The Monster #5


My wife came home from her trip to the city and told me about her rendezvous with Roger and his friends. She told me that Roger let her know that Shellie had planned a surprise for me and she said “I’ll tell you about mine if you tell me about yours. ”
She was very excited and when she described her seduction by Craig and introduction to anal sex. She was rubbing herself and admitted that she had really enjoyed the experience. She told me about her comment to Shawn and how he had let Craig fuck him.
I told her about my time with the girls. I admitted that my seduction also included an introduction to anal.
She asked “Who let you do it to her?”
“It was Shellie. ” “Did you know about “the rules”?”
“No! She didn’t tell me until after we were done!” “Well, the boys did the same thing with me. ”
The next afternoon we were still discussing how exciting our parties had been. She took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. She gave me a kiss and began to undress. Then she took her dildo and the KY out of the bedside table. She started to suck it as she lay on her back. She handed it to me and said “Put it in me, lick me and make me cum!”
She has always loved it when I used her toy and licked her at the same time, but I was never able to play with her brown hole. Now however, she was holding my free arm and guiding it to her backside.

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   My finger easily entered her. Our love making had reached a new level. She pressed down on her mound and had a rousing climax.
As I sat up she turned onto her stomach and said “Leave it in and fuck my ass!”
I lubed myself up and slowly entered her. I was thinking about how our lives had changed in just one short week!
As I was fucking her ass I asked her “What does it feel like?”
She said “It’s hard to describe. You have to experience the first time to know the pain and then the pleasure. Want to try it?” 
I was curious so I said, “Why not?”
She had me lie on my stomach and said “Spread your legs and relax. ” She smeared her finger with KY and put it to my ass. She was stroking my dick and she started to put it in. It felt weird but it didn’t hurt very much.
“That’s not so bad, is it?”
After getting her finger all the way in, she progressed to two fingers. When she got both of them all the way in she pulled them out and she took her dildo and started to coat it with jelly. As she started to put it in me I could tell it wasn’t her finger! It felt much bigger and I felt like I was tearing. A sharp pain and she pulled it out. She put more jelly on it and started again. 

   The pain was less. She was pushing slowly and then it got to what I guessed was my sphincter. She pulled it out again and started over. When it got there again she said “Relax!”
And she pushed harder. Relax? I felt like I had to take a dump! It hurt but I was hard enough to drive nails!
She said “It’s almost all in! There! Now roll over. ”
She started to stroke my cock and suck me. It felt awesome! She was stroking the dildo in and out. Not too much, maybe just an inch or so. It wasn’t long before I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life! She sucked me and swallowed all of my cum! She looked up and smiled. She reached down and pulled out her dildo.
All I could say was “Wow!”
A few days later we received a letter:
Dear Members;
We are happy to announce the introduction of 3 prospective members to our club. We cordially invite you all to a gathering at “The House of Pleasure” on Saturday, February 7, at 7:00 pm. We have a special night planned and hope that our prospective members will agree to attend.
As always, the prospective members will be asked to begin the evening by choosing a partner and performing for the pleasure and stimulation of everyone else.
And we want everyone to understand and agree to our two rules:
- Everyone needs a recent medical certificate showing that they’ve tested negative for HIV and STD’S.

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- What ever you do to a spouse, the partner has the right to do it to yours!
We’re looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday.
Roger and Shellie
Bonnie and I talked about what the “special” indication might mean. And we discussed “the rule”. I sex with Shellie, Kathy and Donna. Shellie had introduced me to anal sex so Roger could claim Bonnie. Bonnie had sex with Roger, Craig and Shawn, and Shawn had her ass, so Kathy’s was mine if I wanted.
I had to bring up the fact that Sharon had eaten my wife, so did I get to eat her?
Bonnie said “Sure love, I’m sure she’d love that. And if things progress the way I think they will, I may be ready to try Roger. ”
She was no longer an anal virgin, I was now able to take her in the ass anytime I wanted, but did Bonnie really think she wanted Roger to fuck her ass?
All she said was “After Shawn, Craig isn’t much bigger. If I let Craig take me, the move up to Roger shouldn’t be too bad. ” She said “I’ll take the lead. ”
On our way to the party Bonnie told me that we were to pick up Sharon. After their party with the boys Sharon had decided that this was a club that she would like to belong to. When we picked her up I was drooling. She was wearing a black tube top with a micro mini and it was apparent that she was not wearing a bra.

