The Miami Trip


One of my part time jobs was driving for a limo place, the pay was ok, but one advantage was that the tips were unreal. Most times I really didn’t pick up my pay check for over a month, that’s how good the tips were. I remember one time we had a call I the middle of hurricane season, now being a northerner, I really had never experienced a hurricane before, I’ve been in tornados and things like that, but nothing could prepare me for my first hurricane. I was asked to pick up these new people and take them to Miami for a meeting, so I got the gas card and the company credit card and off I went. I called the station as I got close as required and waited for them to come out, I didn’t have to wait long at all, there was 4 women, all in nice attire and who seemed to be the gopher of the group, she was carrying all the papers and whatever else needed to be carried. I got out and released the trunk for there bags, I helped the younger one out with everything and closed the lid.  
I got back into the drivers seat and she gave me the address, I said ok, I plugged the address into the navigation system and took off, we hadn’t gotten to far when the alarm of the navigation system went off for severe weather, as I listened I found that a major hurricane was going straight for where we were headed, I asked the ladies if they still wanted to go, they almost in unison said yes, that’s the reason for this trip, to cover the hurricane, the one who I found out was the main weather woman Sofia and her associates were going to meet with the crew already there, I had Sofia, Jasmine, and Amanda there assistant also the main news anchor for the station Allie, so I had four very beautiful women and I had them for the next few hours, or so I thought.   The trip was uneventful and the ladies were talking amongst themselves the trip, I had the radio on upfront and was listening to it. The closer we got to the east coast, the worse the weather got, the traffic was really heavy leaving out of the town we were headed to, I called back to the ladies, I acknowledged the fact that they were weather experts and all, but should we really be heading into this as I pointed forward, Sofia and Jasmine came towards the front and looked out, they were just beaming with excitement, I on the other hand, really didn’t want to head into the lions mouth.
We pulled into the parking garage and I went up as high as I could, and away from the water, the hotel was right on the water, they tried to call the guys already there for help with there stuff, but the reception was obviously bad due to the weather, so me being the good employee said I turn off the car and help them with there equipment. Amanda and I pulled it all out, I went inside to get a cart but that door was locked, Amanda went to the front and came back around, she said the place was deserted except for the manager, and he said for us to hurry, the storm picked up a lot of speed and was going to hit at any minute. We loaded the cart and went inside; well the ladies were all at the wall outside the hotel looking as you could see the wall of rain and wind coming straight for us, the manager said all the ocean fronts were all closed up and the shielding was in place, the best he could get them was a side, but if they signed the wavier for damages, they could take the shielding down to observe the storm, Allie signed it, he said the camera crew was going to be in the room next to them and Amanda and I took the gear up.
I dropped them off and helped Amanda set up, the girls gave me a very nice tip, I wished them good luck and to call when it’s over, they said ok and I headed for the parking garage, well just was I called the elevator the power went, so I said ok, eight floors I can walk the steps, I started to open the door and Amanda yelled out for me to take cover, a surge was coming in and it was a big one. I ran back to the room and we watched the wall of water coming straight for us, it wasn’t as tall as the hotel, but it was a good 10’ or better, once it hit the real weather came in, it pounded the hotel and the whole town, it went on for hours, it seemed like it would never end, all the ladies were busy doing there thing, the weather reports and all, they had brought a small generator and it was going in the back ground. We had gotten there at 11am, the storm stopped at around 6, it was a bad one, Amanda tried to tell me what was going on, but I was to interested in staying dry and safe. I learned all I wanted to know about hurricanes when I saw the wall of water coming straight at us, well there generator kept some lights on, the emergency lights stayed on, the hotel had water up to the third floor and no one was going anywhere until it receded.

