The New Fishing Rod


The sound of the aluminum bow striking, cutting, slicing the choppy waves should have been loud in my ears, but the thump of my own heartbeat was drowning out the noise of the boat plowing through the slightly rolling water. The small vessel was making almost 18 knots as we headed off the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. The boat had more speed to give, but only at the cost of a roaring engine, too loud to talk over and bumps that would require a firm grasp of the rails. The salmon beckoned, begging to be caught, but my wife's excitement called us even louder.

I looked at Carolyn as she stood there, facing us so she could talk, her back braced against the door to the small cabin as her arm draped against my knee and her hand grasped high on my thigh, to keep her balance in the face of the choppy jouncing ride. Her face was flushed with excitement and a soft smile curved her lips. I looked at her other hand, the one laying in the crotch of our new friend.

She saw me look at her hand and she loosened her grasp on his leg, letting the wave action “accidentally” cause her hand to ride softly over his obviously erect cock. Carolyn looked directly into my face and gave me one of her coquettish smiles that I found so attractive. She was relaxed and excited at the prospect of our “fishing” trip. It was obvious that the fish she wanted to eat was already in the boat and not swimming in the lake.

That smile told me that we would be doing more than fishing this morning. There was no question that Jack would love to get into her panties, the only question had been if she found him an acceptable fuck partner.

She had met Jack in a swingers chat room a couple of months ago and we had been exchanging e mails for several weeks, getting to know each other. He liked to fish but had never been out on the big lake before. I invited him on this fishing excursion, but I had a touch of trepidation about meeting a stranger and then taking him out on the lake, miles from the nearest person.

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   This was the first time we had gone fishing with another swinger. If either of us had not felt comfortable with him, he would never have gotten on the boat. The next question was Carolyn. Would she take him as a fishing buddy or more? She had answered that with a squeeze of his crotch and a smile at me.

It was a long ride to where they said the fish were, almost 18 miles off shore. Carolyn got bolder with her hands as each groped a cock through the material of our jeans, which seemed strange since the discussion was about fishing, and the weather and our lives, about everything but sex. Neither of us made any comment about the soft hands massaging our manhood. It was almost as if we were ignoring it.

Suddenly I hit a wave a little bigger than most and Carolyn was bounced back and forth between the two of us. “Damn, dear are you hitting every bump in the water? I think I need safety handles. ” Her hand squeezed my cock through my pants. “Hmmmm, there's an idea. Why don't you two be gentlemen and take your pants off so I have something to grab onto. ” She giggled.

Jack looked at me and I smiled at him as I nodded my head.

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   He needed no further invitation. He was out of his pants in record time. I had more difficulty steering the boat and taking my clothes off, but still it took only a moment. Carolyn smiled broadly as her hands reached out, each wrapping around a hard cock. There was a dreamy look on her face and a hint of an excited smile. Nothing turned her on more than playing with two cocks at the same time.

I have to admit that I rather like seeing her with another man. It's not quite as good as having her lick my balls while I fuck one of her girlfriends, but I do get a real charge out of her excitement and in letting another man find out why I'm so lucky to have her each night.

The conversation didn't change when she began her ministrations to our dicks. It just stopped. Jack just made quiet contented cooing sounds as she stroked his cock. She smiled encouragingly as he reached out a hand to cup her breast through her shirt.

It was ten minutes later when the depth meter finally read 95 feet and I pulled the throttles back to idle. The slapping of the boat settled into a slow rocking that allowed us to move around the boat much easier. Carolyn bent over toward Jack as I watched her mouth engulf his hard cock.

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   Her left hand never left mine. I watched her lips slide up and down on Jack's cock and smiled, knowing how good it was feeling for him.

I rather hated to break up the fun, but we were here to fish or were we? “Dear, two things. First it's not fair for us to be naked and you still dressed. Second, I need you to take the wheel so I can rig the lines for us. ”
Her head bobbed several more times on Jack's pole. I didn't expect an immediate answer, since it isn't polite to talk with your mouth full. My eyes watched her lips slide up and down and my cock throbbed in her hand.

Finally she reluctantly slid her mouth off his cock. “Party pooper. ” she told me. Then she ducked into the cabin. It didn't take long for her to shed her clothing and step back through the narrow doorway dressed only in tennis shoes. She playfully ducked away from me and snuggled up to Jack. “Sorry, this jerk rained on our parade,” She told Jack.