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   She looked hot! As I watched her get in the back I saw that she wasn’t wearing panties. Oh boy, this was going to be fun!
When we arrived at Shawn and Donna’s house were greeted by everyone. Besides the ones we knew we were introduced to 3 other couples. They were about the same ages as the others; Jorge and Peggy; he was well built and she had a great figure. John and Jen; both were very ordinary. Carlos and Betty; he was a little overweight and she was thin.
We were offered a drink and we settled into the living room. As we were the last to arrive, we had barely gotten comfortable when Shawn announced that it was time for everyone to adjourn to the “Pleasure Room”.
We followed the gang as they headed up the stairs. The room was just as Bonnie had described. The bed was huge, two king size beds together as one. It was covered with towels, and scattered around it were hand towels, tubes of lubricants and assorted toys. It was surrounded by overstuffed chairs. The bed was like a stage and there wasn’t a bad seat in the room.
Once we were all in the bedroom, we were asked to take a seat.

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Roger began, “Good evening everyone! As always, it’s nice to see you all. And I can’t wait to see more of some of you!” As he said this, he was looking at Bonnie and smiling. “With the exception of our prospective members, everyone one of us has had the pleasure of everyone else. So we all know “The Rules” and have abided by them. This has dictated who does what to whom and we all have respected that. To clarify, whatever someone does to someone else’s spouse, the respective spouse can do the same to their spouse. So going forward, tradition dictates that our prospective members start off the evening. I’d like to ask Frank, Bonnie and Sharon to begin the evening. Would each of you choose a partner and entertain the rest of us?”
Sharon quickly stood up and walked to Roger. She took him by the hand and led him to the foot of the bed. She unbuckled his belt, pulled down his pants and pushed him onto his back. She pulled her tub top off and pushed down her skirt. I was impressed to see her without her clothes. She looked awfully good for a woman her age. I was getting hard remembering the story my wife told about their last get together.

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   She reached forward and began to stroke Roger’s cock and fondle his balls. I heard her say, “I’ve thought about your huge cock every day. ”
Bonnie walked over to the edge of the bed, sat down and looked over at Shawn. She pulled the hem of her skirt up to expose her bare pussy and spread her legs.
“Shawn, come over here and make me happy!”
I looked at Shellie and held out my hand and then to Donna and held out my other hand. I put my arms around Shellie and pulled her close. We started to kiss and I reached behind her and found the zipper of her dress. I pulled it down and stepped back as I pulled it forward and off of her. She was naked in a heartbeat and I began to caress and kiss her big beautiful breasts. I turned to Donna and did the same. Both of them were fondling my dick. We stood in each others arms and watched what was unfolding on the bed.
I looked at Sharon and she was stroking and licking Roger and he was hard. Jesus, his cock is huge! And now he was shaved. She had a lustful look and both of her hands were slowly working up and down his massive member.

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   She leaned forward and started to suck his cock.
As I watched her I thought about how long I had known her and realized how little I knew about her. Being a man, I always appreciated her figure but I’d never thought I’d have sex with her, let alone see her with someone else. I was impressed with her naked body and her figure, it was awesome! And she looked like a woman who knows how to suck cock. She had his head in her mouth and was using one hand to stroke him while she caressed his balls. I knew I wanted her to suck on me and enjoy her body.
I looked over to Bonnie. She had her hands on both sides of Shawn’s head. He was lost between her legs. His hands were at her hips and moving back to caress her ass. He was licking her and looking up to see her staring back. He pulled away and his right hand moved to her pussy. He stuck his finger into her and began to search for her g-spot. He stuck in another finger and said “You’re so wet! Taste this. ”
He pulled his fingers out and reached up to her mouth.