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We had no power, no running water because of the surges, the water was contaminated, so we had only bottled water, I had a change of clothes and my shaving bag, the camera crew had there generator and we had ours, but that’s it, they weren’t going to last to much longer, so we shut them off as much as possible, I had the car phone and the gas in it, so we used as much as we could get out of it, and we waited, all the rooms were full with other weather people so I was forced to stay with the ladies, I know, it was a real hardship, but hey, I’m dedicated to my work. I was able to rig up a water supply form the tanks in the hotel, but they were going to run out if we abused that, so we left that for the toilets and such, the emergency lights were running low, so they wouldn’t last another night. Now Sofia and Jasmine along with Allie were all busy doing there news thing, Amanda when she was needed for the broadcasts she was chilling out getting all the data and things ready for the next time. After the second day, we were all getting a little edgy, so I went to the manager and asked ho much water was left, and after I explained to him why I was asking, he said well we could use the tank water for showers and divert the city contaminated water for the toilets and such, I agreed. So after a long morning works, we had it all ready, I went up to the room and explained to them what we were able to do, they all lit up, I said well there might be one draw back, I said to conserve water, we need to double up on the showers to save water, they didn’t care, so the girls teamed up and off they went. Allie and Sofia went first, and as soon as they came out, Amanda and Jasmine went in, the first group came out and they had only towels around them, they both gave me a big kiss for arranging the showers, I said my pleasure, I ha also found a machine that wasn’t under water and got some candy, nuts and chips, well this really got me in good with them, they all said that they were very pleased that I was along with them, I said me too, the second group came out and they too only had there towels on, they were going to save there clean clothes until they had to go on air, which wasn’t until later that evening, I took my short shower and joined them.
You would have thought I had brought in lobster dinners, they all loved the snack foods, as we sat there and drank the bottled waters and eat the snacks, the mood lightened and the stuffy ladies finally became women again, they apologized for ignoring me but they were there for the storm first, not to socialize, I said no need to apologize, they were doing there jobs, and we sat around laughing at my reaction to the storm and all, Sofia went to stand up, and I don’t know if it was an accident or not, but her towel stayed there as she stood, she was gorgeous, and she looked down and started to grab it, but didn’t take it right away, it was like she was intentionally giving me a good look, I smiled as she picked it up, she never did put it back on. Allie said ok since we are all going to be here for a while, it doesn’t look like the water is going down none to quickly, so lets get the awkwardness out of the way, she stood up and took her towel off, she said ok everyone, come on, lets get it over with so we can all be comfortable, so we all stood and dropped our towels, well this was great, I had four beautiful women, all nude and no where to go. We all looked and ogled each other for a bit, I wanted so much to take each one and make love to them one and all, but I knew I had to wait. It wasn’t until that night before I was able to get my wish, Amanda and I were staying out of the lights and we were all dressed at this point, when the generator started to act up, the power was going fast, I let the camera man do his thing, but after a short time, he threw up his hands and they died out, I went over, checked the thing out, the spark plug wire was burnt threw, it was grounding out against the body, I asked if anyone had a piece of wood I could have, Amanda had a fingernail emery board, I took it and broke it in half and placed it between the wire and the body, I wedged it into place and  the camera man had so electrical tape, I taped it off and the generator started right up, they all looked at me and I was the hero of the hour, they sent a message via the camera to the station and they got back on the air.
After all the reporting was over, I shut down the generator and made a better repair to it, the camera crew went back to there room with a few snacks and waters, I also told them military showers were ok, they said they got the message and  thanked me for the food, I said my pleasure, have a good meal, they all chuckled and said well it beats beef jerky, I said hum, I’m not sure about that, they smiled as they left and said see you in the morning for the broadcast, it was at 18 am, I said hum, I might be at the pool so start without me ok, they all looked at the pool area, and laughed. Allie and Sofia were going over there report and after a bit settled down for the evening, Amanda and Jasmine were all settled in for the evening, Allie said ok group, I know this is hard for you all, but we need to save these clean clothes so out of them now please, we all smiled and stripped down. Allie after we were all sitting around chatting asked me how I was able to do everything I was doing while cooped up here, she said what are you, you like a MacGyver or something, I said well I’m no good with  chemicals but I can fix thing pretty well, and as far as the other things, I just look at things a little differently than others I guess, she said well as long as you keep doing your thing, she was very glade I was around, I smiled and didn’t say anything.