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   Then she kissed the head of his cock before straightening up and relieving me at the wheel. She wiggled her cute naked butt at Jack as she climbed into the captain's chair. He reached out and groped that cute ass while I smirked.

Jack watched me as I set out the lures and lines and then ran them below the water on the down riggers. He watched me, but my gorgeous naked wife sitting in the drivers seat, was too distracting for lure rigging to capture his undivided attention. Carolyn was sitting sideways, steering and watching us as she stole occasional glances at the empty water around us.

Once the lines were down and the poles bent till they nearly touched the water, I looked at Jack. “All there is to do now is wait. Just a slow boat ride until a fish strikes. ” Jack was edging toward the helm and the lovely naked woman waiting there. Setting up the equipment had been a distraction and his pole was sagging and pointing at the water, just like the fishing rods. Not a problem. I had total confidence in Carolyn's ability to revive the flagging equipment.

Carolyn encouraged Jack to come over with a smile and a nod of her head. He stood in the aisle between the seats and looked into my wife's smiling blue eyes for a moment before his gaze drifted lower.

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   Her feet touched his thighs while his face was at tit level. Jack's eyes were glued to the lovely full breasts with the darker erect nipples and you could almost see him salivating. I saw her eyes twinkle, bemused by his look of lust.

“No need to be shy,” She told him. “It's time for us to get acquainted. ” He said nothing as her hand drew his head to her tit. I watched her face as a dreamy look came over it. She was definitely enjoying the way he sucked. Her head tilted back and her eyes closed and then jerked open while the smile spread on her face. Her eyes looked down. I couldn't see, but I suddenly knew that Jack's hand had found her undoubtedly swampy pussy. Carolyn hummed a happy sound and tilted her head back.

I kept watching the two of them with quick glances at the poles. It was a good thing that there were no other boats around because Carolyn's driving was a touch erratic. If there had been other boats about, then we wouldn't be naked either.

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   Jack kissed down her belly and his face disappeared between her thighs. Her hips shifted to make it easier for him to lick her tender clit. It was fun to watch her face as another man pleased her, but fishing with a swinging friend was much less fun than having a nice non moving bed and no minor distractions.

Carolyn's face contorted in her first orgasm of the day. Her whole body flushed and she made gurgling sounds as her eyes were slammed tight shut. I watched and smiled as her hips bucked into his face and one hand pressed his head even tighter to her spasming cunt. I watched her face and the flush rising to her gorgeous tits as the first spasm slowed. I knew that if he kept it up she would have another, and another, each stronger than the last. Her hand held his face tight as that first one wound down, letting him know that she didn't want him to stop yet.

At that moment, I saw one of the rods jump up in the air. “Fish ON!” I yelled as I rushed to a pole.

“OH SHIT!!!” Carolyn nearly screamed. “NOT NOW!!!” Jack removed his face from her pussy.

I cranked in the slack and jerked the rod to set the hook. “Jack, first fish is yours.

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   You're the guest. ” From that first tug, I knew that this would be a good fish. Experience told me it would be about a 30 pound Chinook salmon.

“Awwww Shit. ” Carolyn repeated. Jack's hard cock gave testimony that fishing was not the first thing on his mind. His face glistened from my wife's juices. He took the rod from me and began to fight the fish. It would take him many minutes to land this one.

I backed toward the cabin while coaching Jack. When I got between the elevated chairs, Carolyn grabbed me by the ears and pulled me toward her. She leaned down and planted a long hard kiss on my lips as her tongue dueled with mine. The girl was really hot.

When we broke the kiss she whispered in my ear. “He's really good with his tongue, not quite as good as you, but really good.

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   I can hardly wait to find out if he's as good with his cock. Now, you need to finish what he started. I'll watch him and tell you when he needs you. ” She pushed me back a little as she settled herself back into the chair sideways and thrust her pussy at me. Those hands that had never left my ears, pulled me toward her.

I could smell her excitement as my face neared her sex. She was drenched with excitement and hot as a firecracker. She moaned and jerked as my tongue touched her clit. Her hips thrust at my face. I held on tight trying to keep my tongue lightly licking her clit. She tasted so good. I sucked her clit into my mouth and ran my tongue over the tip. She bucked and rolled her hips as another orgasm swamped her senses. I couldn't allow my lips to curl but I was smiling inside at the power of her release. That first orgasm, that I caused, faded but was replaced by a longer slower one that lasted for more than a minute.