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   She sucked on his fingers and started to moan. He began to lick her clit and suck her lips. He took his other hand and used it to probe her asshole. I could see him sticking his finger all the way in. She was arching her back and playing with her tits. Shawn was really going now. He pulled his hand from her mouth and put his fingers in her again. He was really working her good. She put her hand at the top of her mound and pressed down. Just that quickly she put her head back and said “Oh yes! I’m so hot! That feels so good! Slower, slower, yeah, just like that!”
And then she arched her back and I could tell that she was having an orgasm! Wow! That was quick! She pushed his head away and he said, “How about another one?”
And then he pulled his fingers out of her cunt out and stuck two fingers in her ass! He immediately went back to clit.
She arched her back again and said “Oh God! Do me!”
He crawled up and placed his cock at her pussy. He entered her with one thrust. He started stroking her and after a minute he pulled out.
He moved up to her face and said “Suck on me, taste yourself and make me feel good!”
Shellie pulled away from me and sat on the edge of the bed. She spread her legs and stroked her cunt lips.

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   “I’m so wet! Eat me!” was her command.
Without hesitating I slid down and began lick around her bald lips. She tasted so good! I was so turned on! Watching the others having sex had made me so hard and so excited! I stuck my finger into her and began to look for her spot. After watching the others, and wanting to watch some more, I wanted to make her cum quick and cum hard.
I took my wife’s lead and used my free hand to press down on the top of her mound. I searched out her engorged clit and lightly licked it.
Her hands went to my head and she said “Oh yes! That is so good! Oh yeah, make me cum!”
I was thinking about everyone watching and what I had already seen. I didn’t want her to draw it out. I could sense her arching her back and I knew she was about to cum. So I lightly licked her clit, just the way she likes it, and she came hard!
“Oh my God, that’s so great!”
I licked her little hard on until she pushed me away.
Donna was sitting next to her and said “Now it’s my turn!”
I moved to her slit and began to work on her. Following Shawn’s lead I moved down to lick her asshole, got my finger wet and put in her ass. I put it all the way in as I sucked her clit. She was stretched out and I could see her tweaking her nipples. I was fingering her ass and cunt, enjoying her taste and thinking about taking her in the ass.

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I peeked over and saw that Sharon had crawled up on top of Roger and was straddling him. She was fucking him for all that she was worth. She slowed down and pushed down as she worked his length all the way in. Then she got up and stood at the edge of the bed next to Bonnie and bent over.
She said “I want you to take be from behind. ”
Roger rolled off of the bed and got behind her. He lined up his cock and pushed into her.
“Fuck me hard!”
Roger was holding her hips and started pounding her.
“Don’t cum in me. When you’re ready I want suck you off and taste it. ”
Then she began to eat my wife while Bonnie was sucking Shawn. Roger slowed down a little, licked his finger and slowly put it in her ass. He worked it in, bit by bit, until it was all the way in. “Is tonight the night you’re going to let me fuck your ass?”
Sharon didn’t answer. Boy, did I want to hear the answer to that question!
Shellie was now turned around so that she was on her hands and knees next to Donna.


   She told me she wanted me to fuck her!
I looked over at Bonnie and she was lost in lust as she was sucking Shawn and Sharon was licking her.
I pulled away from Donna and stood behind Shellie and slid my dick into her. I used my hand to continue to play with Danna’s clit.
Shellie said “Not there, I want you to fuck my ass!”
I leaned onto her back and grabbed some KY and coated my dick. I pushed into her ass and was all the way in with just two strokes.
She said “Cum in my ass!”
I said “Not yet. I want to do Donna first. ”
I pulled out and turned Donna over and moved behind her.
“I’ve been as patient as I can be. ” I put my dick in her pussy and stroked a few times and then put it in her ass.   God she was tight! I found a rhythm.
Roger said “Sharon, I’m going to cum!”
He pulled out of her and she turned around and started stroking his cock as she licked its head. After just a few strokes he was cumming. Sharon tried to take it all but I could see it coming out of her mouth and dripping down her chin. Roger was holding her head and keeping her from pulling away.