Jasmine came over and sat next to me, she said I’m going to be very bold and say I would love to have you tonight, I’ve been looking at you, and I’m so horny, what you say, I said hum, a woman wants to have sex tonight, should I or not, I smiled and she did to, Allie said well that was going to happen soon or later, ok,  you two go for it, as she pointed to the room, we went off and damn, she was understating the fact she was horny, she nearly raped me, I had no sooner got into the bed when she was all over my cock, she was sucking me and moaning loud, she spun around and I buried my tongue deep inside her, she screamed as I did that, and she came instantly, she shuddered as she did, she clapped her legs down around my face, nearly squeezing my face in two, I kept licking the best I could, she shuddered a few more times and then she went limp, I rolled her over and I spun around to bury my cock inside her, she arched her back as I slid inside her wet pussy, she moaned  as I slowly pumped to get my shaft wet, as soon as I did, she was panting like a little animal with every thrust, it didn’t take her long before she came again, she gripped my back and dug her nails in my back, I grunted with her and blew my load deep inside her, she fell limp as I did too, we laid there in each others arms and held each other for a bit, I said you up for another, she smiled and said as much as I’d like to say yes, believe I’d love nothing better, but I know for a fact the others want you too, so I’m going to say no, I smiled and kissed her, I said your one of a kind, and she smiled as I pulled out of her, as I came up to get up, she took my cock and sucked it clean, she said yum, I love doing that to a guy, I said well your more than welcome to do that anytime you’d like, she smiled and said good.
I went back out and Sofia said anything left; I smiled and held out my hand, she smiled and we went back into the bedroom, Jasmine went back into the living room looking at us and smiling.

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   Sofia laid on the bed as I came over her, she said you are going to be one tired man after we all get done with you tonight, I smiled and didn’t say anything, I made my way up her legs to her pussy, she moaned as I licked her pussy, she was drenched already, I let her cum twice before I entered her and thrust my cock with one full stroke into her, she screamed with pleasure as I pounded her pussy, she said oh yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me hard damn it, as she was yelling this out, I did as she ordered, I fucked her as hard as I could, she was digging her nails into my back as she came, she scratched me but I didn’t care, I was thrusting deep inside her when I came, she arched and fell back onto the bed, she had me inside as I continued to stroke my cock inside her, I was going to give her everything I had, and she wanted it all too. We laid there, I was panting heavily as was she, I finally pulled out of her pussy as she moaned as I did, she said really didn’t need to do that so quickly, I was enjoying it inside me, so I placed it back inside her, she smiled and kissed me again, she just laid there cooing as she laid against me. We finally came back out of our trance with the pounding on the door, it was Allie saying come on Sofia, I want my turn, she started to giggle, she said I told you so, I said my work is never done, she started to laugh as I pulled out, she lowered her lip as to say she was pouting that I pulled out, she slid down and sucked me clean, I moaned as she did this, she smiled as she slid off the bed and opened the door for Allie, she said next, Allie was in the bed before I knew what happen, I said please understand what I’m about to say, but I need a few minutes to recuperate, ok, she was acting like she was pouting but then smiled and said I really do understand, I said I need about thirty minutes maybe less, she smiled and said I hope less, I said we do have all night you know, she said yes but you also have one more lady to please after me, I smiled and said yes, I know.
Well we sat outside talking amongst ourselves and Amanda looked a little out of it, I went over and we started to talk, I then just came out and asked her why so down, she didn’t say anything at first, I said come on Amanda what’s up, she looked at the floor as she said well, I’m not on birth control like the others, I use a foam type so I don’t have to be on it all the time, and I don’t have it with me, but I do want to be with you so badly, I smiled and said here, as I took her hand, I said feel that, as I placed her hand on my balls, I said feel that little lump, she said yes, what is it, I said it’s the clamps that the doctor put there when I had my vasectomy nearly 25 years ago, she lit up and said so I can’t get pregnant then, I smiled and said not from me, she was all over me then, she was kissing me and hugging me, her big tits pressed against my chest and that’s all it took, I was hard instantly, Allie in the mean time saw my erection and she was all into that, she took my hand and said oh no you don’t Amanda, he’s mine for right now, and she pulled me into the bedroom, the whole time I was pounding Allie, I was thinking of Amanda, she was so excited that she could have sex, without the fear of getting pregnant, Allie must have cum four times I was pounding her so hard, she was bucking around, I spun her around and fucked her doggy style and she was moaning as I pounded her, she said I want on top, so I laid down and she mounted my cock, she rode me like a wild woman, her big tits were bouncing around and she was moaning as she rode me, she slowed the pace down and then picked it back up, all of a sudden she arched her back, pinched her nipples and she drenched my cock, she was cumming so hard,  I raised her up enough to start my own stroking, she loved that, I pounded her fast and hard, I thrust up inside her at the end when I flooded her pussy, she fell down atop me, laying there with my cock buried deep inside her, she said nothing, just smiling and moaning with pleasure, she finally said that she had wanted me ever since the trip started, she didn’t want to be forward and she was glad so very glad Jasmine started things out, I smiled and said I am too, she hugged me and we laid there.