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   She gasped for breath but held my head to her crotch.

I sucked up her delicious juice and then went back to very softly licking on her clit, aware of how sensitive it was. She sighed softly and then I felt her muscles begin to stiffen again and once more she was riding the crest of a small orgasm. Each flashed over her and then faded. She must have had ten or more before she sagged in the seat and pushed me away.

As I looked up I saw that she had eye contact with Jack and was smiling from ear to ear. I knew I was good, but putting on a show for the stranger had really gotten her charged.

The fish on the line was almost as exhausted as Carolyn and finally was pulled to the transom of the boat. I left my recovering wife to keep the boat pointed into the waves as I grabbed the net and scooped up the fish.

I hadn't finished setting the pole back in the water when there was another strike on one of the other poles and then another. Carolyn grabbed one rod as I fought the other. Jack took the wheel.

I had to smile as I watched my naked wife fighting the large fish. She looked like a goddess with her trim waist and big tits struggling with the fish on the line. Her long blond hair swaying with her tits as she struggled.

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   She fought her fish harder than I did mine and I managed to net hers while mine was still a hundred yards behind the boat. She then got the net around mine. We had about 70 pounds of fish in the live well and still lots of time to fish. . . . or whatever.

I re-set the lines and then turned. Carolyn had wasted no time. Her head was bobbing on Jack's cock. I watched the show, and she was putting on a show and a demonstration. She was using all of her skills and Jack exploded in her mouth in minutes.

“Mmmmm yummy. ” She said as she let his drained cock slip from her lips. She looked me right in the eye and gave me a seductive smile.


   “But I need seconds. Get your but over here. ”

What is a man to do, besides comply, when a beautiful woman orders him to get his cock sucked? I know it took me only moments to evict Jack from his seat at the helm.

The touch of Carolyn's warm wet lips on the tip of my cock sent shivers through me. She used every trick in the book on me. She wasn't just giving her man a bj, she was also putting on a show for the stranger. I didn't notice Jack. I just watched her lips sliding up and down on my dick. It didn't take her long to get her “desert”.

Carolyn had enjoyed it almost as much as I. She'd told me, more than once, how much she liked penises. She loved how they felt, how they tasted. She loved a man's cum. She had never told me how much she liked being watched, but that went without saying. She loved giving blow jobs, and it showed in her artistry.

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I was still gasping for breath when Jack yelled the magic “Fish On” yell. Jack took the fish as I steered and Carolyn watched. I'm not sure if Carolyn didn't like something in his technique or if she was just feeling playful. She moved behind Jack.

“No, no, no, Jack. Lift the rod tip and then crank. Don't try to muscle him. Let the rod do the work. Here let me show you. ” She snuggled tight against his back, her lovely large tits pressed into his back. One hand reached around each side of him. One grabbed his hardening cock. She lifted it up while the other hand made reeling motions. Then she stopped with her cranking hand and lowered his now fully hard dick, then lifted it and cranked again. She giggled.

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   “See, that's how you do it. ” She may have been done with her demonstration, but not with his cock. She didn't let go.

Jack was smiling from ear to ear as he fought the fish. “I'm not sure if I got that right yet. Can you demonstrate some more?”

My only regret was that while I knew what she was doing with her hands, I couldn't see it. She kept it up for the full 18 minutes it took Jack to get the fish to the back of the boat where Carolyn could net it for him. Most of her rod handling lessons had absolutely nothing to do with fishing, just as I suspected that most of the silly grin on Jack's face had nothing to do with the nice salmon he had just landed.

Carolyn took the rod from Jack and put it in a rod holder. Then she jerked on each of the other three fishing poles and cranked in the bait before stowing them in rod holders. Then she cranked up the heavy weights on the down riggers. I watched without making a comment. I could see her pussy lips glistening with moisture as she bent over the equipment.

Jack smiled at me and I winked at him. “Damn nice show, isn't it?”

“Damn she has a cute ass.

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  ” He told me.

Carolyn wiggled it for us and turned around smiling. “One thing I know, this girl needs a good fucking and these damn fish are getting in the way. Now shut that boat off and get your hard cock in this cabin and fuck me good. ” She got a hold of Jacks hard as a rock cock and was leading him toward the cabin.