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Bonnie pulled off of Shawn, pulled her dress off and removed her bra.   She had Shawn lay on his back and she mounted him. Her ass was open to everyone. She started to kiss him. She was so excited! She was sitting up, head back, working him over.
She turned her head and looked over to Craig. “I want to be full of cock! Come over here and fuck my ass!”
He went to her in a heartbeat. He was stroking his cock and started to lick her asshole. He spit on it and stuck a finger in. Then he went to two and then three fingers. He pulled them out and began to insert his cock. He grabbed a tube and put some jelly in his palm. He smeared his cock and put it back in her ass. He pushed and pushed and without even stroking he was all the way in! He and Shawn were working her good and she was taking it all.
Roger moved around to get next to Bonnie and offered her his cock. 

   She started to lick him as he stroked himself. He pushed forward to get the head into her mouth.
After a few minutes I heard Craig say “Oh, that’s so great! Take it all! Oh yeah, you’re so good! Hey Shawn, how does it feel?”
Shawn said “Oh yeah, that’s it! Stroke her Craig! I can feel you! I don’t even have to move!”
Craig said “I’m right with you buddy!” as he was deep in Bonnie and was now stroking in and out. “I’m cumming so good! I knew you’d feel great! I’ve dreamed about how good you’d feel. ”
Shawn said “That’s perfect!” He flexed his hips and I knew that he was filling her with his cum.
Then Craig slowly pulled out of her and she rolled of off Shawn.
Bonnie was turned on her side and said to Roger “I want you to fuck me!” She rolled over onto her stomach, reached up for a couple of pillows. She piled them up and laid her stomach on top of them as she got up on her knees. She had her ass exposed for everyone to see. The she said “Be gentle. ”
Upon hearing that, everyone stopped what they were doing. They began to gather around the edge of the bed. This was the first time anyone had let Roger close to their ass and everyone wanted to see it. It was so exciting! Someone handed Roger some KY and he smeared some onto his cock. He stepped forward, and placed the head of his dick at my wife’s ass.

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   “Are you ready?”
She replied “I want you!”
He slowly began to push forward. The room was so quiet! She started to push back and he began to enter her.
“Easy!” she said.
He pushed a little more. “Oh, god, you’re so big! Please, take it slow!” Ever so slowly his cock stretched her opening. “Please, go slow!”
I looked around and people were mesmerized. Everyone was touching themselves or someone else. But their attention was focused on Roger’s cock and Bonnie’s ass.
Roger continued to push forward and Bonnie was whimpering while saying “It’s so big! Oh my god, it hurts so much but it feels good!”
He continued to push forward and he said “Oh man, you’re so tight! This is fucking great!” His cock was slowly going deeper into my wife’s ass! He was less than half way in and she had now fallen off of her elbows and her chest was supporting her.
Roger was excited and said “I haven’t felt anything this tight since the first time I fucked your cunt!”
He kept pushing forward and you could tell that he wanted to start stroking in and out of her. He pulled back just a bit and pushed forward. You could see by the determined look on his face that he wanted to get his full length into her. He was taking his time, getting a little deeper with each push. Bonnie was making noises indicating that she was experiencing something between pleasure and pain.
    But she would encourage Roger with intermittent moans of “Oh yeah!”
    Then she said “Someone give me a dick to suck!”
    I watched as Jorge took advantage of the situation and climbed onto the bed.