    She finally sit up on me, starting to stroke my cock again, I let her ride me, the sight of this woman sliding up and down on my cock while playing with her tits, well it got me hard again, I had forgot all about Amanda at that point, I let her have another load as she rode me, she moaned as I flooded her, she said oh shit, I took Amanda’s load, oh no, she will be so dishearten, we can’t tell her, it will crush her, I said don’t worry, if you don’t mind, I’d like to spend the rest of the night with her, I’ll make her happy if it kills me, she giggled and said well I really don’t want you to go that far, but I understand, she kissed me and slid off me, she licked my cock and was she did, she looked up at me as she did, I said damn woman, your one hot lady, she smiled and said nothing as she licked and sucked my cock and balls, I just laid there smiling. We got up and as I went back out, Amanda was all smiles, I went over to her, I whispered to her that I really needed to have some food and rest, she smiled and said I can believe that, but I still want your cock, I smiled and said oh believe me, your going to get it, and get it a lot, she was all smiles, I said I empty right now, I’m going to need an hour or so to get more, she said I’ve waited this long, I can wait some more, I said I was hoping would say that, because I have a very special night in store for you,  she said oh yea, I said yes, you and you alone, I’ve wanted you every since I laid eyes on you, your everything I want in a woman, she blushed and said oh due tell, I smiled and said well if you’ll allow me to spend the night with you, I’ll show you, she smiled and said, hum, should I or shouldn’t I as she smiled looking at me, she held her hand up to me, I took it and pulled her into my arms, we kissed and kissed deeply, it was close to midnight at that time, we went to bed, I held her close and before drifting off, I was able to get it up once more, she smiled as she took my cock, she was an unbelievable lover, she took me and met every thrust, she smiled as we changed positions a few times, she wound being on top as I exploded inside her, she fell atop me and we laid there until we both were exhausted enough to fall asleep, I pulled out of her and she laid in my arms the whole night, she awoke before I did, she woke me up sucking on me, I smiled as she climbed atop me again, she sank fast  on me, she rode me until she came and came again, I exploded inside her, she arched her back as I filled her pussy once again, she settled down atop me and we laid there, I kept sliding in and out of her and got hard once again, she smiled as I pounded her, her tits were bouncing all over her chest, she leaned back and was pinching her nipples as she rode me, then all of a sudden, she stopped as she had one of the largest orgasms I had ever seen or experienced, she moaned then let out a little scream as she came, I lifted her up a bit and continued my stroking her, I blew another load inside her and she collapsed atop me, we laid there when Allie came out and saw that I was still inside her, I smiled as she did as she went into the bathroom, all the girls came in one by one looking at us, they all smiled knowing they had had the same pleasure just a few hours earlier, we got up and showered and she got ready for the broadcast. It was almost three days before the water receded enough o show the roads, but they were to full of debris to get out, but the national guard brought in food and fresh water to us, we all liked that. It was much later that week before we were all able to get home again, we all spent that time having incredible sex, they were all ready for me every time I was hard, and so I spent my time with one of them on my cock as much as I wanted. I know it was the best disaster I’ve ever been in, and now every time they need to go anywhere, the ask for me, as for Amanda and I well she is involved with another guy, but she and I still get together every so often, Jasmine and the rest of the crew, well they have moved on, so I did the same.



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