I thought about it for just a second. There wasn't another boat within sight. The waves were only gently rolling one footers, no danger even if we took them broadside.
    We should be easy for any other cruising boat to see. The GPS would tell me where we drifted. My cock was harder than a nail. Screw it! Or rather Screw Carolyn. I turned off the ignition key and hustled toward the cabin.

    Carolyn and Jack were standing near the V berth/bed at the front of the cabin, her arms wrapped around him. The intensity, the desire in their kiss obvious from across the cabin.

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       The kiss was passionate but brief. Carolyn needed no more foreplay. She wanted cock.

    She helped him pull a rubber over his throbbing cock. With her, an act that was sensual.

    She laid down, pulling him after her. Her legs spread, inviting him to her. I watched her face. I loved to watch her face as a new man buried his cock in her for the first time. For some reason, I really got off on the look of passion, excitement and pleasure I saw there. Carolyn was always beautiful to me, but she never looked more sexy, more gorgeous, than when that heat of passion lit her face. Her eyes closed, her mouth opened and a gurgling sound of pleasure came from her.

    I watched for a moment, until he began to thrust into her, and her hips reacted, meeting his movements. Then I walked to her head. She sensed my presence and her glazed eyes opened.

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       There was a dreamy smile on her face as her mouth opened and a hand reached out for my cock and pulled it to her waiting mouth.

    Jack reared up on his hands to make more room for me. I looked at where his cock was slamming into my wife's wet squishy cunt. Her body made wet sucking sounds that matched those coming from her mouth. Jack was gasping as he thrust into her, lost in his own pleasure.

    Carolyn's tits rocked to the rhythm of Jack's pounding. Her mouth opened and her eyes glazed as her mouth reached out for me. Those warm, wet, soft lips slid me into her mouth and she sucked me in and out of her lips to the pace of the rocking she was getting.
    Carolyn was already overheated and in less than a minute, I felt her mouth clamp down on my cock as the first powerful orgasm washed over her. Her hips bucked and thrashed under his thrusts. Her head slammed back and forth as she came. Each time her head rolled, I thought she would let loose of my cock, but each time, she regained control as the head came in contact with her lips and then she slammed her mouth back to suck me into her mouth.

    The feeling, the emotions that washed over me were so powerful. I felt her pleasure. I watched her face as she was lost in the power of that crushing orgasm.

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       Her mouth so warm, so tight. I felt the tingling touch of her tongue on the crown of my cock. Her mouth sucked hard, then soft. She was moaning, gasping for breath. I watched Jack fuck her, and I knew that he was getting one hell of a ride. I felt pride in my wife, for the skills she possessed, and was now sharing with our new friend.

    Her orgasm went on and on. At the peak of that first one, she let my cock escape as her head rolled back and she screamed in the shear joy of it. Then after a long time, she regained control and sucked me back into her mouth. She gasped for breath as she crashed from the first orgasm. Her hips still rocked to the rhythm of Jack's thrusts.

    I felt the pressure building in my cock and I fought it down. I looked at Jack's face and saw that he was fighting to avoid his own release. He wanted to fuck my wife like she had never been fucked before. Carolyn had a second orgasm and then a third, each powerful but not as strong as the first.

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    Jack was gasping, struggling and then he gave up, sucking in his breath and slamming into my woman, blasting her insides with his own powerful blast. The feel of his cum sent Carolyn over the top for a fourth time, one briefer but just as powerful as the first.

    Jack sagged on top of her, his cock still in her. She let my cock out of her mouth and looked into Jack's eyes. Her back bent so her lips could kiss him tenderly.

    “Mmmmm, thank you darling. That was wonderful. Damn you're a good fuck. ”

    “You're pretty damn good yourself,” Jack told her. Then he looked at me. “Damn, You're a lucky man. She's the best I've ever had. Hell, there isn't even any comparison. Thank you for letting me have your wife. ”

    “Sugar, I'm not done with you yet.

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       So don't go talking like wow that was great. It isn't over yet. ”

    She said that, but her hands were pushing on his waist. She was trying to push him off so that I could fuck her next.