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       He was holding his erection and put it into my wife’s mouth. She was so turned on that she got back up on her elbows and sucked his dick while Roger continued to try and get his cock into her. Then John climbed onto the bed and took one of her hands and placed it onto his cock. He moved closer to Jorge and my wife as he used her hand to stroke his dick. With his hand behind Bonnie’s head Jorge was trying to get his whole dick in her mouth. His hips were pushing into her, slowly at first and then he started to speed up. It wasn’t long before Jorge started quickly stroking the base of his dick he came in her mouth.  
    I could see my wife backing off of him with cum dripping down her chin. Jorge backed away and John took his place as Bonnie starting sucking him. He put his hand to her head began to fuck her mouth. He pushed his whole dick into her mouth and she started to gag. He began stroking in and out and said “Suck me girl, suck it good! Oh yeah, that’s it, let me help/” He was helping her by stroking himself. He said “Oh you’re good. I’m going to cum!”
    Bonnie pulled off of his dick and he wrapped his hand around his cock and stroked himself. His cum was now spurting onto her face.

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       Bonnie opened her mouth, trying to catch his cum! She was possessed!
    Roger said “I’m almost there!” I looked at them and saw his pelvis finally touched Bonnie’s backside. He was all the way in!
    I looked around to see the others as Roger’s cock disappeared. The spectators were now all naked. It was obvious that they were all excited and they were all playing with someone. The women were stroking cocks and the guys were fingering clits. Everyone was hot!
    I was so excited that I was reaching underneath and flicking Donna’s clit while sliding in and out of her ass. She was moaning and I was feeling great! So much to do and watch at the same time!
    Kathy came to me and said “Lick me, suck me, and make me cum. ”
    She got onto the bed and spread her legs, her arms reaching in my direction. I pulled out of Donna and moved to her and started by kissing her breasts. Her nipples were hard and I fingered her as I nibbled her. I moved down and began to work on Kathy’s pussy. I felt hands on my back, soft hands, a woman’s hands. Then lips were kissing me on my neck.
    Sharon said “Let me help you. ”
    She got on her knees beside me and when I pulled back she took my place.

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       I saw my chance and I moved behind her and reached around to massage her breasts as I pressed my hard on between her legs. She looked over her shoulder and smiled at me. She leaned forward to resume her work on Kathy and as she opened her legs and I was able to take her. Now I was able to watch my new lovers being pleasured and my wife and her new friends.
    Roger pulled out and turned Bonnie over onto her back. He reached over a grabbed a dildo that was about 8” long. He put it at her pussy and slid it all the way in. He pulled her hips to the edge of the bed. Bonnie put her legs up so that they were on Roger’s shoulders. Roger put his cock head at her ass and he slowly pushed his length into her. He began to take long and slow strokes in and out. He was now getting all of his huge cock in her ass.
    Bonnie said “Someone give me another dick to suck!”
    With that Craig came to her and knelt so that he could feed her. She grabbed him and started to go nuts on his cock. Her eyes were closed and she was possessed! She was sucking him with all her might.

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       Roger was in heaven, slowly stoking in and out.
    Shawn had Donna get on the bed next to Bonnie. I watched as Shawn grabbed a tube of KY and lubed his cock. He took his finger and stuck in her ass. I watched as he got ready to stick his dick in her and his wife closed her eyes and said “Oh yes! That’s what I want!”
    Then Shawn removed his fingers and put the head of his dick at her brown hole. He pushed forward and entered her.
    I got emboldened by all this and decided to take Sharon like the other men were taking the other women. I licked my finger and slid it into her ass. I easily pushed the entire length into her. I got some lube and I pulled my dick out and covered it again. I moved up to her little brown hole. I slowly pushed and she didn’t resist. This was too much! I pushed in a little at a time and soon I was all the way into her and she was squeezing my dick. It felt so good and this was exciting. I reached around and massaged her tits.

