The Neighbor


     I recently moved into a really nice high rise apartment complex in New York. Rent is way too high, however my friends keep telling me I need to start enjoying life a little. I have been single for a quite a few years and I am now on my 8th vibrator. Hopefully someday they will make a vibrator that can outlast my sexual needs. I need to find a man soon though before I lose my mind with this constant sexual desire I have 24/7. It’s getting to the point where I can’t even function at work and now even the geeks and nerds are turning me on. They should pass a law that it’s mandatory everyone gets laid at least once a day.
     I decided I would spend my Saturday doing laundry, so I gathered my clothes and headed down stairs to the laundry room. When I walked in I saw my neighbor down the hall. We spoke in passing once and he introduced himself as Bert. He seemed like a nice guy just not very interested in me, so I thought. Bert was a big guy and maybe he was just shy or something. I said, “good morning” and proceeded to separate my clothes. As I finished loading the last load into the washer, Bert tapped me on the shoulder. When I turned around Bert was standing there holding a pair of my black lace panties to his face.

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   I looked down at his crotch and noticed his manhood trying to bust its way out of his jeans. I instantly felt a jolt run through my pussy, I didn’t know what was happening to me. Bert then ran his finger tips slowly down my chest and over my hard nipples, he then ran his hands down to the bottom of my short mini skirt. He slipped his fingers into my panties and began to rub my clit very gently. He then picked me up and sat me on the folding table as he quickly spread my legs apart with severe urgency. My pussy welcomed his warm wet tongue. As I lay there moaning and rubbing my hard nipples, trying to hold back my orgasm and wanting this moment to last forever.
     I heard the door open and suddenly my other neighbor Steve walked in. I didn’t know what to do, I just knew I didn’t want to stop. I closed my eyes and started rubbing my clit with my hand as Bert fucked my hole with his tongue. He gently sucked and licked every part of my wet pussy.
     I suddenly felt someone next to my head and opened my eyes to see Steve rubbing his massive bulge in his pants. He leaned down and slowly kissed and sucked my hard nipples and all around my large 44dd breasts. I reached over and undid his jeans to let his huge 18 inch cock free from its confinement. I grabbed his throbbing dick and pulled it to my mouth, licking the head in circles and then sucking the shaft as deep as I could take it.

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   I know I almost took it all and had to stretch my mouth as wide as it would go to get that thick monster into my mouth. I continued to ram his cock into my mouth gently licking the head of it with my tongue. Suddenly I couldn’t hold back anymore and I let out a scream just as my pussy squirted all over Berts face.
     Bert moved around me and gently kissed my lips letting me taste my own sweet juice. Steve moved down below and slowly licked around my clit and between my wet lips enjoying the sweet taste of my cum. Steve then slowly slid his dick into my waiting cunt, filling me with his massive shaft as I took Berts big cock into my mouth, licking and sucking and teasing his balls with my tongue. Steve felt so good inside of me as his cock kept ramming me hard and deep. The harder my pussy got fucked the harder and more vigorously I sucked on Berts cock. I felt the cock in my mouth begin to swell and it started exploding its hot sticky cum into my mouth as I kept trying to swallow every last drop. I was so cock hungry that this sent me into another orgasm and as my pussy started spasming around Steve’s huge cock, his cock exploded a huge load of white thick cum deep into me.
     Steve lay back on the table and I sat on his welcoming face as he sucked my clit as if it was a lolly pop. Just when I thought I was going to explode again with a powerful orgasm, I felt Bert lean me forward some and slide his dick into my ass. I was now over whelmed and my moaning had turned to screams of ecstasy. Suddenly my body shook and I came like never before, wetting all three of us. I took both Bert and Steve into my mouth and sucked as if I was sucking the life out of them.

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   It wasn’t long before I felt the warm flow of Berts cock erupt into my mouth and Steves cock shot another load of cum down my throat as I savored every last drop.

         Steve now lifted me up and set my ass hole on his cock and forced it as deep as it could go into my ass. Bert climbed on me and put his cock in my pussy and I was now having my first DP. Having two cocks filling my ass and pussy at the same time was almost too great to handle. I was drifting off into another world as if I was having an out of body experience. Just then as if he appeared out of nowhere I heard another zipper and opened my eyes to see a tall man with a long hard dick in his hand push his shaft into my mouth. I eagerly accepted his hunk of meat and sucked on it as a youngster sucking on a tootsie roll. Now every hole in my body was being fucked and it was like a dream come true. As the dick in my ass went in the one in my pussy would go out and visa versa. I just kept getting hotter and hotter, I sucked harder and harder. Then the cock in my mouth erupted with such force I almost choked and he had to pull it out and shot the rest of his load all over my face. That is when I noticed two more men standing there stroking there cocks and waiting to get sucked. The next one stepped up and I eagerly took his cock into my mouth and grabbed the other one and stroked it with my hand.
         Now I had just had one cock shoot its load in my face and I have one in my mouth and one in my hand and one each in my pussy and asshole. I started having one orgasm after another, my body took over a state of pleasure I did not know existed.

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       I was a constant wave of pleasure as I just kept cummmming. My hips were pumping to meet every cock thrust as the cock in my mouth began to swell I started sucking harder until it emptied its load into my mouth. The cock in my hand got so worked up he shot his load all over my breasts. I felt the cock in my ass swell and dump his load of hot cum deep in my ass, that sent the cock in my pussy over the edge and he blew his cum inside of me. We collapsed is a heap and I barley had enough energy to finish my laundry. What a welcoming party it was.



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