The Idea 2


The Idea 2
How it all began.
It all started with a crazy idea. Sat in a public bar, Mick and I were simply bouncing ideas off each other for possible ideal jobs. He turned to me and said “the best job in the world has to be filming those porno stars” to which I replied “No… The best job in the world would be filming everyday housewives and their dirty little fantasies”
He almost instantly agreed. We both looked at each other and simultaneously said “could we!” So one week later we had developed our idea and produced the literature for FANTASY to REALITY. We bought two digital camcorders and placed our first advert in a swinger’s magazine. Well we were expecting a long slow wait till our company name had become better known. Triple X enterprises was appropriate but we shortened it to T X enterprises for modesty’s sake.
Our Third Customer.
The third customer to go all the way and have her fantasy filmed was Susan. Susan a 25 year old, 5 ft 4 inch, bi sexual woman with 38 c breasts, long black hair. Her fantasy was to get gang banged by at least 6 young looking guys, whilst camping.

Mick and I, thought long and hard about this fantasy, we scouted various locations before we found a willing farmer near Theydon Bois, who would rent us a private field and barn for one day and night. The extras we proving to be even more difficult to locate, as our brief was that they had to be between eighteen and twenty-one years of age. Luckily as a fore thought we had been collecting possible male extras since the company’s inception. At this stage we had some 18 males on our books who claimed they had no difficulty in performing the required tasks in front of cameras.

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Unfortunately for us, Susan only approved 4 of the photo’s we provided, leaving us two people short of a full cast. One of the successful males actually came to our rescue, when he told us that he had some mates who were interested in taking part in other films. From these four mates we managed to find two suitable candidates.
So the arrangements were made for Susan, Bill, Terry, Alan, Richard, Paul, and Steven to be at the farmer’s field by 8 am on the Saturday. We supplied them with a large scouting tent, scout uniforms and cooking equipment. .



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