    As soon as Jack got the hint and moved out of the way, I was between her legs. I watched her eyes as I slid my rock hard cock into her. I felt the velvety walls envelope me as I slowly pushed into her, enjoying the entry of my dick into her soggy welcoming cunt. Those magic muscles pulled me into her and in seconds, she was supercharged again. I had an advantage. I knew just the strokes that inflamed her most. It took only a moment before she was thrashing again. I felt the heat of her pussy. I felt the desire in her. She wanted me. She loved me.

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       This time it was a sharing of our souls.

    She came again and again. I tried to hold off, but the wonder of her pussy was too much. I felt it build in me, a welling of cum and emotion. It felt like my very soul was welling in my dick, the pressure building, and then our two souls merged in a blast. The peak of her orgasm matched my own. We came together in a burst of release and emotion.

    I sagged beside my wife. We held each other for a long moment as we kissed softly. We said nothing, just held each other.

    As life began to return Carolyn turned to lay on her back. Jack was watching us from the other side of the small cabin. “You guys look so beautiful. Makes me wanna try again. ”

    Carolyn was tired as she lay there but she smiled and her hand reached out and found him hard again.

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       “One thing a girl can never waste is a good hard on. ” She chuckled and changed sides of the cabin. She pushed him down and straddled him. I had the perfect view as I watched his cock slowly swallowed by her hungry pussy. The passion was gone from her as was her energy. This time she fucked him playfully. It was a fun fuck. Her eyes sparkled and she was smiling.

    She was trying to just have fun. To just enjoy his cock inside her but it didn't work. She began to rock faster and harder as another orgasm built in her. She had one small one after the other until he exploded inside her. Then she collapsed on him, totally spent.

    I felt my own ardor rise as I watched my wife fuck him, but fought it down. There would be plenty of time for me to have her later.


       For now she was as limp as a dishrag. I let her fall quietly to sleep.

    I cleaned myself off and then stole a look at my beautiful wife. She lay there with her golden hair splayed on the pillow, naked, with her juices dripping from her gaping well fucked cunt. I smiled and then went out to the cockpit and scanned the horizon for other boats. We were still alone with nothing to see but the water.

    I started the engine and let it idle as I found my clothes. It was only a few minutes later that Jack was back on deck. “Might as well do a little fishing. ” He told me. “Looks like Carolyn is gonna be out for a while. ” I could only smirk. I knew she'd be back and ready to party again before we had to go back to shore.

    It was only a few minutes before the first fish was on the line. Carolyn heard the call and she was out of the cabin still naked but now cleaned up.

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       She scowled and took the wheel as I fought the fish.

    When it was safely in the boat she looked at us sternly. “O. K. Boys. Get those clothes back off. I want to see those cocks until it's time to go home. ”

    We talked and giggled and fished for two more hours. Jack kept telling Carolyn how great she was, and me how lucky I was. We kept talking about everything else. We each added another fish to the live well and then pulled up the gear and headed for home. I got dressed, but Carolyn scooped up Jack's clothes and carried them into the cabin. Jack followed and I stayed on the helm to drive.

    I felt some strange slapping of the boat and for a moment I thought things were wrong. Then I realized that it was just Jack and Carolyn fucking.

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       They're rocking made the boat bounce a little on the waves, not in tune with the water. I chuckled a little. It didn't bother me in the least. Carolyn was gonna get it tonight, but then every time we swung, she got several nights of intense fucking. I would get mine later.

    They stayed in the cabin for the full 45 minutes that it took to get back to the marina, and most of the time, the boat kept up the funny bouncing on the water. They came out just as we were pulling into the channel leading to our slip.

    Carolyn came to me and put her arm around me. I leaned down and kissed her tenderly. It was obvious that she was tired and her face wore that beautiful just fucked look as her eyes twinkled.

    “I never had so much fun fishing, before. ” Jack said. Then he added. “Or fucking. Damn Carolyn is just the best!” I could feel Carolyn's eyes shining.

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       I have to admit to feeling a touch of pride as well.

    “Does that mean you'd like to go fishing and fucking again?” I asked him.

    “YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT. ” Jack answered.

    “We'll see. ” I told him. Such decisions were up to my wife. I wouldn't mind. I love the way she gets so excited and I love to see her pleasure but I wouldn't commit her pussy for her.

    Carolyn pulled my face to her and kissed me softly. We said nothing but her eyes asked me if it was O. K. and my eyes answered in the affirmative.

    “I liked the way you used your rod, so I think you need to cum fishing soon. What you doing next Saturday?” Carolyn asked him.

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