THe Principle\'s Office Pt. 2


I was wet all week thinking of the fact that there were 18 students that had me in the principle\'s off but I didn\'t know who, then I was in the supply closet in my classroom and betwen classes and suddenly I was pushed against the wall and hands grabbed my tits. Suddenly, my breasts were in someones hands and the nipples were being pulled hard They were out of my blouse and bra and now were hard and I was getting really wet. Then a mouth was on my nexk at that place below my ear that makes me melt. "Oh yes" I heard myself moan, "Oh yes, please don\'t stop now. " "I won\'t" a female voice whispered in my ear and then hands were under my skirt inside my panties and my legs moved apart.
Now a hand was on my tits and the other spreading the lips of my pussy and slipping into me making my juices flow. Then I was turned around and Janet was there in front of me and she kised me hard and deep. "Strip the rest of the way" she told me. Here was a student telling me to strip and I did as she said. My next class was to begin in just a few miunets and I did not care that I was in the supply room inside my classroom and the room outside was filling with the last 7 students in the last class of my day.

I was naked now and so was Janet and she was on her knees sucking my titties and her mouth found my pussy next making me moan louder. My pussy soaked her face and then the bell rang making me panic.
Janet shoved me against the wall again and kissed me. "We have to get dressed and get out. "No, no way" she demanded and kissed me again. "What, we can\'t get caught, no, we can\'t get caught.

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  " I was panicing now and trying to get loose. She grabbed my tits again and pulled hard on the nipples and twisted them making me cry now. "Oh please, I begged, please. "
There were now voices in the room and I felt weak. "Time to teach class now M. s Cain. "What, no wait" I was begging and she turned around both of us naked and opened the door. She pulled me out of the suppy room by my nipples and in front of the desk. The students clapped and laughed and gave cat calls. "Good going Janet, she is to fucking easy. " "Yeh, too easy. " said the students. Four boys and three girls al clapping. Jason got up from his desk and came over and took one of my tits pulling on it and twisting the nipple hard making me cry out again. "Get her on the desk" he said and two more students lifted me onto the desk, my legs apart and he stepped up his cock hard in his hand.

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   My pussy was soaking wet and he slipped in with no trouble. He rammed in nice and hard and soon filled my pussy with cum. "Oh, damn yeh teach, hat was good, who is next," he said and another stepped up and my legs no longer needed o be held apart. Janet was next to me massaging one tit and Dale on the other side sucking the other and another hard cock was in me. "Oh yeh" I said, "Fill up my pussy. " "We will teach," said the boy in my pussy.
"Denise, she is getting sloppy, clean her up" said one boy. She got on her knes in front of me and sucked the cum from my pussy and then the third boy stepped up and filled my pussy with his cock. "Oh yeh, fuck me fuck me hard" I was begging now. The door opened and the Principle walked in. I"I see class started without me" he said as he pulled out his cock. It filled me again and again I was the nymphomaniac that I was inside.
"We are going to have a special meeting tonight everyone. At my home and everyone is invited. Ms.

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   Cain is entertaining. " "Okay, lets do it everyone said and I was taken o a van, still totally naked and we drove to his house. I was fucked twice on the way and was dripping cum all over as we went into the house. The night was just beginning.