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       It only took a couple of minutes and I was cumming in her.
    I pulled out and walked over to get a closer look at Roger as he fucked my wife. I saw that he was all the way in and was pulling almost all of the way out before he pushed himself all the way in again.
    He looked at me and said “I’m so glad you two decided to come. Your wife is so hot!”
    And then he started to speed up. He began pounding into her. He started to grunt and said “Here you go babe! Here’s a little more cum in your ass!” He pushed all the way in and held it there, and then he pushed forward with small strokes, milking his cock. He pulled out of her, grabbed a towel and he began to clean his dick.
    He said “Bonnie that was great!”
    I just smiled and couldn’t believe that I was still hard. I stroked my dick and looked around for my next victim.
    As I looked back to Kathy and Sharon I saw that Peggy and Betty sat on either side of Kathy. They were watching her being eaten by Sharon and started to massage Kathy’s tits.
    The thin one, Betty said “I’ve never been eaten by a woman before. Can I be next?”
    Sharon moved to her and started to kiss and lick her cunt.
    Peggy kissed Kathy and said “Let me help.

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    She kissed her way down Kathy and moved down to get between her legs.
    I moved behind Peggy and reached down to finger her. She raised herself and spread her legs. I knelt down and began to lick her from behind. I started at her pussy and worked my way to her ass and back. I pulled up and put my dick in her. She wasn’t very tight.
    Jorge had moved behind Sharon and was fucking her. I couldn’t tell which hole he was in but I guessed it was her ass as he was slowly stroking in and out and had a big smile on his face.
    Carlos came up behind me and said “You have to fuck Betty’s ass. She’s so small and very tight!” 
    Then he went over and whispered in his wife’s ear. She looked over to me and smiled. She raised a finger and gave me the “Come here” signal.
    Then she reached down and held Sharon’s head. They made eye contact and Betty said “There’s something I have to do.

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    She moved to the side of the bed and bent over so that her ass was in the air. As she looked at me I pulled out of Peggy and went to her.
    She said “Eat my ass!” and I did. I tongued her and she started to moan. I could easily get my tongue in and added a finger for good measure. I used my free hand to finger her cunt and clit. Her clit and lips felt like they were huge!
    I told her “I want to suck you before I fuck you. ”
    She turned over and sat at the edge of the bed. I knelt down and saw one of the most intriguing set of lips ever! I took a lip in my mouth and sucked. I put a finger in and used my thumb to massage her clit. She was so hard that it felt like a small penis. I took it in my mouth and sucked for a second and then I tongued it.
    She grabbed my head and said “Oh yes, that feels so good. Can you make me cum?”
    I thought “Sure!” and kept at it. I used one hand to enter her and look for her g-spot.


       The other was fingering her asshole.
    It wasn’t long before she said “Oh yeah, that’s good. Keep it up!”
    I sucked her clit and started to flick my tongue against it.
    She said “Suck it, ooh yes, I’m cumming!” and she bucked into my mouth. She was squirting! I’d never experienced this before as my face became drenched!
    She pushed my head away and said “Fuck my ass!”
    She turned over and I mounted her. He was right. I didn’t have trouble entering her but she was so tight. And she was matching my stroke, pulling away and pushing back in perfect rhythm. I knew that I was going to cum again. And to think that I never believed that it was possible to stay hard for so long and cum so many times.
    I looked over to my wife and saw that Roger had been replaced by Carlos. He was behind my wife and I could only assume that he was in her ass. He was looking at me and smiling. He leaned forward and pushed my wife forward so that she was now flat on her stomach. He had his hands on each side of her and was pounding her unmercifully!
    After I came I pulled out and looked around the room.

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       Most of the action had stopped. People were once again sitting in the easy chairs. I saw Roger and walked over to him.
    He looked at me and smiled. I asked him, “So, how was it?”
    He said “That was my first ass and it was so great! I think she liked it!”
    “No shit!” was my reply. “I’ve never seen her so hot! Too bad you didn’t get a chance to have Sharon too. ”
    “I saw that you did. I think I’ll save her for next time. ” Then he asked, “Are you enjoying yourself?”
    I replied “Myself and many others! This is incredible!”
    He asked “So, do you two want to become regular members?”
    I laughed and said “I’m not sure. You’ll have to wait until my wife is through so I can ask her. ”
             End of part.



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