum over her tits. The other guy in her mouth, could not hold back, it must have been too much for him, her mouth was filling with sweet hot cum, she was swallowing every last drop. She licked his black cock clean, then winked, "good boy" she said, now wait over there with the others, i need to fuck you later. The black cock that was fucking her pussy, was pounding like hell,when he shouted " take take this you bitch", my girlfriend groaned with ecstasy, her pussy filling with hot cum. This must be heaven i thought, my cock had risen again, fuck me i thought, this was really turning me on, i wanted to see more, no, i want some of the action i thought. I told the other four black guys to give her what for, one of them went straight for her tits, fondling her big nipples, squeezing hers tits so tight, she screamed. He then licked her nipples like they were ice cream cones, one guy thrust his large black cock in her mouth, fucking her like there was no tomorrow,the seventh guy wanted her to fuck him, they changed places, she straddled over him as to climb a horse. She rode like a pro, up and down she went, groaning with each motion. Her tits still being grasped, her mouth being fucked, i watched her arse moving so swiftly, i always wanted to fuck her arse, i thought. I moved over towards them, licking my fingers, then pushed two fingers up her arsehole, my cock was oozing with pre cum, i seized the moment, i proded her arse with my cock. She told me, "go on then, fuck my arse you bastard", i slowly squeezed my cock into her arse, this felt fantastic, fucking her arse whilst she was being fucked up her pussy. She was screaming, groaning, i dont know which were louder, she was enjoying this, i pumping in and out, then harder and harder, my cock throbbing it spat out more hot cum up her arse. " That was brilliant" i said, she groaned and nodded, with a dirty smile. The other black guys were sat wanking their large black cocks to the sounds of her groaning, my girlfriend was now covered in cum, but still wanting more, she went over to the others, and knelt down, she now was sucking each cock in turn, she wanted them to cum again.

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   Each guy took their turn, having their cocks sucked, bitten and chewed, and each one shot their hot cum in her mouth, not one drop were wasted, she swallowed every bit. "Hey" i said, "what about me bitch?", she turned towards me and said, "your last you bastard, i'm going to fuck you hard". She finished with the last black cock, and she made her way to me, to my cock, she climbed me and started to fuck me stupid, i felt her cum on my cock, it was warm sweet cum i thought, i thrust her off me and started to lick her pussy, she tasted good, i drank every last drop of her, i was not going to waste her sweet cum. She had by this time started to suck my cock, i felt it throb, then Blast, out splashed out my hot cum, dripping down her chin, licking her lips, she said " that was the best fucking i have ever had, thankyou". We got dresssed, and made our way to the train station, not a word had been spoken, then out of the blue. i confessed, "that advert you read, i paid for it, so you would see it" i said, with a big smile, she said " thankyou baby, thankyou!". .



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